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4/29/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: Can We Just Get To the 101st Day Already

Because "100" is a shinny nice number that the press glosses over on like they're putting some "Head On" on it for their own trivial means doesn't mean we still can't get sucked into it over at The Whole Delivery.

With that, here's the perfect synopsis of overcoming the inanity of this day (which originally started off as truly poignant and meaning something when FDR implemented his plan on fighting the Great Depression).

Media Matters (how the sane can't live without them) has their top 12 choices so far of how wonderful our traditional media has been at showing how inept they continue to be at this 100 Day landmark:

Olyyyyy! Why the hell do I even bother posting this irrelevant man's response to tonight's press conference?

Maybe I posted it for those who still think he is irrelevant? I shudder to think what is up in those people's heads.

Think Progress's new video man Victor Zapanta complies a video montage of how conservatives…

Job Well Done Mike Brown wins NBA Coach of the Year By Riebeil Durley-Petty

Every gourmet chef has a method for preparing a good meal. In order to make the food as scrumptious as possible you need to have the proper ingredients. Not only to the ingredients have to be right, you also have to judiciously apply just the right amount of spices and herbs to accentuate the flavor. Combine all of those elements and you just completed a gastronomically pleasing meal.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown may not be a gourmet chef, but he has definitely cooked a masterpiece Cavs fans have enjoyed all year, and the fourth year head coach was awarded for his appetizing spread with the NBA Coach of the Year last week. With his thick rimmed black specs Brown may look better suited as professor at Yale but this year he’s showcased his erudite nature using the hardwood as his personal classroom and the bench as his lectern.

The Cavs had a surprisingly great year. Many would have expected a 55 win season, but very few projected Cleveland putting together one of the best se…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n"Shine Thread for 4/22-23/09: Sheppard Smith Gets Real. Really Real

Probably the only (half) soul on the Fixed Propaganda Network.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble The NBA Playoffs are set top blast off Riebeil Durley-Petty

After a long NBA season we’ve finally got to the part everyone’s been looking forward too. Customers have enjoyed the scrumptious appetizers, but now it’s time serve the main course. This year has been one of the most exciting, competitive seasons in recent memory. The playoffs have several intriguing storylines.

We’ve seen the emergence of the Cleveland Cavaliers but will the season end in a kingly coronation for LeBron James? Can the Boston Celtics mobilize to pull off an improbable successful title defense without Kevin Garnett? Can Dwight Howard take advantage of Boston’s misfortune and lead the Orlando Magic to the Eastern Finals? The Western Conference was tighter than a pair of size four daisy duke shorts on comedian Monique. Only six games separated the second and eighth seed. The West side was definitely the best side, as teams battled for survival on a nightly basis. But Los Angeles Lakers were unquestionably the best of the west. Can Kobe finally lead his team to a champion…

Clocked City Beasts of the East Detroit Sputter to 8th Seed By Riebeil Durley-Petty

Monday night was symptomatic of the Detroit Pistons season. In a must win game with the #7 seeded Chicago Bulls, Detroit was playing well. They came out strong in the third quarter, pouncing on the Bulls and gained an 11 point advantage early in the period. With 2:23 left in the fourth Detroit was up 88-85 when Chicago center Brad Miller was run following a second technical for disputing a travel call.

Then in typical Piston fashion the wheels came off the ride. Rip Hamilton, an 85 percent free throw shooter who has one of the purest strokes in the Association missed the tech throw, turned the rock over, and the Bulls proceeded to score the game’s final 6 points. After a Ben Gordon floater put Chicago ahead 90-88, Detroit had a chance to tie the game with 14.9 seconds left but the possession encapsulated their season. A disjointed play wound up with Rasheed Wallace hoisting a pull-up fallaway trey and Antonio McDyess desperately flailing a shot falling to the floor unaware there was 5 …

Immaculate hardwood conception UConn rolls to national title By Riebeil Durley-Petty

Some things in life are certain. If you live long enough and have a career you’ll have to pay taxes. The sun will shine in the east. The moon will come out at night to radiate the darkness. Babies will be born and lovers will experience joy and scorn. And every few years UConn head women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma will lead the Lady Huskies to an undefeated season.

