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TWD Sports Sunday Thread #2 for 9/30/12: 2012 NFL Week 4 Late Game Closing Thoughts

1) The Raiders should be 0-4 and a fortunate to even be 1-3. This has been another woeful day defensively and especially in the secondary for them. 
2) AJ Green elevated Andy Dalton to "Poor Matt Ryan" status. The rivalry between him and Julio Jones being better continues. 
3) Perfect trap game for the Cardinals to lose, but the Dolphins are still not that good enough to win. 
4) Without Orakpo and Carragher, DC's defensive has done a great thing today. But where is the running game for the Bucs. Schiano has spent more time on his "defend the kneel down" than establishing the run. 
5) The Saints would still be 0-3 even with Sean Payton. He's never called plays for the defense, especially their woeful secondary.

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1: 2012 NFL Week 4 Early Game Half Time Thoughts

1) There is no help once again for Matthew Stafford on the ground for the Lions. No balance whatsoever, and the game is on his shoulders as always. Though the Vikings have no true, tall wide receiver to throw to (Harvin is more of a specialist), it helps to have Adrian Peterson help Christian Ponder be a good game manager.

2) Decent to good quarterback play between Cam Newton and Matt Ryan, as Newton has had the better numbers, but Ryan has a better collection of receivers. Both coaching staffs aren't the greatest however, so the Panthers are still clearly in this.

3) The Patriots for another week get exposed for being cheap, leading to a mediocre secondary with no one at safety and CB who is really near elite status. Belichick puts everything on the Front 7's shoulders, which though good, is not great.

4) The coaching staff of the Rams clearly changed the game with the fake FG to Amendiola for the score. Jeff Fisher is, again, outstanding.

5) One again, awful everywhere from…

TWD Sunday Soulful For 9/30/12: Donnie McClurkin- Psalm 27 (2002)

Just to explain if you are a new fan of The Whole Delivery, the Sunday Soulful is a spiritual Christian series with songs about the love, not the hate every Sunday morning in the American morning time zones.

It also will feature in the future multiple religious news all throughout in order to form an embracing and wonderful spiritual thread.

TWD Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 9/29/12 (Constant Updates): 2012-13 Barclays Premier League Week 6

Original post: Halftime in the 12:30 kickoff- Torres scored on another Arsenal set piece poor moment and Gervinho cancelled him out with a fine goal. 1-1 at half. (More updates to come in Week 6 of the BPL).

TWD Saturday 1st Thread For 9/29/12 (First Version): The Great Usual Suspects

Here is Luda......

.....And De La Soul:  More to come on another glorious Saturday, the last one in September 2012.

TWD The Friday Flashback #2 For 9/28/12: Nelly ft Kelly Rowland- Dilemma (2002)

Funny how Kelly is bigger than Nelly now, although that shows more about how much Nelly fell off though.

Your 2nd Flashback for this week, it's Nelly and Kelly with their 2002 timeless love hit, "Dilemma."

The S-Thread #1 For 9/28/12: When Supposed Liberal Source Embarrass Themselves Talking Sports

This was another trainwreck of a sports segment from the Los Angeles version of Huffington Post Live, who have a lot of smart people on there.

Alyona is always world class from her RT-days of dominance, Janet is Korra (enough said there), and Jacob knows the entertainment industry so well and has a conscious.

But they are all not qualified to hosts sports, as is nether any host in New York outside of maybe Marc. There are no hosts who are an expert on sports at HPL. That's frankly pathetic in my mind for the high level online organization to become a major mainstream success globally as Huffington Post has.

And it's even worse when their LA producers Jenny Churchill and Luke Wahl try and do segments, and then have the nerve and hilarious audacity to question my journalism in the sport in the comments when I challenge them.  They delete the comments (or whoever in the back), especially when I am trying to give them more knowledge on college football, something they screwed up …

TWD 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 9/28/12: Many Artists led Busta Rhymes- Touch It Remix (2007)

There hasn't been a collabo as epic as this in all of music since it dropped five years ago.

Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Remix)by eudesdu_91

The 1st Thread For 9/27/12: How The Ordinary Can Beat The Powerful

The NFL referees union are today's American heroes.

Now you ask, how can sports referees who are now guaranteed six figure salaries, full pensions, and full time employment be heroes to the rest of a nation, especially those who don't give a damn about sports and think they are useless to society?

The simple answer is, because they are Americans just like you and me who are Americans, and human beings just like you and me globally who are fighting against the super wealthy, the super powerful, the super arrogant and the selfish collective "elite."

But unlike you and me, some diligent and intrepid teacher's unions, financial public/government regulators, cops and firefighters to name a few, the real professional football referees not only just beat the powerful, but they humiliated the powerful.

Unlike the NFL players last year, who most are not making Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Michael Vick, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers money and need a paycheck to feed and pr…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/26-27/12: The Homecoming of a Korean Rising Legend

Psy is a legend already. Here's Tevin, may your day, your night, and your sleep, go so well:

The Fun Thread For 9/26/12: SIgh, conservatives

First, regardless on if we have disagreement on any economic issues, Abby Huntsman is the conservative you want your news network to have if you want conservatives on there. She cares for people and she has a hilarious, genuine streak in her who did so well at UPenn for even dealing in Quacker land.

So, the link is there, or here. No embed yet. Most conservatives may blow their mind all over the place even before the first debate.

Update: And here's the embed:

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 9/26/12 (Revised): Miri Ben Ari, Anthony Hamilton, Scarface- Sunshine to the Rain (2005)

I was going to make the 2nd video down below the main focus, but something told me to play Miri Ben Ari's classic with Scarface and Anthony Hamilton: 

Club songs of the current times, although it's nothing new they're bringing of course. Just a needed Philly face and Toronto's homie needed to try and get a tougher image after that debacle in June (that Meek Mill helped caused).

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/25-26/12: Just Tevin

Until we meet again. God Bless you all.

Music Video Energy Boost For 9/25/12: Lupe Fiasco- Hip Hop Saved My Life (2008)

Have to bring it back from Friday. On his appreciation day.

The Huff Post Live Review/Preview Show For 9/25/12: Understanding Che Guevara

Yesterday featured a remarkable segment from Che Guevara, with great stuff from the man behind the global Che shirt boom, wonderful Irish man Jim Fitzpatrick, and this new guy to watch in Brenton Lengel.

In the preview for today, the Clusterf---k in Seattle last night, where it has ad such an impact that HPL will lead off with it. And more as always.

The 2nd Thread/Fun Thread For 9/25/12 (1st Version): Vermin Supreme for President!

This was so funny yesterday:

More in the 2nd Thread later folks. It will be a fun one for sure.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 9/25/12: Lupe Fiasco- He Just Might Be Okay (2006)

The first official song off Food & Liquor I (and 2nd track) has always been the best morning show.

The 1st Thread/Huff Post Live Preview Thread For 9/24/12: Stuff

Topics on today's edition of HPL include War, School, religion, and religion with relationships.

Key newsy topics will include the continue "Mitt the S--t" campaign debacle and other weirdness abound.

Really, this is a flimsy thread, but it is all bout getting the ball rolling.

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 9/23/12 (1st Version): The Barclays Premier League Week 4

Great show of solidarity by Brendan Rogers and Sir Alex Ferguson for the otherwise always bitter clash of the Reds. Liverpool are in the bottom three at the moment, and will badly desire a win over United after Arsenal was more clinical against them a few weeks ago.

The lineups

This thread will see a constant update all day.

TWD Friday Thread For 9/21/12 (1st Thread): Bring Montell In....

Montell goodness again.... Montell Jordan "This is How we do it" from WILLIE GILES on Vimeo.

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 9/21/12: Lupe Fiasco- Hip Hop Saved My Life (2008)

"They played your freestyle over Wipe Me Down"

TWD Friday 2nd Thread For 9/21/12: Huff Post Live Review Show

Let's get right to it. Outside of a few segments from Alyona, and Levar Burton (major shoutout to Josh Brooks), all the news again dominated by the NYC side with Major East Coast bias from me.

But I'll let you select them this time.......or something

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Friday #1 For 9/21/12: Will Smith- Gettin Jiggy Wit It (1998)

What's so amazing about this single is the fact that it was only certified gold.

Music Video Wakeup Call For 9/20/12: Elle Varner- I Don't Care (2012)

All I could think of is Alicia Keys light here with Elle. Nevertheless.

The 1st Thread/The General Election is Over Thread For 9/20/12: The Pain Caused by False Equivalence

False equivalency really is an ugly thing. It's so ugly, it makes pitbulls look like York Terriers and Jamba the Hut look like Princes Leia.

False equivalence is especially ugly in American politics as the liberal/progressive/rational community knows, with one side clearly creating ridiculous false equivalence comparisons into supposedly grown up discussions.

It doesn't matter, whether you're Reince Priebus or some arrogant nut community person on Huff Post Live, any conservative is so keen to bring up an asinine event and automatically think it's analogous to their flawed candidate's awful moments. (For example of this, see this conservative guy here in this segment if you get a chance after this post).

The latest of that example is the desperation to equally compare Mitt's 47 percent cluster (you know what) to anything Obama has said. What's more ridiculous about it of course is the centrist American news media always legitimizing their argument in orde…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/20/12: HPL Highlight Show, Take 3

Many highlights from yesterday, but the top one for just my perspective was 50 Cent's interview with Marc.

Though I wished (and requested publicly) that Marc asked him about why 50 Cent's friend Floyd Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao, Marc did at least asked him good questions for one word answers on a few people, namely Jay-Z and Frank Ocean.

Curtis Jackson described Jay-Z as a "winner" and Frank Ocean as "brave." Now the entire rest of the discussion centered on hunger, but those were clearly the highlight moments from a musical journalist standpoint.

Other Highlights

Mo Rocca talks about voting with Jacob, especially getting rid of the electoral college. Let's not even go there on his thoughts on Republicans lovely Voter ID plans to cheat and win to hurt democracy.

Forgot who was the host for this discussion, but yeah, there are some scary, hell like dental places in America.

The Los Angeles' group talks about AEG going on sale and AEG'…

Music Video Energy Boost #2 For 9/19/12: Mindless Behavior- My Girl (2010)

Always a two-year classic, especially the third verse:

The Deft Volleys Thread/The S-Thread #1 For 9/19/12: 2012-13 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage Matchday 2

Bayern Munich-Valencia is worthy of top game mantle, because I think Chelsea will win comfortably tonight.

As always though, will be a great evening.

Updated Stuff From Match Day 2

Music Video Wakeup Call For 9/19/12: Lupe Fiasco- B--ch Bad (2012)

Once again, the song from Lupe that should get so much more play: Food and Liquor Part 2, coming next Tuesday, September 25.

The 1st Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread For 9/19/12 (Final Version): Poetic Justice

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
It really was terrific to see Jimmy Carter's grandson, James the 4, get something sweet for his grandfather.

Now whatever one thinks of Carter's foreign policy record, which was slightly to the left of Obama but kept a centrist Democratic position of overall United States imperialism in tact, is completely different from the constant disrespect he receives from conservatives and a lot of other people in general.

Jimmy Carter's name gets dragged in the mud so bad, you would think he was a dog or pig rolling in dirt every single day instead of a President, who in his political afterlife has at least tried to support voices of the downtrodden and been so respectful.

Jimmy Carter can't even get a picture with Bill Clinton or Barack Obama nowadays because he just isn't considered cool and politically stable enough to be in a picture? That last sentence truly shows the vapidness of our American …

The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/19/12: Huff Post Live Review Hightlight/Lowlight Show, Take 2

In a general discussion about Hispanic Americans and Romney's pathetic way of courting them, Alicia calls "Bulls---" on this supposedly young and demure Texas supporting Republican named Mike Dominguez.

Also in the highlight show is this great discussion with Alyona as the protagonist, with great contributions from the always consistent David Dayen, Anthony Ranzano, and the hilarious Richard Zombeck, especially his comments at the end.

Since there are no embeds for those links, you will have to just click on that link. And remember, all of that is sponsored by Cadillac.

Huff Post Live is live 10 AM-10 PM (ET zone, check your local time zone listings) everyday except Saturday and Sunday.  

