The Sports Thread #1 For 11/21/13: Silence is Not Golden

Photo From USATSI

I have always felt that Jameis Winston's silence has been disturbing in this whole matter. With an allegation as acute as this one is from this young woman and now her family, an innocent person in my perspective would not hide from public like the prodigy redshirt freshman has done.

This has the makings of another big NCAA sports school cover up, where Florida State and the Tallahassee police have a close relationship with each other and made certain to prevent this from blowing up. The school's lack of true public statements on this matter is even more egregious in my mind.

If this woman is indeed a victim as it appears she maybe, I hope she gets the justice she deserves, as with all victims of sexual assault.

There are more details that need to be unveiled, but for the moment, Jameis Winston, Florida State University, and the Tallahassee police look like they are hiding something. And when you are hiding something, it is not a good look for anyone involved.  

Hopefully at the end of the day, there will be a conclusion to this instead of speculation as to what is coming next. Until then, all sentiments from anyone are irrelevant.  
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