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The 2017 Australian Live Thread For 1/28/18: The Women's Final - Venus vs Serena XXVIII

As many American casual fans come out of the woodworks again to care about tennis long before Wimbledon is about to end, the 28th encounter for Venus and Serena is getting the last minute hype as it would warrant from a crowd that wouldn't have any desire for any other WTA matchup. But this dream Australian Open final for that crowd, who aren't the 24/7/365 fans of the sisters or reporters of the sport of tennis on a regular basis have missed out on the key reason for the magical duo giving us this ultimate female match for 2017 Melbourne.

If Venus and Serena had been adamant about playing doubles at another Grand Slam, we wouldn't have their first Slam final in eight years. And it happened to be a little elbow injury that Venus decided to be precautionary with as the defining, unheralded decision of this entire women's Australian Open tournament.

Although playing doubles did not hamper them in Serena's Wimbledon singles title last year, as Venus made the semifin…

The Flashback Friday For 1/27/17: New Edition - Cool It Now (1984)

As all three parts of "The New Edition Story" has aired on BET, only fitting that this week's Flashback Fridays takes it back all the way to 1984 before the original band with all original five members "broke up" 3 years later.

This, not "Candy Girl," served as their Top 10 single in the States. It's of course the pride of Roxbury, from those several towns in Boston that a LOT of people not from Boston knew existed, but always existed.

It's "Cool It Now" from New Edition, your Flashback Friday choice for this week.

This is The Whole Delivery.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 1/6/17: M.I.M.S - This is Why I'm Hot (2007)

The Flashback Fridays is back for another year.

And starting off 2017 Flashbacks is this classic from a decade ago at this time. It served as the best start any artist could ever dream of, with your first single being the #1 song in the country.

That was the case for M.I.M.S, who had a perfect song that represented Washington Heights/Uptown Manhattan, but gave a nod to everywhere else in the nation. And after that great start, that was....the rest of his career right there.

It is why this Blackout Movement-produced track is memorable, showing how far MIMS fell off. So for your first Flashback Friday choice of 2007, it's the long forgotten M.I.M.S with "This is Why I'm Hot."

More to come from The Whole Delivery, in this new year. Stay tuned.