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TWD Friday Fun Thread For 11/30/12: #456373 Why Nelly Furtado Is Always A Treasure

Next Friday, a revamp Friday Fun Thread at The Whole Delivery for sure, but for now, this classic Canadian interview with Nelly Furtado imitating Céline Dion, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears I think back even before her 2006-2007 sexual mode (or maybe after).

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Friday #1 For 11/30/12: Ms Jade feat Timbaland and Nelly Furtado- Ching Ching Ching (2002)

Taking it back a decade once again, it's Timbaland, Nelly, and producing an assist from Missy for the forgotten but still respected Ms. Jade and her underrated hit "Ching Ching."

The 1st Thread/Music Energy Boost For 11/29/12: Demi Lovato- Skyscraper (2011)

Really do respect this girl, from the punching incident to really battling through her eating disorder, to be where she is at today. And definitely slept on this song for sure.

The 1st Thread/The S- Thread For 11/28/12: Another Story That Must Be Told

A photo of Marvin Miller on July 16, 1981 (Photo from AP File)
Most of the modern establishment media, whether in sports or in news in general, never mentioned Marvin Miller in his last years. In fact, many baseball players, from new phenoms like Mike Trout and Bryce Halper to Yankees legends like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter, probably don't even know who Marvin Miller was. And that really is another disgrace on our American and global society.

Miller was quite frankly one of the exemplary figures in his time on Earth, and the fact that he and his accomplishments were largely hidden to both the general sports fan and the casual viewers of sports in America is quite alarming.

His overall, fundamental union characteristics and empowerment for downtrodden figures with no voices (in this instance, the athlete of the middle 20th century before they became solid six figure,  affluent figures) is something the establishment in baseball has forever tried its hardest for people not to kn…

The Reel Feel Thread For 11/27/12: Highlighting Beltway Hypocrisy in 4 Seconds

From Sir Keith Boykin, "All of these people saying we have to cut the deficit, now when it comes to the fiscal cliff, we're afraid of cutting the deficit." (The key moment from 5:01 to 5:05).  

The Fun Thread #1 For 11/27/12: Not So Slick Anymore

Last night at the first NBA "Battle of the boroughs" game, Slick Rick really did embarrass himself last night.

Also, Corey and Topenga are coming back.

A Fun Thread at The Whole Delivery.

The Fun Thread #1 For 11/26/12: Dikembe Mutombo And Old Spice Won The Day Too

Your welcome.

And they may save the world from ending on December 21, 2012. Or be the reason why it ends in the first place.

More from The Whole Delivery on November 26, 2012 in a bit, stay tuned. Including you, Old Spice.

The Reel Feel For 11/26/12: Tom Ricks Wins The Day

He most certainly did.

RICKS: I think that Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network especially, and that now that the campaign is over, I think he's backing off a little bit. They're not going to stop Susan Rice from being secretary of state. SCOTT: When you have four people dead, including the first dead U.N. ambassador -- U.S. ambassador in more than 30 years, how do you call that hype?  RICKS: How many security contractors died in Iraq, do you know? SCOTT: I don't. RICKS: No. Nobody does, because nobody cared. We know that several hundred died, but there was never an official count done of security contractors dead in Iraq. So when I see this focus on what was essentially a small firefight, I think, number one, I've covered a lot of firefights. It's impossible to figure out what happens in them sometimes. And second, I think that the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox was operating as a wing of Republican Party.

The 1st Thread/Music Midday Energy Boost For 11/26/12: Lil Wayne feat Detail - No Worries (2012)

Haven't seen this video and haven't even heard this song until now, so yeah, just getting the ball rolling on the day.

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 11/25/12: 3-Peat For Vettel On Formula's 1 Season Finale (Full Review)

Checkered Flag: Sebastian Vettel has won the world championship for a third consecutive time 
It was a great wild race that was not boring at all. Rather, it was just so fascinating to witness, as Jenson Button took the race, but the German 25-year-old took the world championship for a third season.   
Vettel becomes only the 3rd driver to win three straight world titles, joining Schamucher and Fangio in that exclusive list. 
The Final Overall Standings, both individually and for team: 

TWD Thanksgiving Saturday Sports Thread #1 For 11/24/12: Make or Brake FBS/BCS Rivalry Saturday

Make or break rivalry Saturday, where Ohio State could further embarrass this sham of a BS BCS system today as they currently are up 7-0 on Michigan at the timing of this thread's first version.

It's must win day for Alabama, Kansas State, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, and Oregon if they are to have any hope of being in the final, deciding game of the season in Miami on January 7, 2013.

Georgia is currently up 7-0 on G-Tech and could be in for a battle against their Atlanta rivals, although two key defensive plays by Bacarri Rambo have made it a little more difficult for the Yellow Jackets to pull off the big upset.

Many updates in the day, forthcoming.

TWD Thanksgiving Saturday 1st Thread For 11/24/12: For Camacho

The underrated, respected, and renowned fighter has had tragedy that most all know about in the boxing world the last week, as his mother made the choice today to take him off of life support with his family there to see their brother one last time.

But we would not have known one intrepid Hector Camacho without seeing how valiant and great he was in the ring, and how it led all of us to be both saddened and fully caring about his fate.

Rest in heaven champ, especially with Emmanuel Stewart, for pugilism.

More Saturday stuff to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

TWD Thanksgiving Black Friday Thread #1 For 11/23/12: TFF- Mos Def, Pharaoh Monache & Nate Dogg- Oh No (2000)

Rawkus Records, which amazingly enough was run by Rupert Murdoch's son James, at least was never tainted before News Corp spread its nasty influence around the place.

Here's the 2000 underrated classic with just quality spitting and the Rest in Heaven to one West Coast crooning legend.

Happy Black Friday to you all in America, with more coming in a bit, stay tuned at The Whole Delivery.

TWD Thanksgiving S-Thread #1 For 11/22/12: NFL Turkey Day 2012 (Multiple Updates)

Photo from
Redskins/Cowboys Preview

Which defense is going to have something today against these two talented quarterbacks in a good groove.

Both units have lost their defensive heart and souls for a few weeks now, with signal caller Sean Lee being out for Dallas while pass rushing standouts Orakpo and Carragher have been gone from earlier this year from the nation's capital.

Clearly the Cowboys are not hampered on defense like the Redskins, and that could be the key difference today despite the X, Y, and Z factor that is Griffin.

FINAL: Texans 34, Lions 31
Well, the Lions can start their offseason plans officially, as they have blown this game completely. And for Jason Hanson to miss that kick with his great credentials made the blow even worse after the 10 point collapse. 
Texans/Lions 4TH Quarter Thread Needs: 

For Detroit:
1) Once again, they must establish some sort of balance. 12 carries only for Leshoure is just not enough to relieve pressure.

2) For the Texan…

TWD Thanksgiving 1st Thread For 11/22/12: Manhattan's Annual Ballon Fest

Though nothing will top Rick Rolling though, nothing:

The 1st Thread/The S-Thread For 11/21/12: Roman Numericals of Nuttiness

Photo from
Despite winning the club its first Champions League and European title, despite winning the FA Cup last May, and despite being a title positioned 3rd place in the Premier League, Roman Abramovich thought Robert Di Matteo was less worthy to keep his job than Andre Villas Boas last year.

Even with their current rough patch going on with Abramovich's desire to never be truly patient when his club faces adversity after Juventus 2nd half clear home win yesterday, this still was an unexpected shock and totally beyond ridiculous.

Is the main reason for the latest stupid Roman Rage move was the fact that Di Matteo did not start Fernando Torres last night and played a counterattacking style vs Juventus instead of being like Barcelona, playing the same offensive possession style every game regardless of the situation.

It really is quite nauseating to see this happen in pure irrationality and knee jerk anger once again from this childish owner.

Rafael Bentiez, to …

The S-Thread #1 For 11/20/12: The 2012-13 UEFA Champions League Matchday 9 Thread

Chilean rising force Arturo Vidal gave Juventus a fine win (Photo from and Getty Images).  
Fulltime: Shaktar Donetsk, Valencia, Bayern Munich and Barcelona become the latest to advance to the knockout stages in February. 

