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The Straight Jacket Award For 6/30/10: Kagan The Pagan!

The best example, over even Gold boy, of how these nutcases are drive even more nutty (and mean) on the future latest member of the Supreme Court and her centrist ways.

"A family woman would be a better choice".

Savage The......well, Savage, a deserving winner today of the
......Straight Jacket Award.

The Fun Thread #1 For 6/30/10: The Boondocks Backtrack- A Date With The Booty Warrior

An all time classic, with it being a little rougher than last week's Tyler Perry slam fest.
As always, viewer and listener discretion is advised.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Music Thread #1 For 6/30/10: Another Big Sales Week For Eminem, Drake Goes Gold

Photo from BillboardThe music industry's savior saves again!
As reported earlier today, Eminem's "Recovery" debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with a massive 741,000 copies sold in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScan. It's the biggest sales week for a single album since October 2008, when AC/DC's "Black Ice" debuted with 784,000 in its first week. Seriously, that is just a phenomenal and encouraging number, showing that, once again, artists (even rap artists) can survive the leak and still have people go to the shelves at Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or wherever, or online without going to Limewire.

Of course being an establish name helps for sure, but it's not like Eminem will be having singles that's for the clubs and the radio specifically. "Not Afraid" certainly doesn't fit those locations from the other singles out nowadays from "prominent rappers/R&B singers", that's for sure.

Get thi…

Petraeus Confirmed

And just moving along back to a stupid war.

Nothing else to see in the unsurprising news of the week.

They Were Never For The Troops

Especially when those troops become homeless veterans.

Use them as they want to, then throw them away.

Just like toys.

The Wimbledon 2010 Thread/Sports Thread #1 For 6/30/10: Men's Quarterfinals Day

Photo from AELTCDjokovic through impressively over "Randy" Lu.

Tomas Berdych is up two sets to one over Roger Federer, as this potential upset could lead to the first weekend since 2002 that Federer is not at Wimbledone. Just a stunning thought.

And speaking of stunning thoughts and constant upsets, Serena and Venus has lost in doubles to a terrific display from Zvonareva and Vesnina, who was the best player on the court today.

The Live blog is here, or here.

Update: Tomas Berdych has done it, ending the terrific 7 year run of Roger Federer's final appearances with an unbelievably satisfying 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 defeat of the title holder and 16 time Grand Slam champion.

Almost congruent to his defeats to Juan Martin del Porto at the US Open last September and Robin Soderling at the French Open last month, Federer was hit off the court again, and questions will persist on his mind as to whether he will be able to solve these accurate power hitters.

Meanwhile, speaking …

The 1st Thread For 6/30/10: The Kagan Hearings, Day 3

Cool calm, calm and cool, even if she is purely a centrist:
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Fun Thread #1 For 6/29/10: He's Yours' Ladies

He's yours, as this happened after the game.

More to come in the Fun Thread folks.

The Olbermann/Maddow Live Thread For 6/29/10: The Angle Primetime Interview

Larry King To Step Down From 8 PM

With how things were going in the 9 PM slot, it was about time for it to happen .
Larry King, whose nightly CNN talk show was long a required stomping ground for striving politicians and contrite celebrities, announced Tuesday that he is going to step down from the program in the fall. But he isn't entire gone from television, and he even broke it on Twitter .

The FIFA World Cup Thread #2/Sports Thread #3 For 6/29/10: King David And Spain Rules The Iberian Derby Over Portugal To Advance To The Last 8

Photo from Getty Images and
David Villa and Eduardo should have been left alone for a personal duel with each other, as they were both heads and shoulders the two best players in the match for my eyes.

But it was one way traffic for Spain, as they kept calm and avoided Portugal's dangerous counnterattack, which was never really given a full "You can't miss this opportunity, you have to score that" chance on goal.

One way traffic, and Villa's great persistence off of his future teammates's Xavi and Iniesta's work (with Llorente off the bench for Torres providing great sub minutes) lead to the great team goal despite the great Braga keeper showing how he will get some calls from bigger clubs possibly.

Amazing enough, the fans once again, got it wrong. Thankfully though, they didn't vote for Ronaldo, or that would have been really embarrassing:

The full review.

So, the quarterfinals are set:
Friday: Uruguay vs Ghana
Friday: Brazil vs Netherl…

Yesterday's Leftovers For 5/29/10: The Straight Jacket Award For 6/28/10- Black People Don't Own Being Black!

Only he could say this:

Only he.

The FIFA World Cup Thread #1 For 6/29/10: Cardozo The Hero, Okada & Komano The Zeros As Paraguay Tops Japan In Penalties

Photo from Getty Images and Komano, a defender who has never scored, asked to take the penalty??? Sigh.

