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The Liberalism vs Centrism Election Thread For 4/20/16: No, Bernie Didn't Diss The South

With each passing day now in this unexpectedly engaging primary season on the Democratic side, someone on the “centrist left” will find a novel, silly thing to be angry at Bernie Sanders or his supporters with. And one that has now come fully to the surface has been the painting by a constant set of black journalist Sanders critics of the Vermont Senator being a regional elitist and, worse, a passive racist for saying why he felt Hillary Clinton dominated him in Southern states in the Democratic presidential primary.
Although this latest over outrage has flamed up over the last week, this whole incongruous narrative of claiming Sanders is disrespecting the South actually started way back on the night he was trounced in the South Carolina primary in February. As he was giving a speech at his Minnesota rally ahead of that state’s causes there, Sanders complimented the crowd who uttered his now synonymous $27 average campaign donation phrase.
“There’s no way we are going to lose Minnes…

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 4/15/16: Jagged Edge Ft Nelly - Where's The Party At? (2001)

Take it back to 15 Spring seasons ago, back in 2001, where So So Def's ATL group was in its prime. After "Let's Get Married," Jermaine Dupri's 4-man unit equaled its friendly rivals 112 at the time with top single after top single in the black music world. 
With Nelly emerging at the same time, it was the right combination for a hit that still goes strong in 2016. So, your first Flashback Friday of the day, it's Jagged Edge feat Nelly with "Where The Party At?"

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The Flashback Fridays #1 For 4/8/16: Sean Paul - Temperature (2006)

Another Friday brings us back to a decade ago at this time to another flashback, when Sean Paul was at the pinnacle of his career. "Temperature" became his biggest single to date and was the full culmination of four fine years of rising for the reggae master. Since then, Paul hasn't come close to reaching those heights. But now in his new period of being an independent artist, he still is loving his career and is in a good financial place. 
With all that said, here's "Temperature," the #1 hit on the charts from the Kingston sir from 2006, your first Flashback Friday choice of the week.  

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The Sports Thread For 4/5/16: The Peak Jordan Cry Face Thread

Look and weep (as UNC fans are understandably doing that right now):

And the one made by yours truly:  

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The April Fools' Flashback Fridays For 4/1/16: Rebecca Black - Friday (2011)

A song fitting for this April Fool's Day that is specifically on a Friday, since it rarely happens, is this legendary horrible classic that will remain with us forever. 5 years ago, one Rebecca Black both blessed and cursed us all with a song now approaching 100 million Youtube views.

Our Fridays have never been the same since "Friday" dropped. And it is, fittingly, your April Fools Flashback Friday choice, since its foolishness represents this whole day.

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