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Music Wakeup Call for 8/29/11 (2011 US Open Edition): 30 Seconds to Mars-Kings and Queens (2010)

The best theme song for tennis in a long while, and ESPN picked a perfect song for it:

The Sleep Time/Rise "n" Shine Thread For 8/29/11: Just Tevin

As always.......See you on the flip:

The Flashback Friday #2 and #3/The Summer Cool For 8/26/11: TLC/Sporty Thieves- No Scrubbs/No Pigeons (1999)

12 summers ago....

And the great guy response.....

The Flashback Friday #1 For 8/26/11- Aaliyah- Rock The Boat (2001)

10 years on, the soul still goes on strong:

Sunday Soulful #2 For 8/21/11: Raphael Saadiq- Movin Down The Line (2011)

Sunday Soulful #1 For 8/21/11: Carl Thomas- Summer Rain (2011)

The Flashback Friday/The Summer Soul #1 For 8/19/11: LL Cool J- Around the Way (1990)

Happy Hour Energy Boost For 8/15/11 (Inaugural Edition): J.Cole- Work Out (2011)


TSTRNS Thread/Sunday Soulful #2 For 8/14/11: Deemi- Soundtrack Of My Life (2006)

Still one of the more underrated, deep songs in the last few years. With Miri Ben Ari in the strings, a rare second Sunday Soulful selection is the vastly overlooked Deemi with "Soundtrack of My Life.

Deemi - Soundtrack Of My Lifeby joel18
And with that, it's a Sleep Time thread, so, goodnight.....Tevin!

Sunday Soulful #1 For 8/14/11: Maxwell- This Women's Worth (1999)

The Flashback Fridays/The Summer Cool #1 For 8/12/11: Jay-Z- IZZO (H.O.V.A) (2011)

And since this is "Watch The Throne" week, the first Flashback Friday throwback this week is for sure the legend from a decade ago at this time, the first single of "The Blueprint" 13 for 13 classic.....It's Izzo.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 7/11-12/11: Just Tevin

He's back, and so is TWD (for now):

Music Wakeup Call/The Summer Soul #1 For 7/8/11: Frank Ocean-Novacaine (2011)

This song is just on fire at the moment. The return of "The Wakeup Call" folks: