The Thread #1 For 11/26/13: That Question You Won't Hear Asked in America.......Heard

"Is it irrational for Iran to have a nuclear weapon?" 
A good friend of this mostly irrelevant site and colleague in Chris Hayes had on his show last night Rep. Eliot Engel with the good sir that is Hooman Majd, and asked that great question above to Engel's pro-AIPAC, pro-Zionist loving self.

It was a question that you will never hear anywhere else in American cable or broadcast news unless from a real journalist. You will see Hayes' pertinent question from the mouths of faux-centrist journalists who have hurt this country for so long with their shoddy work.

Also, Majd was terrific in not backing down to Engel's usual dismissive, disturbing, and disgraceful pro-Zionist bias. If I were hosting the show, I would have definitely joined in on slamming Engel for calling Rouhini a "hard-liner," when he is certainly not that.

More to come from The Whole Delivery, stay tuned. 
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