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HAPPY Halloween From The Whole Delivery

The Catch Up On Many Things Thread For 10/30/09: The Robust Public Option Still Has A Chance

The robust public option still has a chance thanks to the outstanding Raul Grijalva.

Joe Lieberman of 15 years ago would have hated the Joe Lieberman now, per Sam Stein.

In my best Jane Hamsher impersonation, I dare Blanche Lincoln to filibuster.

Fitting for Halloween.....just fitting

The real President Obama facebook page .

The Additional Deliveries
Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. God bless to him.

The ABC local news channel in D.C. is airing bare breasts self-exams on their network. Probably not the best move in my mind.

Some celebrities have gotten better with age in terms of their looks.

And more to come , but for now, enjoy this episode of the classic Nicktoon, "Ahhhhh, Real Monsters."

More to come....stay tuned.

The Flashback Friday #1 For 10/30/09: Whodini- Freaks Come Out At Night (1984)

Three years before I was born, this song was the jam. And fitting for this Halloween weekend, here is the classic Whodini with "Freaks Out At Night"...which will be also a tune for tomorrow of course.

Music Thread #2 For 10/29/09:Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z

Shame you got to here Kay Slay's BS throughout tho.

The 2009 World Series: Phillies vs Yankees, Game 2 (A Sports Thread #2 LIVE Special For 10/29/09)

Ibanez causing the Yankees problems again, as Matt Stairs drives him home. 1-0 Phillies here in the bottom of the second as of this post.
Watch live video from RYTE STATION 2 on

The Daily Open Thread For 10/29/09: Petty Senators

Putting their selfish interest ahead of America again. First, CO-Op man

And former President/Empress Snowe with her Triggerarcy all day long:

These two people speak to how our Senate, as Greenwald said last night on Maddow, has been purchased away painfully to the special interests.

Thanks to Republicans still being classless in the continued blockade of Obama Administration and Judicial nominees, Henry Reid continued his recent little streak of standing strong and calling them out for their childish behavior.

At least Conrad wasn't too pathetic to do this though. So credit is given when earned. And with Conrad, it sure as hell has to be earned.

Isn't it about time that someone puts a restraining order on Griff Jenkins? And if Alan Grayson is ever bothered again by that stalker, Heather Thursday over at Crooks and Liars say that Grayson should follow the Olbermann template to handle a clown like him.

But hey, then some will say Mike Stark is a stalker too. But even if they do,…

Sports Thread #1 For 10/29/09: The Runthrough

Daniel Gibson runs into Chris Bosh, as the Cavs have run into an 0-2 start to their season (Photo from Associated Press) The Cavaliers are really lacking the versatility that is needed for a championship team outside of course of LeBron James. It's only two games, but the Cavaliers haven't looked good for the last 7 of the 8 quarters they have played so far.

Mo Williams isn't strong enough of a distributor , Shaq and the rest of the bigs aren't versatile enough to truly execute pick and roll, and here is just no guy right now on that team besides James that you can picture taking over a game deep in the postseason.

I picked them to win the title this year, though when them making a move in the mid season though. Because there is no way with this current lineup and roster that they will win the title.

The most shocking statistic in the NBA last night for me.......The Warriors rookie Stephen Curry only took one three pointer last night in their 108-107 season opening los…

Music Thread #1 For 10/29/09: The Runthrough

"This Is It" cashed in 2.2 million on its premiere night.

Meanwhile, MJ has made $72 million after his death.

Joe Budden continues to score in the "lose" column.

Shakira's time has past in my mind. Younger pop artists have basically taken over her own her lane in the game, and that single she has out right now just isn't generating anything.

50 Cent's album has is one link to the "Psycho" song from Eminem. And for that album, which has been planned way before even the rushed "Curtis" album, "Before I Self Destruct" isn't generating really any buzz at all.

Quietly, Jay-Z and Black Eyed Peas albums went platinum last week, and both are over the 1.1 million threshold. Disappointing numbers for Mariah Carey though, and Whitney Houston will probably need a second single if she is to go platinum by year's end.

And I guarantee you that this will be the worst rap album ever. This guy is not even good at wh…

10/29/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day- So What Happened To The Robust Public Option

You would think that the House, with how fierce its Speaker has been as well as having a clear dominate majority in the Democratic side would produce the strongest health care reform bill for REAL reform in this country.

And especially after last week, last Thursday, where the Speaker said that she had the votes for a robust public option, you would have all assured yourself that at least the House will give the nation its best shot at ultimate reform happening.

Then all of a sudden, last Friday happened. And ever since then, the robust public option became what it is now today.

Not robust.Under pressure from moderate-to-conservative members of the House Democratic caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to propose a government-run insurance plan that would negotiate rates with doctors and hospitals, rather than using prices set by the government, aides said Wednesday.

Ms. Pelosi said the public plan, which she prefers to call a “consumer option,” would compete with private insurers. …

The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/29/09: Sobering Reminder

The Rise "n" Shine it's own separate series at The Whole Delivery.

Stevie Wonder's "What's The Fuss?" is this morning's wakeup call:

Stevie Wonder - So What the Fuss
by val6210

Obama in Donor, meeting the bodies of the fallen 18 soldiers in Afghanistan:

Rachel and G-squared say what they had to say about Joe Lieberman.

All Rachel should have done in the end is call Lieberman a "lying coward."

Dennis Kucinich speaks realness again that you need to hear:

And if you need more Political "Link juice" this morning, here's Greg Sargent. Indiana voters want a public option and a sizeable chunk does not want Senator Evan Bayh to join a GOP heath care filibuster, according to a new poll by the nonpartisan Research 2000 for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.Man, this is a good question.

Law suit on Cocoa Krispies. Yup, just click on it to see I'm not lying.

The most stressful jobs around that pay low.

A touching s…

The Sleep Time For 10/28-29/09: Shep Smith Just Somehow Keeps His Job

The only non-comedian on that network:

Good night and see you in the morning.

The Cliff & Chase Show Give Phillies A Dominate Game 1 Win Over The Yankees (World Series Sports Thread #2

Coming into the postseason , Cliff Lee had yet to record a playoff win, let alone pitch in the postseason.

After four starts, no question that Cliff Lee is the best pitcher in baseball at this point.

A masterful performance that featured 10 strikeouts, no walks, and a jaw dropping behind the back fielding play from Lee spurred the defending champion to a dominant 6-1 Game 1 win in the World Series.

This is how good the CY Young winner of 2008 was: He allowed no runner to third base before the 9th inning, and he also prevented two runners form being on base at the same time before the final frame.

Outside of the always brilliant Derek Jeter (who again, with a 3 for 5 performance and the only run scored for the Yankees in this game), Lee flummoxed the entire Yankee lineup all night. He baffled the in form Alex Rodriguez with three strikeouts, took the confident bats away from dangerous youngsters Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera, and took any threat from the veteran bats of Jorge Posada a…

The 2009 World Series: Phillies vs Yankees (A Sports Thread LIVE Special For 10/28/09)

The Philadelphia Phillies look to become the first National League team since the Cincinnati Reds 33 years ago to repeat as MLB World Series Champions, as they take on a New York Yankees side looking for a 27th championship in their glorious franchise history.

Both teams have obviously proven themselves to no question be the best two teams to reach the ultimate stage of professional baseball this year. There was no "timely peak at the right time" or "ride an ace pitcher on his shoulders" for neither side, as their play all season placed them in position to excel at the highest level in their league's playoffs.

Since June, the Yankees were by far the best team in the American league, as there bullpen was solidified with Phil Hughes emerging as the set up man already with lefty Phil Coke to cover the immaculate Mariano Rivera. It also helped that Mark Teixiera showed what a great off season acquisition he was as well as Alex Rodriguez getting over his hip surgery…

The Daily Open Thread For 10/28/09: Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XX


The Catch Up On Many Things Thread For 10/28/09:

Busy with many things today outside of TWD everyone, so sorry for the delay. But here's the runthrough:

Public Option Health Care News

While most were focusing on the LIE-bera--hole show yesterday with the Senate, the bigger story probably was in the House. A robust public option, something Nancy Pelosi said was going to happen in her chamber, is in serious danger actually.

The negotiation rates need to keep premiums at 10-11% in comparison to typical private insurers being truly strong instead of the negotiated rates that the Blue Dog/conservative nutcases want. Without that, the public option, though still a public option at day's end, is not as strong as it should be.

And, as Jon Walker said in that link, it IS A Slap in the face to the working class. That would be around a $1,400 reduction in premiums for the average family that could choose the robust public option. Forcing Americans to pay roughly $1,400 more a year on health insurance premiums, by denying them the choice …

The One Sentence Thread For 10/28/09: Don't Worry

The news at The Whole Delivery is coming, don't worry all.