Last Tuesday night in St. Louis UConn completed their yearlong nationwide demolition derby of the women’s college hoop landscape with a 76-54 throttling of the hardy, gutty Louisville Lady Cardinals to finish 39-0. Junior center and 2nd Team All-American Tina Charles led UConn with a monstrous 25 point, 19 rebound game. Naismith Player of the Year Maya Moore had a typically stellar floor game finishing with 18 points and First-Team All-American Renee Montgomery contributed 18 points and 4 dimes.

UConn winning the national title is one of the biggest formalities in the history of sports. The Lady Huskies epitomized domin…

Mission Accomplished North Carolina Cruises to 5 National Championship By Riebeil Durley-Petty

With 1:05 left on the clock Tyler Hansbrough was subbed out the game and walked off the court for the last time in a North Carolina uniform. His final collegiate game totals read 18 points and 7 boards. As he stepped over the sidelines the reigning Wooden Award Player of the Year embraced head coach Roy Williams with an enormous bear hug, pumped his fist in the air and slapped fives with his teammates with a smile etched on his face reflective of his irrepressible jubilation.

After a year of waiting to get back to the Final Four with the soul, uncompromising objective of winning the National Championship the Tar Heels were able to bring that goal to fruition led by the scintillatingly dope proficiency of Hansbrough, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington extinguishing Michigan State’s inspirational run before 72,922 fans at Ford Field in a 89-72 cremation. The mission was officially accomplished.

Michigan State was bum rushed from the opening tip, engulfed by a merciless Tar Heel offensive avala…

Music Thread for 4/6/09- The Quick Runthrough

One of the few good things to come out of music in the last week, let alone in this year so far, is when Eminem introduced Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The dumbassness of Coolio continues.

Asher Roth's best song so far in his career, thanks to Cee-Lo.

Chuck Schumer making music news? Indeed so. Scalpers beware.

Slow news day for VH1 it seems when they report on the music career status of one John Cena. Then again, it really always is for them over there.

And the current status of Wrigley's top marketing star (her commercials have her marketing for Juicy Fruit) and former top marketing star (he used to recently just have a "Double your pleasure, double your fun" Doublemint commercial) vary from either of course.

The triumphant return of the music thread. Peace.

TPM's 100 Seconds of the Day For 4/6/09

Enjoy another good TPM 100 Seconds, a regular fixture on the Whole Delivery.

4/6/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: NCAA Final Two Title Game Preview

Photo from ESPN (Arguably the two fastest point guards in America will duel again tonight)
After their meeting in December (which has been talked about in ad nauseum more than tying in the "emotional" lift Michigan State has given the city of Detroit with their play), only few would have thought that the Spartans would be standing with the Tar Heels on the final night of the season.

The stage was set for the Big East to reign supreme, with the Tar Heels being the only ones that could stop the powerhouse conference (and even if there is no representative form the Big East in the final game, you would be foolish to dismiss it as still not being the best conference, or the one with the most supreme depth).

Nevertheless, the mastery of Tom Izzo, along with Travis Walton Velcro-like defending and the Achilles heels of almost all the number one seed Big East teams (free throw shooting) has led to those celebrating the fact that the much ballyhooed "toughest conference ever&qu…

TPM's 100 Seconds For 4/1/09

4/1/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Its The.....

First of the month, April fools day style. And between Ed Henry, Norm Coleman, Josh McDaniels ("Jay Culter" is our guy), and those who aren't tired of American Idol (which you probably should have been about four seasons ago, but my opinion), the top award for biggest fool is certainly hard to give out today.

So before that is decided, let's just give you entertain with the timeless classic that truly represents the first day of each month............Bone Thugs, come in.....