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The Tube For 3/31/10: Gabourey Sidibe To Host Saturday Night Live

Would be funny if she did a skit on Howard Stern:
Ms. Sidibe is going to be hosting an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live! "It literally just happened," my source said of the deal.
By the way, funny enough, Jennifer Lopez is hosting Saturday. What she has done lately that's been great to host that is beyond me?

Sports Thread For #1 For 3/31/10: 2010 UEFA Champions League- WOW

The soldering spirit of Cesc Fabregas was evident for all to see
(Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images) Well it had the makings of a classic. And after 90 minutes, it was just that.

Maybe even better news is the fact that another classic could be in store 6 days time.

After seemingly looking out of this comepetition, Arsenal have somehow managed to show adversity once more this year and finish 2-2 with Barcelona at the Emirates. It truly exemplified a contest with major plot twists and ever changing climaxes.

Thanks to the brilliance of Manuel Almunia of all people, the Spanish giants were somehow denied a goal in the first half despite a plethora of clear cut chances. But the much maligned Arsenal goalkeeper couldn't keep his opening 45 minute level up, as he came off his line too far and was caught by a cheeky chip from Zlatan Ibrahomovic to make it 1-0 Barcelona.

And Ibrahamovic wasn't done, as he continued his party of finally scoring against an English team for the f…

The Fun Thread For 3/30/10: Letterman On The RNC's Strip Club Policy


Who knew Mario was evil?

I'm shocked Derek Jeter isn't on this list.

Did you know there are 478 "gay" animals........seriously.

Get ready for the IPhone .

This "Kick Ass" movie is making a lot of people angry because of kids cursing.

And finally, to close out, I have got to give a deserved shoutout to Dave Days and his hilarious video for Miley Cyrus. I was very skeptical at first, but it's worth the watch:

Your Fun Thread for the day.

The One Sentence Thread For 3/31/10: Some Things Are Just Easier To Get It Seems

Keeping campaign promises of increasing troops in Afghanistan and offshore drilling is a lot easier to keep than the public option or civilian trials for terrorists.

She Is Scaring Them

To the point that even her own colleagues at her current network have no problem going on the record to say things like this:
King’s comments were surprising for how candid he was in his assessment. While calling her a friend and colleague, he said “I wish her the best.” But:

There are a lot of questions. Christiane does not have a lot of experience covering American politics and so how does she fit in on ABC on Sunday morning? I’ll leave that to them to figure out. It is an interesting pick, it is an unorthodox choice, I think that’s just self-evident…I’ll watch how it plays out with everyone else.

More: “It’s an Interesting choice for them, they really decided to go in a new direction. We’ll see how it plays out. And I would tell everybody out there, put her on your DVR and watch Candy Crowley on State of the Union.” Yes, what King says is true, she hasn't covered American politics before. B

But instead of praising the terrific work of that his friend Amanpour has done in journal…

The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 3/31/10: The Simplest Message Ever To The Stupid.........For The Umpteenth And Final Time!

It takes a really special stupid and/or mendacious person to basically make Rachel Maddow very very upset on her television show (or anyone else for that matter).

Scott Brown is that special individual.

And the story that we all know now has actually continued because Scott Brown is a very stupid man who struggles to be forthright and respectful.

And you know why he struggles to be forthright and respectful? Oh, it's a hypothetical one from almost all of you who read this.

Because he thinks his lies won't lead to him getting the accountability he knows he would receive if he thought someone would relentlessly call him the word that he is.

Well, for the final time hopefully, Rachel Maddow won't have to be harassed and made a money banking prop for such a stupid individual.

Hopefully Brown got this message, because it was the greatest multiple usage of the word "liar" ever on national cable news TV history (and maybe in general).

7 minutes of appropriate grea…

Deservedly Scathing

One of America's best journalists who still doesn't get the recognition that he deserves basically held back no punches in highlighting how the Obama Administration has somehow left the Department of Justice in a state of politicization.

