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TWD Saturday Sports Thread #1 For 11/30/13: The Malzahn Miracle 2: The Sequel (Final Recaps)

Iron Bowl Final: Auburn 34, Alabama 28 

Even with maybe the greatest conclusion ever in NCAA football history, Auburn or Missouri may still not go to the BCS title game if Ohio State and Florida State win their respective conference title games next Saturday. It is something that is already simmering heavy in SEC waters, with a major fear of them being locked out of the main title game. 
And it will be highly unfair for Ohio State to get jumped by Auburn or Missouri (because South Carolina won't jump anybody) after beating a tough Michigan State team with arguably the best defense in the nation. 
But first, let's emphasize how Alabama's lack of a special teams coach haunted them again. It was the right decision for Nick Saban to try and kick the field goal with freshman Adam Griffith spelling a nightmare day for Caleb Foster. But how he didn't factor in Chris Davis great return ability there turned out to bite him in the you know what. 
More about this game later in an…

TWD Friday Night Thread For 11/29/13

Just Montell, peace:

TWD Friday's The Flashback Fridays #3 For 11/29/13: 50 Cent- Wanksta (2002/2003)

The first official single of a notable career, before not caring to rhyme anymore.

More to come from TWD today, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 11/29/13: Mya- Fallen (2003)

For me, this competes with "Best of Me (Remix)" as Ms. Harrison's best song, and the music video is near "Love is Like Whoa" for just how much of a natural entertainer she is. It's an insane how she couldn't keep the consistency and be even bigger since she does her songs as a writer, while a Rihanna (who I love) still is a part-time writer at best. 
Still, she is big enough enough, and still is desired by many across the globe, guys and girls alike. And that will continue for a while. 
With the guy she happily stalks from "The Wire" looking like Black Thought in this video so much, it's Mya with her co-best song, "Fallen", from a decade ago at this time.  
She was definitely doing some stalking in this video, although some guys would not mind that. Or not. 

More from The Whole Delivery later today on this 2013 installment of "Black Friday", stay tuned.

TWD Flashback Fridays #1 For 11/29/13: Cassidy Ft R. Kelly - Hotel (2003)

When it seemed like Cassidy would have a long successful career, now he is having to have Meek Mill answer him back to be relevant again. But a decade ago, he came with the flame with R. Kelly and Swiss here. It's his pseudo-classic "Hotel." 

More to come from this Whole Delivery Black Friday, Friday. Stay tuned.

Turkey Day Fun Thread For 10/28/13: Always The Greatest Macy's Parade Moment (2008)

From five short years ago. Was it ever brilliant and fun. More to come from The Whole Delivery on this day before Black Friday insanity.

The Sports Thread #1 For 11/27/13: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage Matchday 10 (PostMatch Versions)

Photo from
Team of the Day Best XI of @ChampionsLeague Matchday 10 - De Gea; Evra, Rakitskiy, Evans, Arbeloa; Vidal, Giggs, Douglas Costa; Di Maria, Rooney, Bale
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) November 27, 2013
Player of the Day: Arturo Vidal & Ryan Giggs 
On a normal day, a player like Vidal would be the clear winner, with a hat trick performance that wasn't produced by Messi or Ronaldo. However, with how wonderful United's display was tonight, a 5-0 thrashing over Leverkusen, it was a historic result that featured at the heart of it, a soon to be 40-year-old legend in Giggs. 
The timeless Welchman's passing was excellent and his smooth movement was ever present. Giggs continues to show why, at such an elite level, why he continues to still be around this club and this sport.  
More to come from this thread at The Whole Delivery. 
Halftime Thread - Goal of the Day 

Goal Gareth Bale - Real Madrid 1-0 Sport-Today-2014

1) That beauty fro…

The 2nd Thread/The Music Thread #1 For 11/27/13: The Kanye New York Interviews #1 (Power 105 Version)

Screenshot from Power 105
Since the Angie Martinez interview wasn't as hostile as the Power 105-Charlamagne and, shockingly, the Sway interview, just going to give a few thoughts on those main two interviews that have gotten a lot of talk. (I heard the Julian Epstein interview was intriguing, but did not get hostile).

