The Ferguson Watch Thread #1 For 8/18/14: The Consistent Ways of The Status Quo Centrist (Final Version)

Recap: Those Hoping For Firm Criticism of Ferguson Police Forget The Middle Road Ways of Obama

From from CBS's Mark Knoller 

As is often the case when it comes to Obama's actions or speeches, the latest installment just now on   Ferguson (and Iraq) followed the usual centrist philosophy that maintains status quo elements and prevents the reform those institutions require. 

Unsurprisingly many in the liberal world, especially in the black community, are disappointed by that. There was never going to be a full castigation of the insane Ferguson police's actions, just a nibble at making sure the nation's "First Amendment" rights were protected. And there was always going to be a reprimand of any looters to make certain the authorities had comfort in their general jobs. 

It did a disservice to both Ferguson and Iraq to have both of them share the focus when each required their own special time. To say that Ferguson is not on his radar is obviously foolish, as he wouldn't have spoken about it for a second time nor send Eric Holder there later this week. But adjoining "the fight against ISIL" with the plight of this Missouri town's black people was completely clumsy and unnecessary. 

There wouldn't have been a problem with this press conference for Ferguson's distress population if his "My Brother's Keeper" pronouncements and finger waging at those alleged "Molotov cocktail" throwers was offset with a gentle version of how much of a moron Thomas Jackson and his authorities are. At least that element of condemining continued police racial bias (and/or racism) would be included. It was the bare minimum, however, mentioned. "No excuse for excessive force by police or any action that denies people the right to protest peacefully," he said. He wasn't going to touch the dispersion of the store video or the fact that Darren Wilson may have even watched his press conference at his house.  

It's the consistent ways of the centrist: Not do anything but never go above the minimum. 

Original Version

Soon forthcoming will be President Obama's second public statement on the disheartening but expected instability going on in Ferguson.

There was of course the audience who felt that it was a waste for Obama to do anything, and couldn't comprehend the other side demanding any action other than his initial statement last week. Those constant "Obama is truly powerless" sentiments are always myopic, and no one rational was demanding he magically change everything by himself.

The decision by Gov. Jay Nixon to bring in the National Guard without, reportedly, informing the White House of that move further enhances how shambolic his judgement has been in this ordeal. Sunday night officially ended any progress made on Friday evening, making it a requirement to not stand idle behind the scenes.

It's another topic altogether on what type of response is required from Obama on this, whether to have Nixon pull the national guard or see Holder release a statement expressing his concern about Bob McColloch being the one to determine Darren Wilson's fate.

But it would have been just silly without even a whisker of public optical significance from the President on this. And anyone slamming people for demanding that need to look into themselves to see if they are making any sense in what they're saying. 
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