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Sorry, I won't be Watching CNN's Black in America"

For about four months, Cable News Network has been marketing “Black in America” about as hard as Warner Brothers did “The Dark Knight” and Nike is doing the same with the U.S. men’s basketball squad.

As the days abated towards tonight’s premiere (the second part of a three part series beginning with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s assaination), the commercials became more omnipresent than political campaign ads, social activists group TV time, and those really annoying Head-ON, Active-ON spots. Driven into your mental whenever you received a break from the robotic ways of Wolf Blitzer or the “Blame everyone but offer no solution diatribes” of Lou Dobbs was the amount of time and effort put into this network event and its buildup.

You heard or saw the following describing the year long investigation that Soledad O’Brien did, even through she did specifically an 18 month investigation:

“A Landmark Mark Multimedia Event.”

“A Groundbreaking CNN Investigation.”

“You think You Know, you hav…