Power 105-Charlamagne 

1) First, on the Clear Channel interview. What was interesting from Kanye there was really breaking down why he chose to go with Jay and not Dame in the whole Roc-a-Fella civil war. It was the likability factor of Jay and not so much of Dame that was the determining decision. It's the karma that Dame was destined to receive for being a world class A-hole to so many people throughout the late 90's and early 2000's.

2) He had to continue that all Jews are rich stereotype.

3) Kanye really made a point on how the real 1% control industries and how it's more than about starting his own business.

4) "I don't have a problem wit…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/27/13: Black Eyed Peas-Where is The Love? (2003)

Once again, from 10 years ago, this classic.

More to come from The Whole Delivery today, on this hectic travel day.

The Sleep Time and Rise-n-Shine Thread For 11/26-27/13: Just Tevin (Sleep Version)

The Sports Thread #1 For 11/26/13: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Matchday 9 (Final Version)

Fulltime Version 

Photo from
What a night, with a vintage throwback to old days win for Ajax over a Barcelona side who definitely missed Lionel Messi tonight.

Chelsea, for their awful performance and managing by Jose Mourinho, have been awarded a trip to the Champions League Round of 16, as Mohamed Salah shows again why Spurs should have had him this summer instead of go after Nacer Chadli.

"A bad performance, a deserved defeat," Mourinho said. "Only positive is that we qualified. From first minute I did not like the performance."

"The team was not fresh. Maybe I should have made some more changes."

Good to hear Mourinho at least point the finger at himself for once. Mourinho decided to play Lampard for a second straight match at his age, give Eto'o the start again, and leave Juan Mata on the bench once more.

The loss is all on him, and only him. Luckily, even on his worst day, he still somehow wins, as Chelsea seal their place to the knockou…

Midday Music Energy Boost For 11/26/13: Aloe Blacc- Love Is The Answer (2013)

First, before the Music Midday Energy Boost, here is a reminder that we are just two days away from the "Official Unofficial Payless Turkey Day Other Parade," where your suggestions on who should be in this parade that aren't in that other well known parade are still welcomed.

Remember, only forgotten cartoon, video game, or toy stars are allowed.

Anyway, here is the vastly underrated Aloe Blacc with his new single "Love Is The Answer," your Energy Boost for the mid-afternoon in the Western Hemisphere and music choice selection for this segment at The Whole Delivery.

The Thread #1 For 11/26/13: That Question You Won't Hear Asked in America.......Heard

"Is it irrational for Iran to have a nuclear weapon?"  A good friend of this mostly irrelevant site and colleague in Chris Hayes had on his show last night Rep. Eliot Engel with the good sir that is Hooman Majd, and asked that great question above to Engel's pro-AIPAC, pro-Zionist loving self.

It was a question that you will never hear anywhere else in American cable or broadcast news unless from a real journalist. You will see Hayes' pertinent question from the mouths of faux-centrist journalists who have hurt this country for so long with their shoddy work.

Also, Majd was terrific in not backing down to Engel's usual dismissive, disturbing, and disgraceful pro-Zionist bias. If I were hosting the show, I would have definitely joined in on slamming Engel for calling Rouhini a "hard-liner," when he is certainly not that.

More to come from The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

The Music Thread #1 For 11/26/13: Hard To Parody The UnParodable

When I first heard wind of James Franco and Seth Rogen doing a parody of "Bound 2," I did have hopes of just a good laugh. I thought they would just play the music in the background and Franco or Rogen wouldn't lip-rap the song.

Unfortunately though, Franco had to lip-rap "nigga" right off the bat, as Kanye's first verse goes, and ruin the rest of an otherwise fun parody.

Otherwise, you have to laugh, though honestly, it's more from the absurdity and unintentional comedian that Kanye can be in his songs when he isn't screaming all over the place like a fool or still trying to sing. The man will always have funny lyrics and why it's the best song on that crap of a "Yeezus" album.

But Franco is too smart of a dude to know that he probably should have thought better to not even sing the first few lines of the song. It's just another moment of lack of common sense racially by someone of non-black prominence that could have been easil…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/26/13: Lloyd ft Lil Wayne- You (2007/2008)

And ever since then and "Get It Shawty", Lloyd has never been the same. But still, a classic to this day and his best song: 

More from TWD today, stay tuned. 

The Sports Thread #2 For 11/25/13: Shanahans Basically Leave Griffin For Target Practice Again

Aldon Smith returned back to his best tonight, with Justin Smith combining to give them the most fearsome right side in the NFL once again. 
But the main topic again is the lack of protection and help for Robert Griffin on offense. That was an absolute disgrace in protecting the quarterback once more from Washington, and the Shanahans are closer to be fired. 
Karma for how classless an owner Dan Snyder is, where no sympathy is felt for him. 

The "Music End of Work" Closer for 11/25/13: R.Kelly- Sign of a Victory (2010)

Screenshot From Sign of a Victory
Unlike last night's moments and Saturday Night Live nine days ago in his Lady Gaga psuedo-sex phaze, Robert Kelly still has a list of inspiring songs. Still his most overlooked song in the last few years was this song that should have been the main World Cup song, or K'naan "Wavin' Flag."

I have discussed plenty of times how that should have been the case for those two songs, only to be denied by the weird, corporate choice of Shakira, an insult to the first World Cup held on African soil.

Anyway, here's the 2010 underrated gem that is "Sign of a Victory."

The Fun Thread #1/The Monday Caricature Thread For 11/25/13: Teen Titans Go (First Version)

It's definitely a ridiculous version of the original great show, but there are certain times when this show can really be funny, like the episode down low.

More to come in this inaugural edition of The Monday Caricature Thread, stay tuned.

The Miscellaneous Sports Thread #1 For 11/25/13: Derrick Rose is Out For The Season (Final Versions)

Photo from Steve Dykes of USA Today
It's the fear that all Chicago Bulls fans have at the moment come to bare, as Derrick Rose is now officially out for the rest of the 2013-14 NBA season.

The meniscus tear Rose suffered in his right knee after coming back from his ACL tear in the left knee last season occurred on Friday in the Bulls' loss to the in-form Blazers. It is a devastating blow for him after all that transpired last season and how this happened on his supposedly good knee.

Outside of an 6-11 3-point shooting night in giving the Pacers their only loss of the season, Rose was still primarily the same player he was before the knee issues. Still, the Bulls have been bad offensively again, where Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah aren't consistent star men who can carry a team by themselves.

With how the Pacers have started along with a certain team in Miami, they were never going to beat both of those teams with him.

Other Notable News

Kobe Bryant has been signe…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/25/13: The Official Unofficial JC Penny Parade Requsts

Please click up above for more to see, again, what this is all about. But if you are a regular reader of this small site, you will understand already.

Anyway, your Music Wakeup Call is T-Pain's best song, not "I'm Sprung", but the heartfelt "Ridge Road" from his debut album that was so popular, "Rappa Ternt Singa."

The Sleep Time and Rise-n-Shine Thread For 11/24-25/13: Even Belichick Had To Laugh (Sleep Version)

48 million dollars worth of cocaine was found on a bench by a 74-year-old in Japan. And this recent event had to be captured of course by the Taiwanese animators. Don't tell Rob Ford or Trey Radel, and that was too easy.

The Sleep Edition 

Even he knows he got away with it:

Here's Tevin:

Stay well.

TWD Sunday Soulful For 11/24/13: Beanie Siegel- Feel It In The Air (2004/2005)

Because it's that cold in most of North America and the Northern Hemisphere in general.

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #2 For 11/24/13: Miscelleanous, Including Sebastian Vettel's Dominance (Final Version)

The best season ever in the sport's history, and his emotion is quite wonderful, even with his petulant, brat behavior sometimes.

Other Notable Events 

Big ups to Sporting Kansas City, who finally got over the hump against the Dynamo to go to MLS Cup.

We'll see if it will be Portland in their first MLS Cup or Real Salt Lake coming to Kansas City for the season's conclusion.

It appears that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are back to being real good friends off the court again.
RT @Rafael_Plaza Nadal y Djokovic. Fin de fiesta en la Bombonera (vía @ArtGonB).
— Josh (@TheSixthSet) November 25, 2013 More on that from yours truly soon.

It won't matter that much if Maria Sharapova gets Sven Groeneveld as her coach. She is still not a Grand Slam winner anymore if she has to encounter a healthy Serena Williams and at least Vika Azarenka on a fast surface. And that's with other players improving.

