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Sports Thread #3 For 9/30/09: Phillies Officially Return To Postseason, Tigers About To Join Them

Shame they won't repeat, especially with how Brad Lidge is on his usual two year AWOL plan. But good for Charlie Manuel (not Jerry, i wasn't being sarcastic there, but in the next sentence) and a class team in my eyes. Looks like Francisco Rodriguez was just a bit outside with his prediction.

Meanwhile, the Twins basically had their season ended by the Tigers tonight. That's what happens when you place all your hopes on Carl Pavano.

And though I knew Ricky Nolasco was a solid pitcher, I never ever knew he could be this dominant. LIKE, record book time dominant.

The One Sentence Thread #2 For 9/30/09: His Day

September 30th should forever be renamed Alan Grayson day:

Music Thread #2 For 9/30/09: Jay-Z Gets Under 50's Skin Again

Now I don't if Jay-Z did this own purpose (he probably did just to do it, knowing it was going to elicit a response), but when he said that Kanye would have did to 50 Cent or anyone else what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMA's, that of course brought Mr. Curtis Jackson to the mic.“It wasn't 50 Cent [who made the comments],” 50 told Angie Martinez. “Hip-Hop has cool punk and Jay is the coolest punk in Hip-Hop. He’s big. And his take on it is [he’s] bigger than the art form and he won’t actually and compete. Battling has been a part of the culture.”Well, I don't know what battle 50 Curtis would want. 50 loss to Kanye two years ago in that forgettable album deal battle, and if you been engrained in hip hop in a while, you know Jay-Z isn't scared of 50 of course. That's why he said what he said so freely.

The funny thing about this latest comment that Curtis had to offer to Angie Martinez is this statement about Mr. "I'm ma let you finish." The rappe…

I Might As Well Buy A Share Too

It would be very beneficial to me since this happens just in case Democrats screw their own principles and the people of this nation: Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted down both the Rockefeller and Schumer amendments, which would have added a public insurance plan to the committee’s bill. As the Wall Street Journal reports, shares in health insurers Humana and UnitedHealth shot up following the votes:

Shares of companies that operate private health plans turned higher or trimmed losses in afternoon trading Tuesday after a Senate committee rejected an amendment that would have created a government-run insurance option. Humana Inc. (HUM) shares, which had been down earlier, were recently up 1% at $38.41. UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH) shares gained 3 cents to $25.83.To them, their health care heroes are Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, all the other sellout Democrats, and the Republicans of course.

Sports Thread #2 For 9/30/09: After Dropping Him, Nike Resigns Michael Vick

From AP Photo/Jacquelyn MartinJust how they left Kobe (though they never broke the contract with him) and came back to him, they do the same here. Michael Vick is back with Nike more than two years after the company severed ties over the quarterback's involvement in a dogfighting ring.

The managing director of the agency that represents Vick announced the deal Wednesday while participating on a panel at the Sports Sponsorship Symposium. Michael Principe of BEST referred questions to Vick's agent, Joel Segal, who did not return calls from The Associated Press.

Segal told SportsBusiness Journal that Vick will wear Nike shoes, gear and apparel, but would not reveal the terms of the agreement

"Mike has had a great relationship with Nike and is excited to be part of the Nike team again," Segal said.They only want you when they need.

But hey, it's a business.

The One Sentence Thread For 9/30/09: It Could Happen

Would be so funny if conservatives request American athletes to boycott Olympics in Chicago if the bid is awarded to Chicago.

The Daily Open Thread For 9/30/09: The Hannity One Was Not Happy If He Saw This

Love to see Sean Insanity face if he saw this:

Alan Grayson Is Soon Going To Replace Obama As Fox's Most Hated

Especially when he continues to be a sensation badass who won't be scared by nutcase Republicans and the corporate, looking for a chance to get a false equivalency, media barking and growling insanely at him to show penitence to them. Screw em'

And yeah, just in case you didn't see what he said yesterday:


Washington Post: The Paper That Defends Child Rapists

It is what it is with that paper nowadaysYesterday, Anne Applebaum was one of two -- two! -- Washington Post columnists who argued for leniency for child rapist Roman Polanski. Applebaum's argued that Polanski shouldn't be imprisoned because he has suffered enough -- he's had to pay lawyers' fees, and was unable to pick up an Oscar he won for fear he'd be taken for jail. No, really -- that was Applebaum's argument:

He did commit a crime, but he has paid for the crime in many, many ways: In notoriety, in lawyers' fees, in professional stigma. He could not return to Los Angeles to receive his recent Oscar.
That's just dumb. People who commit crimes do not pay their debts to society when they write checks to their lawyers. And saying that someone has paid for the crime of child rape by being unable to receive an Oscar may be the single most clueless thing ever written by a Washington Post columnist.Until tomorrow, as Duncan Black says so well.

