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Friday, July 31, 2009

Music Thread #2 for 7/31/09: The Flashback Fridays #2- No Doubt ("Hey Baby")

A prime example of a one person group, no matter how much work those other three guys did. Heck, the black reggae guy contributed more to this track's greatness than they did. From 2001, here's Gwen Stefani's, I mean, No Doubt's "Hey Baby."

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 7/31/09: PPG Episode ("Cover Up")

The Headlines For 7/31/09: Final Day Of July

Man, did this month go by so fast, didn't it?

The Daily Open Thread For 7/31/09: Awkward

It really was

More to come later. And thankfully, it won't including Dana Milbank.

Dana Milbank's Latest Stupid Attempt At Trying To Be Funny

Painfully stupid.

Suggesting Hillary Clinton drink "Mad Bitch" is a tasteless thing you would expect from say, Rush Limbaugh.

But for Dana Milbank, it's even more embarrassing. And for the Washington Toast (Post), well, yeah.

I sure would hate to be Dana Milbank's twitter page right now.

The Smartest People In America

Like I said over there, they are smarter than me, and you.

(Huge thanks To Jed Lewison and, of course, Markos Moulitsas)

Chris Dodd, Hope It Goes Well

As if the Connecticut Senator already has a lot on his hand, he now has announced that he has prostate cancer.

Hope it goes well for him. God bless.

This Just Reeks To High Heaven (Update: Mistake On Me, Not Perriello At All)

As U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello was considering how to vote on an important piece of climate change legislation in June, the freshman congressman’s office received at least six letters from two Charlottesville-based minority organizations voicing opposition to the measure.

The letters, as it turns out, were forgeries.

“They stole our name. They stole our logo. They created a position title and made up the name of someone to fill it. They forged a letter and sent it to our congressman without our authorization,” said Tim Freilich, who sits on the executive committee of Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that tackles issues related to Charlottesville’s Hispanic community. “It’s this type of activity that undermines Americans’ faith in democracy.”
The NAACP voiced their obvious disapproval
“I am very appalled as the president that our organization has been misrepresented in this way by this bogus … letter,” Turner said. “I hope that whoever’s behind this will be brought to justice.”

In fact, Turner said, the NAACP supports the American Clean Energy and Security Act, as he said it would create good-paying jobs for blacks and reduce harmful emissions, particularly in urban areas.

“Clean energy creates jobs in the urban setting,” he said.
Royal clown is Perriello for this. A royal shameful one.

Update: Bad mistake on my part. Perriello did nothing wrong here at all. It was just the disgusting lobbying firm, lying to jeopardize the climate change debate.

All Of The Ladies Of The View Slam The Dreck One, Including Lizzy

TWD Condolences for 7/31/09: Sir Bobby Robson, A Gentleman's Gentleman

I haven't followed soccer devoutly as long as many out there. But ever since the year 2002, that changed.

And when I started watching the English Premier League and Newcastle, I couldn't help but be charmed by their manager at the time, Sir Bobby Robson.

Now it's very foolhardy to tell if a person is a genuine wonderful human being without even knowing that person, let alone not even following the profession he was in for a long time. But I could tell by his demeanor and his comportment what a class act Sir Robson was.

You aren't knighted in Britain unless you are some sort of extraordinary figure. Bobby Robson was certainly that.

And if I, a guy from across the pond who has fully covered the sport of soccer for just seven years now can say that about this man (who was a great footballer as well), then you can just imagine the deserving accolades from the BBC, Sky Sports , and Goal.com to just name a few.

He was sick for a long time. But I am sure (and many will have the evidence to back it up) he was a great human being, for much, much longer.

In fact, I know that Sir Bobby Robson was certainly, a gentleman's gentleman. Salutations, and God Bless.

7/31/09: TWD's Agenda For This Friday: Anthony Weiner's Genius Move

Anthony Weiner, who I'm so happy he represents Brooklyn, did one of the more intelligent displays yesterday I have ever seen in terms of smacking down those who want to abolish Medicare.

In a smackdown of such epic proportions that I thank the high heavens that Rachel Maddow had him on her show last night, Weiner was just brilliant in challenging the Republican idiots who slam Medicare in yesterday's "Energy & Commerce" committee meeting.