Sad for the likes of Nakamura, Morimoto, and Inamoto....but thank goodness no more dumb Okada coaching, thank goodness.

Photo from Getty Images and
Extra time, and Okada is still an idiot, as he continues his petty hate of Shunsunke Nakamura and Takayuki Morimoto.

The Wimbledon 2010 & The FIFA World Cup Thread #1 (Sports Special #1) For 6/29/10: Venus Williams Crashes Out As Tsveta Pironkova Scores The Upset Of the Tournament

Photo from AELTCIt is the shocker of the tournament, as Tsvetana Pironkova, who has never won past the 2nd round of a Grand Slam, has defeated Venus Williams 6-2, 6-2.

And it could be Vera Zvonvaera vs Pironkova in the semifinal, as the Russian is up 4-1.

Update: Zvonvaera is just one game away here.

Update 2: What another shocker there, as vera Zvonareva has dispatched of Kim Clijsters in a Great 30 minutes to remember for a lifetime. It will be a Zvonareva-Pironkova semifinal, what an amazing result.

But great from Vera Zvonareva here.

Update 3: But no defeat for Serena Williams......her serving pulls her through and she impressively defeats the dangerous Chinese 7-5, 6-3.

Update 4: And it's Kvitova in a triller today. 8-6 in the final set after Kanepi blew the match at 4-0.

The Wimbledon 2010 & The FIFA World Cup Thread #4 (Sports Special #4) For 6/28/10: 82rd Ranked Yen-Husn Lu Shocks Andy Roddick

Photo from AELTC

The Wimbledon 2010 & The FIFA World Cup Thread #3 (Sports Special #3) For 6/28/10: Brilliant Brazil Cools Chile To Advance To The Last 8

Photo from Getty Images and Sound defensive performance, despite Robinho's usual stupidity.

Chile missed Ponce and Medel in this match, and that showed there. That absence was obviously the case there, and it was one way traffic all the way today.

The full review.

Now who named that clown Man of the Match? Anyway, the preview for Brazil and the Netherlands will come soon, like Thursday or Friday soon.

Here are the match archives.
Photo from Getty Images and The lineups:
Brazil: Julio Cesar - Maicon, Lucio, Juan, Michel Bastos, Gilberto Silva, Luis Fabiano, Kaka, Robinho, Dani Alves, Ramires

Chile: Fuentes, Isla, Contreras, Carmona, Sanchez, Vidal, Suazo, Mark Gonzalez, Beausejour, JaraMuch closer than their qualifying matches, but I say a fun Brazil 3-1 win.

1st half analysis:
Photo from Getty Images and The disclipine of Brasil, under Dunga, is impressive to watch here.

They were not concerned at all by Chile's usual aggression, as well as the return of…

The Gravel For 6/28/10: The Kagan Hearings, Day 1

Live, on a day where Senator Byrd has passed away, the Roberts court whores itself again in proper fashion, the hearings start form Elena Kagan.
Watch live video from MSNBC (Live) on

The Wimbledon 2010 & The FIFA World Cup Thread #2 (Sports Special #2) For 6/28/10: Maniac Monday Round of 16- Slovakia vs The Netherlands

Photo from Getty Images and The Quick Review:
Well, it was going to be a tough one, and it wasn't going to be smooth. Nevertheless, the Dutch showed maturity to come through, despite their defense opening up and almost going Slovakia a chance to pull off a mighty upset.

Great work by Kuyt, Sneijder, and the return of Mr. Robben, who scored w wonderful

And give it up to Martin Stekelenburg, who came through in a big moment with Vittek threatened his goal.

Man of the Match, a great return folks:

More to come folks.

The Match Archive:
Photo from Getty Images and lINEUPS:

Holland: Stekelenburg, Van der wiel, Heitinga, Mathisen, Bronckhorst, Robben, De Jone, Van Bommel, Snejder, Kuyt, Van Persie

Slovakia: Mucha, Zabavnik, Skrtel, Pekarik, Durica, Weiss, Kucha, Stoch, Hamsik, Jendrisek, Vittek

TWD Condolences For 6/28/10: Robert Bryd Has Passed at 92

God bless to this venerable figure, now no longer with us.

Music Wakeup Call For 6/28/10: Matisyahu- One Day (2009)

The Wimbledon 2010 & The FIFA World Cup Thread #1 (Sports Special #1) For 6/28/10: Manic Monday Round of 16

And the first winner of "Tennis Greatest Day" has advanced today:
Photo from AELTC Vera Zvonareva has advanced passed a poor and then injured Jelena Jankovic.