Your Sports Thread for this segment at The Whole D…

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 11/24/13: The UEFA Big 6 League All Day Thread (Final Version)

FT: Manchester City 6-0 Tottenham 

It was that type of nightmare afternoon for Tottenham Hotspur. Still, Lloris' awful mistake has nothing on Boruc's all time gaffe from yesterday.

The Other Notable Events

The great Llorente and Tevez new partnership for Juventus is truly coming around these days, though Pogba is without a doubt the inspiration when Vidal isn't there.

JUVENTUS VS LIVORNO I 2-0 | Highlights I GEntertianment

With Roma playing tomorrow, Juventus take the lead in Serie A for the first time this season. In fact, it was a weekend like the old 90's days of Serie A, with only one high scoring effort from 4-goal Torino on hapless Catania.

Despite the Premier League's tightness this season, no Big 6/7 UEFA league is as tight as they great Eredivisie, a league that has gone from a three team domination into a wonderful league filled with parody but enough quality, like the Brasileiro and unlike MLS. 
The tweets from good Dutch and Belgian soccer repo…

TWD Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 11/23/13: The UEFA BIG 6/Barclays Premier League All Day Thread (Final Version)

The Other Notable Events 
The revival of Kaka is one of the season's most wonderful stories so far. He is playing like he wants to play for his country in his country next summer.  Serie A: @KAKA puts AC Milan 1-0 up at home to Genoa. Live on BT Sport 2 now.
— BT Sport (@btsport) November 23, 2013
Carlos Vela, with a four goal performance in Sociedad's seven goal thrilling win over Celta Vigo 4-3. Mexico still just has all the makings. Now if only he wouldn't be such a clown to his country. 
For today, no Messi, no problem for Barcelona. A 4-0 thrashing over hapless Granada. 
Oh, just 33 goals in 23 games for both club and country now for Cristiano this season. It was the only goal for a Madrid team who were listless otherwise again in La Liga BBVA. They just got by Almeria on the road 1-0. 
And Didier Drogba takes a wide-eyed selfie on the bench today.
FT: Borussia Dortmund 0-3 Bayern Munich
The look of desperate says it all on Jurgen Klop…

TWD Saturday 1st Thread For 11/23/13 (First Version)

More to come in a bit on this wonderful Saturday at The Whole Delivery.

The Thread For 11/22/13: Hackio's Feminist Nightmare Was Obama's Boss

Whether it's having their Beltway centrist hack reporters on Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e or flirting their pieces loaded with anonymous White House sources' quotes, the folks at Hackio (Politico) never cease to amaze me, nor should you.

If you somehow are in political circles from a liberal perspective and still somehow read Hackio, then I suggest that this finally be the reason you just ignore their hack stupidity altogether.

It is something that you frankly should have done a long time ago, but it is never too late. Because this will always happen with this vapid, vain website. It is just their core ethos and why they exist, to be centrist loving hack reporters who live to write ridiculous pieces to be published for link bait.

You could already see Matt Frudge Drudge linking on his long irrelevant website now, even though it would be ironic since he should like the fact that someone is portraying Michelle Obama as a "feminist nightmare" (I'm not going to link to that tr…

TWD Friday Sports Thread #1 For 11/22/13 (Final Edition): Will Not Be in The Next Christie Ad

Yup, he took a big spill for sure in another memorable moment from the NBA on TNT crew. No word on whether he slipped because of appearing in that ad for Chris Christie.

Now for some Cristiano Ronaldo centric news. He can still be quite the angry A--hole, although the Swedes really made him angry with how sensitive he is.

Also, he definitely wants to stay at Real Madrid for the rest of his career.

Just a quick thought on the Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler trade. With how bad Fielder was in the postseason and how he couldn't even hit 30 home runs in that tough ballpark, I just feel Kinsler is a better fit for being clutch for the Tigers. Plus they save a lot of money, although Prince could get back to having big numbers down in Arlington with the Rangers.

To the surprise of no one, Serena is the player of the year on the WTA.  

More on him tomorrow, but Baylor's Bryce Petty could snatch the Heisman away from Johnny Manziel (and, ugh, Jameis Winston) in these next two gigantically…

The 2nd Thread/The Flashback Fridays #2 For 11/22/13: Kardinal Official- Bakardi Slang (2001)

In a big shoutout to my new good colleague and Toronto connect Murtaza Hussain, here's the highly under appreciated T.Dot figure that is Kardinal to the Kardinal Official with his always hit song from 2001, "Bakardi Slang."

More to come from The Whole Delivery, please stay tune you wonderful viewers.

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays From 11/22/13: Twista & Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx- Slow Jamz (2003)

10 years before the "Bound 2" days of current times, this is when Kanye really was deep on that soul music. With the last great song from Twista, it's the brilliant "Slow Jamz."

More from The Whole Delivery today on this Friday, October 22. Stay tuned.

The Sleep Time and Rise 'n' Shine Thread For 11/21-22/13 (The Rise 'n' Shine Edition): Just Tevin

I wrote this earlier on the birdy site yesterday.

Can't wait for @seanhannity to accuse Senate Democrats of allowing a full dictatorship tonight. It will be pure hilary.
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) November 21, 2013 And, of course, something like that happened last night:

This is The Rise "n" Shine edition of this latest TSTRNS Thread. Here's Tevin:

The Fun Thread For 11/21/13: David Blaine is Not A Fake....

...But this funny is tough!

That had to be fake, right? Right.

Our nation's capital is a really weird place, highlighted by the next tweet.  BREAKING! RT @elonjames: First question yelled out after Obama finished speaking on Filibuster reform: "DOES THIS MEAN POLITICAL WAR?"
— Markos Moulitsas (@markos) November 21, 2013 And speaking of Mr.Blaine, he reportedly returned to take back his rightful crown on Tuesday (from, well, himself). I still can't believe my fellow Brooklynite is back:

That is this installment of The Fun Thread at The Whole Delivery. You don't have to look at Will and Jada Smith's frightened faces anymore.

The House of Lords For 11/21/13: Consequences and Repercussions

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to consider filibuster reform. It had to be done.
— Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) November 21, 2013 It's something that should have happened a long time ago, and that was even before the Republican Party became the deranged and nutcase element that it has been for years.

Simply put, it shows again how you need to elect the right people with the correct ideology into The House of Lords (The Senate) in order to have the right, correct bills that work for the good of the nation as a collective whole.

When Harry Reid was finally fed up over the secret and not so secret blockings of judges continuing by the nutcase party, both him and Obama just had to just do what was required.

Senate Republicans were given a final warning in July, but they just wouldn't listen unsurprisingly.

And as Sir Moulitsas states as eloquently and directly as he usually does, Republicans knew full well that Reid & company had the full will to end the filibus…

Midday Music Energy Boost For 11/21/13: MikeWiLLMadeiT ft Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J- 23 (2013)

Never played this song until now, and have to say that at least Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J stuck to the topic of the song and salvaged it. 
I actually like Miley a lot as a person, But whoever wrote her verse (including hers) really did an awful job of not emphasizing at least Jordan and just the element of "greatness" that was suppose to be the theme of the song.  
Also, if you are not a fan of "bragging, glossy rap songs" like this one, you definitely should skip this one. But as mentioned above, Wiz and Juicy J do show some skill here.

A TWD Special Request To You For 11/21/13: The Official Unofficial JCPenny Thanksgiving Day Other Parade

Photo from Reuters 
A special request here, and if you can't read the text well, you can click on the picture to see what I have requested to you all. It is in regards to Thanksgiving Day and a certain parade. 

More from The Whole Delivery in a bit, please stay tuned.

The Sports Thread #1 For 11/21/13: Silence is Not Golden

Photo From USATSI
I have always felt that Jameis Winston's silence has been disturbing in this whole matter. With an allegation as acute as this one is from this young woman and now her family, an innocent person in my perspective would not hide from public like the prodigy redshirt freshman has done.

This has the makings of another big NCAA sports school cover up, where Florida State and the Tallahassee police have a close relationship with each other and made certain to prevent this from blowing up. The school's lack of true public statements on this matter is even more egregious in my mind.

If this woman is indeed a victim as it appears she maybe, I hope she gets the justice she deserves, as with all victims of sexual assault.