And I'm shocked that it hasn't received the attention it has deserved, even on The Rational Online News Network (liberal blogosphere).

On "TRSS" last night:

And here is Weiner's genius move on display

"Put up or shut up." Oh, it was a royal ass whipping that you just don't see from many Democrats, and man, it should get out to all of us. I'm shocked Rachel didn't even play it up or be even giddier, because it was such a "G" move, that even Gatorade couldn't comprehend it.

And I hope it is a template and a lightening rod to leading to not only a strong public option, but maybe, JUST maybe, even more. But I'm not going to get a head of myself here, even though I just did.

Oh, and Happy belated birthday Medicare.

Music Am Wakeup Call/Music Thread #1 for 7/31/09: The Flashback Fridays #1- Ludacris ("Get Back")

A classic from 2005......enjoy.

Get Back - Ludacris

The Epilogue for 7/30/09: Politico's Shameful Hit Job On Pelosi

Lost in the fray of many things today has been Nancy Pelosi slamming the medical insurance lobbyists today in a major fashion.

And that very vocal lambasting of those shameful lobbyists promoted Hackio's Glenn Thrush to do another one of his usual, shameful hit jobs of crap that he writes.

In case you missed it, here is what Pelosi said:
“They are the villains in this,” Pelosi said of private insurers. “They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening. And the public has to know that. They can disguise their arguments any way they want, but the fact is that they don’t want the competition.”
That realness from Pelosi prompted Thrush to dig some dirt into Pelosi's contributions over the last few years from PAC.
It turns out that Pelosi herself has, in fact, been a significant if not huge recipient of the insurance industry's largesse. Her PAC and personal campaign account collecting $177,000 in the '08 cycle and $41,000 in the '10 cycle, according to the indespensible Opensecrets.org.

That's $211k total.
Now, notice Thrush's title of his post: Insurers gave Pelosi $211k

Then, Thrush goes and says this
It's important to note that the "insurance" rubric used by Opensecrets includes other kinds of insurers -- auto, life, etc. -- along with health insurance companies.

Pelosi did better with the segments of the health care system that support the Democrats' health care overhaul, pulling in $321,000 in the last three years from doctors and nurses, for example.

You see what Thrush did?

With a misleading title, Thrush implied the idea that Pelosi is an absolute hypocrite in calling out the for-profit, uncaring insurance industry health lobbyists, making the easily swayed to believe that Pelosi is getting campaign money from the same ones she called out today.

It is typical dishonesty from Hackio and Thrush, so that is not a surprise at all. But it is just another sad example of a site that loves to cater to right-wing talking points and GOP ass kissing with any chance it gets.

They will do that because they have the inside access to lie for the status quo in Washington, like the trash they are.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music Thread #2 for 7/30/09: Eminem Response To Mariah Carey

(Of course, listener discretion is advised)

Yeah, like he was going to back down from how Mariah embarrassed him royally.

The Daily Open Thread #3 For 7/30/09: 2 Stupid Dogs Episode

IGTNT For 7/30/09: Remembering Justin Coleman, Donald Vincet, And Herberth A. Berrios-Campos

(Haven't been able to do this tremendous thread like I should. Tonight, it will be done.)

I Got The News Today, from a wonderful cast and crew from the Daily Kos website community who dedicated their time and day to honor the lives of fallen U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and heck, wherever, on the horrors of the battlefield.

Tonight, the post is from rb137, honoring the lives of Justin D. Coleman, Donald W. Vincent and Herberth A. Berrios-Campos.

Justin D. Coleman

Donald W.Vincent

Herberth A. Berrios-Campos

God bless to them, and their families.

And God bless to those who care to research about these brave individuals. God bless.

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 7/30/09: Another Shatner Classic Of Palin Poetry

In case you missed it, he does it again.

(More to come)

The Headlines For 7/30/09:

Sports Thread #3 for 7/30/09: Odom To Stay With The Lakers

Photo from Getty Images
Thankfully, he valued another title over Miami taxes
Odom will sign a four-year contract, with the fourth year at the team option, the source said. One source with knowledge of the talks told ESPN.com the four-year deal is worth $33 million if the Lakers exercise the final year of the contract.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak declined comment and Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, did not immediately return a voice mail.

Music Thread #1 for 7/30/09: Jeremih Hilarious New Video

Hilarious and real, even if the song annoys. Hilarious.

Though this song still annoys me, this is one of the best videos you'll see not only all year, but its realness gets an all time classic from me. I like this one at lot.

And it gets its own thread today.

The Daily Open Thread For 7/30/09: Funny

Yeah....real funny.

(HT (huge thanks) to Janet for this one)

More to come.

Hackio Cares More About Traffic Than Reporting, no Surprise There

It's what they are all about at days end.

Sports Thread #2 for 7/30/09: What Ortiz Said Back In February

Now a key thing must be pointed out before continuing to call Ortiz the hypocrite and liar that he is for this. Watch the beginning 22 seconds of what ESPN's Josh Elliott was reporting back in winter time.

Okay, here is a point that needs to be highlighted, to give Ortiz some benefit of the doubt, believe it or not. Ortiz points out that all players who did steroids before the testing began in 2004 should not receive any punishment at all.

I'm glad he said that, because if he thought they should be reprimanded then, my goodness, he would look even worse than what he looks now.

Now the rest of the video shows how Ortiz is what he is now thanks to today's leaking of his name, along with Ramirez.

But for just one thing where you couldn't jump all over his back on, at least he didn't get all moral and mighty by condemning intolerance on those who used steroids. The stuff that he now, apparently, has done so as well.

Sports Thread #1 for 7/30/09: David Ortiz, Along With Manny Ramirez, Is On The List

Photo from Jim Davis of The Boston Globe
Ortiz too now
Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, the sluggers who propelled the Boston Red Sox to end an 86-year World Series championship drought and to capture another title three years later, were among the roughly 100 Major League Baseball players to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, according to lawyers with knowledge of the results.
Now this is the thing, besides Ortiz out-right hypocrisy and lying here.

This list was suppose to be anonymous FOREVER. And yet, here are two more names leaked out to the world from this list. The Union should be ashamed of themselves for this.

More to come later.

Update: A lot of people will unintelligently came that the Yankees and Red Sox were in a race on the field, and in the lab, like this guy.

Now this, Greg Mitchell, is a good provocative journalist, from time to time. But he can be an idiot on things outside of politics. And this is just one of those areas. Alex Rodriguez wasn't on the Yankees in 2003. He was still with the Rangers.

The one person on the Yankees who was accused of steroids was Jason Giambi at that time. No one else.

Your Usual Fixed Propaganda Nuttiness

This hasn't been done in a while, but here is the return of your favorite comedic network's fan site.

Yeah, a Republican chart full of lies, and yet, the Democrats don't want you to see that chart. Good one.

More tea bagging, even as it has failed!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I'm not at all a Maureen Dowd defender, but I have to defend her here with this one.

Yes, she is jealous of someone who has her clothes purchased by others. Yeah, that makes sense.

And one classic remaining for you today.

I guess Beck will call Obama racist for not showing his birth certificate today. Who cares about common sense though when you are comedians. (No offense to the Stewarts, Colberts, and Chapelles of the world.)

The return for you, the reader, of Fixed Propagnda's nuttiness.

The Mark Ups Today On That Health Care Proposal Yesterday

Remember this from yesterday? The top headline?

Well, the liberal Democrats are not happy. They feel Rahm Emmanuel has brokered out a deal with the insurance lobbyists loving Blue Dogs because they are his buddies.

One writer from The Hill said the Blue Dogs basically defeated Pelosi, championing them like they just won a massive game or something, instead of just being a reporter and looking into the truth of the matter on this issue.

Not doing what the people of this country voted for. Well, the majority that is.

The mark ups are happening now, and times are getting serious.

Obama wants a public option. But will he stop Emmanuel from silencing liberals and working with those who make the Republicans tolerant on the inside?

If he doesn't, there will not only be a lot of Congressional figures on his side of the aisle that will be upset with him, but a lot of people in this nation who care for their fellow citizen.

Maxine Waters couldn't have said it anymore right.