Midday Music Energy Boost For 10/28/09: Michael Jackson feat Janet Jackson- Scream

Since they movie is out, you have to give the love, no question:

Michael Jackson - Scream
by kellyfan42

The Sleep Time/Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/27-28/09: The Joys Of Watching Parking Errors

The 12 worst parking errors on Youtube is kind of fun to watch.......unless you were part of something like this:

People need to understand by now that once Mark Zuckerberg changes one thing on his site, he does not give a damn what you think afterwards.

There were groups made when facebook started radically changing three years ago, and there will be groups in the future. But the only way Zukerberg will be somehow affected by his own protocol is if people leave his protocol. And I don't see that drastically happening at all.

Good for Don Cheadle.

What I thought earlier about Alan Grayson labeling Linda Robertson a corporate "whore."

Bout damn time for this.

Alcohol and Cancer linked through cell phones once again. Scary.

Always a caveat......always a caveat.

More Middle East news, as a sewage crisis is growing in Gaza.

Laugh............and snicker, snicker and laugh.

And James Zogby is a real idiot (and plus possibly a homophobe and a racist too).

Until the morning, I…

Sports Thread #2 For 10/27/09: Los Angeles Lakers Open Their Season By Getting Their Rings


That Context Issue Again

Some are once again giving heat to Alan Grayson for his usage of the word "whore" to describe former Enron lobbyist Linda Robertson. Well, basically that some consist of the usual Republican hypocrites, but also include some on Grayson's fan club that feel he shouldn't have used the word "whore."

For me, this is akin to his usage of the word "holocaust" to describe the non-plan SOP health care ideas, and how some, including Rachel Maddow, gave him criticism on that.

For me, just like with "holocaust", I may have wished Grayson said another word besides "whore" not because of him needing to tone it down at all, but because we wouldn't have to hear anybody slam this man for telling the 100% truth like he has done thus far in his way. Because of the type of outcry from the Right saying "Grayson should once again be ashamed of himself and their usual holy than thou" diatribes, the staff of the fast rising Dem had to ob…

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 10/27/09: The TRONN And Miscellaneous Runthrough

Jon Stewart on the idiots, from McCain to Dreck Beck, upset about Net Neutrality:

As highlighted by clicking on the photo, Marcy Wheeler sees how the media let LIE-Berman's lies go unchallenged in their slack reporting, including even a real good site. But then there are others who def stepped up and thensome.

And you knew Media Matters was going to talk about that the minute Ms. Wheeler did.

They just get better and better at Hackio, don't they?

John Cole's views on the Connecticut attention whore: BTW- I’m laughing at the Lieberman stuff. Will all the folks who spent the last few weeks trashing the WH for being insufficiently aggressive with the public option please write up your apologies long-form? I’ll check memeorandum for you later. Pretty clearly, the swarthy guy knew the whip count better than Harry Reid. Imagine that! Of course, by noting that Team Obama has more political awareness and skill than Senate Democrats just makes me an O-bot.And Steve Benen's persp…

Music Thread #1 For 10/27/09: The Return Of the One Who Calls Himself Mechanical Dummy On Twitter

Well, he's back. And no blue bow ties for him.

And with that video, the info for his fourth album

Well, I don't expect Rihanna to be on that album though. And neither on the other side with her forth coming album as well.

Stay Strong, Majority Leader!

So what if that A-hole from Connecticut did the expected thing from him by becoming an attention whore again for his own smugness to be satisfied?

Who gives a damn?!

His arrogance will be on the wrong side of history just like it always is. I don't know what could give one so much pleasure about being proud of what's wrong in American government, but so be with A-holes though. You never know what crazy is in their brains and all?

But what most think in this country is that you, Senator Reid, have the support of the nation on this.

We are behind you in pushing (at the very least) the opt-out right down an a--holes throat and his lobbies crony friends.

We are behind you on staying strong as you were in telling the White House how the public option needed to be in the Senate bill on the floor. You were strong enough to tell Olympia Snowe's triggers to go the place were they needed to rightfully go. And you have the strength to either tell Joe Lieberman and any other corporate…

The Read International For 10/27/09: The Deadliest Month For US Soldiers Ever In Afghanistan

Photo from the AP
Today, 8 more US Soldiers died in Afghanistan today via bomb attacks, making it the deadliest month for US forces in the entire 8 year period in that country.

