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Some Rare Good News For Haiti

Photo from AFP While the focus on this last day of January 2011 is either turned towards Egypt or Florida joining Virginia in declaring The Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, Haiti once again never takes a backseat to the importance of its headlines. And today, it received some rather surprising and rarely awesome news.

Another former exiled President maybe allowed back into the country, and it is the good exiled former Pres instead of the awful one.
Haiti's government said Monday it was ready to issue a new passport to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which would allow him to return after almost seven years in exile in South Africa.

"The government will give assurances that as soon as it receives such a request, it will be swiftly granted," the information ministry said in a statement.

Aristide, who fled the Caribbean country in 2004, formally requested earlier that Haitian authorities issue him a diplomatic passport, and provide guarantees for his safety.


Midday Music Energy Boost For 1/31/11: B.O.B- Don't Let Me Fall (2010)

The return of the Music Energy Boost is the third single (and intro song) off of "The Adventures of Bobby Ray."

It's B.O.B with the sentimentally smooth "Don't Let Me Fall."

The Flashback Friday #1 For 1/28/11: Public Enemy- Fight The Power (1989)

In the midst of Egypt's protest going down, here's the fitting return of The Flashback Friday, with an appropriate selection for the day.

Once again for the "FF series", it's Public Enemy's forever classic "Fight The Power." Although I highly doubt anyone in Egypt is quoting this song while continuing their protest on the Mubarak regime, it surely does fit the moment.

From 22 years ago, here's "Fight The power" once again on the Flashback Friday's return.

Return Of The Sleep Time Thread For 1/27/11

And just basically the whole site: