The Flashback Fridays #2 For 11/29/13: Mya- Fallen (2003)

For me, this competes with "Best of Me (Remix)" as Ms. Harrison's best song, and the music video is near "Love is Like Whoa" for just how much of a natural entertainer she is. It's an insane how she couldn't keep the consistency and be even bigger since she does her songs as a writer, while a Rihanna (who I love) still is a part-time writer at best. 

Still, she is big enough enough, and still is desired by many across the globe, guys and girls alike. And that will continue for a while. 

With the guy she happily stalks from "The Wire" looking like Black Thought in this video so much, it's Mya with her co-best song, "Fallen", from a decade ago at this time.  

She was definitely doing some stalking in this video, although some guys would not mind that. Or not. 

More from The Whole Delivery later today on this 2013 installment of "Black Friday", stay tuned. 
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