And Appleb…

Sports Thread #1 For 9/30/09: UEFA Champions League- Both Manchester United

Image from ESPNsoccernet
Matchday four of this season's installment of the Champions League, as with each night of this competition, featues the big clubs in Europe getting all the shine.

But after tonight's attention, a minnow has deservedly received just as much of the spotlight as the giants, especially after beating one of those giants.

FC Zurich was that samll team, as they went to the Giuseppe Meazza and defeated an obviously out of form and turmoil ridden AC Milan team 1-0. The veteran defender Hannu Tihinen scored in the 10th minute to bring even more heat on Milan coach Leonardo. It's going to be hard to see him make it through this game, but you never know. Maybe the only bright spot for Milan on this night (from an American prospective) is Oguchi Onewyu playing, and playing well. But the only reason he played was because Alessandro Nesta got injured.

Just keeps getting worse and worse for then Rossineri.

Speaking of coaches potentially on the brink of getting axed…

The Break For 9/30/09: Dennis Hopper Rushed To Hospital

That's the breaking news, as reports say he had flu like symptoms. Hope the news gets better for him and his fans.

Fixed Teabagging "Protest The Network" Comedy

Premiering October 17th, you can see the Fixed Propaganda Comedy Network protest all the networks and their evil lies. Yayyyy, teabaggers continue.

You got to love them.

MoveOn Not Backing Down, Will Run Ads On Baucus, Conrad And Lincoln

Bill Nelson and Tom Carper voted for the Schumer amendment, and are a little fortunate that they aren't in the ad as well, especially after voting against Rockefeller's better version. Still, no backing down from MoveOn. The Plum LineGreg Sargent's blog
MoveOn Unleashes Ads Hitting Dem Senators Who Voted Against Public Option

Okay, this is getting good.

In a clear sign that the left will not hold back from targeting fellow Dems in the final stretch of the health care wars, MoveOn is going up on the air today with new radio spots slamming the “centrist” Dem Senators who voted against the public option amendments yesterday, a MoveOn official confirms.

The ads, which haven’t yet been announced, will target Senators Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, and Max Baucus in their home states, the official confirms. All three voted against the public option amendments pushed by Senators Jay Rockefeller and Chuck Schumer in the Senate Finance Committee yesterday. The MoveOn official sends over…

Music Thread #1 For 9/30/09: Oh Yung Berg

This does not help any possible comeback that you could ever have.

Music AM Wakeup Call For 9/30/09: Harold Melvin And the Bluenotes - Wake Up Everybody

Indelible classic:

And here is the full version:

The Sleep and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/29-30/09:

Special edition of TSTRNS.

Ren & Stimpy got a way with a lot of things. But this was always a great thing.

And here's one of many memorable episodes, and I think this was the last one of the old series, not that piece of crap that was on Spike a few years back and failed.

Too funny seeing Al Sharpton on WWE Raw, let's just hope he didn't contribute to Linda McMahon's sad campaign.

To Tevin........You know the saying by now........Goodnight and/or goodmorning.

God bless to all, and thoughts and prayers are with all in that deadly Tsunami in the American Samoa.

Sports Thread #2 For 9/29/09: Verlander, Tigers Get Massive Game 2 Win Over Twins

Reuters' Rebecca CookNow the Twins have to win the final two games of this series, or the Tigers will be the Yankees' opponent for the second time in four post seasons in the Divisional round.

The Tigers are a stunning 71-0 when leading after 8th innings, and no question Fernando Rodney has made himself an elite closer in the absence of Joel Zumaya.

Even with the Yankees playing well, the Tigers do have the arms that can easily compete and give them trouble if Sabathia, Petite, and Burnett aren't up to par.

HAHAHAHA: A Wise Doctor Calls Baucus "A Sellout"

This guy needs to be a Senator now, because he sure would be a hell of a lot smarter and honest than Baucus

This man's name is, if you didn't click on the link, Dr.Quentin Young. He served as MLK's physician when King was in Chicago.

Give him and his "Mad As Hell Doctors" group some love. Because they care about you, and probably share with your angry today at sellout Democrats to the lobbyist again.

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 9/29/09: Not A Surprise Their Arrogant Jerks

But hey, that's our American press corps and their "American" ways.

BILBASSY: I found that I think they really think that if you make it to cover the White House then you must be bigger than God, therefore, you know, you have to be treated as such.

So for them the foreign media is invisible. … So I think they’re opportunistic, rude, as I said, really self-centered. … I find them, not even on like a – people again, the people at the State Department, it’s a different story altogether. But what I’m talking to now are the people in the White House that occupy the first two, three rows, with exception to two or three people you know. I’m talking about all the networks and all the organizations. So I find the relationship is a bit strange.More to come, just stay tuned.


The One Sentence Thread For 9/29/09: He's Agreeing With His Celebrity Friends

Some conservatives out there will say, "Since Obama is a celebrity, he's hoping Polansky goes free."

Now They Hate The Olympics

While David Zirin masterfully explains how Chicago does not want the Olympics (or possibly any major US city) at the moment, the idiots show you not the way to go against the 2016 Summer Games in Chi town.

We already had this racist idiot Fudge with this crap, and only the brave looked and saw what that psycho Malkin wrote.

And if the Olympics does end up in Rio (Brazil) instead of the Windy City, the same idiots will then go on to say "Obama failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago, he has made America weak."

The Daily Open Thread For 9/29/09: Stewart Again Doing More Journalism

The Miscellaneous
There is a "homeless doll" on the market, believe it or not.

The Future of television.

And who knew photosynthesis and light would be bacteria's best friend.

More to come....

So, They Have Been Courting A Silent One The Whole Time?

And what did President Snowe say besides "No" twice today? Oh nothing. Once again senators Blanche Lincoln and Olympia Snowe did not speak about the issue of the public option. On arguably the most heated and important issue in health care reform, these two Senators didn't feel any obligation to publicly explain their opposition.You would think that the President of health care would speak on HER issue and all on HER agenda.

But no, just stay silent until I say the word "no" is what entered her mind.

Who knew the White House would be catering to a silent person on health care.

Who knew?

Coward if there ever was.

The Break #2 For 9/29/09: Oh, And For Added Insult, Schumer's Bill

After being insurance lobbyist losers on the last amendment, Carper and Nelson come from this bill. But as expected, health lobbyist whores win again.

And people wonder why some just don't give a darn about politics and show unwavering apathy, huh?

The Break For 9/29/09: Baucus, Conrad, Lincoln, Nelson and Carper Hate Being Democratic, Vote Against Rockefeller's Public Option

All insurance lobbyist whores who want people to buy sucky expensive insurance that they can't afford. The vote was 8 to 15, with five Democrats — Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Tom Carper (Del.) — voting against the measure.
The committee has moved immediately to a second public option proposal, this one sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).Sad that these idiots have to overshadowed how immense Jay Rockefeller has been today.

Music Thread #1 For 9/29/09: The Runthrough, Including Nas Thoughts on Derrion Albert And "The Boss" News

In the continued aftermath of Derrion Albert, Nas offered his thought on such a tragic event.

The Duh of the month, even though I still believe it was staged.

DJ AM's death was caused by an accidental overdose. Sad.

Forgot this dude was even on "Dancing With The Stars." Talk about being forgotten.

The latest rapper to get a reality show.......Fabolous.

Just when I think things will be right with DMX, he goes and does something like this. Just crazy.

And "The Boss" is still rolling strong.

More to come, Peace.
The Boss is still rolling strong (Photo: Cardy/AFP/Getty)

MSNBC, Your Liberal Network

So liberal that they let Ratigan not challenge a nutcase right-winger from ridiculously linking the White House to ACORN.

Your liberal cable station, MSNBC, yet again providing its great liberal bias to all!

Sports Thread #1 For 9/29/09: Twins-Tigers Massive Four Game Series

Well, it all comes down to this in the American League Central, as the Twins and the tigers began their four games series to see who will be the winner of the division, and the Yankees Division Series opponent next week. The series was suppose to commence last night, but rain postponed this.

For the Twins, at least taking 3 out of a 4 is the only option for them. A sweep of course would be unbelievable, and a split would be terrible.

With the highlighted struggles of Francisco Liriano this year, all ace mantle for the Twins falls on Nick Blackburn, as he will duel with Rick Porcello in Game 1 going on right now, while Brian Duensing has the inevitable task of trying to outduel Justin Verlander in the crucial night cap today.

Defense, as always, maybe crucial in this games, as while the Tigers aren't bad in that department (only 86 errors commented this season, the best in making sure not to beat themselves in Major League Basketball is Minnesota (a Major Leagues leading low of 70 …

The Tube For 8/29/09: No More Jon, Kate Is Going Solo

In case you careWell, it’s finally happened. TLC has yanked Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus Eight — excuse me, “adapted to the changing Gosselin family,” as this morning’s press release says — and henceforth, we can watch the new, new, new Kate Plus Eight.
Relaunching in November, the series bows to what viewers have realized for months: That Jon just isn’t into filming his segments with his kids (boring fishing expeditions while he moans about missing his Manhattan apartment, etc.), while Kate is very much into keeping her brand — and brood — alive on TV screens.And now, let's just keep swimming.

At Least Steve King Is Consistent With His Craziness

He certainly must watch Glenn Beck when he gets home at nights. I caught up with Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) at the How to Take Back America Conference to follow up on an issue that had come up there: “defunding the Left.” After ACORN, what was the next natural target for Republicans? King said it would be the Service Employees International Union.
“When you think what happened to Communists after the wall fell down in ‘89,” said King, “they didn’t just curl up and decide to become capitalists. They would go back and reform like — Oh, it’s like trying to squash an amoeba.”

People don't believe me, but I think that King can easily challenge Michele Bachmann as the craziest figure in the House of Representatives. His track record in the last few weeks has been nothing short of startling.

Ben Nelson Can't Count

Photo from Omaha World-HeraldIt seems like everyone is doing teabagger math these days: One thing that’s driven many health care reform proponents nuts about Senator Ben Nelson is the sheer arbitrary nature of many of the hurdles he keeps laying in reform’s path.

The latest: Nelson now says health care reform should have the support of 65 Senators to have credibility with the American people. Nelson also says he will actively oppose any efforts by Dems to do reform alone through the “reconciliation” process.

Nelson made the claims to an audience in his home state of Nebraska, reports the Omaha World Herald.Even more telling is this headline from the Omaha World Herald about how Nelson loves himself some status quo behavior:

Bipartisanship math is just like teabbager math these days. As John Aravosis said yesterday over at his great blog, "How can a bill be even 'bipartisan' with just one Republican vote anyway?" Or with just a handful of votes from the Sad Obnoxious Pa…

9/29/09: TWD's Agenda For The Big Political Day: Senate Finance Committee Votes On A Public Option

So, which Democratic Senators will show that they care for the lobbyist and their selfish ways more than being Democratic? Welll, we shall see.

Live coverage of the markup today is here, here (a wonderful preview from Jon Walker), and maybe here. Oh, and here too.

And, at the time of this post, Jay Rockefeller is again, expressing how important the public option, quoting Wendell Potter, "Without the public option, it will basically be the 'Insurance Industry Profit and Protection Act.'"

Stay tuned.

Music AM Wakeup Call For 9/29/09: Pitch Black- It's All Real (2003)

Realest song from one of the yet another group disrespected by the music industry. It's Pitch Black everyone, and "It's All Real", your morning wake up call today.

Pitch Black - It's All Real
by UniversalMusicGroup

The Sleep Time And Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/28-29/09: Dedicated To Derrion Albert

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine thread, dedicated to the life of Derrion Albert....Let's begin:
Photo from AP's Nam Y. Huh
Find out if fewer calories help you live a shorter life.

Forbes has a list of the Top 10 wine spots, and none of them include anywhere in the United States. Watch out for neo-cons saying you hate America Forbes.

Sometimes NBC's "The TODAY Show" can produce some interesting things, like this segment from today (Monday morning). are a bunch of fools:

Twitter's Japanese little clone. And its weird, very weird, American 1400 character clone, lol.

More bullying RIAA news, as it pays to just pay the fine then risk the problems of going to trial and receiving an even more onerous fine:

ICANN is free from the U.S's tyranny!

This man, on Thursday, will have worked 50 jobs in 50 states. How he has done that in this economy is stunning, and it probably will lead to him being nationally interviewed at week's culmin…

Sports Thread #3 For 9/28/09: UGly Win, But Cowboys Will Take It

Photo from AP's Donna McWilliamAnd maybe for the Cowboys, it is better that they win ugly, because at least the edge was there for them.

Meanwhile for the Panthers, only 16 rushes for both Williams and Stewart? John Fox is going to be under some heat, I have to say.

Music Thread #2 For 9/28/09: Drake, Lil Wayne and Birdman's Waste Of A Video

But what did you expect though?

Their Newest Mascot

You just can't even call them heroes anymore, because they arejust so stupid:

Doesn't know his laws he says.

The right's mascots that they champion ladies and gentlemen.

The One Sentence Thread For 9/28/09: Our Media

Pretty sad that Rachel Maddow is the only person on cable news outlet pushing back on the conservative talking points about ACORN.

The Break And Sports Thread #2 For 9/28/09: USC's Stafon Johnson Rushed To Hospital

Awful news just to here on Stafon Johnson, and how dangerous the weight room can be in just a blink of an existence. USC running back Stafon Johnson has been injured in a weight room accident at the school.
The senior from Dorsey High was lifting weights this morning when he apparently lost control of the bar and it landed on his neck. He was reportedly spitting up blood and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he is undergoing surgery, according to the USC website.

Chris Carlisle, USC's strength and conditioning coach, said such an accident was rare. "I've seen players have the bar slip and fall onto their chest, but never in my 25 years of coaching have I heard of someone dropping a bar on their throat," the coach said.

Carlisle, who was within feet of Johnson when the accident occurred, said an assistant strength and conditioning coach was acting as a "spotter" for the player.

Coach Pete Carroll called the incident "an unfortunate accident,&quo…

So Many Titles To Come With On This One

Photo from ReutersBecause I have struggle to give a title to this: Sarah Palin has finished her memoir just four months after the book deal was announced, the AP reports. The book will be called Going Rogue: An American Life.

The release date has been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17 with a huge first printing of 1.5 million copies.I hope the movie will have scenes of her daring hunting moose action and seeing Russia out of her Wasillia window.

Music Thread #1 For 9/28/09: Mashonda's Letter To Alicia Keys Is A Lesson To All; U2 Shines On An Otherwise Shaky SNL Premiere

1st music "news" thread of the day (2nd overall after this one)
Photo from Rivers Cuomo of MTV NewsWeezer and Lil Wayne combine with each other.

This situation has been so unsetting, and it is says something about not just Alicia Keys, but Swiss Beats himself. If you love another person more than your current spouse, at least have the dignity and honesty to just tell that person you are technically with that you love someone else. It's just as simple as that.

And though I wish she made a public letter to Swiss Beats' infidel behind more than to Alicia Keys, Mashonda has been classy here in this whole situation. She hasn't gone running to a Viacom network despite this cheating going on for a while. Let's hope that says the same.

Amazingly enough, despite this going on for a while, this Keys-Beats relationship has only gone semi-mainstream in the urban world, not mainstream throughout on say, Perez Hilton or TMZ. And Alicia Keys is of course a big name player of…

Dean, Again, Reiterates How Angry A Lot Will Be Without A Public Option

Says it again to Snyderman today on MSNBC.

It can't be said enough how this will not be a happy nation without a public option.

The Daily Open Thread For 9/28/09: That Was One of The Best Family Guy's Ever Last Night

It certainly was:

You may watch it just in case you missed it last night.

9/28/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day: But We Already Knew The Bill Sucked

Just the latest evidence to the bill that everyone hates accepts the insurance lobby and buddy buddy liar Conrad. When you read the amendments Senator Rockefeller offered to the Senate Finance Committee bill, you can see how many of these amendments are meant to address the various loopholes in the Senate Finance Committee bill. However, there's one giant loophole in the Baucus bill and it's a problematic loophole in which the regulations such as the ban on pre-existing conditions, rating rules, recission policies, and denials of claims won't apply to over 70 million Americans who work for large companies.However, under legislation in the Senate Finance Committee, the new rules would not apply to people who work for large companies that self-insure, meaning the employer pays health care claims out of its revenue rather than relying on a private insurer, says Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

"They can be cut off; there are no caps," says Rockefeller, the second-highes…

Music Midday Energy Boost: Elephant Man's "Pon De River" (2003)

New music series to get you through the day, if you need a middle day boost to get through. Here is the inaugural "Music Midday Energy Boost" video, Elephant Man's "Pon De River" from 2003. Enjoy it everyone.

Sports Thread #1 For 9/28/09: Baylor's Dynamic Quarterback Robert Griffin Out For The Season

Disheartening news for Baylor fans and me of this great young player and guyBaylor quarterback Robert Griffin will miss the rest of the season with a right knee injury, a huge blow to a team that had big expectations based largely on the standout sophomore.

An MRI done Sunday revealed that Griffin has "an isolated tear” in his ACL. He sustained the injury in the first half of the Bears’ 68-13 victory over Northwestern State on Saturday night.

The Bears also lost senior defensive back and return specialist Mikail Baker to a knee injury. An MRI revealed an ACL tear and tears to his medial and lateral meniscus after he was hurt on special teams.What is truly amazing about Robert Griffin is that continued to play after this now season ending injury..........and still played well!

He passed for 226 yards and three touchdowns after the blow in Baylor's 68-13 beating against Northwestern State. Now Baylor do have a very experienced backup in Blake Szymanski, though he is not 100% himse…

The Social Protocol For 9/28/09: Embarrassing

Um, facebook, this was up for a while (click on to see the madness):

Would be a good time to be a little faster next time taking loon stuff like that down.

And oh, delete that persons page.......forever.

Update: Greg Sargent is reporting that the Secret Service told Facebook to take down that poll.

Betting this won't be in there movie.

The Caption For 9/28/09: Yeah, He's "Independent" Alright

New series highlighting photos that just seem strange, eye-popping or noteworthy funny here at TWD. We start with this one.

The "independent" Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York, in a press conference yesterday asking for DC to give NYC more money to fight any terrorism, with Joe Lieberman and House nutcase Peter King in the picture.

More on that story later on. And more on it, because it just smells, SMELLS, not good.

Especially when "emperor" Bloomberg, in his re-election bid, has a picture of those two clowns with Commissioner Kelley.

The Sleep Time And Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/27-28/09:

Probably the most active 109 year old in the world.

Continuing wars have certainly played a role in this going into debt.

Now Gates says what he has to say about Iran.

This was kind of cool.

Tevin here's......goodnight all, and/or good morning.

Sunday Soulful For 9/27/09: Jaheim- Just In Case (2001)

From 2001, here is Jaheim's always soul penetrating "Just in Case, I don't make him tonight". It is indeed a splendid song.

Sports Thread #3 For 9/27/09: No Fun League Week 3 Late Games

Photo from Tom Uhlman Well, though most of the late games were nowhere near the quality of the best of the early ones, there was one game that lived up to quality, as the Bengals finally beat the Steelers in dramatic last fashion. It was the first win over their division rivals in six times, as Carson Palmer touchdown pass to Andre Caldwell lead to Marvin Lewis and his team going 2-1 on the season, while the exact opposite could be said about the defending world champions total after three games (1-2).

It was a forgettable day for Terrell Owens and the Bills, as they lose to the now 3-0 Saints 27-7. Owens was held without a catch for the first time in 186 games (he had an 185 game reception streak). Obviously, he wasn't happy after the game, and later blasted former Patriots safety and now NBC analyst Rodney Harisson on twitter after Harisson called him a clown on NBC's pre-Sunday Night Football show.

Speaking of Sunday night, it was a long night for Kurt Warner, as he was h…

Sports Thread #2 For 9/27/09: Ozzie Guillen's Latest Epic Rant

You have got to love when this guy gets like this:

Sports Thread LIVE #1 For 9/27/09: No Fun League, Week 3 Early Games Review

Photo from AP's Jim MoneMark Sanchez and the Jets, writing their tickets to the Super play the Giants, lol. Premature? With how they are playing, I beg to differ.

Well, what another week of wild 1PM games, especially pertaining to two NFC North teams getting big home wins.

What more can you say about Brett Favre. I and many others have hammered him and Brad Childress relentlessly for basically bringing dow the Vikings season to his play. And so far, after three games, we have egg on our face, especially I. Favre's amazing heroics came in the Vikings dramatic 27-24 victory of a 49ers team on the verge of going 3-0. Instead, it is the Purple People Eaters.

Favre's touchdown pass to Greg Lewis with 2 seconds left brought Vikings fans and players to sheer jubilation, and left Niners supporters and participants in utter anguish. The headlines will leap all praise on Favre, and deservedly so. This is the type of late heroics that could put the Vikings over the top in…

Sunday Sunshine For 9/27/09

Another week of this wonderful series, but another week where I just have this wonderful Mary Mary song to show for

Enjoy, and I promise you, this series will take off more next week everyone.

Saturday Night Thread For 9/27/09: I (Beep)'in Love You For That

I hope you sure do

See you in the morning.

TWD Saturday Sadly Forgotten For 9/27/09: Coo Coo Cal - My Projects (2001)

From 2001 at this time, Milwaukee was in a massive state of bliss because that city thought it had its first major rapper on the scene. His name was Coo Coo Cal. Man, talk about someone that was literally, a one-hit and gone. Heck, it wasn't even a hit, or a semi semi hit.

But the hook from the only song that I (and almost everyone else) know about, "My Projects", was sure catchy as heck.

And with that, following in the footsteps of the inaugural winner Archie, here is this week's sadly forgotten individual, Coo Coo Cal.

Every Saturday at TWD, the Sadly Forgotten Music Thread segment.

Sports Thread #3 For 9/26/09: Tebow Gets Slammed And Hurt, But Florida Handles Kentucky Big Time

That was a scary moment though. And this is after he was supposedly getting over swine flu.

Sports Thread LIVE #2 For 9/26/09: BS BCS Football- A Weekend Where The Pretenders Were Found Out

Photo from Getty Images' Steve DykesIf ever there was a weekend when the pretenders were found out in the BS that is the Football Bowl Subdivision, then this was the one.

Forgettable performances by four Top 10 undefeated teams have ruined their national title champagnes, as well as their star player's Heisman Trophy potential too.

Coming into Saturday, you thought Ole Miss's atrocious display was not going to be eclipsed. By boy, were you wrong, and especially, boy was I wrong.

The least remorse you can have is for Miami, whose young team showed its inexperience today in getting bashed by the rain and a Virginia Tech team motivated to beat them after all the talk of a "The U" resurgence. 31-7 was the final score, as the Hurricanes still has a ways to go in order to get back to their esteemed pedigree.

Now that the sympathy is over, the time to hammer these other teams comes into play.

In clearly the worst performance of the weekend, California once again had …

The Reel Feel For 9/26/09: Could Having Health Insurance Have Saved Her Life?

A story quickly becoming a national one sadly is the story of Kimberly Young.

Now Kimberly was basically a few months older than me, and I can sort of relate to her story. But what was her story? As the title suggests, it is a sad one. Especially when I have to use the words "was" instead of "is."

From, via the incomparable TPM and its LiveWire.

Young, just like me, was a recent college graduate. And just like her, I have no health insurance at this point because of being a freelance journalist at this point.

For those who can't here or see the report on the KYpost link, here is the basics of the story.

Young, who was reportedly a very healthy young lady, contracted the swine flu (H1N1) somehow, someway. Now Young was working a bunch of jobs after she graduated from Miami University (the Ohio one) in December 08. Those places she was employed through, including this one, didn't provide something very crucial to what every employee should be given…

Schumer: The More GOP Oppose The Public Option, The Stronger It Gets

Photo from Stephen Crowley of the NYTInteresting stuff: Check out this interesting quote in today’s New York Times from Senator Chuck Schumer on why the GOP’s continued opposition to Dem health care proposals makes a public option more likely to happen, rather than less likely:

