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The Return Of The Flashback Fridays For 11/19/10: Digable Planets- Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That-1992)

Just like everything else on this site, the Flashback Friday has been on a lengthy hiatus. At least for today, its presence reintroduces itself with another timeless harmony.

From 1992, it is the one-hit group Digital Planets with "Rebirth of Slick (Cool is Back)" serving as the re-ignition of this series. Simply put, "the Flashbacks are back, Flashbacks are Back, Flashbacks are back, Flashbacks are back..."


The Album Sales Review For 11/10/10: The Genre Whose CD Sales Never Stale

Photo from Getty Images' Jemal Countess It doesn't matter the time, country music CD sales will always be fine.

This Wednesday's installment of the Top 200 shows once again that it wouldn't be a terrible decision for any non-country artist to declare themselves part of that genre. Because it is a guarantee that people will buy your CD if you say you are.

Kanye's most famous victim continues her stunning numbers on her latest release, along with a few others right behind holding the flag for that unstoppable genre:
For the first time in three years, the top three selling albums in the U.S. are all country efforts. Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" holds at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for a second week (320,000; down 69% according to Nielsen SoundScan), Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" starts at No. 2 (193,000) and Sugarland's former No. 1 "The Incredible Machine" slips one rung to No. 3 (60,000; down 32%). And not to be forgott…

The Day After Press Conference

The day after a forgettable election night, President Obama indicated in his press conference that he is still opened to close talks with Republicans.

"We must find common ground, I am very eager to sit down with members of both parties."

But despite most of the White House press corps asking the same question on whether his policies and not the economy caused the massive loss of Democratic power, highlighted by the House going away, Obama firmly rejected that notion.

It was the usual centrist speech that was expected after a rough day, as guaranteed gridlock in already dysfunctional Washington D.C. comes.

In this author's perspective however, the highlight for the press conference wasn't even Obama's answers or demeanors, but another indication of how awful the press is for this nation.

The peculiar narrative of Obama (and Democrats) not willingly to negotiate with Republicans (when they have), has continued to aggrandized to the dismay of sanity. And our …

They Won Something More Than The Pennant! The San Francisco Giants Are The MLB Champions For 2010 (Sports Thread Special)

After 56 years, with many of them residing in San Francisco, the baseball Giants have finally become champions once more.

Behind an outstanding young pitching staff, a scrappy unit of unsung positional players, and an astute manager longing for ultimate glory himself, the Giants have ended a long drought by defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1 tonight to clinch the 2010 installment of the World Series 4-1.

It was only fitting that staff ace Tim Lincecum was the man to spearhead a memorable evening, delivering eight terrific innings in outdueling Cliff Lee and allowing Brain Wilson to cap off a pitching masterclass in the 9th.

The pitchers' duel that was expected in Game 1 certainly came to fore-wishing in this encounter. Lee regained his impeccable control that led some to believe he was carving out the mantle of "greatest postseason pitcher of all time", but the reigning 2 time NL champion Lincecum was determined to be the night's #1 protagonist on the mound.

And he…