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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The "Now That's F---- Up" Moment of the Week

After a long hiatus, the return of "Now That's What's F--- Up" is back in style for the official start of summer (through in all honesty, do we really need to acknowledge the official start of summer?). If you forgotten, this weekly segment is all focusing on the absolute outrageous, incongruous, egregious, sometimes hilarious and jaw-droping, system-shocking moment of the week. No world, whether its sports, news, etc is safe from the label "Now That's F---- Up."

There are plenty of things in a 7 days span you can label as crazy or corrupt .But only a few you can describe as truly F---- Up.

For anyone down in Texas that says that the Republican Party in his or her state is all for diversity, it's going to be hard for anyone to defend that claim this week.

In a move that looks about as bad as The Love Guru, at the GOP convention in the Lone Star state last week, one booth thought it was in great interest to vile for most "stimulating political pin of the year." The pin, if you're still laughing at this belief for what you read, says "If Obama is President....will we still call it The White House?"

Honesty, someone thought deeply about this interesting possibility to the point of making it a pin. Funny enough, it does make you think about what's going to happen. However, through this alone shows how Republicans (well, at least from Texas) are anticipating that day in as much happiness as a sugar toothed kid receiving that root canal treatment, there were other provocative pins at this convention that displayed the Obama pin wasn't an aberration. While there was one that had the very immigrant friendly message of, "Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Deportation," another one you stated something that Cindy McCain most likely won't be wearing: "I will hold my nose when I vote for McCain."

Certainly Johny Mac (and that goes for John McEnroe as well) won't be wearing those along the camapign trail. And in a private moment, he would probably state about these pins, "Now That's F--- Up." And in one of the few areas that he's agreeable in if he does so, truly "Now, That's F--- Up!"

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