This certainly will continue to raise the obvious question of "Why are we still over there?" Brave troops continuing to being put in harms way, and the growing chorus of President Obama needing to make the right decision here of withdrawing will continue to get louder and louder.

When will that rational and necessary decision be made?

The war trials continue for Radovan Karadzic at the Hague. The former Bosnian Serb leader is, for those who don't know, facing charges of 11 counts of genocide, war crimes, and crimes in general to humanity. He was certainly a sick piece of work and then some.

In Morocco, protest against the Ramandan fast has led to some serious tension in that nation.

Interesting stuff in Chile about their military courts possibly getting limited.

And in Malawi, a bishop is rationa…

The Daily Open Thread For 10/27/09: Another Thing The Historians Will shake Their Heads On

The level of media fail is appalling to this journalist here.

More to come, stay tuned.

Glenn Beck Day/Teabag Day Needs To Be A Holiday!

TWI's Dave Weigel is reporting that the nutcases in the House did this: Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) today introduced — along with 75 other Republicans — a resolution to officially commemorate the 9/12 taxpayer march on Washington. Other sponsors of H.R. 870 include Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa.), and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the party’s whip.

The odds of passage–which would demand that Democrats endorse bill language about “skyrocketing deficits, taxpayer-funded bailouts, pork-barrel projects, burdensome taxes, unaccountable policy czars, command-and-control energy policy, and a government takeover of health care”–seem slim.I guess their next step is to make sure that is becomes a federal holiday.

10/27/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day: Schumer Says White House Preferred Public Option Over Trigger

A lot of people are going to not believe Schumer on this story, and believe he is covering up for the White House. But does that even matter at this point? No, it doesn't The debate over what happened behind the scenes is a big deal: It goes to the heart of who really deserves credit for the startling turn of events yesterday. The claims that the White House wanted a trigger, and tried to bigfoot Harry Reid into inserting one, infuriated liberals who saw it as Obama’s latest stiff-arming of the left-wing base.

But Schumer says that’s not so. Here’s what he told TPM about this:“I think substantively the White House probably preferred a stronger public option than a trigger,” Schumer said. “We talked about this for a while in leadership and the White House wanted to hear our thoughts — and when they heard them they thought that this was the right strategy to get our caucus together.”What matters now is the progress of the final Senate bill to be debated on the floor, and whether the …

Music AM Wakeup Thread For 10/27/09: Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything (2009)

This morning's wakeup call, though the "Mashonda won't necessarily be happy" line applies of course. It's Alicia Keys new video that was highlighted last week, serving as this morning's wakeup call. Enjoy and Peace.

Sports Thread #1 For 10/27/09: Not The Start The Clippers Wanted

Photo from Eric Gay / Associated PressOut for 6 weeks......oy. Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin, the No. 1 overall draft choice in the NBA draft in June, has a stress fracture of the left patella, or kneecap, and could miss as much as six weeks.

Tests on Monday revealed the fracture and a second opinion later in the day backed up the conclusion of the first doctor.If the Clippers needed a better start to their season.

The Sleep Time/Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/26-27/09: Music Thread #2- The New Videos From Common, A K-Ci & Jo-Jo Sighting, And More

Common feat Cee-Lo....."Make My Day."

H-Town (Feat. K-CI & JoJo, Devante Swing & Mr. Dalvin) - Knockin Your Heels

And to truly be The Whole Delivery, here is new artist Orianthi and her song "According to You." Pop Rock category I guess I will describe it as. It's tolerable to me, so that says something:

Yes, and this is tonight's sleep time thread. So with that, here is Tevin. Good night:

The One Sentence Thread For 10/26/09: Mean Old Partisan

Harry Reid is a big ultra-partisan meanie after all for hurting Olympia Snowe's feelings.

The Daily Open Thread For 10/26/09: They Give The Onion A Run For Their Money Everyday

They really do.

Oh, and Mark Williams is the one who calls Obama a "Indonesian Muslim welfare thug."

Fun times.

The Political Deliveries

A lot of reaction of course from the Reid announcement.

Goodness, and people wonder why I call the Washington Post the Washington Toast. We'll, Fred Hiatt is prime reason why.

