The Break #3/Sports Thread #4 For 6/2/10: Armando Galarraga Denied A Perfect Game (Updated)

Jim Joyce is officially the worst man in America right now .

The WORST. And this umpire, Jim Joyce, is one of the best umpires we have had in the game for a long, lONG time. What a shame for him.

This is another reason why instant replay is needed for sure.

And here is an image caption, with how he missed the call:

Jim Leyland just spot to the press, and said these things:
Jim (Joyce) is a class act, he'll look at it and no one else will feel as worse as he will.

And how the players reacted after the game:
"They are celebrating like he retired 28 out of 28."

Update: The umpire has admitted what we all know, and that's painful for him.
And Galarraga hugged him after the game. Awesome.

Update 2: This all could have been prevented, simply prevented, if instant replay was added. Jim Joyce is the main victim of this tonight, because he will have to endure all this criticism and all this hate from people who never even gave him a moment of thought before tonight.

Just the reaction after the game and how he hugged Galarraga was a touching moment for all sports all over.

Anyone protesting that instant reply still not be in baseball is really sadly stubborn and/or out of touch. And that includes the terrific Joe Morgan.

Update 3: The audio of Jim Jones admitting his mistake. It is indeed touching stuff.

What Olbermann and PTI have said........Bud Selig needs to just simply make the correction and give Galarraga the perfect game.
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