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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music Thread for 9/30/08- Janet Spends Two Days In Hospital: DMX Spends Two Minutes in Court

Photo by Scott Gripes of Getty Images, via VH1.
The run through in the world of instrumental rhythm that we simply call, "music."

At least it was only 2 minutes, the total duration of the time spent today in court by DMX. But someone at DX made a great point. Where are his fellow "Ruff Ryders?"
You know its true when they say "you have no friends in this world" because I love DMX and he is one of the realest people in hip hop and it is sad what happened to him but where the f--- are his peoples??? I don't hear anything about Eve supporting him, no Swizz Beats, not even Jay-z coming to help this man out. Nobody showing up for his court dates or visiting him in jail. Its f----- up. I guess its true, you find out who is really with you when your locked up.
MTV and Diddy will continue their annoying and warn out happy marriage by the network giving him another self-propaganda show. Let's see who will be the latest dumb sap (or saps) to get pimped by Mr.Name Changer.

You know, I hate to say this because no one deserves to get "fired at." But Rick Ross had this coming to him. He did. And it had to happen somewhere in Brooklyn. Thankfully though, no one was hurt.

I held off on this yesterday since I did the Obama 37th millionth connection to hip hop yesterday, but this is important in terms of music news being politic news:
In other legal news involving West, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill which was partially enacted after the death of West's mother, Dr. Donda West [click to read].

In August, Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas (D-Los Angeles, 26th District) told the Los Angeles Times the bill was drafted [click to read] in response to the death of West and other cThe cosmetic surgery bill AB 2968, which was written by Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter (D-Rialto), would have required patients undergoing plastic surgery to first undergo a physical examination, give a complete medical history and get a doctor's clearance. Governor Schwarzenegger cited the historic backlog caused by California's 85-day delay in passing a new state budget as the primary reason for vetoing the bill.osmetic surgery patients.

Just another reason why "The Terminator" terminates almost anything good in California under his watch.

While everyone talks about 'Hova's and Kanye's albums, the one that will certainly be cherished the most on TWD is Scarface's last album, Emeritus:
With a career that spans close to two decades, it’s understandable that Scarface [click to read] has been pondering retirement for some time now. He flirted with the decision back in 2002 after The Fix [click to read] was released to high acclaim. Then, earlier this year he told XXL that his ninth studio album, Emeritus, would all but be his last.

However, he kept the r-word out of the discussion. “I’m not gonna say that. I’m gonna say Scarface, Emeritus. As time goes on, you will understand it,” he said.
What a pioneer of the game that man has been. And thank goodness he is having potential collabos keeping him in the game, because without him, the music industry (not just rap) would lose a great treasure.

So Bow Wow. You, after all this time with how it is so damn close to the registration deadline, will now start to urge the youth to vote? This is so stupid, especially if he goes on the road, tells people to register to vote, and they realize that in their state, they missed the deadline to do so.
Though in all honesty, these people already loss by the simple fact of having Bow Wow inspire them to vote. Heck, even if this was 2004, they still would look bad. Real bad.

Janet Jackson checked out of a hospital today in Montreal after spending a little time there. That little time was two days, if you needed the specifics.

Can someone please explain to me who is Demi Lovato, and how she and Miley Cirus has a feud? And why that involves one of the Jonas brothers? And why am I even writing about this?

Because we wouldn't be "The Whole Delivery" without it, that's why!

Garage Band, you better watch out, because this could be an absolute classic:
The first band to get to get its very own version of MTV's video game "Rock Band" will be AC/DC. The hard rock icons will be featured in "AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack," an expansion to the popular music game that will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
On today's "The Listen", here's that now Presidental candidate from Queens with "Before I Self Destruct's" first single, "See Me Bleedin." I ain;t con-signin it, and it has been out before from what I heard. It just was polished up a bit, but it doesn't matter to me. It is still basically irelvant from my standpoint. But it's about giving you, the reader, no matter who you are or what you are, "The Whole Delivery."

That's it for the music thread today. Maybe we will have that T.I album review tomorrow. Peace.

Sports Thread #1 for 9/30/08- Do or Die Before Do or Die

From MLB.com
Whatever the result is after tonight's game, no one can be utterly disappointed in the seasons of both the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

Picked to be the two bridesmaids of both the pre-season World Series hyped Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians, both of these teams have once again showed how difficult and capricious the American League Central can be, even with its East counterparts were the better division this year.

However, that will not be enough solace for the loser of tonight's one-off battle for the division crown. Sadly, that will be the position of Ron Gardenhire's side, as the late night travel to Chicago, along with the experience of the 2005 champions (and a loaded line up with star rookie Alexi Ramirez) will have the White Sox celebrating into the postseason.

9/30/08- TWD's Agenda for the Day- Mazel Tov Fall Street

Photo from the Kos
Happy Rosh Hashanah Fall Street. You have put us in this position thanks to your avarice and selfishness, and you continue to still work your magic with market manipulation. After being down 700 points yesterday, all of a sudden, you are now up 300 points? Did a magic wand hit you guys on the head last night? It must have.

Or is it something else?

Is it the fact that you know something behind the scenes in this day off of Congress that we don't know? That you feel the bailout package you want instead of what the people want (and need) in this country is going to get created and passed in the next days, huh?

Not once have I heard from any major CEO of any bank out right now demanding that a progressive type bill of putting the proletariat first would suffice. You know the proletariat? Me, you, and the rest in the middle class, along with those who are barely in the middle class, who need this MORE than even the middle class.

Those people who have no homes, no jobs, or no money at the moment, despite actually doing everything right. Or even those who knew they shouldn't have purchased that nice brownstone or that nice front porch view without having enough salary to handle such a place. Did you release a statement on them, Fall Street?

Nope. Not anyone on CNBC, Bloomberg, or Fox Business news. No one at all.

The people in this country, whether they are staying calm or panicking right now, are fed up with what is going right now.

Check key words from Grannydoc's "diary" at the Kos:
Little John Boehner blamed the bruised feelings of his Hot House Flowers for failing to do his job as Minority Leader. John McCain blamed Barack Obama for...something or other. The Democrats blamed Paulson, the President blamed Congress, and the markets blame you.If you step back for a moment it is very difficult to view this whole dust up as any thing more than just another insider game that failed to achieve the desired results. And, it's all your fault.I have been reading every bit of technical information, both here and in the press, as well as monitoring the net and switching between the financial channels on TV. It is clear to me that the very people who drove us into this ditch are now trying to place the blame on everyone but themselves. They made a mess and it's your fault. They are losing money and it's your fault. Their toys are being taken away, and it's your fault. If the mess, driven by greed and stupidity, explodes in their faces, IT WILL BE YOUR FAUL

More proof of the nation's disgust:

And on the particulars, about as many voters said the plan rejected by Congress did "too much" to help major financial institutions that got into trouble as said that the bill did "too little." Nearly half said the failed plan did not do enough to help the broader economy, and more, 61 percent said there was insufficient assistance for the general public.

That the bill did not go far enough to aid the public is a view shared by Democrats (69 percent), independents (59 percent) and Republicans (50 percent) alike.

And Mr.Moulitsas :
So it's time to craft a progressive solution to this problem and ditch the GOP. We have the majorities. Show some leadership. Pass a bailout plan with Democratic support, and then dare Bush to veto it. If things are as dire as he claims, he won't have much of a choice.
Unless this bill TRULY puts the people first before the institution down at the NYSE first, the people will continue to feel miserable and enraged.

And that is nothing to hold a bar mitzva on at all.

The Pending Schedule is in the comments.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 9/29-30/08- Voting Registration Deadline Dates

As you can see here, the deadline day for registration is due as early as Friday. So if you aren't in your state and you still want to cast your vote there, you better get on it as soon as possible. Because if you don't, then your only option is to place your checkmark in your surrogate state.

It comes down to one game today to see who will be this year's winners of the American League Central Division, when the Twins and the White Sox do battle today on Chicago's South side. Both of these two teams were suppose to finish third and fourth in the division, as the Indians and the Tigers were slated to be the last two standing here.

The Read
DemFromCt's A.P.R.U
Specifically, from today's A.P.R.U, the "war on contraception" from the Bush Administration is going down. And a lot of people will be pissed about this. A lot.

Have a good day here at TWD, and elsewhere!

Monday, September 29, 2008

If You Thought Her Foriegn Policy Record Was Impressive.........

Seriously, she may embarrass herself on FOX's "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?":
Of concern to McCain's campaign, however, is a remaining and still-undisclosed clip from Palin's interview with Couric last week that has the political world buzzing.

The Palin aide, after first noting how "infuriating" it was for CBS to purportedly leak word about the gaffe, revealed that it came in response to a question about Supreme Court decisions.

After noting Roe vs. Wade, Palin was apparently unable to discuss any major court cases.

There was no verbal fumbling with this particular question as there was with some others, the aide said, but rather silence.
What else did she messed up in this interview? Her name?

But seriously, this is further evidence of what I have been saying, what Fareed Zakaria has been saying, what Paul Begala has been saying, and what every rational or semi-rational person in this country has been saying: Boy, did John McCain really show how terrible, reckless, and crazy his judgment was by choosing her only because it could help him finally be President of this country.

If it already isn't the case, this now clearly makes it official. Cheney/Bush > McSad/Reforming Hockey Mom.

Update: It's gets better, because they are now together with Couric below. Get the pop corn out, "The Laughingstocks" have the EXCLUSIVE one!!!!

Music Thread for 9/29/08- Rap City Joins TRL on the Shelf (And the Economy Has Nothing to do with It)

Photo from ATLNightLife: Thanks to it being an original, most impressive chain, Sean Kingston became the latest person in the urban music world to have his chain jacked.

Quick News thread run through. Some good, some bad, and some that is quite frankly, deserved Especially the first two stories.

Rap City is done. BET is pulling the plug on a show that long ago should of have been pulled out. No one was watching it anymore, and even if Q45 tried his best after the failure that was Madd Linx, the writing was on the all. At least they can put on another mediocre black sitcom on their afternoon block. Here's looking at LL Cool J's "In The House."

Hahahaha, that's what you get for spending half a mill on a chain.
Sean Kingston $500,000 chain has been stolen from the mail. The teen rapper, best known for his Summer 2007 hit “Beautiful Girls, had his sister FedEx the gawdy chain from Los Angeles to New York but when the package arrived on Sean’s doorstep (a day late), it was empty.Kingston’s sister reportedly only insured the FedEx package for $500. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is now working the case.
I don't know what's more funny, how the LA police is conducting the investigation or him buying the chain when his album sales weren't that high even to even be eligible to even get it. He is already headed on the wrong track.

Whether it was Chris Brown or whoever wrote this (or whatever you think of it), here's Britney Spears first single "Womanizer" in today's "The Listen." And I know what girls on one "side of the spectrum" are going to say when their ears hear this year's "comeback girl" say the phrase "dont front" a myriad of times along with the word "swagger."
Let's just move on , and see if this pops off the charts.

Illseed be getting these classics sometimes:
What? Alicia Keys in love with an Austrian? This might be the biggest case of "you need more people" in the history of rumors. Either that or Swizz Beatz is about to be sick with worry. The press in Austria is claiming that Alicia Keys is dating an Austria business man. The rumor is Ms. Keys is dating Gernot Friedhuber, CEO of the Grace Group.
Obama stays even consistent with his playlist, as he has said for months on that Jay-Z and Kanye were in there:
"I enjoy it, but these days I don't have the time to listen to it all the time," Obama shared with Sway. "I'm a little older than Hip Hop culture. I was there at the beginning, but I was already getting older...What I've appreciated, watching this Hip Hop generation, is to see how entrepreneurial they've been. In the past, musicians oftentimes were commodities. They were just shuffled around. Obviously, they did well, but they didn't have the vision to say, 'I'm going to build a business. I'm going to build my own studio. I'm going to create my own production operations.' I think they're a lot more sophisticated than in the past, and that is a wonderful thing."
Thank goodness Sway had enough sense to not ask him about that Ludacris song slamming Hillary and McFool.

I saw this on Friday, but I really hated seeing it. And maybe fans of Left Eye won't like it either:
Mass Appeal Entertainment has announced today that Left Eye’s last solo project will be released finally. Entitled Eye-Legacy, the album will feature 12 tracks of unreleased material from Lopes, with collaborations from past friends and inspired artists alike including Missy Elliot, Tupac Shakur, Chamillionaire, Lil Mama, and Bobby Valentino.
That gaped tooth man from Queens is at it again. After taking another little jab at Hova on Friday , now he is trying to outdo Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, and any other third party candidate. Sort of.

Of course, great news on both Travis Barker and DJ AM, but Goldstein had to attend the memorial service of Chris Baker. TWD once again sends our thoughts and prayers to those who perished in that horrible plane crash (and everywhere else for the most part).

Possibly a review of T.I's album tomorrow, as the music thread will continue with it's usual abundance of sorta-useful information.

The Laughingstocks of America Part 4: Talking Points Memo Does It Again

All credit to Talking Points Memo on this one, as always, for perfectly showing America how sad it is for John McCain right now.

Just read the whole article by premiere reporter Greg Sargent. I don't even need to highlight the quotes. All I can say for the synopsis is this: McCain took credit for having the Republicans seemingly on the verge of voting for the Bailout Plan (which was never, EVER the case) last Wednesday , and yet, they deferred not to do so today. After they bragged that becaius eof his leadership, they were going to sign this.

(MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, one of the bigger Republican jerks (and just a jerk in general) on the television even slammed McCain for today, labeling him and Nancy Pelosi (because he needed to blame the Democrats just to stick his foot in both sides in case) as the two biggest losers of the day. )

And that isn't even the juiciest (or most hypocritical) thing of beauty in this article.

Update: Bill Burton hit it on the head with this response to the nuttiness of the opposition, bringing up the "A" word for the first time really on the Obama/Biden side:
"This is a moment of national crisis, and today's inaction in Congress as well as the angry and hyper-partisan statement released by the McCain campaign are exactly why the American people are disgusted with Washington. Now is the time for Democrats and Republicans to join together and act in a way that prevents an economic catastrophe. Every American should be outraged that an era of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and Washington has led us to this point, but now that we are here, the stability of our entire economy depends on us taking immediate action to ease this crisis."
Angry, hyper-partisan, and sick. Okay, they didn't use the last one, but they could have.

CNN's Zakaria on McCain: He Put Himself First In Front of His Country

CNN's Fareed Zakaria wrote a near, fully scathing piece today in Newsweek, highlighting how terrible a choice Sarah Plain was for John McCain.

When Zakaria just sticks to the truth instead of putting his own ego in the way, he can be just as good as any commentator out there.

Here's the link, and the key comments:
Can we now admit the obvious? Sarah Palin is utterly unqualified to be vice president. She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska. But she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue, and this is a hell of a time to start.
And the key quote:
McCain says that he always puts country first. In this important case, it is simply not true.

9/29/08- TWD's Agenda For the Day: No Deal, No Bill; He Apparently Now Gets "Mavericky" on Petarus

Photo thanks to Think Progress

This will go on for another day, and though some people maybe tired of it going on for another day, you shouldn't be. Because it is your tax players money, and the future of that money, getting decided in the next couple of days.

By a 228-205 decision, the bailout deal failed today.

The simple question after this comes to this: Will the market fail if this bill doesn't past? And by the way, you know whose been quiet the last few days besides Dick Cheney of course:

Surprisingly, the answer wouldn't be Karl Rove. Instead, it is our Treasur Secretary Henry Paulson, who loved to be in fromt of the camera all of last week.

So now, Mr. Paulson, who was busy in front of the camera not that long ago urging for this bill to get passed, has been mime silent since McCain pulled his selfish stupid act on Wednesday to "suspend" his campaign. I guess since he wasn't going to get that "blank check" that he wanted, he doesn't want anything to do with this at all. Sadly, his cowering isn't a surprise.

It has come to be the norm in Washington over the last 8 years.

At the end of the day, the facts, figures, and HISTORY, the HISTORY, will back me up when I say this: This is all the Republicans fault.

Thanks to no regulations over the last 8 years that would have checked on Fall Street's shady business (with the dow in the low 700's today), they have let this get out of control. Laizze-fare economics at its most corrupt modern day form. Now, you have fools like House Minority Leader John Boehner crying on C-SPAN for everyone to see his theatrics. Yes, he cries now, but these are the real questions I have for him, since he is all impassionate now:

Minorty Leader Boehner, where was your crying when this whole disaster was in its nascent stage? Where was your crying two weeks ago when John McCain said the "fundamentals of our economy are strong" when the DOW was on its way to a 500 point drop that very same day?

Where were your tears when your party and your administration, our administration, had to admit to the nation that under their watch, we were on the road to recession (and for some without houses, it is not only a recession, but a modern day Great Depression) ?

Well where you tears then, in all of those intervals, instead of now?

And you know what, I wouln't be shocked if he used this as a campaign ad down the line, to show "how much he cared." Sickening.

By the way, speaking of that word, here's McAngry again today, making himself look like an utter fool every damn two seconds by criticizing Obama for not saying the word "Victory" in regards to Iraq at the debate .

As you watch that trainwreck of a video, this is what General David Petarus, who McCain has wanted to probably throw 365 parties on 365 days in this man's name, said to the BBC about two weeks ago. And once again, thank TPM for their tremendous diligence.

So I guess McIrrational has now placed Petarus "under the bus." Whose next, his daughter Bridget?

The agenda will be located in the comments section as always, and boy, are there a lot of items to discuss.

Brutal But True Truthtelling: Obama Brings Up McCain's Neglect During Hurricane Katrina

Senator McCain just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that the storm hitting Wall Street hit Main Street long ago. That's why his first response to the greatest financial meltdown in generations was a Katrina-like response.

Sort of stood there. Said the fundamentals of the economy are strong. That's why he's been shifting positions these last two weeks, looking for photo ops, trying to figure out what to say and what to do.

Here's the video from the great JedReport:

And for those who don't believe this, here is McCain with Bush on the day when the levees broke. What were they doing:Oh, that's right celebrating, with cake for McCain's birthday. Oh, and by the way, for those who once again say I show "partisan bias", you want me to tell you want Obama was doing when Katrina hit? Huh?

He was down there helping people, ON THE GROUND.

And some people think both Obama and McShame are full of "s---". Please, do your research and stop making irrational statements!!! This election, like all, is just too important to be engulfed in thinking fully with the heart, and not with the head.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 9/28-29/09- The Laughingstocks of America, Part 3

Here is the third part in the sad but nevertheless hilarious series of "The Laughingstocks of America: John McCain and Sarah Palin."

Tina Fey does it again. SNL, does it again.

This is so classic, that the nornally focused John King (and yes, even Wolf Blitzer) of CNN just can't help but stop laughing on yesterday's Late Edition about Fey's performance.

The great Jack Cafferty tells us how he feels about Governor Palin:

The Read
DemFromCT's A.P.R.U is, as usual, vital to really seeing how the top writers in the country think, whether they are true with their statements or utter the most incongruous stuff you will see all day.

Also of note (and this is for all of thoe out there who think I'm all partisan bias), look at most conservatives reactions from the great "diary" of the usually great kula2316 in regards to both Palin and McCain. It's not tears of joy for either of them, to put it lightly.

Very lightly.

Have a good morning (and a good sleep too.) Sha-la!

Updated: And also, remember (or know this), the troops are giving more to Obama than they are the POW McCain. (Thanks to USArmyParatrooper at the Kos with the link for the proof).

Non-NFL Sports Thread for 9/28/08 - Dejection 2:The Bitter Sequel

Photo from Cataffo News

For the second consecutive year, the team that finishes third place in the National League East Division feels like it finished ahead of the second place team on the final weekend of the season.

Because that is the feeling that is once again being portrayed, as the Florida Marlins ruined the New York Mets playoff hopes for a second straight season. Or in better terms, the Mets blew it again, with the Marlins putting the final nail to seal the coffin shut like they did 12 months ago.

In their 4-2 lost to the fish today, the Mets closed Shea Stadium in the cruelest of fashions: losing on a day where most in the stadium thought that this wasn't going to be the last day of the team's first domicle. That sentiment was further ushered in by the performance yesterday of Johan Santana, who seemed to give the Mets that extra jolt that they didn't have when the Marlins gave them the self-abasing sweep on the final weekend of last season.

Instead, that momentum only lasted for one day, as the bullpen of Jerry Manuel's club showed expertly what they have done well all season long, on the most important day of the year for the club.

And that is, of course, insuring the team's chances of losing.

The culprit today was Scott Schoeneweis, and the damage was done after Carols Beltran hit a two-run home run in the 6th to tie the game. But Wes Helms pinch-hit solo home run off the beleaguered lefty reliever, along with an tack on RBI from Dan Uggla, placed the enormous pressure right back on the shoulders of the not so amazing "Amazins."

And when Carlos Delgado just fell short of a three-run homer in the bottom of the 8th inning that would have given the Mets their first lead of the day (and would have sent Shea into an uncontrolled state of euphoria), the writing seemed to be on the all.

One inning later, the word seemed was no longer required in the previous sentence.

Matt Lindstorm pitched a scoreless ninth as playoff baseball will not be in New York City for the first time since "The Strike" happened in 1994. And with both Yankees and Shea Stadium closing, instead of the year ending in a glorious Subway Series, for both Big Apple teams, disappointment, frustration, and humiliation are the emotions felt at season's end.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Will Be This Week's Big Story?

With the Dolphins Having the biggest upset and lead story of Week 3
Who will be this weeks Miami Dolphins? (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

By James Eddy

It is week 4 in the NFL with New England, Indy, and the New York Giants all with bye weeks I wonder what will be the lead story for all of the Monday sports talk shows. Last week the weekend was highlighted (except in New England) by the dominant performance the Miami Dolphins put on the New England Patriots. This came as a surprise to many, but if anyone watched only the first quarter of that game they would have realized that the Patriots were going to be in a lot of trouble. Therefore, there will be a whole new dynamic will be added to The Whole Delivery. There are now going to be weekly NFL picks. Not the whole week 4 schedule, but three picks that will of course follow the point spread. The format of the picks will go as follows, first will be the best pick or the pick least likely to lose. Next will be the hardest pick or toughest game for the week. Last will be the upset special of the week. With all the rules and formalities settled let’s get started.

Denver (-9.5) over KANSAS CITY: Now the 9½ point spread is a little bit ridiculous, but have you seen both of these teams lately. The Broncos who according to mere stats are putting up offensive numbers similar to last years record setting New England Patriots offense. Now we’re not saying that the Broncos personnel and skill set are anywhere close to the Patriots of last year, but I am saying that the Kansas City Chiefs will make them look like that. The Chiefs rank 31st in rushing defense giving up more than 200 yards per game and rank 25th in total defensive yards given up per game relinquishing 357 yards per game. Now the Broncos rank worse than the Chiefs in total yards given and passing defense but Broncos have been in with tougher competition and boast a 3-0 record to show for it, and if you pair their high powered offense of the Broncos against the Chiefs defense that allowed the sorry Raiders run over them then you have what we call a blow out. The Chiefs have a stagnant offense, have stopped handing the ball to their best player (one Larry Johnson), and are started their third quarterback in Tyler Thigpen. This formula for offense should help boost the stats of the Broncos defense, the Broncos who I have as my sleeper playoff pick (before the Chargers win) should bring their record to 4-0 despite the Chiefs being at home.

TENNESSEE (-3) over Minnesota: This is a battle of the teams that most replicate each other. Both teams have harden defenses with a strong rushing attack, and both are replacing young black quarterbacks with old journeyman quarterbacks in Gus Frerotte and Kerry Collins. Both teams play a style of smash mouth football that would make those old NFL films crews feel like they’ve traveled back in time. This will be the toughest game to pick because the teams are so much like each other. The Vikings have recently replaced Tavaris Jackson who came into the season as the only weak point in the Minnesota Vikings team. The rushing attack of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor combined with their powerful run defense should make for an interesting hard nose battle. The Titans replaced inconsistent Vince Young with battle tested Kerry Collins and have one there last two games with him starting. Now what gives the edge to the Titans is the fact that the game will be played at home. This should give Tennessee the edge in a tight, physical, low scoring match-up.

Atlanta (+6.5) over CAROLINA: Everyone is tired of relying upon the inconsistency that is the Carolina Panthers. The teams are on two opposite spectrums, with the Panthers having proven NFL veterans and a top notch head coach. While the Falcons are in a complete rebuilding process, and led by both a first year coach and a first year quarterback. The Panthers shouldn’t lose the game, but the game will be closer than the line that Vegas have given them. Michael Turner should be able to gain effective yards against Carolina’s 19th ranked rush defense, and this should create some deep ball space for Matt Ryan to go up top to Roddy White the way he has done the past couple of weeks. Other upset specials are: Cleveland (+3) over CINCY; Minnesota (+3) over TENNESSEE; Green Bay (+1.5) over TAMPA BAY.

*Home teams in CAPS

The 3-Guarantees (Aganist the Spread) NFL Thread: Week 4

Here's the three key games I have chosen the place under "The 3-Guarantees Label"

Vikings at Titans: In what will probably be the most physical game of the NFL season, no soft play will be allowed today between these two sides. It will be captivating stuff to see who will win the battles of lines today: Kevin Mawae and Jake Scott versus Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson versus Albert Haynesworth and Tony Brown. This is no game for the faint of heart.

You would have thought at the beginning of the season that this would come down to quarterback play between Vince Young and Tavaris Jackson. But instead of those young still developing, athletic quarterbacks, a total 180 has taken place with their veteran, pocket passing backups Kerry Collins and Gus Frerotte filling in for them. What a total obverse on both sides.

Really, both of these teams mirror image each other.

Collins is playing at a higher level that Frerotte at the moment, plus add the home field advantage and Jeff Fisher side is looking like the victors in this ultra-physical encounter that will take place today. The spread is short at 3, and that is large enough to give the Titans the cover along with the outright win to remain undefeated.

In the latest installment of the Ohio rivalry, both the Bengals and the Browns are desperate for a win. A lost today by either one of them (which will happen), and their playoff chances will basically be over just a quarter into the year (unless a miracle transpires). With the Bengals getting it together last week against the Giants while the "Dog Pound" in a midst of a Anderson-Quinn QB controversy, the home field advantage for Marvin Lewis side is the final reason for the Stripes to get their first victory of the season. And with them being a one point favorite, a win would be a cover. Bengals and the spread.

Finally, the Redskins against the Cowboys in this acerbic rivalry is giving Jerry Jones bunch a big 10 point spread. The Redskins are getting disprespect here, and so is Jason Campbell, who actually has done a better job of not making terrible throws in comparison to Tony Romo. Though the Cowboys should win this game (and I think they will win this game), it will be close. This general core of the 'Skins team now has always played the Cowboys tough at Texas Stadium, and can certainly defeat them if Romo has a poor outing. The Skins against the 10 points.

