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The Fun Thread For 11/30/11 (1st Edition): Mike Tyson Sings "Girl from Ipanema" In Brazil

This man just continues to make all of our smile, no matter what the weird fashion he is able to do it in:

Music Wakeup Call For 11/29/11: Sean Paul- She Doesn't Mind (2011)

With a weird haircut resembling a cross between Pitbull and Miguel, Mr. "Gimme The Light" has returned out of oblivion.

Happy Black Violent Friday 2011

Sharing that U.S. holiday spirit of good will for another year.

And these various reportstell of a nation that sure does loves its Wal-Mart, a company who treats its employees by enduring nutcase people like this without being unionized.

It sure does seem like same human behavior, doesn't it?
Happy National "Shop While Getting Stomped Day Everyone."

The Fun Thread For 11/18/11 (1st Edition): Nintendo Builds Life Size Mario Karts

This is just too superb:

No word on whether they built life sized question marks to go along with the other items.

More in This version of The Fun Thread later on.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 11/18/11: Yung Joc- It's Goin Down (2006)

This dude has sat on all the money he made from this song, including all of those insane parents paying him to be at their intolerable kids' Sweet 16 birthdays on that recent MTV crappy hit show they dumped. I wonder if someone besides me (and your regular club DJ) will ever care about him.

Your first flashback this week, it's Yung Joc with the motorcycle recent dance hit "It's Goin Down..."

Yung Joc - It's Goin' Down VFby SoSouth And as you can see, you can gladly learn your French at the same time.

The Fun Thread For 11/16/11 (1st Edition): Stan Verrett Didn't Say What You Think He Said Guy

At first glance, I seriously chuckled. But on second hearing (and that was before I saw how Verrett was steady enough to encounter almost every tweet thinking that he said the "N" word), it is instead the most talked about usage of "neither one" in human history.

More on The Fun Thread in its final edition, soon....

Music Midday Energy Boost For 11/16/11: Ludacris Slams Big Sean and Drake In Needed Diss

It was always just humorous that both of them thought they invented a story that has been years long before they were in diapers (in terms of music relevance, not literally).

To be real, this was more of a warning shot than an actual damaging diss (the lines weren't one knockout line after knockout line). But even without him saying their name, Luda definitely directed it big time at Big Sean and Drake wrong statements.

Sports Thread For 11/15/11: The Euro 2012 Finals Have Been Set

Photo from UEFA.comThe strongest European Championships in recent editions will take place next summer in Poland/Ukraine, as playoff favorites Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Portugal join the other 12 countries into the finals.

In the tie that certainly was most in the balance, Portugal finally showed their offensive might with a 6-2 emphatic victory over Bosnia & Herzegovina side.

The scoreline may appear as a match of one way traffic, but it was far from the case. Bosnia replied after two great strikes from a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick and a Nani rainbow gem to score through Zvjezdan Misimovic from the penalty spot right before half time. And just when the Iberian power thought it was assured of a smooth evening after Ronaldo's second and Senad Lulic's sending off, the Bosnians showed continued resilience down 10 men with Emir Spahic's poaching finish to make it 3-2.

But the host eased their nervous fans' fears with another class goal, a left footed bl…

The Occupy Wall Stree Thread For 11/15/11: The Restraining Order To Restrain King Mike

This a real key in that restraining order:

Respondents/defendants (Bloomberg and the city) are enforcing "rules" published after the occupation began or therewise preventing protesters from re-entering the park with tents and other properly utilized.

It's not only allowing the protests back in (which the city had no problem with), but also allowing protests to bring back, or get, new tents and sleeping bags.

King Mike and his buddies were completely thrown off by news of the restraining order at that "Tough Guy" press conference. And expect them to fight like hell so they won't get embarrassed from their and Bloomfield Properties shady wishes.

The Fun Thread For 11/14/11: The Baby Relaxed By Biggie's "Hypnotized"

The Fun Thread is here once again, for all your fun-ness to be filled:

In case you missed it, here's the famous baby being settled down by Notorious's "Hyponotize."

Your next lab mouse might just be Mighty Mouse.

The comments section basically let's the writer of this crappy piece know that there is nothing terrible about Alanis Morisette's "Ionic."

Six happy endings that absolutely screwed the movie's ending.

I def remember doing that six line "S" sign in these so called pre-Internet memes.

I'm sure this is the day you dreamed that you hoped would happen for your kid......being read to by a porn star.

The live action Lego movie is acoming! 2014 though.

And throwback Stephen Colbert before we was Stephen Colbert:

Sunday Soulful For 11/13/11: 112- Cupid (1997)


Music Wakeup Call For 11/10/11: Common- Blue Sky (2011)

Because a re-do was warranted:

The Evening Cool Breeze: Common- Blue Sky (2011)

Somehow, this has less than 500K views...........Music's math definitely stays screwed up nowadays (though we all know the reasons why of course).

Music Evening Chill For 11/8/11 (Special TWD Edition): Heavy D and The Boyz- Overweight Lovers in the House (1987)

The first track on the first album that turned out to be the first single:

Rest in heaven Dwight Arrington Myers.

TWD Saturday Sports Thread For 11/5/11: SEC Game of the Year- LSU/Alabama

Photo from Getty Images' Streeter LeckaIt's not the "Game of the Century." And it really shouldn't be the game of the year if Oklahoma hadn't goofed badly against Texas Tech at home.

Nevertheless, it is always special when #1 and #2 play each other during the season and are from the same conference. And with CBS/ESPN hype to go along with it, even the biggest cantankerous critic of the SEC being annoyingly thrown into our faces will have to acknowledge its massiveness.

The game really comes down to whether Jarett Lee (and/or Jordan Jefferson) will outplay A.J. McCarron, or viceversa. McCarron has enjoyed tremendous protection this year from that terrific line of Alabama, and it will be telling if he will enjoy that same time in the pocket this year to keep his 67% completion number high.

Both teams will look to find some way to establish the run against these formidable defenses. But I just think the growth of Lee, a quarterback who not only resists making…

The Flashback Friday #2 For 11/4/11: Mannie Fresh- Real Big (2006)

Before Birdman and Slim gave him the shady shaft from Cash Money, this was his last hit record for their label. And this humorous song produced his funniest video to date. From a half decade ago, it's Mannie Fresh with "Real Big."

The Flashback Friday For 11/4/11: Just A Whole Bunch of People- Lady Marmalade

But seriously, it's Christina Aguliera, Mya, Lil Kim, and Pink with their almost decade old now re-do of "Lady Marmalade."

The Return of The Fun Thread For 11/3/11: Pigeon Tricks Are Superb

The long overdue return of the Fun Thread:

Today's joint edition of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" and "It Really Really Isn't That Serious." (And maybe stretching it on putting this as "Fun".....Just Maybe, although I know some of you chuckled when seeing this.)

For those mourning over leaving their 20's, here's five reasons why you shouldn't feel downtrodden.

No matter what color you are, covering any hip hop song that's almost a decade old and putting your own spin on it like it's groundbreaking is just not a good idea at all.

Barrel Roll has taken over your day.

And finally, from the sound genius that is "Okay Peter", the song about a mean girlfriend titled "Itch with a B":

Your long awaited return of the thread that is fun, otherwise known as "The Fun Thread."