1) Roberto Di Matteo got it completely wrong in the end, especially in the 2nd half. There was no sense of urgency and adjustment to Juventus having more key possession. Even with 3 defenders in the middle and no out and out forward, it was still too passive/defensive from Di Matteo.

2) Galatasaray probably was fortunate that they got Manchester United on a day where Sir Alex did not care whatsoever. Gala have the advantage over Cluj going into the final day to advance with United despite both being tied at 7 points, as the Romanians have to hope United were as apathetic today in Turkey as they will be in Manchester two weeks from now.

3) Another commendable road display from Neil Lennon against Benfica, but it's all okay for them still. Win in Glasgow o…

The Domestic Public Official Reel Feel #1 For 11/20/12: They Still Are Listening To 7-House Man

Just last night (November 19), Rachel Maddow asked a question that should have been asked since 2000, and especially since 2004 (And way before that too).

Why does anybody still listen to John McCain on foreign party? (And Republicans in general on basically anything).

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
And yet, on that very same channel 12 hours later, Chris Cillizza did just that very thing that centrist Beltway journalism/media figures love to do: Listen to John McCain.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Just another simple, short highlighted sequence of why our centrist journalists in the Beltway fail our country so very much.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/20/12: Rihanna-Diamonds (2012)

Just to get the ball moving. Don't really care for this song, but

The Whole Delivery on November 20, 2012 will continue later on.....

The S-Thread For 11/19/12: The BS of The BSECS Continues

Alabama is not the 2nd best team in the nation, Georgia certainly is not the 3rd best team in the nation, and for sure Florida is not the 4th best team in the nation (and that's even if they get fortunate to win in Tallahassee on Saturday, even though they should lose soundly to a more talented and versatile Florida State team).

This just speaks to the larger and overinflated power of the Southeastern Conference and its continued cartel and ownership over the overall cartel that is college football in America.

It kind of was an unexpected (and pleasant) shock of reality that South Carolina, top 10 the last several weeks despite having two defeats, is now suddenly out of it. Is there some direct reason why the two loss Gamecocks were still good enough to be in the top 10 until it struggled against Wofford while Florida remains at #4 (ahead of now one loss sides Oregon and Kansas State) after just barely surviving Louisiana Lafayette and being awful against Jacksonville State back …

The Reel Feel Thread #1 For 11/19/12: Journalism Is First Facts, Then A Conversation

Here is a segment when a real journalist and truth teller gets simply tried of having the generic "conversation" of "both sides have their story" and takes journalism to where it should always be: Pure truth-telling.

Ali Abunimah was sick and tired of Zionist propaganda amalgamated with the real full tales of Gaza pain, and told it like it was.

This is a prime example of why news conversations can only be meaningful with people that would acknowledge simple facts first instead of trying to "balance" the discussion.

I really couldn't feel bad for Ahmed here because this is the type of news segment that regularly happens on cable news and needs to not occur on an online news channel that wants to keep it fully real all the way.

Unless they just want "a conversation." Anybody can have "a conversation."

All news organizations instead should have conversations that start with acknowledging key facts before it begins. And if any guest ca…

The 1st Thread For 11/19/12: The Conflict Continues....

........Continues, continues, and continues.

With live coverage here, especially if you are not based in Middle East *

*And more especially if you are based in America, like the author of this page.

More from The Whole Delivery, November 19, 2012, when the world continues.

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 11/18/12 (Second Version): CzechMate Once Again

A famous double for the Czech Republic has been accomplished, as Radek Stepanek has won the 100th Davis Cup for his country in the dramatic decider against Nicolas Almagro of Spain.

More on this remarkable achievement for this rising nation, as well as NFL Week 11, in a short while.

First Update 

This was a remarkable team accomplishment all season from both Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek. They were the two man team that carried this team all year long.

Outside of Lukas Rosol two meaningless wins in dead rubber matches, Berdych and Stepanek accounted for all of the team's wins this year with all of them coming in live rubber matches in a live tie.

The Czech Republic also became the first nation win all three ITF global competitions, having won the Hopman Cup way back in January as well.

Second Update: Lewis Hamilton Takes US Grand Prix on Formula 1's return to the US. 

Vettel remains the strong favorite for the title, but the ever determined Fernando Alonso is still right the…

Sunday Sunrise For 11/18/12: The Love Continues

Though the hypocrisy and the hate:
More to come folks today.