Who the hell is this anonymous source, and why don't they have the courage to say it with the cloak of being unknown? An administration official went so far as to call Reid’s move “dangerous” but quickly followed by saying Reid knows his caucus better than anyone and will therefore have the support of the White House.Coward.

Additional Packages

This is part of today's dinner conversations.

Not a good ending for one of Bernie Madoff's main beneficiaries.

Shocked that with the global internet, this has not happened until now.

People may laugh at this, but it is a real issue in that country.

More mortgage headaches for Florida.

And more good times from Col…

Music Thread #1 For 10/26/09: The Empire State Of New York Indoctrination Continues

Philadelphia Phillies fans better tell The Roots, Eve, or Beanie Sigel to make a version of a "Brotherly Love" song or something: Rapper Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will perform their hit song “Empire State of Mind” this Wednesday (October 28) when the New York Yankees take on the Philadelphia Phillies during the World Series.

The New Yorkers will perform the track at Yankee Stadium for Game 1 of the World Series verse the Philadelphia Phillies.
And his reaction to all of this: The rapper called the upcoming performance a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and “thanked the lord” for making him a “Yankee.” New York defeated the Los Angeles Angels 5-2 in Game 6 of the American League Championship series last night (October 25).I wished someone asked if a third person would join them.....

.....But I don't think that will be the case.

President/Empress Snowe, Shove It!

"She is a good Senator, but I'm disappointed that she has been frightened on a public option."

"Hopefully Senator Snowe will see the wisdom of a public option."


You hear that Senator Snowe????


No matter how hard you (and yes, you too "Trigger Man" Emmanuel) tried to push the Trigger idea down people's throats, no one RATIONAL wants this corporate give away for your corporate masters.

If gave Harry Reid of all people spine, then it says how much your ability to deceive the American people isn't even good to pull a fast one to make him cave to you and your horrendous thought of a dishonest idea.

The nation DOES NOT want your, Wellpoint, Cigna, BlueCross and all the rest of your immoral cronies damn trigger.

Of course the fight is only going to get more fierce from here. And celebratio…

Dana Perino's Amnesia Problems Continue

The level of short term memory loss (or just outright lies) of Dana Perino is quite staggering to this writer's brain.

I thought she couldn't top last week's loss memory of how her former boss let her witless self attack NBC relentlessly last year.

But she certainly did just that.

The transcript for those who had the fortune to miss out on hearing this mess PERINO: That was a coordinated, calculated attack. It was unbecoming. And if you look at some of the coverage of what mainstream media covers when, for example, somebody like a Hugo Chavez shuts down television stations, he calls them illegitimate.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this White House believes that they are going to come over here and shut down Fox News. But they are defining a narrative in their first year, and it’s going to be very hard to recover from it. [...]

Through our State Department, we are trying to help emerging democracies get journalists and government officials to talk to one another, because freed…

10/26/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day: Reid's Decision

Hearing opt-outs......shame thought that employee mandate somehow was deemed too rational to take out though. But he will also put it on the floor for a vote. Oh my.

Music AM Wakeup Thread For 10/26/09: Missy Elliott- Loose Control (2008)

Though this album was forgotten album (did that album even happen), here's Missy Elliott's quickly forgotten "Loose Control", your morning wakeup call.

The Sleep Time/Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/25-26/09: Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I hope, tomorrow, the public option will be okaaaaaayyyyy!

Stay blessed everyone.

Sports Thread #4 For 10/25/09: The Pennant Comes Back To The Bronx!

YOU know what it is.

Congrats to a great season from the Angels. Considering what they went through this season with the death of Nick Adenhart, it was an amazing year for the American League runner ups . They got through the Red Sox finally and, despite some uncharacteristic errors that cost them dearly in this series, showed why they are still one of the elite franchises in all of Major League Baseball.

But this is the Yankees glory, their 40th Pennant.

And with that, I say them in five over the National League representative and defending champions, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Sunday Soulful For 10/25/09: Brian McKnight- Back At One

For the long time viewers of the site, you may have seen this one pop up before. But for this week's Sunday Soulful, this song is currently resonating in my mind right now.

And with that, the song is Back At One from Brian McKnight. One of the most emotional videos to go with a song ever. It just hits the soul and thensome.

That is your Sunday Soulful selection for this week, If you have suggestions or selections that you want to consider for Sunday Soulful, just hit me up.