There are more details that need to be unveiled, but for the moment, Jameis Winston, Florida State University, and the Tallahassee police look like they are hiding something. And when you are hiding something, it is not a good look for anyone involved…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/21/13: Lupe Fiasco feat Ed Sheeran - Old School Love (2013)

It was here before. And since it is so good, it is here once again. Lupe and a great, smooth 'John Mayer' type sound without a douchey behavior from Ed Sheeran. One "give me that old school love right now."

Midday Music Energy Boost For 11/20/13: Wait, He Debuted This on Ellen?

Yup, he did. Funny enough, that is Kanye's best song from that forgettable scream-fest of an album, which is the last song on the album.

Anyway, that will serve as one of two music energy boosts today, since people have likely already seen it all over the place. And really, most hate it as expected.

But it does fit the song though, and how he feels about her and all.

So for a different take and video, here's Janelle Monae's "Dance Apocalyptic" from earlier this year.

More from The Whole Delivery later on in the day, stay tuned.

The Sports Thread #1/The World Cup Playoffs Thread #1 For 11/19/13: The Final Day (Second Version)

Photo from Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP Photo
The King of 2013 continues to show anyone who makes him mad what can happen when you do, especially those Swedish papers showing him crying. 
A remarkable day for this man, where I am glad that this question I asked last week is now irrelevant

Heartbreak for the small nations so close to making history. Both Iceland and Burkina Faso tried their all, with the latter very unlucky to not have Algeria go to 10 men after captain Madjid Bougherra's ridiculous challenge in the first half that should have seen red. It made it even more cruel for the Faso to see that same man score the tie-wnning goal and lost on aggregate despite scoring the same number of goals. 
Iceland could do nothing with a man advantage, as their fine attacking options were listless on the awful pitch in Zagreb. Mario Mandzukic displayed how vital he is for his country and set them through in a solid 2-0 win. 
The big boys of France, Portugal, and Mexico survived utter emba…

The 1st Thread/Music Energy Boost For 11/19/13: Lady Gaga feat R.Kelly- Do Want U Want (2013)

Because it was the fitting wakeup call after yesterday.
More to come from The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 11/19/13: No, It Wasn't Pass Interference

Despite Patriots fans and Skip Bayless whining and yelling all over Twitter like King Tommy boy did above, that was not a penalty and was the right call.

Of course Luke Kuechly faceguarded and made contact with Rob Gronkowski. But in the end, let's explain how Gronkowski goes too far in the end zone, and how Brady throws it too short.

As you can see when the throw is made, Gronkowski fails to turn around instantly, goes two steps too far into the endzone and does not cut in front of Kuechly and safety Robert Lester, who made the interception to end the game.

Now the rule in regards to outright face guarding is required to be a penalty, but a pass also has to be catchable first and foremost.

It's a call that is left up to the referees, and head official Clete Blakeman did well for me to pick up the flag on back judge Greg Meyer's initial decision.

Besides the retired referees having their different opinions,  Cris Carter explained on Mike & Mike just now how the Patr…

Music Midday Energy Boost For 11/18/13: Lady Gaga feat R.Kelly- "Do What U Want" (2013)

From Saturday Night Sigh's episode this week. Thank goodness he didn't golden shower her, although this "sex" scene performance is so Rated "PG" compared to dance half festivals. 
I wonder how Akon felt? Man, Akon, you need to comeback strong. 

More to come from The Whole Delivery today, stay tuned. 

The Fun Thread For 11/18/13: The Ron Burgundy School of Journalism

Fun Thread time again, your vital fun in the middle or end of your day.

Ravel Morrison may or may not be the latest English overhyped soccer player, but he is such a talent as the above video shows.

Emerson College, home to a school named after Ron Burgundy.

Never change Taiwan animators, never charge.

The funniest screw up of many more serious ones about the 2022 World Cup in (likely) Qatar.

Cue your fitting Kanye West "girl who only wants you for money" song.

Speaking of him, good debate on who Kanye hates more now: Obama or SNL.

And sweet from Steve Harvey.

That is all for this edition of The Fun Thread. Stay tuned for more at The Whole Delivery later today.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 11/18/13: Lupe Fiasco - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (2008)

Still one of the quality songs of many from his that is among the best in all of music the last decade.

More from The Whole Delivery later today, please stay tuned.