The Reel Feel For 11/17/12: Our Failed US Media

And our one sided storytelling from cable news........

And how it is fairly covered:

And let's use a snark photo to highlight the discrepancy: 

Another another one:

And yet, we always report from our centrists with the Zionists, even reckless fools like Netanyahu, getting all the headlines and treatment first and foremost. It really is embarrassing.

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 11/16/12: Alanis Morissette- Ironic (1997)

Always a classic.....

The Real Feel For 11/15/12: The American Centrist Circle Tickles Down To The Youth

So instead of us being responsible in  our news culture for once and condemning Luke Russert for his absurd and hypocritical question yesterday, we have a complete hack driven segment on Huff Post Live today, where the two intelligent women apart of this segment excuse Russert for his behavior and question if Pelosi is being a little dismissive with her justified reaction.

And that is simply because Russert is a friend and king of the young Beltway/Manhattan political elite, non-Republican crowd thanks to who his parents are, and that Alicia Menendez and Sabrina Siddiqui are friends or good acquaintances apart of that junior, American aristocratic crowd.  

This is what happens with you have young Democrats and young reporters not willing to learn the lessons of their current predecessors' mediocre, passive journalism and lack of standing up for their principles like they should do.

Both Menendez and Siddiqui know better here, especially if they are quite friendly with Luke Russe…

The Live Thread For 11/15/12 (First Version): The Gaza Outbreak

Photo from Al Jazeera
As Zionists like Netanyahu continue their disproportionate attacks on Gaza, stay in touched here and many other places on another assault on Gaza.

And the tweet that was deleted from the world class coward that is Netanyahu. Thanks goodness Andrew Kaczynski caught it.

He tried to use Obama for justification of his attacks, for his own selfish political motives in order to save himself from losing the election next year to Ehud Barak in 2013.

He is a liar, a deceiver, and a clown.

(More coverage to come....)

The 1st Thread For 11/15/12: When "The Serious People" Show Once Again They Are Not Serious

In case you all didn't even bother viewing it yesterday (November 14, 2012), here's NBC privilege figure Luke Russert embarrassing himself with the ridiculous question to Nancy Pelosi.

After that display of hypocrisy (because Russert would not ask Mitch McConnell or John Boehner that question) and ageism from Russert, it was almost equally topped by the man who replaced Luke's father as host of Meet The Press, David Gregory, for choosing to host sore grapes elitist Lindsey Graham Sunday.

Gregory rushed to have Graham on the minute Obama slammed him and his best friend forever John McCain for their continued vapid petty attack at Susan Rice and their overblown view of what happened in Benghazi that evening.

Three men. Two centrist journalists who have no fundamentals of being good journalists, and a power hungry bitter, elitist old Republican.

Your culture in the nation's capital in a complete nutshell. Run and surrounded by arrogant and incomplete people.

Update: And t…

The 1st Thread/Music Energy Boost For 11/14/12: The "Centrist" Chance To Face A Real "Centrist"

Moments before the live press conference, Brokaw and Mitchell are on MSNBC, making sure their centrist personalities get in on the fun.


And music song will come later.....

Sadly, Obama has to do the jobs of the centrist media. A real centrist having to do the job of people who should be the truth tellers of society. It really is embarrassing and Obama is a better journalist than the centrist elite.

Question 1: Especially when the first question they ask about is Benghazi. 

Question 2: Fiscal cliff from one of CNN's own faves, Jessica Yellin. And Obama with the caving to make him look weak, even though he made his decision based on his own centrist self. They have no desire for real journalism there, do the centrist journalists. 

Question 4: Now on immigration reform, saying that Obama didn't send specifics, when he did send specifics. This is ridiculous.  

Question 5: Chuck Todd asks about Petraeus and about tax rates again. 