Venus Williams locked in a struggle with the hard hitting on fire Jamlia Groth. And Justine Henin has taken the first set in "Blockbuster Battle #1", 6-2 over rival Kim Cijsters.

In "Blockbuster Battle #2", Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova will follow Roger Federer and Juergen Melzer.

The live blog besides this one . Besides this one of course.

Update: Despite Jamith Groth playing the best tennis of her life, the five time champion Venus Williams goes through in a tough two sets 6-4. 7-6 (5). Very tough was that match. Meanwhile, Roger Federer is feeling comfortable, up two sets to love on Melzer.

And Kim Clijsters, after dropping the first set, is now up a break in the second in her battle with Justine Henin.

The Awards Stupidity For 6/27/10: Oh Dear, The BET Awards

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #2/Sports Sunday Thread #3 For 6/27/10: Another Referring Blunder As Argentina Advance Pass Mexico In Another Round of 16

Photo from Getty Images and Well, another sad referring that everyone has clearly seen, as Robert Rossetti blows the clear "offsides" on Tevez.

From then on, that terrible non call clearly unnerved Mexico, as Osorio's brutal error (clearly lead to Higuain's 4th easy goal of the World Cup) showed there. It was the worst defensive error of the tournament by far, as someone with Osorio's experience should never make (or anyone at this level).

At least Tevez's third goal was a pure strike of glory, as it stands as the best goal of the tournament for sure (though Luis Suarez's effort yesterday really can contend with it because of when he scored it in the match, when it was 1-1 with South Korea instead of a comfortable 2-0 lead).

Carlos Tevez, no question the Man of the Match, although his first goal was allowed thanks to Real Man of the Match, Mr. Robert Rossetti.
The full review.

The Match Archive:
Yet again......will it be revenge or repeat

Sports Sunday Thread #2 For 6/27/10: Sebastian Vittel Gives Himself And His Team A Much Needed Win At The Grand Prix of Europe

Sebastian Vittel, on the day his country takes on Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button's country in a crucial World Cup Round OF 16, has delivered a vital win for Red Bull in the historic Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia.

More to come, and could it be a sign of omens.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #1/Sports Sunday #1 For 6/27/10: Goaline Robbery, Counterattacking Give Germany Great Win, Horrible England Loss

Photo from Getty Images and What heartache for England, and what a performance today form Thomas Mueller.

I can't express how great Thomas Mueller has become in one year. He has become one of the best in the World right now, as both Germany and Ghana have the young starlets of this tournament right now.

More to come folks, on a dejected day for England, and an awesome day for both mueller. Sebastian Vittel, and Germany, and a poor day for England and their nation.

Man of the Match, no question it's Thomas Mueller:

Photo from Getty Images and
The lineups, as Schweingster and Boateng weren't going to miss this game, even if they were in critical condition, while it's an unchanged lineup for England after the badly needed win over Slovenia.
England: Neuer, Lahm, Meretesacker, Friedrich, Boateng; Schweingster,Khedira; Mueller, Ozil, Podolski; Klose

Germany: James, Johnson, Terry, Upson, A.Cole; Milner, Lampard, Barry, Gerrard; Rooney, Defoe
1st half…

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #2/Sports Saturday Thread #3 For 6/26/10: Going Going Ghana......Gyan's Strike, Bradley's Coaching, Send

Photo from Getty Images and Simply put folks, in games like this, where it comes down to the littlest of things, coaching is just so vital in this sport.

Today, you have seen it on full display, as Bob Bradley basically cost his team today.

Bradley is an ideal assistance coach, but not a main manager at this level. And a game that should have been a full revenge game for the United States today after what transpired in 2006 started out as tame friendly like effort thanks to Michael Bradley being affected with being partnered again out of nowhere with Ricardo Clark.

It's not just the giveaway that lead to Tim Howard, Jay Demerit, and Carlos Bocanegra looking bad on Prince Boateng's shot. It was just the nervous energy that Clark brought to the game that caused the United States to have their third out of 4th awful start.

More on this later.

And yet another random Man of the Match award, the fans have really had a field day here:

The Wimbledon 2010 Day 6 Thread/Sports Saturday Thread #2 For 5/26/10: Nadal And Petzschner Locked In A 5th Set Duel

Photo from AELTCGermany's Philip Petzschner has taken a two sets to one lead over Rafael Nadal here, putting the Spaniard in that position again for the second straight match.

Can he come back like he did against Robin Haase?

