The 2nd Thread For 11/15/13: Instant Gratitude To You, 4 U...All

Yes folks, as most of you have seen, I am joining Pierre Omidyar's new news website, which will be coming very soon.

It would not have been possible without Glenn Greenwald, who was the one who informed me to this novel venture.

As you see the list of people joining this site, I have to thank Glenn again for being so immense for telling me this and offering me a chance at great fledgling place. I also want to thank Jeremy (Scahill), who has been really terrific to me since meeting him in person in 2009. He is a really great person who does care for people, especially the downtrodden.

The same goes for Liliana (Segura), and though I haven't met sir Dan Froomkin in person, he has always been a major influence to me as well, just for what he has gone through in the wild world that is the Beltway media, centrist insanity.

A major shoutout to Alex Iwashyna, Riebeil Durley-Petty, James Eddy and Janet Wu for writing for this small website, or blog, when you didn't have to. So immense you have been.

Of course, most of you know this news of me joining this new website from last week if you read my post at my first news home, Daily Kos. As always, those thanks are in store to Markos, his wife Elisa, David, Joan, Barbara, Jed, Greg, Justice Putnam, Timothy, Brooklyn Bad Boy, and a whole list of others not as main staff but in the community.

That includes one IcebergSlim, who has been so wonderful to me from Daily Kos, and my sports buddy in that orange political realm in Skywaker9. 

Also this would not be possible without the likes of Josh Marshall at TPM (and Ben Frumin too, now at This Week), The Raw Story's Roxanne Cooper, and Megan Carpentier helping my career. Special thanks also to class acts such as David Edwards, Eric Dolan, David Ferguson, and Stephen Webster as well during my time working with them at The Raw Story. One Mike Rodgers is included in that paragraph for certain.

Major thanks once again to Duncan "Atrios" Black, who was kind enough to sometimes even link some of my posts here at TWD to his terrific, legendary blog. Also major praise is in store for you good sir that is Spencer Ackerman, the Attackerman of the Brooklyn and Bronx land.

Moreover, I especially want to thank Mona Eltahawy for being such a great friend and mentor.

Special shoutouts (yes, there is more, bear with me please) also go to Jon Terbush, David Taintor, and Melissa Jeltsen, who were either before the TPM intern wave I came in with or apart of that. And definitely have to thank the three women I had to get pizza for at TPM on Fridays like this, Versha Sharma, Jillian Rayfield, and Rachel Slajda. And you three Eriks or Eric, Hinton, Lach, and Kleefeld, you get recognition as well too.

Sir Chris Hayes, you have been so immense to even follow me on Twitter and meet with your class act self in person several times, including at a Park Slope bar. And Rachel Maddow, even if we never meet in person, thank you and whoever the producers were in the background for bringing this up on air during your coverage of the RNC in 2012. It still was a wonderful surprise.

For sure appreciation is bestowed also to the Firedoglake team and alum (Spencer included in that as well) in Jane Hamsher, Marcy Wheeler, David Dayen, Jim White, lawyer frienemy BMaz and more.

In the tennis circles, major appreciation to Karen, Darren Cahill, Brad Gilbert, and Jon Wertheim, and more for sure I will think on Twitter. (Both Mary Carillo and Jim Courier, included in that).

And to the wonderful Media Matters, Think Progress, and Huffington Post staff members of Jamison Foser, Amanda Terkel, Igor Volsky, Jason Linkins, Faiz Shakir (before joining, sigh, Harry Reid), and definitely sports political brother-in-arms Travis Waldron, thank you.

And of course you too Dave Zirin deserve a round of approbation, showing the sports and political public how sports reporters can't ignore the real stories in sports and for political or hard news people to never, ever overlook the importance sports can be to human society. It is the only profession on Earth where you can truly see results or jobs or the status of being "the quintessence" aren't decided subjectively in most cases, unlike other professional fields. Like politics and music, for example.  

Lastly, I want to thank you all for reading The Whole Delivery since it started in those September days of 2008, during the Obama-McCain campaign, the day AIG needed a bailout, and my senior year of college in Boston. Without you even looking at this still irrelevant blog, it would not have been possible to garner any rise in my career.

And I hope for you all, The Whole Delivery will still be delivered to you, 4 U. Farewell, God Bless and thank you.

(BTW, I just love that "Uh cat" comment from that Jose Rios guy in that photo above).

More to come at The Whole Delivery today on this November 15th day, stay tuned. 
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