“One of the strongest arguments against a public option has been that the Republicans will never go for it,” Mr. Schumer said. “Well, the Baucus bill doesn’t have a public option, and they’re still not for it in any way, with the possible exception of Olympia Snowe,” a moderate Republican senator from Maine, who has not ruled out supporting the overhaul that Mr. Obama is seeking.And Schumer is right here, because the Republican Party is still at record low popularity. No one trusts them anymore (except either the utterly delusional, utterly selfish, utterly hateful or utterly ignorant amongst us), and the more they oppose something vehemently, the more the rational correct ideas the majority in the real mainstre…

Markos Moulitsas Weekly Saturday Hate Mail Post

His weekly hate mail, as always, is classic (viewer discretion os advised due to wild cursing and just wildness in general form nutcases, mostly conservative). Here is one highlight of the usually great post: TRUTH

For someone who says he doesn't watch much cable news, President Barack Obama sounded pretty familiar with the standard talk show format of left vs. right when he was asked about it earlier this year.

"It feels like WWF wrestling," Obama explained to NBC's Brian Williams in an interview.

"You know, everybody's got their role to play."

Correct you are asshole.
MSNBC has the role of your fan club
president selling your ass.

FOX has the role of educating the people
and they are winning

Because the only people who watch MSNBC are
tree hugging liberal faggots who have their heads
up your ass.Again, for more nuttiness and hatefulness that you can tolerate, just go over there. Good times.

More TWD Saturday to come.

Saturday Cartoon Throwback Thread For 9/26/09: Jonny Quest

Though I wasn't a big fan of this show, since my childhood was in the 90's and was bored by it whenever it aired on cartoon network, no one can deny that it isn't a cartoon classic.

The opening theme song:

A fan's showcase of the Top 5 episodes (his opinion, not mine).

And it lead to a new Quest series to emerge in the 90's on Cartoon Network in the beginning days of Toonami. Just like its predecessor, I wasn't too captivated by this show, but I loved the opening credits:

Capture the original but still had the soul of a new show.

And ending credits of the original show:

And I just learned that they are coming up with a Johnny Quest movie real soon, with Zac Eron as Johnny Quest and "The Rock" as Race.

Nowadays, anything old will become a movie. Our nostalgia world we live in.

That is this week's Saturday Cartoon Throwback Thread boys and girls. Tune in next week to see which throwback cartoons you will go gag-gag for, and wish that it were still o…

9/26/09: TWD's Agenda For This Saturday- Obama's Weekly Address

Just keeping the ball moving.....Yeah, you haven't seen his face down here at TWD much of late, have you?

And, as always, on Saturday, here's Luda:

Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) - Ludacris

More to come....

Sports Thread #1 For 9/26/09: Cech's Sending Off Leads To Wigan Delivering Chelsea Its First Lost

Photo from Getty Images
A crucial error by Petr Cech has lead to Wigan Athletic giving title leaders Cheslea their first lost of the season. 3-1 was the scoreline at the GJB, while Manchester United scored a terrific win over Stoke City at the Britana Stadium today. For Wigan, it is their first win over the famed Big 4 today.

And in the thrashings of the round, Liverpool thrashes Hull City 6-1, with Torres getting a hat trick and Gerrard scoring a wonderful goal. And Tottenham bounced back after two straight Big 4 losses with a 5-0 beating of Burnley at home.

For more scores and results, go to the BPL's website.One more game to go in the day, as Theo Walcott returns for Arsenal against London rivals Fulham.

Friday Night (And Saturday AM) Thread For 9/25-26/09:

Friday Night Montell usually does bring it in.

This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

Let's begin:

He-Man, which has been in contention for this week's Saturday Cartoon Throwback Thread, is back in the news.

If you ever wondered or assumed about the characteristics of the Moon, well, you possibly were wrong.

A big case that is going under the radar is this one. It's about Google Books.

I really wonder what Solomon or Wilt Chamberlain's numbers would be if this math just considered them. Oh those Brits.

Where is the weird Guiness commercial when you need it, especially when it is their 250th birthday.

Brilliant indeed

Are they right, or are they saying that because of being competitors? Well, I believe them.

Can't front, this was funny:

EMBED-Female Runner Faceplants Right Before Finish - Watch more free videos

Heart attacks have gone down after smoking bans.

Well, PETA needs to go after this guy in a hurry. But I bet they won't tho.

Bill Maher's …