Serena has advanced in impressive fashion, with 21 aces against always stubborn and feisty Domi Cibulkova, setting up the Round of 16 second blockbuster on the women's side, as Maria Sharapova looked shaky but progressed through Barbora Zahlavova Strycova.

Update: They are in the 5th set here, 3-all.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #1/Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 6/26/10: Luis The Chief: Scintillating Suarez the Hero As Uruguay Tops South Korea In A Semi-Classic

What more else could you say .

Seriously, who else could it have been folks:
More to come on this wonderful match.
The Match Archive:
First, my bracket for who I thought would advance out of the Group. Clearly, the African teams let me down here big time.

Anyway, to today's 1st round of 16, and the lineups:
South Korea: Sung-Ryong, Young-Pyo, Jung-Soo, Yong-Hyung, Du-Ri, Jung-Woo, Sung-Yueng, Jae-Sung, Ji-Sung, Chung-Yong, Chu Young

Uruguay: Muslera, M.Pereira, Lugano, Godin, Fucile, A. Pereira, Perez, Rios, Forlan, Cavini, Suarez
1st half analysis:
Photo from Getty Images and Outstanding first half, where both teams are virtually even on possession:
The only difference is, of course, the defending.

A massive mistake by Lee Young Pyo and Yong-Hyung there to not even think that Suarez was there on the back post, leading to what separates these two quality times.

And Steve McMahammon was completely right. This field is terrible.

The Saturday 1st Thread For 6/26/10: The Usual Three

You know what it is, bring in Luda:

And the return of Obama:

.....And De La Soul:

Sports Thread Special #4 For 6/25/10: Edwin Jackson No-Hits The Rays

The 4th no-hiiter this year.......stunning:
And the 2nd time it has happened to Tampa Bay this year!

The final line on Jackson's extraordinary evening, 8 walks and 149 pitches after the fact. And get this:
The right-hander held Tampa Bay hitless despite walking seven batters through the first three innings. He walked Ben Zobrist, Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena to load the bases with no outs in the third. But he forced Matt Joyce to fly out to right, got some help from third baseman Mark Reynolds on a nice grab and throw home on a B.J. Upton grounder and got out of the inning on Hank Blalock's groundout to second base.

After eight innings, Jackson had five strikeouts and seven walks on 134 pitches. It is the 2nd no-hitter in Diamondbacks history after Randy Johnson's perfect game in 2004 against the Braves.

Kieth Olbermann with perspective.

And talk about doing it against his first major league team Edwin. Well done.

The Fun Thread For 5/25/10: Don't Mess With This Dog

Especially if you are driving a car:

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #2/Sports Thread Special #3 For 6/25/10: Group H Finale Day, As The Group Stages End

Photo from Getty Images and The Quick Analysis:
The nation of Chile will be thanking their Honduran brethren for a long time for how brilliant they were today. And I feel for Roger Federer, as his Swiss just weren't good enough on the day and couldn't take their chances.

But maybe it was good for them, considering that it will be Chile that will have to play Brazil and not them.

And you have to say, the Swiss are similar to the United States in regards to playing real well when they are the underdogs, but can't take the mantle of being favorite very well.

Just like four years ago against the Ukraine in that sleeper of a Round of 16 encounter, the Swiss just couldn't put it in the back of the net. And it is a shame considering that Eren Derdiyok couldn't show the confident goal scoring form he displayed for Leverkausen this year, as Barnetta laid a platter of a ball for him to head.

But massive credit must be given to Honduras, and their determination …

The Flashback Friday #2 For 6/25/10: Michael Jackson- Man in the Mirror

The FIFA World Cup Thread #1/Sports Thread Special #2 For 6/25/10: Brazil And Scared, Conservative Portugal Advance To The Round of 16

Photo from Getty Images and Quick Final analysis of Group G:
The luck of the draw (who faces North Korea and Brazil first) and Didier Drogba's injury was the difference in who advanced and who has gone home between Portugal and the Ivory Coast.

It is just as simple as that. Imagine the pressure on Carlos Quieroz if he had to play Brazil instead of North Korea in the 2nd match after they played that tame matchup with Ivory Coast in the Group G opener.

Now of course, Queiroz was under pressure against North Korea as well, as you can make the argument that Sven Goran Eriksson decision to not start Gervinho against Brazil was a costly decision that shaped the group as well.

But Quieroz was able to get off the hook thanks to the luck of the draw, while Eriksson and the Coast were put to the sword by Brazil, thanks in part to a referee laughing it up with Luis Fabiano on his clear hand ball second goal in that big 3-1 Brazil win.

So shame for the Ivory Coast, snake bitten i…