And the outright winners for the other games:
Broncos over the Chiefs
Jaguars over the Texans
Saints over the 49ers
Panthers over Atlanta, but it will be close, not a 6.5 blowout that the spread shows
Packers over Bucs
Rams over the Bills in an upset
Chargers in a romp over the Raiders

Monday night pick tomorrow. Enjoy the games.

9/28/08-TWD's Agenda for the Day: Sam Loomis Sunday Talk; The Scariest Obama Ad; The Gap is Widing, and The Temper is Boiling

Did I say Sam Loomis is brutally hilarious and truthful simultaneously, or didn't I? Here's the latest reason why his weekly "Sunday Talk" thread, along with these great photos from him, is a must see:

As the title also mentioned, the scariest Obama ad ever is right below. It is chilling, funny, and genius at the same time. But the operative word in the previous sentence is chilling .

Goodness, whoever contemplated that one up, they are in the all time Hall of Fame of Political Ad thinking.

We just can't afford that risk.

That Ad was so good, that it actually may have upstage this classic one that hit home in a genuine way (and the one I liked the most):

And these ad's along with the McCain campaign self-destructing every single day has led to this. Now remember, I don't like polls and especially have talked about the shameful skewing of the numbers Gallup's polls have done over the course of the last two months. Still, sometimes they are right, and this does make sense. (And once again, people can say that appears to them that I'm showing partisan bias, but that is once again stupidity at it's highest. The truth has no bias."

More sad dishonesty from McCain. It really is getting sadder by the minute. (thanks much to histopresto).

The same unfortunately holds true for Governor Palin as well, who if there were anyone in American politics who had a worst week than McCain, it would be his "soulmate", as he dubbed her on the day he choose her as VP. Once again, he said it, not me. (Via Salon).

McAngry doing what he does best (well, getting angry) this morning at Stephanapoulos on ABC. Seriously, I wish I can post something good about him right now. But the Arizona Senator makes that impossible for himself with his pre-adolescent semantics. (thanks to NCDem Amy for the upload).

And congrats to the euphoric username "TruthandHope" at the Kos for having their ad's air on television in key battleground states (though with the historic brain farts the Republican nominee recently has made in this election, they may not be key in the next few weeks). These are really must see ads:

Thank John McCain, which will start airing this week.

Here's their Ad running in Ohio right now:

Hopefully a lot of things in store, and have a great day.

Sunday Sunshine- 4th week in September 2008

After last week's quick first edition, we wanted to continue the trend.

First up, through this was released last year, here's J'Moss and Anthony Hamilton with "I'm Not Perfect."

James Fortune & Fiya with "I Trust You."

And finally, one of my personal all time favorites, again, here's Anthony Hamilton along with Jaheim and Musiq in "Struggle No more", from April 2007.

"I want to see/my family/Get what they want/Have what they need."

Real stuff as always when you take a look and listen to the weekly "Sunday Sunshine" thread. Until next week, safe travels and God bless.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 9/27-28/08: Full Video of the Entire Debate, Thanks to C-SPAN

If you missed it or still haven't seen any of it (which would make you be really out of the loop), then here it is for your pleasure. Thank the wonderful folks at C-SPAN, and I recommend to everyone that you watch the other debates on C-SPAN. Not CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.


Thanks to working at the "Holladay" event at MIT here in Boston, I apologize for Saturday not featuring many posts/threads at all. Today will be a little better with reviews of the wildness in college football yesterday and Thursday of course, along with the top 3 NFL guarantee picks and "Sunday Sunshine", our gospel Sunday thread.

From TWD, have a good day, God Bless, and of course, Sha-la!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

9/27/08- TWD's Agenda for the Day - The Previous Post Before This and......It's Saturday

As mentioned in the post just below, our hearts, prayers and blessings go out to the Newman family and all of his fans and supporters.

Since it's Saturday, it will be a weekly tradition here at TWD to show this video. Once again, it's Ludacris weekend classic "Saturday" from 2002.

Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) - Ludacris

And also, the devastating new Obama Ad on last night's debate, and Hillary loves it, thanks to Kitty at the Kos. (via the WSJ) (transcript below):

Anncr: Number of minutes in debate: 90.

Number of times John McCain mentioned the middle class: Zero

McCain doesn’t get it.

Barack Obama does.

Barack Sync: The fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake...

And when you look at your tax policies...
you are neglecting people who are really struggling right now. I think that is a continuation of the last eight years, and we can’t afford another four.

Barack VO: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

"More of the Same" with John McCain: We just can't afford to take that risk.

Here's parts of Hillary's statement:
"Tonight Barack Obama displayed beyond a doubt that he understands both the gravity of the financial crisis facing America, and the challenges we face in Iraq and around the world. Senator McCain offered only more of the same failed policies of the Bush Administration. America deserves better," Clinton said in a statement.

"I stood next to Barack Obama in 22 debates and tonight epitomized why millions are joining me in standing with him and working hard to ensure he is the next President of the United States."

Oh, and a shoutout for the Boston connects, especially my "people" Jarell Lee leading this annual event this year, since I will be at this event (and hopefully tape it):

Have a good start to your day.

TWD's Condolences: Paul Newman (1925-2008) Dies

Photo from KSPR News

One of the more genuine figures out there, thanks in part to his philanthropy, Paul Newman will certainly be missed by many. If not all.

Newman had cancer for a little while, as it was confirmed in Junethat those reports of illness were true.

At the Kos, Ms.Librarian does the remembrance true for the renowned actor:
While he will likely be remembered for being a great actor, his politics and philanthropy cannot be forgotten.

His Newman's Own product line has given away over $200 Million to charity since he founded the brand in the 1980's.

He's also worked to raise money for sick children and some other causes.

In addition:
Never one to shy away from giving his opinions, Newman made it clear he wanted change in the country and worked towards it.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread- 9/26-27/08-Senator Kennedy Returns Back Home

(ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

While everyone was debate, debate, debate, debate, Ted Kennedy was released from the hospital last night. That was by far the best news of the night in the political world:
Ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy, a liberal giant and patriarch of America's most storied political family, was examined and released from a Massachusetts hospital on Friday after suffering a mild seizure, officials said.

"Senator Kennedy experienced a mild seizure at home in Hyannis Port today and was taken to Cape Cod Hospital for examination," said a statement from the office of the 76-year-old Massachusetts Democrat, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in May.

"Doctors believe the incident was triggered by a change in medication. Senator Kennedy will return home tonight and looks forward to watching the debate," the statement added, referring to the presidential candidates' debate between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama on Friday night.

Oh that "Liberal Lion." He couldn't miss that debate, and that is great to see.