You Just Can't Teach This Stupid

You really can't
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has accused the Democrats of using race as a wedge issue in the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation process -- that is, the Dems have been "giving cover to groups and individuals to nurture racial grievances for political advantage."

"I don't think it influences people's votes, but what it does encourage is a very poisonous -- indeed a very toxic -- tone of destructive politics," said Cornyn. "They ought to be ashamed of themselves."
The fact that this man is a U.S. Senator shows how sad a state this world is in today.

7/30/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day- 90 Seconds......And That's It

Good....just a 90 second meeting, and it's over. No beer pong, no major speech on race, no anything.

The country has much, MUCH more important things to talk about (health care).

Music Am Wakeup Call For 7/30/09: Petey Pablo- "Raise Up"

(Viewer and listen discretion is advised, but it's not too bad for some)

From 2001, this wonderful energetic debut joint from Petey Pablo, with Timbaland on the beat, and providing the heat. Repping for North Carloina, here's the fun "Raise Up."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Music Thread for 7/29/09: The Runthrough, Including Demi Lovato Topping The Charts

The billboard charts, like every Wednesday, is out. And Demi Lovato tops the list. Score another one for Disney
Lovato's debut marks the fourth No. 1 album of the year for Disney Music Group - a record for the company. Previous chart-toppers in 2009 were Rascal Flatts' "Unstoppable,"the "Hannah Montana: The Movie" soundtrack and Jonas Brothers' "Lines, Vines and Trying Times." Disney had three albums debut at No. 1 in both 2007 and 2006.
For fans of the entertaining Panic At The Disco, they have a few new members.

Amber Rose will be in Kanye's next music video.

I wish artists or celebrities or anybody in the public realm wouldn't spill their guts to the world, like Teyana Taylor did.

video platform
video management
video solutions
free video player

It's embarrassing.

DJ Whoo Kid's irrelevance is so sad right now that he has to recycle old disses on Hova that other people did, like, four years ago.

video platform
video management
video solutions
free video player

And finally, that Lil Wayne rock album, a lot of people are saying it will never come out.

That is your music thread for the day.

Sports Thread #1 for 7/29/09: A Reason Why PETA Is Just A Bunch Of Attention Whores

This is why a lot of people can't stand PETA, starting at 4:15

Royal clown, and royal fool.

Of course Vick did something wrong. Now it's over.

So for someone to question he needs a brain scan is highly offensive, and shows how just asinine PETA really is at the end of the day.

Just another group of hypocrites in a country full of them.

The One Sentence Thread For 7/29/09: The Nadir Doesn't Stop.

I guess scaring senior citizens shows how low they will go.

The Daily Open Thread For 7/29/09: Slamball Never Got The Love It Deserved

I find this more enjoyable than UFC, but that's just my opinion. I hope the Cartoon network airing and whoever will show the next season live will propel it back to getting full interest.

More to come later.

The Headlines For 7/29/09: Lots Of News Today

Comment on them if you want.

Dan Abrams Has A Silly Hissy Fit

Embarrassing men everywhere, and I usually don't mind Dan at all.

But damn Dan, Katrina was making an astute observation. And yet, you offer us a hissy fit that wasn't even worth it.


Obama: Americans Deserve A Public Option

76% of Americans want a choice.

Baucus, Conrad, Landrieu, Centrist and Blue Dog Dems..... get to work and stop waiting on the other side. Unless you want to cede power back to Republicans.

Geography 101 From Fox

The comedian network does it again. I didn't know Iran bordered Egypt.

Media Matters and Plutonium Page sure didn't either.

The comedians at Fixed Propaganda do it again.

Maddening Malks Sure Had Herself A Morning

Her usual Loony Tunes attack didn't stop at the Barack one, but extended to his misses:

It also extended to Sotomayor.

Both the Obamas and then Sotomayor. At least she didn't attack Gates..............yet.

7/29/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day: Remember When Kanye West Said Bush "Didn't Care About Black People."

