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Overconfidence + Poor Campaigning = Humiliation for Giuliani

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, future candidates for America’s top position, here are three important things not to do in your battle to obtain that lofty spot.

1) Don’t rest on having a decent lead. It portrays resting on your “laurels” and play to lose instead of playing to win mentality.

2) Don’t use a local or national tragedy to inflate your record, whether it is spectacular by itself or features a lot of dubious decision making and mixed feelings about your tenure.

3) And last but not least, NEVER, EVER, put all you eggs in one basket, i.e., focus on one state over the others in the start of the road to the White House. It shows a sense of apathy from you towards other states, and brings a thought of “Are you trying to be the President of the United States, or the President of Your Own Desired States.” It breathes a sense of intentional neglect and arrogance.

All these three things are totally prohibited from a successful attempt at being the commander-in-chief in this country. Unless…

A Return Thanks to a Resurgence

This time, there was nothing bad you could say about Maria Sharapova.

“What?” says the purest tennis fan? Yes, nothing at all.

You couldn’t accuse her of getting snarly with the media and protecting her atypical asinine father. You couldn’t berate her for her constant dearth of sportsmanship, whether it’s illegal coaching from her paranoid papa and hitting partner Michael Joyce, or the multitudinous “Come on’s” she vociferates at both appropriate and inappropriate times. And you certainly couldn’t dismiss this now three time Grand Slam champion for her serve, which went away faster than that Canon commercial she had with that dog last year.

Because Sharapova, whether you liked her or not, did everything right to win the Australian Open and ended all the talks about whether her career, at just 20 years of age, was already in a defining crossroads. And yes, you could be (and probably should be) happy for her, even if you are probably the farthest from a fan of hers.

“So exciting, it's …

Fool Me Once, Shame on Me.. (2008 South Carolina Primary Review)

Despite a Massive Win on Saturday, Don't Jump and Place Obama at the Head of the Pack

by Jerell Jones

When the South Carolina primary results were official and Barack Obama’s beatdown of Hilary Clinton (and John Edwards, in his own home state) was an actual occurrence and not inaccurate poll prognostications like the events in New Hamsphire, you know damn well that there are some in America out there who think Saturday signaled the time when the election is now in Obama’s hands.

Seeing the 55% to 27% gap between him and Bill Clinton’s significant other (along with Edwards disappointing 18%) led some to proclaim that this is, or will be, the turning point in a presidential race where it feels like the entire world is voting with how big the turnouts have been so far in the January primaries and caucuses. And it also feels so big because all of Earth’s billion eyes appear to be focused on it, because even if the United States does not pull the world’s financial strings (yes America, o…