In an article written today at the Huffington Post, the industrious Dan Froomkin reminded us of the departure of the man tipped to make the closing of Guantanamo Bay be a smooth process. And further reminded us about how his replacement is not the steadfast voice required to steer the Administration to the right direction it advocated for during the campaign.
Greg Craig, as Obama's top lawyer, was the point man on a number of hot-button issues, the fieriest being how to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Craig argued for holding fast to the principles that Obama outlined before he became president, regardless of the immediate political consequences -- an idealistic approach that, in a White House filled with increasingly pusillanimous pr…

The Tube For 3/30/10: Um.....LL Cool J......What The Hell? (Update, LL Responds)

Funny and said and sigh-worthy all simultaneously:
Sarah Palin will host "Real American Stories," a Fox News special debuting on Thursday.

For the premiere episode, which will air at 10PM, the show will include guests ranging from entertainers LL Cool J and Toby Keith to former GE CEO Jack Welch and a Marine Medal of Honor recipient.

The episode will pre-empt "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" and re-air Sunday night at 9PM. Maybe since he is apart of NCIS, that she could ask him "How the Navy is?"

It wouldn't surprise me.

Update: Haha, LL Cool J responds:
What a surprise, isn't it?

Since the interview is probably their property, he probably would have no chance if he considered bringing it to court.

But damn, it shows how desperate this clown network is for the ultimate of clown figures.

Sports Thread For #2 For 3/30/10: Olic, Munich Stun United As Rooney Limps Off

Photo From Getty ImagesIn just the span of 15 seconds, both Manchester United's and Wayne Rooney's years might have flashed in the blink of an eye.

Ivica Olic, who blew a clear cut chance in the 1st half, scored the game winning goal to give Bayern Munich a 2-1 advantage over their England opponents after leg one of their quarterfinal tie.

And that goal came a few moments after Rooney was stepped on in midfield, leading to him hobbling off at match's end in obvious pain.

The injury didn't look all that good considering the fact that the England striker didn't put any weight on his ailing left foot while egressing the pitch.

There will be updates as to the extent of his injury, as United's season has hit the all crucial stretch now, with a potential Barclays Premier League title decider with Chelsea on Saturday before next week's return leg against Bayern.

It was a much different atmosphere at the start of the match for Rooney and his team, as he tallied…

The Fun Thread For 3/30/10: Glorious

For those who know the video game "Portal" and it's famous theme song "Still Alive" (which I didn't know until today), this video is a must see if you haven't seen it already.

And for those who aren't familiar with it like I was (which I know, I should be ashamed of myself for not being), then you are in for a great moment as well.

First, here is the original song:

And now, here's the kids performance:

Now I certainly see why their performance is special.

The Miscellaneous
It's amazing how despite the advancement in times, people can still rob banks. And in this case in Paris, they can rob it by doing some old fashion digging !

Aww, taking it back to the 8-bit video game era .

A 74 year old man has become the oldest dad in Britain .

Sorry, but whoever made this list is a total weirdo.

And Fixed propaganda, yet again, always amazes. An airport landing was more important than Obama signing the reconciliation bill into law:

Your Fun Thr…

Music Thread #1 For 3/30/10: Big Day In Releases Today

You could say that today is arguably the first big multiple release day of the year, as we all know the two biggest releases. But here are the other notable ones. In stores: There are a bunch of big names on tomorrow's new release schedule: Erykah Badu, Usher and Alan Jackson lead the way, while "Wu Massacre" -- a Wu-Tang Clan faction featuring Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon -- also drops. Veteran Bay Area rapper E-40 does the double album, separate releases thing with "Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift" and "Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift." And on the indie-pop tip, there's "I Will Be" by Dum Dum Girls and the essential "Black Tambourine" collection. And there you go.

Sports Thread For #1 For 3/30/10: The Runthrough

Later today, the 2nd sports thread will have the live stream hopefully of Bayern Munich vs Manchester United today in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

With last night's win.......

The Nets are now good enough to potentially win in the Final Four.