TWD Sunday Soulful For 11/17/13: Jaheim- Backtight (2002)

Glad to have this series back, and one of the smoothest songs in the last 10-15 years in the genre, it's Jaheim's "Backtight."

"When I slide in the rain, all night."

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #2 For 11/17/13: NFL Week 11 Early Game Thread

Final Early Game Thread 

It was certainly a wild early window session as always, captured off by the wildest one, a 5-hour tornado storm delayed overtime thriller that the Bears edged the Ravens over 23-20. The win gives Chicago the 6-4 first place with the Lions, who saw Jim Schwartz making the bone headed decision to not take the field goal and a seven point lead, resulting in a turnover on 4th down and a huge Steelers win.

The Original Thread & Halftime Thread 

The best NFL song ever, that original NBC anthem. Magical. This will be updated when the Week 11 early games reach halftime.

Halftime Thread Thoughts

1) Stay safe out there in Chicago folks. Also, Ray Rice has awoken. 

2) Chad Henne needs to be the quarterback for the Jaguars. He just plays well for them when give a chance to start. 

3) Matt Ryan just doesn't have Julio Jones and a line. Just a forgettable season

4) The Jets and Geno Smith, just getting trashed on the road again, no surprise there. 

5) And speaking of gett…

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 11/17/13 (First Version): NFL Week 11 Notable Thoughts

Screenshot Image from
1) Criticism of Colin Kaepernick has gone beyond insane. People have to recognize and acknowledge the obvious fact that he had no one to throw to last week and how that has been a problem with injuries to Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham and Vernon Davis, with Anquan Boldin slowing down as well. I think with Manningham's second week back from absence and Davis being cleared to play that he will lead them to a huge win in New Orleans of all places, the site of where they lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl in February.

2) Key day for Andy Dalton for sure. He has to be the "good Andy," not the bad one today for Cincy. For me, I say that he will be his good self and give the Bengals a vital bounce back win in the battle of Ohio.

3) For me today, this is already a "Do or Die" game for the Jets, even with the Colts doing them a favor in coming back to beating the Colts.

4) Robert Griffin sure would love to shut up Darrell Green toda…

TWD Sunday Sunshine For 11/17/13 (First Verstion): The Return

More to come in this thread, later on in the day.

TWD Saturday 1st Thread/Saturday Fun Thread #1 For 11/16/13 (Final Version): Welcome Back

Image from

Congrats to the Super Eagles, another World Cup Finals for you Nigeria. Meanwhile, it's the return of this Saturday thread, meaning both Ludacris and De La Soul.

The Fun Links

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie really needed to do this.

Well, we barely knew Alec Baldwin's show.

Joan Jett being a vegetarian has cost her a spot on a Macy's Parade float. Yes, you read that correctly.

Friday Night Lights fans, you may like this or not.

Jamie Kilstein is really trying to make moves.

This looks like a great interview:
@STiffert: exclusive Interview tonight @mauricegreene talking to @usainbolt ! 19.45cet @Eurosport#iaaf gala
— Usain St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) November 16, 2013 And speaking of interesting interviews, especially when they talk about the, well, you can see for yourself.

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The Flashback Fridays #2 For 11/15/13: Wu Tang Clan- Cream (1993)

On the week of the year this album became 20 years old, the lead single from 36 Chambers that started a hip-hop dynasty. And their third single ever. 

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The Sports Thread #1 For 11/15/13 (First Version) : World Cup Playoffs & Road To The World Cup Friendlies

(Image from
UEFA World Cup Playoffs 

For the playoffs, France are in supreme trouble and turmoil after building fine momentum the last time out for Ukraine, as Dnipro forward Roman Zozulya certainly added to his growing reputation by being the man to score the goal and set up the penalty for a long second half for Didier Deschamps. Zozulya was Koscielny, Abidal, and Lloris' nightmare throughout the two hours, and the Arsenal centerback's frustration erupted by getting a stupid red card in the dying minutes of the game. That may just cost France a trip to Brazil 2014. What a stunner in Kiev.

Cristiano Ronaldo again showed why he is Portugal's heart, soul, and head (literally again) for his country by being in the right place on Miguel Veloso's great cross to get by Martin Olsson and finish pass by Andreas Isaksson. Still, Sweden were a firm threat in the first half beyond Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and will feel confident to go back to Stockholm and get the result the…