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The Whole Delivery's Future

Between being apart of the news website "The Raw Story" since August and just not having the overall time and opportunity to consistently update it as I once did, the future of The Whole Delivery is certainly in the balance.

Again, I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for those who have read this blog/news site since its inception in 2008. I really have tried to give this site its own panache with the variety of genres covered when it was fully active. But as of recent times, it has been rendered to a music nostalgia blog with "The Flashback Friday" series being the only constant post.

Truthfully, I have no idea what this site's future will be, if I'm able to take it to higher heights. But if this represents one of the last posts for the blog, I pay full umbrage to you all who made this blog go as far as it did.

To all readers, no matter who you are, religious or atheist, God Bless to you all.

Andrew Jones
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