Looks like the Marlins may cause the Mets misery on the final weekend just like last year. The Brewers are taking advantage.

Back to the post-debate, reaction, and look at this from Franz Luntz's panel group. And thankfully, Luntz and his ego got out of the way:

The hilarious stupidity of the McFool's campaign new Ad afterthe debate.

Haha at Todd Beeton response.
read that the McCain folks had released a web ad compiling some of Obama's "John McCain is right" lines from the debate tonight and I was ready to groan and write something like "serves him right" but the ad itself is actually laughably bad. First of all, they could have fit way more examples of Obama praising McCain than they did, but also, if you're going to create an ad that uses Barack Obama's words of agreeing with McCain, the punchline needs to be "Even Barack Obama knows...John McCain is the right man for the job" or something like that. Instead, here they fall back on the lame (and after tonight, clearly obsolete) "Is Barack Obama ready to lead? No." Not only is it a complete non-sequitor, but how can you trash the messenger if you want people to believe the message?

Contrary to some initial thoughts, McCain didn't say the word "horses---" last night when Obama brought up his embarrassing radio interview last week with the Arizona Senator's bizarre comments on Spain and their Prime Minister Zapatero.

And DemfromCT's Abbrevated Pundit Roundup.
He especially got Roger Simon's rose closed glasses perspective on point, as he almost always does.

It's Saturday, and we have a lot of things to cover. Good morning and Sha-la!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate Aftermath- The Rational Perspective and the Spin

From MyDD:
There's a lot of talk on MSNBC about John McCain's demeanor. He came off as mean, condescending and a jerk, not looking at Barack once the whole night, while Barack came off as Mr. nice guy. This is generally the sort of thing people judge candidates on when they make their voting decisions, so the question is, will people judge McCain harshly for acting like a dick or will they see it as strength? Will they like Barack more or will they think he allowed McCain to roll over him?

From the great Mr.Marshall:
I keep coming back to McCain's comment that Pakistan was a "failed state" when Musharraf hatched his coup d'etat. It's a vague term. But I don't think that adds up. It's always been the key fear that Pakistan, with its nuclear weapons, could become a failed state. It's got lots of the ingredients. But I don't think that adds up.

From the equally great Mr.Yglesias:
Paul Begala looked back at Barack Obama’s list of particulars against McCain’s misjudgments on Iraq policy in 2002-2004 and said: “He thrashed John McCain on Iraq.” It’s too bad, though, that Obama didn’t return back to this point more frequently. Unlike the various tactical ins-and-outs of different people’s ideas about exactly when and where you meet with so-and-so, the initial question about whether or not to invade Iraq implicates big picture strategic considerations.

It’s clear to anyone who bothers to ask him that love of preventive war as a primary tool of non-proliferation policy is integral to McCain’s worldview. He sees one of the main problems with the Iraq War as being that it’s tended to make Americans less eager to embrace that agenda. He fears that we may turn to a candidate, Obama, who doesn’t believe in attacking countries that haven’t attacked us or our allies. He thinks that starting such wars is vital to American security, and that’s why he’s running for president.

From Digby:
It's very hard for me to gauge this debate because to me John McCain is quite obviously a crazy, intemperate, nasty old bastard. He was sarcastic, contemptuous and patronizing. I really, really loathe him.

For the usually corrupt hack Mark Halperin, a moment of clarity:
Version of Obama who showed up: focused, firm, prepared.
Version of McCain who showed up: firm.
Mark Halperin’s overall grades: Obama A-, McCain B-

On that same page, Henry Kissinger wasn't happy with Obama. Boo hoo Henry:
"Senator McCain is right. I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain. We do not agree on everything, but we do agree that any negotiations with Iran must be geared to reality."

Walden Ponderer at the Kos with why McCain's terribel gaffe about Pakistan is important:
On John McCain's supposed area of expertise, he essentially just said "Poland is not under Soviet influence." Seriously. If you don't know what that references, then google "Gerald Ford" "Poland" "Debate".

Now.... why does it matter?

It matters because the fundamental difference between "strategy" and "tactics", which McCain flubbed just as badly, is that "tactics" requires knowledge of terrain, knowledge of particular weapons, knowledge of weather conditions on the ground.

"Strategy" requires knowing your objective... and WHO THE FREAKING ENEMY IS!!!!!!! McCain may think that the politically ineffective Sharif's coalition party was a "failed state" but it was, in fact, a DEMOCRACY that should have been supported through a difficult time, not turned out to dry, leaving a power vacuum for the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Major poll analysis from CBS:
On who won the debate:
Obama 40%
McCain 22%
Tie 38%

On who would make the right decisions about the economy:
Obama 68%
McCain 41%

On who would make the right decisions about Iraq:
Obama 49%
McCain 45%

And, of course, Joe Biden:

The evidence is clear. McNasty was nasty,Obama was classy. It was a draw to me at the end of the day, and McCain needed to win this with foreign policy being his supposed strength. And a lot of undecided voters feel that McAngry didn't win all.

For more debate updates and analysis, go to the TP link.

The First Debate Live Thread (and Review)-9/26/08

From Reuters' Larry Downing

Are you ready for it? (And hoepfully the end of McSlime's campaign?)

The Updates (and Please refresh the page if you have to)
8 :40 PM-All the highlights down here, when the action starts in 20 minutes

From Reuters' Jason Reed

The stage is set. Literally.

(AFP/Getty Images/File/Win Mcnamee)

9:02PM- Jim Lehrer of PBS opens up.
9:03 PM- The fakest handshake ever, and here's the first question.
About the economy.
9:05 PM- Obama opens up about his economic policy in terms of the bailout
9:06 PM- McCain throws love to Kennedy, abeit, it is more political than really genuine from my perspective, but he did it though.
9:08 PM-McCain desn't even talk about his plan. Sadly, because he doesn't even have one. And Lehrer doesn't notice McCain's virtual non-answer.
9:10 PM- McCain now trying to go through history. He is already BS'ing, and I think the temper tantrum will come out soon. Especially over him saying he "saw this mess coming."
9:12 PM- First funny moment but it is an attack: Obama mentions "Fundamentals" quote of McCain.McSad gets snarky but cool heads prevail so far.
9:13 PM- McCain has still not said his economic plan at all.
9:15 PM- McCain says his tired line again about "The Bear Bill", when HE VOTED FOR IT! Obama will have to hit him hard here.
9:16 PM- Obama mentioning McCain's ridiculous tax plan and sets the record on earmarkers. But no hit on him voting for the bear bill.
9:18 PM- McCain strating to get his temper with irrelavnt distortions of earmarks. And he is bragging about himself again with his banal "Miss Congeniality" line.
9:19 PM- Obama cuts McCain off by saying, "I don't know where John is getting his info from." First nice hit back at McLiar.
9:21 PM- McCain still continues to wallow on his stupid $18 million bill. He is basically reiterating Bush policies once again.
9:23 PM- Obama is mentioning the health care nuttiness that is McCain's plan, nice.
9:25 PM- They are really stating to attack each other, and McCain is getting heated

9:28 PM- Obama is laying out his priorities, and McCain is once again talking about wasteful spending. He has no damn ideas and it is embarrassing. And Lehrer is letting this go.

9:32 PM- Jim Lehrer is getting in the damn way here, and it is unfortunate.And McCan says a whopper just now about "spending fees."
9:35 PM- Now the difference come even clearr with regards to the economy having an impact on their plans as president.
9:36 PM- For the millionth time, McCain mentions "spending" again. Geesh, he is so clueless.

9:38 PM Obama slams Bush's twin. He can't outrun his history.
9:41 PM- The Iraq attacks are now happening. Obama exposes McCain as McCain mentions victor. Tell that to Gen. Petarus, who said he could never claim victory in Iraq.

9:45 PM- Obama: "John, you are wrong."
9:46 PM- McLiar lies again with BS. Typical.
9:48 PM- Obama fires back and slams McCain on Afghanistan.
9:50 PM- Obama breaks it done with Afghanistan. And yes, he has focused on Afghanistan for a while, unlike McCain. And in addition, mentions McCain's support with Bus.
9: 54 PM -McCain distorts Pakistan position of Obama.Obama wants to hit Bin Laden there, not the country recklessly. McCain is such a cock of you know what.
9:57 PM- McCain brings up his past to hide his present again.

10:01 PM- Obama continues to slam McCain's record hard on Afghanistan.
10:02 PM- McCain is condescending to Obama again.
10:04 PM- League of Democracies? You have got to be kidding me McStupid.
10:10 PM- Obama being so rational on Iran, McCain Being More of the Same as Usual.And Obama is showing his judgement again. He is also undercutting McCain message of Henry Kissinger and attacking him on his Spain flob. Classic.

10:16 PM- McCain tries to make Obama looks "dangerous" as he said, but the damage has been done. McCain has undercut his adviser, Henry Kissinger, and he looks silly and angry right now.

10:18PM McScary does it again. He lies about the truth. Georgia got emboldened and started it first. And they were wrong too, just like Russia.

10:28 PM- McTesty rambles on, and Obama begins his talk about the possibility of preventing another 9/11. The indepndents on CNN are overwhelmingly for Obama by the way.

10:32 PM- "Bin Laden is still out there." The quote and theme of the night from the Democratic nominee.
10:34 PM- What a condescending a--hole that McCain is. McBasty, add that to the nicknames.

10:36 PM- The POW mention. Can't have a McSad session without it.
And that closes it.

And that ends it: McNasty was grumbly, contentious, and downright pissy. Obama made him look stupid and Obama was classy and Presidential.

From the mind of Mr. Moulitsas:
And given where McCain is in the polls (lagging and getting worse), this wasn't what he needed tonight.

And given that the status quo probably remains, in a debate that was supposed to focus more on McCain's "strength" (national security), Obama wins.


One other point -- Lehrer was the best moderator, BY FAR, of any debate this season. And the audience was perfectly behaved. A triumphal debate. Perfect. Kudos to everyone involved in making it happen.


Check this site,Obama is getting the love:

Andrea Michell on MSNBC about Obama: "Boy, did he show a handle on foriegn policy."

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC: McCain just admitted to torture by the Bush administration. Great stuff from him yet again.

Obama:"You were wrong."

Obama: So John, you like to pretend like the war started in 2007. You talk about the "surge," the war started in 2003. At the time, when the war started, you said it was going to be quick and easy. You said you knew where the weapons of mass destruction were -- and you were wrong. You said we were going to be greeted as liberators -- you were wrong. You said that there was no history of violence between Shi'a and Sunni, and you were wrong. ...if the question is, who is best equipped as the next president to make good decisions about how we use our military, how we make sure we are prepared and ready for the next conflict, then I think we can take a look at our judgment.

Stupid McGaffe Gaffe. Got Pakistan's president wrong. And for being the damn foreign policy stalwart, goodness gracious:
Major Gaffe: McCain said Pakistan was a failed state
Posted by Max Bergmann

McCain just badly misstated the history of Pakistan. For someone claiming extensive foreign policy knowledge, this is simply not acceptable. McCain said Pakistan was a failed state before President Musharraf came to power. That is not true.

Musharraf took power in a military coup in 1999 when he diposed Nawaz Sharif - who recently participated in the latest election. The coup followed the 1999 war in Kashmir with India and was due to a power struggle with Sharif, not due to Pakistan being a "failed state." The United States did not welcome the Musharraf coup. Instead the government of the United States imposed sanctions against this action.

Remember Pakistan had nuclear weapons in 1999. Did McCain believe that there was a failed state that possessed nuclear weapons? If he did he showed no concern at the time. The fact is McCain made a huge gaffe and demonstrated he has little understanding if the region.

Early Night/Pre-Debate News Thread: Senator Kennedy Hospitalized

Full prayers and love given to Senator Kennedy as he battles with his ailments(Photo from CNN).

Ted Kennedy has just been hospitalized. Blessings most definitely to him and his family of course. TWD's definitely gives its wholehearted prayers as well.

From TP's Ali Frick, the KKK will be in full force tonight.
The Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan plan to appear at the University of Mississippi for tonight’s debate, the university’s student newspaper reports

No comment on whether if Obama saves their lives if a bullet came there way that they still won't hate him.

Did she have a horrible day, or did she have a HORRIBLE, AWFUL, FORGETTABLE day? Here's another embarrassing comment from Sarah Palin in her disaster of an interview tih Katie Couric. And it was suppose to be a "softball" interview.
COURIC: Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? … Instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

PALIN: Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy– Oh, it’s got to be about job creation too. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions.

I wish I didn't have video proof of this, but I do:

What a trainwreck she is literally. Here, see for yourself:

(Photo credit again to Talking Points Memo and their brilliance)

Outside of the U.S. Political Square
1. We have been bad mouthing Russia all this time, but look at this. Sometimes, the hypocrisy amazes.

2. Somalia's pirates seize 33 tanks. (Captian Jack Black has nothing on them.)

3. And yet, look at how Pakistan's new president is talking hard to the States (though maybe justified in doing so). And remember, they are suppose to be our "friends." I guess Pervez Musharraf didn't bestow that to Bush love to new Head of State Asif Ali Zardar.

The straight up random stories out of nowhere
4. Well known New York City TV anchor and is getting embarrassed by the sad problems of her husband being made public.

A movie review
5. Before we do a late thread on this week's movies out today (hopefully we'll get to that), the Daily News didn't give Spike Lee's movie great reviews sadly.

6. This is another reason why I got so much love for Big Boi
And give love to the video below released in the middle of the summer. At least he is trying to stay FULLY informed and not jump the bandwagon like other rappers (looking at 'Hova in particular).

Finally Sports
7. Steven Jackson is Pissed that Mark Bulger is benched. Well, Steven, even if he wasn't benched, it still won't matter. The Rams have been by far the softest team in the league thus far.

Sha-la, as you get ready for the debate.

Music Thread #1 for 9/26/08- The Flashbacks: Montell Jordan - FRIDAY

After not being able to embed it through Youtube two weeks ago thanks to Universal's BS about not caring about you, here it is: Montell Jordan's 1994 classic celebrating that it's Friday: "This is How We Do It."

Sha to the la.

9/26/08-TWD's Agenda for the Day- Debating How "Drama Kings" Will Never Be Real Kings (or Leaders)

Photo from Dodd Abide at the Kos

This article shows you who the real leader is right now, and how both the President and one of Congress's long time members stay quiet and cower in the back in this time were leadership is required. Unbelivable (in both a good and bad way).
Instead he [McCain] found himself in the midst of a remarkable partisan showdown, lacking a clear public message for how to bring it to an end.

At the bipartisan White House meeting that Mr. McCain had called for a day earlier, he sat silently for more than 40 minutes, more observer than leader, and then offered only a vague sense of where he stood, said people in the meeting.

Still, by nightfall, the day provided the younger and less experienced Mr. Obama an opportunity to, in effect, shift roles with Mr. McCain. For a moment, at least, it was Mr. Obama presenting himself as the old hand at consensus building, and as the real face of bipartisan politics.

But if anybody has been paying good attention since this whole entire thing started in early 2007 (I really started as the year was coming to a close), then what you saw and read in bold shouldn't come out to much of a surprise.

DemFromCt'sToday's Abbreviated Pundit Round Up is another classic as usual, especially Eugene Robinson calling McSad a "Drama King." Robinson is just one of the figures you need to know more if you don't. He is a class writer, a class thinker, and a class act as a human being.

In fact, for more analysis on Robinson's brilliance and humor, I also gave "The Read" label to teacherken at the Kos post on Robinson's column this morning. Great stuff.

And so was the good jon, Jon Stewart, last night, as usual:


So when push comes to shove and putting the counrty first through walking the walk instead of talking the damn talk, you see what party (and what people) really care about you......and me.

The Pending Schedule will be placed in the Comments section a little later, at around 11 AM Eastern time, and since it is Friday, you will get "The Flashback" music thread and hopefully, the premiere of "The Cinema" thread as well.

The Agenda on TWD: Setting you up before you get caught up.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 9/25-26/08, Part 2: A Jaw Dropper of Epic Propotions (A Special Sports Thread)

If there is any sports news that could even remotely replace the calamity going on in both the financial and political world in this country right now, it is a blind-sided shocker of a result.

Photo:Don Ryan of AP

That happened last night. Now to be honest, I so didn't see this coming, that I didn't release it until I woke up and turned to not even ESPN this morning, but MSNBC. After their usually mediocre at best sports segment, I had to second check ESPNews just in case I actually saw what my eyes showed me.

This year's USC team, dubbed by some to be the greatest assembled by near-jerk publications looking to get or keep their magazines up, already has blown it in three games. Even more peculiar than this loss (the second consecutive lost in Corvalis)is the fact Pete Caroll's team somehow had two "byes" in the first five weeks.

The second one definitely hurt this time.

Now it was well thought out by all the pundits going into the year that if USC lost, it would be because of Matt Sanchez not being able to live up to the level of Matt Leinart, or even John David Booty. Sanchez had a decent to good night in his Pac 10 opener, especially a second half with three touchdowns strikes. Unfortunately, Sanchez was also apart of the costly moment of the game, as it sealed USC's chance to complete the comeback:
USC quarterback Mark Sanchez's pass was intercepted by safety Greg Laybourn on the 30 with less than 3 minutes to play. Laybourn ran the ball back 28 yards to put Oregon State on the 2, and (Jacques) Rodgers ran 2 yards to make it 27-14.

Photo from Don Banks of the AP: It was a long night for Joe McKnight and the Trojans

Despite Sanchez' worst delivery of his career at that critical stage, the real reason why USC loss though was their perceived general weakness, if any, going into the season: And that was their offensive line. Joe McKnight had a measely 10 yards rushing, and the Trojans just couldn't keep the ball in the first half, failing behind 21-0 and never being able to come back.

Oregon State clearly won the battle of the lines, and that is why they were able to pull probably the stunner of the season. Beavers' freshman Jacques Rodgers raised his legacy in his incipient days on campus with 186 yards and two touchdowns aganist that vaunted USC defense. Even more stunning was the fact that the Beavers pulled off the upset without a big performance from star receiver Sammie Stroughter (just three receptions for 42 yards).

But nothing caused your eyes to almost fall out (for the sports fans that is reading this)more than either watching that game, or realzing the result was not a mistake made by the networks, the papers, and online websites.

Unless the financial and political stuff did that already for you

Photo from Don Banks:Southern California's Butch Lewis (68) congratulates Oregon State's Patrick Henderson (3) in a classy move here

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 9/25-26/08, Part 1:Washington Mutual Becomes the Latest Victim (and a Refresh)

Photo cred to REUTERS' Lucas Jackson

The bank I have? Gone.

Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to symbolize the excesses of the mortgage boom, was seized by federal regulators on Thursday night, in what is by far the largest bank failure in American history.
Regulators simultaneously brokered an emergency sale of virtually all of Washington Mutual, the nation’s largest savings and loan, to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion, averting another potentially huge taxpayer bill for the rescue of a failing institution.

As Kos puts it:
Yay, the nation's largest S&L has been nationalized, along with the nation's largest insurance company, and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The Republicans are well on their way to their goal of a socialist utopia. Who would've thunk it?

JP Morgan chase has already taken over all of WaMu's assets for $1.9 billion. Who knew the "Adidas takes over Reebok" comparison would fit with the situation at hand right now with the banks.

It isn't noted, however, whether the SOP will take the blame for my (and some of yours) bank's collapsing thanks to their pestilent partisan first grader maturation. Or, in simpler, urban East Coast language, "When the (explextive) will they point the finger at themselves?"

A Refesh: Via Kos, here's a fascinating column from the WaPo's James Galbarth. It simply asks the question, after all the investment banks have become regular banks:
Is this bailout still necessary?

Kos adds:
Sure, it doesn't directly bail out irresponsible assholes on Wall Street, and there may be problems with this plan smarter people than me can identify, but it's clear that alternative solutions to a $700 billion giveaway are available and should be debated and considered.

The White House and/or Congress should release the full details of the Paulson presentation so that we (and smart economists) can get a true measure of the problem, and so that saner alternatives can be fully explored.

Saner alternatives, in this country? That is good laugh to this Friday.

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