And the rest wa…

Our Centrism Journalism Fail Thread For 11/13/12: Hastingly Trying To Get Him off Air

Michael Hastings gave a needed reprimand to all of the Petraeus Fan Club, and caused one of the greatest awkward moments in modern day cable news Monday evening on Piers Morgan Tonight.
He exposed Morgan for the usual hack he is, exposed CNN Pentagon stenographer Barbara Starr for what she is, and exposed Andrea Mitchell, David Ignaitus, Diane Feinsteins, Paula Broadwell and all the rest of the Beltway/Manhattan centrist crowd who love or heed to the altar of David Petraeus. "The larger point that I've been making is that essentially the media has played a role in protecting David Petraeus and promoting David Petraeus and mythologizing David Petraeus," he said.  Hastings said Petraeus had failed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and escalated violence in both places.

"So for me the questions of honor and integrity -- I was raising those earlier," he said. "A number of other journalists who were actually covering David Petraeus were raising those concerns. Yo…

Music Energy Boost #1 For 11/13/12: Occupy Sandy Song

Shoutout to the terrific George Martinez for the Occupy Sandy song, keeping the movement going on so well for the Occupy movement in helping so many in the neglected areas of New York's other two islands after Hurricane Sandy

The 1st Thread For 11/13/12: "Black" is Not An Evil Word

It's time we simply end the term African-American and just say at least black American. Or if you are not American, you can use "black" so as long as you are not using it for hate or not stereotyping.

It's okay, the word "black" is not offensive. The word black is just a description.

Now that doesn't mean it hasn't been used for negative connotations. From the time Europeans encountered Africans before the Trans-Continental slave trade began to "Birther Hairpiece" Trump's "I'm good with 'the blacks,'" there are those who really use "black" either in hate or in ridiculous clumsy fashion.

Any rational black American or anyone in general should not and would not get offended.

See, that is the inherent problem with being "too PC" sometimes in this nation. People overanalyze and are stuck in regressive thought instead of thinking rationally to themselves before being free to opine a thought. It'…

Our Centrist Journalism Fail Thread #1 For 11/12/12: The Right Apology From The Wrong Source

(Please note: These are only my words and mine alone. I speak for none of the following parties down below. I shouldn't have to emphasize that, but I have to strongly do it here for this post.)

Unlike Spencer "Attackerman" Ackerman, everyone who covers Petraeus on a regular, from Washington Post CIA cheerleader David Ignatius to Andrea Mitchell, are just fake.

The Beltway centrist elite produly lionized Cheney (and Bush's) general to demigod, legend of Troy status by glossing over how he was an integral part of an unjust war. I mean, it was his job to follow his corrupt bosses rules, so yes, he was just doing his job.

Still, the likes of Ignatius and Mitchell do this every day with the power leaders of this country like Petraeus in the nation's capital, yet are then shocked when their simple shenanigans lead to their fall instead of what should be the powerful's demise, their shameful actions with their own dominion.

But it's key that everyone not aware of…

TWD 2nd Thread/The S-Thread #1 For 11/12/12: Happy DAN-Wali

Frankly, in the weirdest in-season coaching search in NBA history, the Lakers pick a non-title winning coach over the greatest coach ever.

In the end, whether Jim Buss still has personal problems with Jackson and/or they could not be comfortable with Phil's road schedule and player control demands, the organization just did not feel comfortable handing Dwight Howard's future decision in the offseason with thoughts of whether Phil was going to be gone after the 2013-14 season.

But in regards to this year, the Lakers completely have reversed their course on how they are to embark on being the best in the West and trying to beat the Heat (most likely, barring season changing injuries) in the final, even with improved play their last two games.

They have gone from a defensive minded coach with can't call offensive sets or has an offensive system  good enough in key playoffs games to an offensive minded coach who has always struggled to coach defensive accountability.

Until ot…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/12/12: Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Poor (2012)

Because he still flows nice, and he didn't need 85 guests appearances on his album, but rather, just a few names.

TWD Sunday Sunrise For 11/12/12: Always Mary and Mary

And always with "Heaven."

TWD Saturday Sports Thread #1 For 11/10/12: Crimson Johnny (First Version)

FINAL: Texas A&M 29, Alabama 24
Having an elite quarterback matters in the SEC, particularly in a conference where the quarterback play overall has been another grave disappointment for another season.

Johnny Manziel though has been the opposite of that with another 5-star performance, but take no credit away from coach Kevin Sumlin and the rest of the Aggies, in a wonderful victory for their rising program in their new conference, and made it another season where an SEC team does not go undefeated.

