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The Ferguson Watch Thread Overnight For 8/19/14: Tense Evening Produces Gun Shots, Multiple Arrests

Tear gas, flash grenades, arrests.

Those three elements have been a constant the last few nights in the Ferguson protests for the death of Michael Brown. But Monday evening added its own dramatic characteristic, as gun shots were fired towards several protestors. The only difference however was the source of were those shots arise, as other members of the public allegedly fired bullets amongst a relatively peaceful crowd.

Two people were wounded as tense times surfaced again in the small town outside of St. Louis, hours after President Obama made a second public statement on Ferguson. It appeared that it would be a relatively calm evening in wake of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifting Sunday's midnight curfew. Most protestors marched through their community from late afternoon into sunset without any major controversy, trying to avoid being arrested at the hands of a police's edict barring marchers from stopping in the middle of the street. But as the hours passed, certain i…

The Ferguson Watch Thread #1 For 8/18/14: The Consistent Ways of The Status Quo Centrist (Final Version)

Recap: Those Hoping For Firm Criticism of Ferguson Police Forget The Middle Road Ways of Obama
From from CBS's Mark Knoller 
As is often the case when it comes to Obama's actions or speeches, the latest installment just now on   Ferguson (and Iraq) followed the usual centrist philosophy that maintains status quo elements and prevents the reform those institutions require. 
Unsurprisingly many in the liberal world, especially in the black community, are disappointed by that. There was never going to be a full castigation of the insane Ferguson police's actions, just a nibble at making sure the nation's "First Amendment" rights were protected. And there was always going to be a reprimand of any looters to make certain the authorities had comfort in their general jobs. 
It did a disservice to both Ferguson and Iraq to have both of them share the focus when each required their own special time. To say that Ferguson is not on his radar is obviously foolish, as he wo…

The Thread For 8/14/14: How Ferguson's Racial Disaster Is The Real "Leading From Behind"

Screenshot from MSNBC
In modern day neoconservative and centrist talk, the phrase constantly used for their perspective of President Obama's foreign policy is "leading from behind." Anyone with any barring of facts, common sense and general rationality knows how unhinged the usage of that phrase is. It speaks more to how unstable those people are and how that phrase surely needs a proper example to represent it accurately.

That example has arrived in emphatic and unfortunate fashion with the latest American racial horror show in Ferguson, Missouri, thanks to its mayor exhibiting traits that would make Waldo look visible and a police chief whose behavior gives Clancy Wiggum of The Simpsons a sense of competence.

Mayor James Knowles hopefully isn't harboring any ideas on running for higher positions in the future, as he has acted like he doesn't know where his town is located on the map since the early aftermath of Michael Brown joining a list of murdered black Ame…

Music Midday Energy Boost For 8/12/14: Rich Homie Quan ft. Problem - Walk Thru (2014)

(Viewer and Reader Discretion is Advised, especially if you aren't black)

Another one of those rising upstars whose has the production outshine his words. Nevertheless, Rich Homie Quan has been taking stepping stones to prominence since "Some Type of Way" last summer.

Noted fact about this video is what happened when Quan shot it in early May. He reportedly was taken to the hospital, falling victim to two seizures and cracking his head open. Considering that he was locked up before, that latest alarming incident added on to the many bouts with adversity he has dealt with.

Despite all of that, the production work by Dupri and Shadow, well, overshadows Quan.

Anyway, return of the Music Midday Energy Boost, it's RHQ with the smooth "Walk Thru."

The Thread For 8/6/14: Missouri Votes To Ban Warrantless Seizures of Electrical Devices

Missouri voters resoundingly ensured Tuesday evening that they would not be subjected to warrantless seizures and searches of their electronic devices by their state authorities, based on a primary ballot amendment inspired by the actions of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. 
Seventy-five percent of voters (almost 729,000 people) in the Show Me State chose “Yes” to add Amendment 9 to Missouri’s Constitution, with only 25% casting for the other way. Amendment 9’s passing, which would ensure cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices receive the same Fourth Amendment protections granted to people, their homes, and their other personal belongings, had gain steady bipartisan momentum in the state for months. Although the amendment  does not affect the federal level, it does place a block on Missouri state departments from obtaining digital data without a warrant.  
The amendment was sponsored by State Senator Rob Schaaf (R) and co-sponsored by State Senator Bob Dixon (R)…