And here's Tevin, as always...........

The Deft Volleys Thread #1/The S-Thread #1: 2012-13 UEFA Champions League, Group Stage Matchday 1

Groups A, B, C, and D open the 2012-13 Champions League group stages, with the marquee matches between the BPL and La Liga BBVA title holders Real Madrid and Manchester City with Jose Mourinho's side in so much early season turmoil.

First, the look at the other matches, as the top competition in club football outside of the FIFA Club World Cup (I say that as a technicality, not an actual reality) begins.

Group A

Dinamo Zagreb/Porto: It's been another summer of vulture raid that FC Porto has had to endure. But the Liga Sagares giants are always keen to establish new stars in their club, and that maybe the case with one James Rodriguez. Despite Hulk becoming their latest all-star to leave, the team was able to fend off Spurs and keep midfield rock Joao Moutinho, and see Lucho Gonzalez be their captain once more.

For the Croatians, though not as arduous as last season's group, it could still be an adventure for them to even make the Europa league's last 32.

Live coverage o…

Music Video Wakeup Call For 9/18/12: Psy- Gangnam Style (2012)

The song that's sweeping the nation.

The 1st Thread For 9/18/12 (Final Version): The Campaign is Over Part 4, Mother Jones is the MVP

What's so pathetic is that he tried to defend himself after all of this.

David Corn ran the Internet yesterday. He further ran Romney into Lopsided hell as well.

The Updated Links 

Despite being proud of Romney's comment, it took Fixed Propaganda 6 hours to even mention it on their network.

The Olympic hell coming to Rio from the consistently intrepid David Zirin.

Another classic line from the Insane Eyed One, Steve King

DC LGBT, take a bow.

The future queen of The United Kingdom demands that those who have her naked photos give them to her now in 24 hours or ELSE.

Another solid outing for Chris Tillman as the Orioles remain a game behind the Yankees in the AL East.  

The stupid beef between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj may actually have me watch American Idol for the first time seriously in 10 years.

The answer to this question in this following music link? None. 

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 9/18/12: The Huff Post Live Review Show

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Huffington Post Live review highlight show, recapping the best of HuffPost Live that day.

More tomorrow on why I've chosen to make this a regular staple here at TWD whenever I get a chance. And yes, a part of it has something to do with me having friends there and being on some of the segments, so there.

The Highlights

A) Now yours' truly did join in on the first Occupy Wall Street one-year-old birthday segment, a day after Ahmed's birthday.

B) In analyzing Newsweek's epic cluster (you know what) cover on "Muslim Rage" quality talk on that and NDAA slapdown.

C) During the LA session (more on that tomorrow), the terrific and diligent Mike Elk slapped down the slime that is Adrian Fenty and his privatization lobbyist, smug arrogance here in a must see segment for all those teachers unions fighting the privatization.

D) Great and hopefully not overlooked segment on dealing with loneliness:

E) Now for your your ligh…

Music Video Energy Boost #1 For 9/17/12: R. Kelly- Sign of a Victory (2010)

Don't care what personal ridiculous problems he has, this song and this guy is terrific musically.

This and K'Nann's "Waving Flag" should have been the theme song for the 2010 World Cup and not that utter crap from Shakira:

The 1st Thread For 9/17/12 (Second Version): And The Campaign is Over, Part 3

Now the campaign of the Bain Smirker is leaking out the ugly details of how disastrous they have become. Hackio (Politico) has the article, but I rather link to a legit source with their analysis on Hackio's latest inside juice.

Ann Romney is going to have that person's head.

The Updated Links

This was really bad from Joe Scarborough, as is usually is. But this was really bad.

This is what will keep on happening to Soledad O'Brien when she has on the insane people on the right.

 It makes for great TV, but I don't think any host in any field of news likes to be yelled at.

The weekly Monday installment of Cheers and Jeers at DK.

Chris Christie loves Steve "Insane Eyed" King so much, he will speak at his fundraiser.

Repumussen with another stupid poll of so many other years, where Chicago's proudest citizen calls the appropriate lie it is.

Great stuff from Marcythrough Katrina on the Obama administration once again hating those perky whistleblowers.