This one really annoyed me yesterday, but how do you chose Scottie Reynolds, who struggled at year's end as did his Villanova team as well, over Sherron Collins on 1st team All-America? Collins was not just the best player on the best team in the country, but he also came through in the clutch almost as much as Evan Turner did for Ohio State this year. Who the hell voted on Reynolds over Collins is beyond me?

Oregon is really really desperate for Tom Izzo if that was true (which they are denying, while their interest in Tubby Smith seems very real). But with how he has led this team to the Final Four this year is another reason why you can't quibble with him potentially being the highest paid coach in the NCAA.

And w…

Yesterday's Leftovers For 3/30/10: The RNC Nightclub Blame Game Continues

Already, we have seen the first officially axed person from the aftermath of a very embarrassing day for the RNC yesterday (and a great day for The Daily Caller):
A Republican National Committee staffer who went to a risque Hollywood nightclub with party donors and then expensed the tab has been fired, RNC Chief-of-Staff Ken McKay said in an internal memo sent to committee members late Monday and obtained by CNN.

McKay said an investigation into how the RNC ended up financing a nearly $2,000 outing at Voyeur - a trendy Los Angeles club where topless dancers can be seen mimicking sex acts - determined that a group of young donors went to the club after attending a Young Eagles event in Los Angeles in February.

The Young Eagles program is an RNC effort to cultivate up-and-coming donors in their 30s and 40s. One of the donors in the group that night was Erik Brown, a GOP consultant from Orange County, who ultimately picked up the tab at the club.
But despite all of this, Dave Weigel …

Music Wakeup Call For 3/30/10: Mary J Blige Feat Ja Rule- Rainy Dayz (2002)

Just because the weather alone on the East Coast (and the fact that this could be the rainiest month), this is just the fitting song of this morning:

The 1st Thread For 3/30/10: The Miscellaneous

Lots of quality reads here:

Thanks to it surviving early humiliation, I do believe the iPad, though still a ridiculous buy, will justify the hype based on seeing this.

Well it's about time G-Chat that you do this. I can't believe it has taken you up until now to do so.

The new WMD is EMP?

For those waiting for the film "The Hobbit" coming out, you're going to have wait a little younger .

Sean Penn is taking a lot of heat for his comments on Hugo Chavez a few weeks ago on Bill Maher? But who is Maria Conchita Alonso ?

And for those who were intrigued by the whole Erykah Badu thing, this story of firefighters in Australia running nude in the streets top that 10 fold.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 3/29-30/10: Much Ado About Badu In Big D (Updated)

Earlier today in the Music Wakeup Call, we showed Erykah Badu's terrific new video "Window Seat."

And now some people in Dallas, the city where the video was shot, are not very happy with her decision to be naked at video's end in front of City Hall:
Earlier this morning, Pete posted the evidence to DC9: Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video, the latest informercial for New Amerykah Part Two: The Return of the Ankh, in stores tomorrow. Since its release in the wee small hours Saturday morning, the video -- filmed entirely in Dealey Plaza in one take on March 17 -- has become the subject of much controversy, not only because of where it was shot, but because of Erykah's decision to take it off take it all off (Matt & Kim-style) in front of Grassy Knoll bystanders on her way to the X-marks-the-spot where John Kennedy was shot to death in November '63. Then, in the end, there's a shout-out to The Organization Man himself, as the word "grou…

Music Thread #1 For 3/29/10: The Monday Runthrough

Let's just get right into it:
Phil Collins' recent times will make you shed a tear (Photo from Lovekin/Getty)Looks like Sony continue to show oppressive the rulers that be in the music industry are. And why they would want to undercut their artists is beyond me:
If you want to watch a Beyoncé video, one place you shouldn't be headed is Beyoncé's own YouTube channel. In an apparent piracy crackdown, Sony has blocked her videos; visit the channel and you're likely to see a message: “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” I really wish Beyonce' would take a stand here and call her label out if she knows anything about this. I would instantly become a supporter of hers if she did just that.

Sadly, she'll probably keep quiet and continue to just happily collect the fat checks. And artists will once again miss a chance to turn around the power in the industry away from the corrupt hea…

The Style For 3/29/10 (Inaugural Post): Happy 2nd Birthday To "O So Chic"

(This is "The Style", the new daily addition to The Whole Delivery pertaining to clothing and human appearance. This is just another step for the site to truly be one that gives The Whole Delivery. )
And they are having a giveaway :
Today we're giving away two gift sets from Tarte cosmetics. One winner will receive Gilt Trip, a set of six sparkling lip glosses in a cute gold case. The other winner will get a gift set that includes a Tarte lip balm and cheek stain in a pretty purple clutch.

There are three ways to enter and the more places you enter, the more likely your chance to win.

1. Become a Fan of O So Chic on Facebook and wish us Happy Birthday on our wall. You must be a fan of O So Chic on Facebook to win.

2. Follow @OSoChic on Twitter and wish @OSoChic Happy Birthday. You must follow @OSoChic on Twitter to win.

3. Enter your name and email address in the form below and wish us a Happy Birthday in the "What do you want to say to O So Chic?" section. By…

The Straight Jacket Award Of The Day For 3/29/10: Our PostRacial Society, TAKE #32451

This one guy thinks he can tell a person's race by their voice on a phone, and also recommends that C-Span change their names to Black-Span if he continues to think it is growing in calls from black people.

Just for this high quality call alone, whatever this racist clowns name is, he is deserving of the......
......Straight Jacket Award.

Michael Steele Quotes Shaggy Without Attribution

For Michael Steele's troubles today, I have the perfect song for his explanation. He is just amazing.

And only Mr. Steele could make the Daily Caller actually be relevant. Only him.

The Cinema Numbers Review For 3/29/10: A Dragon Is Preferred Over The Hubtub

The best movie of 2010 is deserving the big winner of the weekend. I guess those higher prices for 3-D helps in the money being large of course.

"How To Train Your Dragon" grossed $43 million in week one, and the high acclaims for this outstanding movie have now stopped.

If you didn't love this movie, then you should not only be banned from writing any more movie reviews ever again, but from writing all things in general.

Meanwhile for Hot Tub Time Machine, it banked in a disappointing $13 million and a third place finish. It couldn't beat three week old Alice in Wonderland, as that juggernaut took home $17 million more.

The Daily Fun Thread For 3/29/10: Throwback To The Days Miss Celo

Aww the day of Miss Celo and all her scamming millions out of money:

Memories can sometimes be so so sweet. And she has had some lifestyle.

How to build big lasting fan pages on Facebook .

Rachel Weisz could be the next bond villain .

This story of whether spouses should be able to sue their mates' cheaters is one inspired John Edwards.

Find out how bubbles are somehow attacking Indiana . Yes, you read correctly.....bubbles.

That iPad sellout and all. They are shipping out 8 to 10 million of them .


And...... Basically .

More to come everyone.

Music Am Wakeup Call For 3/29/10: Erykah Badu- Window Seat (2010)

The new single and video from Erykah Badu. It's "Window Seat", your morning wakeup call for this Monday.

The 1st Thread For 3/29/10: More On What Happened In Moscow

Photo From The BBC More on the fallout for the suicide bombings in Russia earlier today. It has been learned that the two suicide bombers were, in fact, female.

The numbers on how many people have perished because of these sick attacks has varied throughout the course of the day in the Russian capital.

Crazy (the Live BBC updates: 1152 The BBC Russian Service's Andrei Ostalski says the attacks could lead to a "widespread panic... and the society will react in a way which will allow those who actually favour tightening up the screws in Russia again to push ahead with this". He adds that Vladmir Putin's response could improve his chances of taking back the presidency in 2012. As speculation of the bombings being conducted by the Islamist radical group the Chechens grows, the ubiquitous Putin explained that those who committed this crime will be "destroyed."

And President Dmitry Medvedev promised suppression of terrorism in the large country .

More on thi…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 3/28-29/10: Moscow Explosion Update

Photo From France 24Looks like no one is going to take Murdoch's BS it appears:
According to a Washington Post story by Howard Kurtz, about 200 advertisers have "joined a boycott" of Glenn Beck's program, with Apple abandoning Fox News altogether. From the story:
More than 200 companies have joined a boycott of Beck's program, making it difficult for Fox to sell ads. The time has instead been sold to smaller firms offering such products as Kaopectate, Carbonite, 1-800-PetMeds and Goldline International. A handful of advertisers, such as Apple, have abandoned Fox altogether. Network executives say they believe they could charge higher rates if the host were more widely acceptable to advertisers...

... By calling President Obama a racist and branding progressivism a "cancer," Beck has achieved a lightning-rod status that is unusual even for the network owned by Rupert Murdoch. And that, in turn, has complicated the channel's efforts to neutralize White…

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 3/28/10: It's Set!

Photo from Getty Images Duke and Michigan State had the Final Four pedigree that both Tennessee and Baylor wanted.

Unfortunately for them, the two traditional powers didn't want to give that to them. And they didn't.

In the second contest this afternoon, timely offensive rebounding and clutch three point shooting from gunners Nolan Smith and John Scheyer was the difference, as the Blue Devils advanced to the Final Four for the first time since 2004 by winning 78-71 win over the Bears.

2nd chance opportunities were front and center were unquestionably enormous in Reliant Stadium, as Baylor center Josh Bowers 4th foul back in the incipient stages of the second half tipped the balance for Duke to get crucial rebounds for devastating threes.

The final result was even closer in the first game today, as Michigan State returns to the Final Four for another time with a thrilling 70-69 won over Tennessee. Despite not having the services of their best player, all-America point guard…

Sunday Soulful For 3/28/10: Jaheim- Backtight (2002)

This week's Sunday Soulful features a return from one of the true soul crooners of our time. Off his semi-classic sophomore album "Still Ghetto", here is Jaheim with my favorite song of that album, "Backtight."

You'll love it if you don't never heard of it before. And for those who do know it, you will be more than glad with the selection.

Once again, your Sunday Soulful for this evening, here is Jaheim's "Backtight."

TWD Sunday Fun Thread For 3/28/10: He Should Have Made These Recess Appointments

Craig Becker? Please.

These are the people, or kids, President Obama should have given recess appointments too:

More to come everyone.

Sunday Sunshine For 3/28/10: HAPPY PALM SUNDAY!

Bring in Mary and Mary:

Who will say Hosea out the loudest?

May you enter a city that won't back stab you a few days later (unless it was your destiny to do so of course). Also today, may you not plant your palm or palms in the ground and expect a few harvest up.

Again, congrats to Marvin Sapp making history for gospel music.

Good times indeed, and may you be blessed this Sunday everyone.

And don't say "Hosanna" out too loud.

Sports Saturday Thread #3 For 3/27/10: Climbing Up The Mountain Top

Photo from Getty ImagesThe Big East, thine reputation will be redeemed it seems.

Thanks to an inspired performance from Joe Mazzulla and their opponents shooting woes finally leading to their demise, West Virginia has knocked off Kentucky to win the East Region and advance to indianapolis next weekend.

Quite frankly, Kentucky's chance at winning a national title didn't have to do to whether it's youthful exuberance would be able to handle the moment. Rather, it all came down to hitting the outside shot and their free throws consistently.

And they couldn't.

4 for 32 was the final total that John Calipari and his team will remember for a long time, as West Virginia's nine three pointers was the difference in the Carrier Dome this evening.

DaSean Butler proved once again that he is one of the nation's elite players, and Bob Huggins continued his mastery of his friend by improving to an 8-1 record over Calipari.

Only one #1 seed remains in the tournament now,…

Like They Are In The NCAA Tournament

With the momentum of the Obama Administration finally deciding to use recess appointments for the likes of Craig Becker being felt, Nancy Pelosi indicates that should be the commencement and not the conclusion of the Democrats staying on the gas pedal.

From The Hill reporter Ian Swanson, the Speaker of the House urges her colleagues in the House to stay active as Easter break approaches: Members returning to their districts should tout the new healthcare law’s benefits to their constituents, according to the “recess packet” issued by Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office this week and obtained by The Hill.

Members should “convey the immediate benefits of health reform to your constituents (such as better prescription drug benefits for seniors, tax credits for small businesses and prohibiting insurance companies from canceling your policy if you get sick),” the memo said.
But emphasizing what the health insurance reform bill will do isn't the only homework House Dems should be doing, in t…

Sports Saturday Thread #2 For 3/27/10: This Butler Is No Butler To Anyone In The West Region

Photo from Getty ImagesFor some, Butler being placed in the preseason Top 10's raised eyebrows. Now those eyebrows shouldn't be raised by seeing what transpired just now.

The Horizon League champions will be headed home, but unlike almost everyone else when they are lumped in with that phrase, they will return with a chance for a national championship.

Led by the terrific coaching of rising star Brad Stevens coupled with the standout duo that is Shelvin Mack and Gordon Hayward, the Bulldogs have defeated Kansas State 63-56 in the thrilling conclusion of an exciting West Region for this year.

Fatigued from their epic against Xavier two nights ago seemed to have plagued the Wildcats, but Butler showed terrific composure like they did against Syracuse, handling K-State's comeback and being the strongest at the finish.

And just for that, they aren't finished.

Full box score here.

The One Sentence Thread For 3/27/10: Numbers Game

In the minds of our media, 1,000 is greater than 200,000.

The Social Protocol For 3/27/10: Spam Murderers

We'll see if this 1% feels like a true 1% in due time. Twitter has radically reduced the amount of spam on the site, announcing that just over one per cent of all tweets are now spam-related.

This is a significant change from August 2009 when spam was at its highest on the site accounting for a massive 11 per cent of tweets sent.

The micro-blogging site has put in measures to cut down spam on the site even further, but it does admit that "while the battle will never be over, we're doing well on the front lines." Since I somehow got back into the public timeline, I have been getting spammers left and right. Maybe in regards to the ones with the tweets having all the current trending topics on them is what Twitter's main task was here.

If so, than those spammers will still gladly exaggerate your stat totals.

Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 3/27/10: As Chelsea Strength Their Title Chances, Arsenal Have There's Weaken

The two London clubs batting Manchester United for the Barclays Premier league crown this season had massive results this Saturday. But while Chelsea ran rampant just now on Aston Villa, Arsenal fans were devastated to see their team conceded a late equalizer to Birmingham City at St. Andrews.

The Blues virtually ended any hopes of Aston Villa reaching the Top 4 this year, as a Frank Lampard 4 goal day propelled Carlo Ancelotti's team to an emphatic 7-1 win.

But the same could not be said of their London rivals, as Arsenal conceded a Kevin Phillips deflection in the waning moments of the match to finish 1-1 with Birmingham City. Samir Nasri added to his growing legacy with a brilliant strike in the 81st minute, seeming to have given the Gunners a valuable three points.

Instead, Arsenal and their supporters will now hope that Bolton can take points at home against a United side without Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand today.

Friday Night Thread For 3/27/10: Happy 70th Nancy Pelosi

And made even sweeter by the Daily Kos community:

Not a bad week for her at all.

To Montell, enjoy the rest, if there is any left, of your Friday Night:

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 3/26/10: Janet Jackson- Doesn't Really Matter (2000)

Since it came out right at the beginning of the last decade, and so many things have transpired in her life, people have forgotten how quality this song and video was from the legend that is J-squared.

Here's "Doesn't Really Matter":

Sweet 16 to Elite 8, who’s going to get a slice of the cake?

Midwest Region #5 Michigan State Spartans vs. #9 Univ of Northern Iowa Panthers Friday 9:37 PM

Michigan St. Spartans- How they got here: Beat #12 New Mexico St. Aggies 70-67, #4 Maryland Terrapins 85-83

The Michigan State Spartans never make it easy. They relinquished a sizeable lead against New Mexico St and saw an 18 point advantage dissolve an Oreo in milk in their thrilling last millisecond win over Maryland. It wouldn’t be Michigan State if they didn’t make things hard. But, whether it’s by 20 or by 1 all that maters is that you get it done. And that’s exactly what head coach Tom Izzo’s Spartans do.

Izzo’s Spartans may not be a glamorous team, but the lifelong Michigan resident has constructed a phenomenal college hardwood factory. Michigan St. has made 5 of the last 11 Final Four’s. However, in order for last year’s national runner-up to make a return trip to the hallowed destination they’ll have to do it without their maestro First Team-All Big Ten selection and last year Big Ten …

The Tube For 3/26/10: 24 Is Going To End After 8 Seasons

And conservatives terrible week continues, though a lot of people will be sad about this one
Tick, tick, tick ... and done.

After eight seasons, Fox's "24" is coming to an end.

The groundbreaking action drama will air its final real-time episode in May, the victim of a confluence of circumstances: a swelling budget, declining ratings and creative fatigue.

Yet for fans of Jack Bauer, there remains hope. Studio 20th TV is developing a theatrical film that takes Bauer to Europe, and showrunner and executive producer Howard Gordon says other possibilities are being explored as well.

"There are other possible iterations of Jack Bauer and his world," Gordon said.

The writing has been on the wall for the show all season, which Gordon said felt like "senior year of high school" to star Kiefer Sutherland. I never watched it, but we all know this show gets its love.

He Should Apologize Or Resign

Enough is enough.

When I saw this tweet from Alan Colmes last night on a thought from Alan Grayson passed to him, it was one of only two resolutions I could see for this ugly situation to end appropriately:
With how this shamefulstoryhas evolved, the only other thing that should be acceptible from Eric Cantor is to show penitence for his not shocking but, still, very shocking and disturbing actions.

Nothing else.

It's already deplorable enough that the Sad Obnoxious Party won't take (or are alarmingly slow) any responsibility for their tea partiers dropping coffins, throwing bricks, or leaving chilling phone calls in Democratic officers.

But what Cantor (and Jean Schimdt, more on her in a second) did by trying to join his party in the "victim circle", and burden America with another false equivalency nonsense for the media to play with is too much to take.

It is highly dangerous what Cantor and his press office are continuing to do by now changing every bit of h…

The Break #3/Sports Thread #2 For 3/26/10: No Serious Jail Time For Gibert Arenas

With how the momentum was flowing, not a surprise he didn't get 3 months.
Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas sentenced to spend 30 days in a halfway house for gun conviction stemming from locker-room dispute.

Sweet 16 to Elite 8, who’s going to get a slice of the cake? (Night 2)

Midwest Region- #6 Tennessee Volunteers vs #2 Ohio State Buckeyes

#6 Tennessee Volunteers- How they got here: Beat #11 San Diego State Aztecs 62-59, #14 Ohio Bobcats 83-68

After surviving a difficult scare versus a good San Diego St team Tennessee decisively capped the Ohio Bobcats in the second round. Now effusive, joyfully crunk infectious player’s coach and two time National Coach of the Year Bruce Pearl’s Vols face Big champs Ohio St. Buckeyes.

After being saddled with a very tumultuous season, including the dismissal of First Team All SEC small forward Tyler Smith in January for getting busted for gun possession Pearl truly proved just how fantastic of a sideline general he is.
Despite losing their leader and chief scorer and orchestrator the Vols managed to finish third in the SEC, garner a #14 ranking and be the only team to beat Kansas and Kentucky. Tennessee relies on the potent inside-outside combo of Wayne Chism (team leading 7.1 boards, 1.4 blocks, 75 fts) and McDonald’s …