The FIFA World Cup Thread #3/Sports Thread #4 For 6/17/10: Young Hernandez And Old Blanco Sink France And Propel Mexico

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The Final Analysis:
Aguirre is simply a better coach than Domenech, let's make that wonderful first point.

Second, Javier Hernandez should not only be applauded for the terrific calm finish pass Lloris, but him timing his run perfectly from a wonderful pass from the awesome captain Rafa Marquez added to the pre delight for El Tren.

Barrera sold his penalty on Abidal, though it shows the quality in this Mexican side, and it was an astute move by Barrera putting in the former Pumas man instead of Hernandez there to replace an injured Vela.

For France, dreadful from not only the manager, but also Anelka and Govou and many others. But seriously, what have Govou and Anelka shown on the international level that merits them the start over Cisse, or Gignac, or Valbuena, or Henry?

It's just more lack of common sense from a manager who's tenure will finally be over next week. I know all French fans will be happy to see it be over after they may even lose to South Africa.

The Man of the Match:

The match review.

Group A Standings:
Uruguay 4 pts (+3)
Mexico 4 pts (+2)
France 1 pts (-2)
South Africa 1 pts (-3)
France: Lloris, Sagna, Abidal, Gallas, Ribery, Govou, Evra, Toulalan, Malouda, Diaby, Anelka

For Mexico:Perez, Rodriguez, Salcido, Marquez, Osorio, Torrado, Franco, Vela, Moreno, Gio Dos Santos, Juarez
Prediction: Mexico 1, France 1

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1st half analysis:
Fun first half where no question, it was Mexico with the better chances. Simply put, Anelka and Govou just aren't good another to start on this high level team. Not only that, but despite Diaby trying his best, when you don't fill the hole in the "bucket formation", it's hard to ask your wingers like Malouda and Ribery to fill that gap in the middle when they have to come from out wide.

For Mexico, another set of chances missed, especially the 1st chance where Vela should have passed instead of take the poor attempt on goal that he, well, took.

So who will come on in the 2nd half for these teams? Which coach will look the goat and the one the genius? Frankly for me, I find it hard to see Domenech being the one. But if he brings on Valbuena, as one of my commentators on Twitter wants, then maybe, just maybe, he will have done the right managing thing.

I'm not holding my breath however, and neither should you.
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