Gary Danielson cries tries of pain in the CBS booth, as his beloved SEC is in serious danger of being knocked out of their precious BCS BS title game.

Luckily for his AJ McCarron loving self, the polls will make sure to place their beloved SEC teams right back at the top after the three undefeateds (if they stay undefeated tonight). No matter how Florida should have lost to UL-Lafayette or this defeat to Alabama today, they will all make sure their awesome SEC stays at the top instead …

TWD Saturday 1st Thread For 11/10/12: More to come.....

.......I guess.

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Let's Get Right to the Point Thread #1 For 11/9/12: Just Be The Bigger Person Please

Huffington Post Live is on the verge of a future collapse with the awful decisions and downright obstinate nature it has to liberal people.

It continues to do the same stupid practices that make it a fragile product on the open and real Internet, adjectives the Internet will always be despite corporate, elitist, powerful sources trying to control it for their own good.

Their desire to edit out any comment is the top problem overall, especially non-cursing, non-threatening comments.

Here is just a few comments from that idiotic segment on "small market teams are getting shafted" in the NBA that were deemed not acceptable to take despite their really civil and placid nature:
1) Yeah, I'm saving all my harmless comments with no cussing that are getting deleted. And I will write a post.
2) And sadly, got people editing out comments.   3) [Marc_Lamont_Hill], That's fine, but you are not a sports journalists, and you don't know how to fully cover the game. If you did,…

TWD 2nd Thread For 11/8/12: Gallup's Waterloo

As the election's final day (and only day) began, I said this about how our polling culture needs to immediately change in this nation, or else.

The obsession over highlighting racially excursionist "Likely Voter" models has been antiquated since 2008. Now you can apply that to mid-term election years, but with the increased push in early voting and galvanization of new voting blocks emerging (more blacks, more Hispanic combining to help more younger people voting and a returned of formerly apathetic mid-life voters) it makes these polling firms look Rasmussen bad.  One poll that definitely has almost resembled Rasmussen is Gallup, which came out with another weird poll out of nowhere having Romney up by one point nationally. And after trying to ignore all the polls showing an inevitable Obama win, Greta van Susteran sure was gleeful and happy to use that poll on her telecast this evening.  
And as the results showed, Gallup has embarrassed itself by staying true to Be…

The 1st Thread/The Fun Thread #1 For 11/8/12: Still One Of The Greatest Poems Ever

From Hakim Walker, who still is never on Twitter, with a classic performance sonnet (okay, it's not, but it's something brilliant) about finding romance through video games.

Featuring references to Halo, Guitar Helo, Crusin' World, Warcraft, Nintendo classics, Playstation memorable stuff, and just so.

"I can be your Guitar Hero baby..." A legend.

More from The Whole Delivery today on November 8, 2012.

TWD Election 2012 Aftermath Thread #1 For 11/7/12: Murdoch's Network Is Hilarious Today

They really are

More to come with The Whole Delivery on this day after the election is over throughout the country that is the American nation.

TWD Election 2012 Aftermath Music Energy Boost For 11/7/12: Fake Will.I.AM feat Thugnificent- D--kriding (2010)

One of the many fitting songs of the day, from The Boondocks' Season 3 premiere show. (Just to note, this is all about making fun of Will I. Am and vapid people. If you are not a vapid person, you will not get mad by this at all). 

Got up this morning, things won't working right,
I said I want to make a change, I said I was to fight
Obama walked up and said, yes we can
I said I want to ride your nuts because I think you're the man  And now I'm d--kriding, Obama, Obama
Now I'm d--kriding, Obama, Obama
Now I'm d--kriding, Obama, Obama
Now I'm d--kriding.......   D--kriding for tomorrow, d--kriding for today
D--kriding for the straight, d--kriding for the gay
D--kriding for America, d--kriding for Iraq,
It's okay to ride that d--k just as long as it's Baracks More coverage from The Whole Delivery today on November 7, 2012, forthcoming.

