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Too Little, Possibly Too Late

The side that Hilary Clinton showed in the final three minutes of last night’s debate in Austin, Texas was one that has done this for her in the past:

It won her the affection of America for her husband infidelity 10 years ago, made her an easy winner for the senior Senator spot in New York in 2000 as Rick Lazio looked an arrogant young fool, and just in January, when the water works came out, won her sympathy in stopping Barack Obama’s sudden early barrage in winning New Hampshire.

How her campaign team, one of the worst campaigns teams in history for their indolence and unpreparedness for such a five-star candidate in all reality, and most importantly, herself, has failed to usher this side of her into all her speeches and campaign movements across the country is a prime reason why she is possibly eleven days away from a colossal fall.

It was a great moment that should have happened on plenty of occasions.

Instead, it happened at the end of the debate in the state capital of Texas whe…

McCain and NY Times Integrity on the Line

It’s kind of weird when the second month of the year, the shortest month of every year, possibly decides the rest of your 2008. Maybe it’s a marriage, maybe it’s an unfortunate death, and maybe it’s something else that pertains just to you.

Either way, to have one day in the middle of February to decide the rest of the 300-day landscape that is the 12 month time interval we engross ourselves in is momentous to say the least.

This situation presents itself to John McCain. But it also presents itself to New York Times editor Bill Keller and his accomplished reporters of Jim Rutenberg, Mariyln W. Thompson, David D. Kirkpatrick, and Stephen Labaton. Because simply put, the Times yesterday released a 3,000 word bombshell on the left side of their front page that could change their reputation forever in a negative light for the rest of this political season (and maybe forever). Or it would (not could or should) signal the end for the Arizona senator’s presidential hopes and be the ultimate s…

The Happy People....and the Romney People (Super Tuesday Review)

In arguably the most historic "Super Tuesday" ever, there still isn't an official nomination from both sides of the party, and the voting system is still a mess. That voting mess is indicative of the struggle of many college area kids in Boston and anywhere else where out of town students are located.

First off, in regards to the collegiate young men and women of this country (particularly in Massachusetts), if you didn't want to do the absentee votes in this country, then you better had registed (i.e sent that letter application type form) before my birthday, January 16. Because I didn't, and I payed for it.

I had to do a provisional vote, which is basically saying, unless the race is Florida 2000 type close, we are dumping this in the trash. Now technically, that is not what the rule says of course, and that is not how Massachusetts or any state does their business like that. If they did, they would be conspicuously reckless and ridiculous. But basically, their a…