Sports Thread LIVE #3 For 10/25/09: NFL Week 7 Late Games, Saints In Trouble

Saints are in trouble right now (not the best quality now), second half about to start as of this post, down 24-10 to Miami.
Watch live video from TRIPPHENDRIX on

Bengals are smacking down the Bears hard today.
Watch live video from on

Rachel Covers The Billions for WellCare Smackdown Of AHIP

I talked about this last night, and I am glad that Rachel covered this:

Sports Thread LIVE #2 For 10/25/09: NFL Week 7 Early Games

Sports Thread #1 For 10/25/09: Season Saved As Liverpool Score Massive Win Over United

Image from ESPN.comFernando Torres with the match winner, and after Vidic and Mascherano were set off, in the 96th minute David Ngog capped off a season saving winner for liverpool against their bitter rivals United.

It was certainly a great contest.

Sunday Sunshine For 10/25/09

The Sunday Sulk Shows, Making Sure Irrational OutNumber The Rational For 10/25/09:

He's going to be on your TV again this Sunday, as almost always nowTweety's show: Actually a rational one, with NY Times hack Helen Cooper and rational for a rightie in Kathleen Parker on there with Betsy McCaughey "creator" Andrew Sullivan and Danny Rather.

The number of Rational vs non-rational (not including Matthews), a surprisingly 2.25 out of 4.

The Steph's show might as well be name the Steph-George Will show since his royal smugness is on there, yet again. Oh, and Laura Ingraham and Mitch McConnell will certainly brighten that lineup too! The inconsistent Claire McCaskill is there, the tolerable Al Hunt as well. And so-so hack Cynthia Tucker is there too. Even John Podesta won't have me watching it...but I usually never do.

The number: 1.5 out of 7

CBS' snooze fest at least tries with balance, but they bring together Russ Feingold with Sunday superstar Johny Mac. It's not Sunday morning without the "Worst Candidate for President ever"…

Saturday Night Thread For 10/25/09: AHIP P'WNED By Opera Singers

One of the great stories of the year, as a woman gives her kidney to one of her tenants.

Relief for David Stern.

Because remember, it wasn't there fault they messed up the money situation in this country, so there.

I told people, she is a lot smarter than people think.

The level of stupid is so scary....SO SCARY.

More music idiots suing Youtube, oh dear.

Family of the Year.

And those other great Hoax-ters.

See you in the morning for Sunday Sunrise

Sports Thread LIVE #1 For 10/24/09: TIDE SURVIVE!

No kidding

TWD Satutrday: The Song/Songs Of The Week For 10/24/09

Mario feat Gucci Mane and Sean Garett (requested by a few homies at Twitter, so it go the most votes)

Mario Feat Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett - Break Up / NEW
by PeteRock

And, my selection, Justin Bieber...."One Less Lonely Girl.


Maine Knows Something Obama Doesn't Know About Snowe

That he's the president and Snowe is the Senator

Simple as that......I wish it was for the White House instead of making this complicated.

10/24/09: TWD's Agenda For This Saturday- Swine Flu Concerns Continue

Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) - Ludacris

Obama declares that H1N1 is a national emergency.

The weekly video from him, as he gives full love to the small business audience this week:

More to come today on this Saturday everyone. Stay tuned.

The Daily Open Thread For 10/23/09: Now I Don't Watch This Show

But when I heard on Twitter about this, well, I had to just see and look....even with Murdoch's latest crap on this site:

Friday Night Open Thread to come.

Add Another Classic Move By Just A Legendary Network Of Clowns

I have two words for this interview (And if you can't hear it, trust me, you aren't missing a thing at all)

It lied.

Shocking, right?

Well, I'll let Christina Bellantoni reporting say it all. The clowns at Fixed Propaganda Comedian Network have used this as its latest salvo all day today, in terms of the "WHITE HOUSE WAR ON US" , by saying they were excluded out of an interview with pay czar Ken Feinberg yesterday, and that, (GET THIS) all the other networks came in defense for Fixed being left out in the cold.

Boo hoo hoo.

Only, it was a lie:Feinberg did a pen and pad with reporters to brief them on cutting executive compensation. TV correspondents, as they do with everything, asked to get the comments on camera. Treasury officials agreed and made a list of the networks who asked (Fox was not among them).

But logistically, all of the cameras could not get set up in time or with ease for the Feinberg interview, so they opted for a round robin where the networks use …