TWD Election 2012 Aftermath's 1st Thread For 11/7/12: The Hilarious Anger of The Nuts And the Liars

Oh it is glorious, and this is before even Pennsylvania was closed. O'Lielly was blowing a gasquet and fearing his American white world dominance was ending (And the silent disbelief on Megyn Kelly and Baier's face when O'Lielly said "the country" is changing" was hilarious):

"People feel they are entitled to things, and which candidate is going to give them things." And you should all know what he meant by being entitled to things.

He almost was on the verge of reverting back to his epic nutcase self, though he is always a nut:

It really was quite fascinating and hilarious to see, but expected though.

The Whole Delivery's election aftermath coverage will continue, as this day proceeds.

TWD Election 2012 Closing Thread For 11/6-77/12: The Winning Photos

Weird lady with the flag

More tomorrow on  The Postscript coverage, but really folks, I want to thank you all for just watching and looking at this site during a special election season, as it always is when it comes to this weird, sometimes wonderful, sometimes woeful, American democracy. 
It has been another eye opening journey on the road to the voting polls, and hoped someone was facilitated by this page.

So until next time, from The Whole Delivery, I am Andrew Jones. So long and congratulations to all of the winners this evening from all parties and non-parties across the board.

And most importantly, congratulations to all of you for voting and giving a major slap to the face to many narratives thinking the voting fervor would not be as high as four years ago.

TWD Election Day 2012 Results Thread #1 For 11/6/12: Second Verison

Nothing surprising at all, with Romney winning the states he was suppose to win that closed first, and Obama following in the states afterwards.

But so troubling for him is how bad the numbers are in Ohio, and David Gergen of CNN saying the sentence that no one in the centrist media wanted to utter at all:

David Gergen: "The news out of VA is not good for Mitt Romney."

So yup, the updates to come all night....

Update 1: Arkansas is the lone state that is closing fully at 8:30 PM ET, getting the wonderful, quirky sole recognition.

Update 2:  Arkansas to Romney and Chris Murphy to the Senate in Connecticut.

TWD Election 2012 Evening Thread #1 For 11/6/12: The Closing Times & What is Required

And those are the schedules for tonight, with 538 electoral votes at stake.

Really Romney has to win in Ohio, and almost has to win in Virginia. If he losses Virginia, it's over early and it's a long night for not only him and Senate Republicans, but for the centrist American media desperate to have this be 2000 all over again.

And that's all that really matters, especially with potential record turnouts in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada and maybe even Wisconsin and Colorado.

TWD Election Fun (& Real) Thread For 11/6/12: Chris Rock's Election Analysis & The Toughest Voter Ever

If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth seeing, just for the Tara Reid reference alone:

But making this more than the usual Fun thread around here is an amazing story of the most courageous voter today, down in Florida. 
In Escambia County, Florida’s westernmost county on the Panhandle, there was a report of a woman falling in the parking lot. She broke her leg, but she still voted.  She was carried into the polling place by her husband so she could vote and then was transported to the hospital,” Detzner said. “We’re grateful for her interest and passion to vote.” Don't know if she voted for Romney, Obama, Rocky Anderson, or Mickey Mouse, but you will find it a difficult task to locate a tougher voter than this lady in America today.

More great election stories and coverage from TWD later, stay tuned.

UPDATED: Okay, that broken leg lady has competition:
At 21, Galicia Malone of Dolton is eligible to vote for the first time in a presidential election.  As WBBM Newsradio’s R…

The Election 2012 Mid-Day Thread #2 For 11/6/12: Other Site's Stories (First Version)

Image from
1) One Salon boss Joan Walsh truly has another wonderful race uniting American piece that is certainly worth your time.

2) Richard Brodsky was doing great with this election sports piece until he wrote this paragraph :
But Obama is also a calculating candidate, who understands how sports resonate particularly with white guys, by far his weakest demographic. His careful forays into sports talk radio, Twitter, the Olympics, NCAA basketball and every hot sports controversy are ways of displaying his American birth certificate. He's clearly trying to become more likable, and one-of-the-guys among voters he needs. This was done while he was painting Romney as an out-of-touch, country-club, rich guy. It worked and even when his job approval ratings hit rock bottom, he won the likeability contest hands down. His interest in sports may be genuine. But his political skills are finely tuned, and he knowingly and effectively has used sports to good effect. Of course he…