Remember when Kanye West said this almost four years ago:

West-coast viewers couldn't see what West said.....
West's comments would be cut from the West Coast feed, an NBC spokeswoman told The TV Column. (The Associated Press later reported that only his comment about the president was edited out.) The show was live on the East Coast with a several-second delay; someone with his finger on a button was keeping an ear peeled in case someone uttered an obscenity but did not realize that West had gone off-script, the spokeswoman said.
I doubt very much that they did the same for Michelle Malkin this morning for those over in the occident region (especially those with crazy record temps in the Northwest region, be safe out there guys).

And, of course, the right-wing went absolute bonkers over that candid, albeit reckless, moment from West.

You had this idiot in the Lone Star Times blame West for ginning more anti-Bush talk.

Billie-O-Liely called West comments "nutty", no surprise there.

This one called West an "outspoken liberal, uncaring hypocrite."

This site (apparently named RightWinged) called Kanye nutty.

Some guy I don't even know at Townhell pinned this one in defense of Bush
Kanye, Dig it: George Bush Care About Black People

And you can't forget Michelle Malkin herself giving her nutty view on West's comments:
Bush-bashing for money
Yeah, like West needed money back then and now. Hell, he would have, and did for some, lose money because of his comments on a national forum.

But sense doesn't exist in one Maddening Malks' head, of course.

And they still haven't forgiven West for that statement. Just this past March, National Review's center of idiots had Tim Graham take fault with West for his comments stiil because of West taking about O.J. Simpson in a positive light (which I think he was talking more about his football career).

(And for extra entertainment purposes: Even 50 Cent of all people criticized Kanye for that comment. )

You get the picture. Every right-wing nutcase (and Curtis Jackson) went to bat to yell hell and high water about West's comments.

Now, in result of Dreck's and Maddening Malkins own racist claims........

......on Obama's, I wonder where their criticism, their out-rage, their stories depicting how much President Obama isn't a racist are at the moment. I wonder if they will come at all?

Hypothetical questions should be given hypothetical answers of course, but it needs to be noted. And again, as MB points out yesterday, what if Beck was a "lefty commentator." And the same now applies to Malkin

Or what if Mr.Moulitsas, or Rachel Maddow or Ed Schutlz said something like that, right now even, on Bush? The calls for their job, suspension, or an anathema from television would ripped the rector scale so much that it would take up half the trending topics on Twitter (So You think You Can Dance, be damned). Thankfully no one, especially Keith Olbermann, came close to saying it. Pat Buchanan would make a Facebook account just because of it.

Kanye West, before his ego inflated to levels now where I just can't appreciate him anymore myself, did. I sure wish he would have said "poor people in America" instead of just "black people" though.

He would have still gotten slammed, but only by the same nutcases, only that they wouldn't have a point at all on which to lambaste him.

But if West accusation was "nutty" to that cabal, then anything less (or even more ) for Bush and Malkin herself with their comments would be world class hypocrisy at its finest.

Something that conservatives specialize in, of course. Well, these specific ones here.

Music Am Wakeup Call For 7/29/09: Erick Sermon feat Marvin Gaye ("Music")

From 2000, here is the underrated classic from Erick Sermon sampling Marvin Gaye's "Turn On Some Music." Just great a song to wake up.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 7/28-29/09: Classic Ep Of Rocko's Modern Life

Enjoy it, it's a good one of many to come.

Twitter's new home page:

And, may tomorrow "Bring a better you, and a better me."

And that is Ryan Leslie it looks like at :44 seconds in.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Epilogue: Sigh....Bill Maher Is Right Again: Our Country Is Stupid

Just in case you missed it yesterday, here's what Bill Maher said to hack Wolf Blitzer .

Now Maher's arrogance has steadily grown over the years. And for some, he can be utterly intolerable.

But he is a good guy at day's end, a real good one. And he makes points about this country that few with his platform would dare to even think of, let alone say.

And we all know, if we are true with ourselves, that what he said is right.

We are a stupid country.

I mean, look at that dummy introducing a bill wanting Obama to apologize for his comment on the police officers "stupid" arrest of Gates. And how he defended it today on Hardball like the dummy he is.

Facilitating in making our country as stupid as it can be does he.

We're such a stupid country that we deny Hawaii sometimes as being the 50th state like some are currently doing now (and more, but that's been well covered). We are such a stupid country that we still give mics to the likes of Bachmann.

We are such a stupid country, that some think Black in America's waterdown drive for ratings and only ratings crap last year and last week was actually good (subjective view on whether you liked it or not of course).

We are such a stupid country that we can't give a show like The Wire an Emmy while we can gloss over waiting and dropping our currency on braindead summer blockbusters such as Transformers 2 or Wolverine.

We are such a stupid country that we snicker at those who watch C-Span but understand and have intense discussions on VH1's latest reality show catered to educational purposes.

We are such a stupid country, that in a debate more "clear" than that word NASCAR spotters use when their driver has completely passed another car, this health care reform not only eliminates the best solution to all of our problems (single-payer, boy, that was a difficult thought, wasn't it?), but possibly the only other good solutions.

Only a stupid country would cater to a party at its lowest approval ratings ever.

The Party of 13%. The Party of Birthers. The Party of Torture. The Party of De-regulation. The Party of Jeff "Beauregard" Sessions.

The Party of the Super Status-Quo. The Party who David Broder and David Ignitaus kiss ass to when they feel it is a good idead to do so.

The Party of David Brooks "inside access." The Party of C-Street, and Appalachian Trails.

The Party that Baucus, Conrad, Reid,Lieberman, Landrieu, and a few others don't mind being apart of.

The same Party that no one rational wants to be a part of. Hell, it is better on the Nationals or the atrocity that was the Wizards last season than be apart of that Party in D.C. right now.

In result of those facts, that party is still able to drive some idiots to make posts on Twitter such as this on health care reform: (#hc09)
To Congress: REJECT Obama's Socialized Health Care
Yeah. That's the type of country we live in. A stupid one.

And I didn't even bother to mention 2000 or 2004, a recent President, or anyone on the most comedic channel in television, where people can claim a man can be racist with no basis freely. And no, that is not Comedy Central.

So Maher has a bunch of evidence besides mentioning the former governor of Alaska to suggest how stupid a country we are.

But at the same time, the stupid has inspired this site, and this site, and this site, and that site. Along with this one, and that one, and certainly that one. And of course, I can't forget this one (Shameless plug indeed).

And it certainly produced this guy, this girl, and this guy among many. And boy, didn't that last guy do a damn good job tonight or what.

Plus, how the hell could I forget about this guy.

Our country is so stupid sometimes that it actually (and pleasantly) shocked me that Health Care Reform was and still is a trending topic on Twitter at this point or throughout this evening (titled #hc09).

And it gets me to think this: Bill Maher, as usual, is very right on this, and very wrong as well.

At days end, we are not only a stupid country, but a smart one.

Now, if only we could not let the stupid override the smart like we do so many times in this country. Like right now.

The Return of The "Hussein" Name

They are just so sad.

Music Thread #1 for 7/28/09: Timberlake......And Politics....And Golf Course.....And Eco-Friendly In One? Yup

Yeah, it stunned me too. But it was a pleasant surprise
When you think green celebrities, Justin Timberlake probably isn't the first to come to mind. Although he made a donation to a wildlife group founded by Steve Irwin, the boy band icon has not been particularly active in philanthropy or politics.
Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/green/detail?entry_id=44340#ixzz0MbDqoySq

But Timberlake is an avid golfer, and he purchased a course in his native Memphis to save it from developers, seemingly unaware that he was about to become the driving force behind the first green golf course in the United States.
"After we had the golf course, we said why don't we refurbish it and make it even nicer for the community. Then I asked questions about what we could possibly do, and we found out we could actually make it a 'green course,'" Timberlake said.
As mentioned in the article, golf courses are among the least eco-friendly things out there, thanks to the tree removals, constant irrigation, and the fact that golfers like to drive on them (not the pros though).

And Timberlake of course isn't the sharpest bulb out there, or the most socially conscious. But he is a cool guy at day's end, and this is a cool move for sure.

The Headlines For 7/28/09

Comment away if you want.

Sports Thread #3 And TWD Condolences For 7/28/09: RIH Jim Johnson

Great guy, great coordinator, who was sick for a long time:
Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson died Tuesday afternoon, the Eagles announced.

Johnson was 68 and had been on a leave of absence from the team to undergo cancer treatments.

He was regarded as one of the NFL's top defensive minds during 22 years as an assistant coach and joined the staff of Eagles Coach Andy Reid in January 1999. Opponents were befuddled by his creative blitz packages, and his players praised his straightforward approach.
Rest In Heaven Jim.

Sports Thread #2 for 7/28/09: Brett Favre Stays Retired

Says Brad Childress.

But as Michael Wilborn just said, who knows?

Bill O'Liely Is Not Good At Math......Surprise

Just look

The perfect picture for this, from a poster by the name of Lane at Media Matters:

Sports Thread #1 For 7/28/09: Um, WTF Stephon Marbury

He just gets sadder and sadder.

The Daily Open Thread For 7/28/09: William Shatner Reading Sarah Palin's Speech And More.....

And if you're on Twitter and asking why Blue M&M's are a trending topic, here is your answer:
The same blue food dye found in M&Ms and Gatorade could be used to reduce damage caused by spine injuries, offering a better chance of recovery, according to new research.
And Comic-Con is still going on?

More to come later of course.

Beck Says Obama Is Racist. Why? Because He Likes White People

Comical as always.

Stewart and Colbert, watch out for your jobs. Fixed Propaganda nutcases are the best comedians out there.

The Awesomeness Of Howard Dean

On Rachel last night.

And remember, his awesomeness will continue tonight and tomorrow, as he hosts Countdown. Oh yes.

Maxine Waters Shows Why She Is One Of The Realest

The only thing bad about this is the fact that you couldn't see her live tell the absolute truth like she just did.

7/28/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day - Brown Draws The Line In The Sand, As Well As Schumer, Leahy, and Durbin

Brown will fight for a public option big time

And drawing a line with Brown is Schumer, Leahy, and Durbin.

Let it be known, a rift is not only happening in the House, but in the Senate as well between the Democrats. It's a rift between those who want a public option, and those who don't.

Music Am Wakeup Call #2 For 7/28/09: Jadakiss feat Anthony Hamilton ("Why?")

Another show producing Anthony Hamilton's realness featuring on the AM wakeup call. One of the realest songs of all time, and best song ever....by far.

Why - Jadakiss

Music Am Wakeup Call For 7/28/09: Twista feat Faith Evans ("Hope")

From 2005, from the Coach Carter soundtrack, here is the real track from Twista feat Faith Evans. "Hope", your AM wakeup call.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Epilogue: I Thought Single Payer Was The Non-Starter

Baucus is an invaluable player in the no public option crowd. The one who would rather keep people uninsured than lose their profits
Just like I thought going over a trillion on the stimulus was a non starter.

Just like picking Joseph Stiglitz or Paul Krugman for the Treasury Secretary, or in the Cabinet was a non starter.

Just like picking Howard Dean as the HHS (and by the way, he will certainly be awesome tomorrow and Wednesday night) was a non-starter.

I thought all of these things were non-starters just like single payer.

Now, a "public option" to the nutcase 40, with the lobbyists loving folks like Baucus, Conrad, Asshole Joementum and others all happy to let their buddies do what they would do, is a non-starter.

I guess if there's no public option here, then you can guess there will be non-starters to proper emissions standards for an energy bill in the Senate (where climate change denial masters reign supreme in the SOP), and a non starter to smart immigration reform.

Hell, let's not even go there on EFCA. I shudder to think what will be a non-starter to the Party of Birthers (proper certificates are also non-starters as well too).

Non-starting with the party of 13%. I guess 13% means more than 76% majority of a public option by the nation if it means having an extra Happy Hour drink on Friday and an amicable time with someone from Blue Cross along with one of Rush Limbaugh's clandestine ass kissers.

But hey, if you and me were in charge, that would certainly be a non-starter right there.

Sadly, no matter how much this website and other rational sites yell COMMON SENSE like no other to these people, and continue to aggrandize our influence from the dark incipient times of 2002, we sadly still can't have the power to dub what is a non-starter.

Like solutions that would rapidly make our country a hell of a lot better, and both consolidate and justify why "Change" was needed and talked about last year, so much.

It's a shame we just can't start with that.

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