TWD Sunday Sports/The NFL Thread For 9/16/12: Week 2 Early Game Thoughts

1) Michael Vick will have a bounce back game this week thanks to needed balance, although that won't guarantee an Eagle win against the Ravens in a possible, though I doubt it, Super Bowl matchup.

2) The Saints will go 0-2 today. Cam Newton will have a field day against that suspected New Orleans secondary.

3) Kansas City will bounce back against Buffalo, as both the Bills and Chiefs really need it after those awful openers last week.

4) Andrew Luck will have a field day in a great home opener for the Colts.

5) The Giants will bounce back today, with the key matchup between Hakeem Nicks and Talib, but the Bucs just aren't sound enough in the passing game despite having the weapons to be sound.

6) Oakland could have a struggle today against the Dolphins based on having a Monday night game and the rough travel to the East Coast. Still, they should win.

TWD Sunday Soulful For 9/16/12: Bring in Donnie.....


TWD Saturday 1st Thread/The Deft Volleys Thread #1/The S-Thread #1: Barclays Premier League Week 4

After a fortnight away for country play, club play returns to the greatest league in the world.

Match coverage over on the Birdie site, with full analysis afterwards here. And no, Terry and Anton could not shake on it.

TWD Friday Fun Thread For 9/14/12: Feet The Press

Bring in Montell for the Friday Fun Thread......

Montell Jordan "This is How we do it" from WILLIE GILES on Vimeo.

Bruce Springstein gets the MLB postseason music honor this year on TBS. Great to see.

Remember folks, Occupy Wall Street's one year anniversary is coming real soon

This school in Virginia really is not only entirely rude, but incredibly stupid.

David Gregory, no matter how hard you try, you are not cool. 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
And that is your Friday Fun Thread from The Whole Delivery on September 14, 2012.

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 9/14/12: Alicia Keys- No One (2007)

Alicia Keys "No One" from Justin Francis on Vimeo.

As she slowly starts to comeback with another album soon, here's Swiss Beats' wife with one of her quality tracks from a half-decade ago. Yes, this was five years ago folks, your 2nd Flashback of the day. It's "No One."

We Should All Be Proud of Our Transformations

One of the many disturbing aspects of the American government/political life is the scorn and embarrassment a politician has on a certain potentially embarrassing aspects of his or her life when they were younger popping back up in their political lives.

Now although those aspects will manifest further as today's teenagers and young adults place random or pivotal stuff about their lives on the open internet, the scares of early life have already plagued the previous generations initially (especially in the TV/VCR/tapedeck age who can't have their past erased from the public's minds).

The bay boomers are the first to have their past visually reappear to the rest of society, and most have certainly cringed at the thought of their former days used against them in a campaign.

That is why I further respect the already terrific Jennifer Granholm (at least as a person and not about her overall record as Michigan's governor before Snyder's disastrous current tenure) for t…

TWD Friday's 2nd Thread For 9/14/12: And The Campaign Is Over, Edition #2

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.
Watch More News Videos at ABC | 2012 Presidential Election | Entertainment & Celebrity News

The smirker says the incumbent will be the one lying at the debates instead of his own mendacious self.

“I’ve looked at prior debates," Romney said. "And in that kind of case, it’s difficult to say, ‘Well, am I going to spend my time correcting things that aren’t quite accurate? Or am I going to spend my time talking about the things I want to talk about?'”

And what makes it even funnier and quite pathetic is him saying this about his debate sparring partner, Bush lying slime Rob Portman. "I will never debate Rob Portman again. He's very good."

If he can't debate Rob Portman, what makes him think he can debate Barack Obama.

ALSO: He also described middle class as $200,000 to $250,000.

This election could be move of a blowout that the one Goldwater suffered.

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Friday #1 For 9/14/12: Styles P - Good Times (2002)

"I get high, high, high, everyday." The "deep urban" classic from a decade ago from Styles P kicks off the flashbacks for this Friday. It's "Good Times (I Get High)."

The Rational & Insane Thread For 9/13/12 (2nd Version): The Boss is a Teacher

A new thread highlighting the rationals in the community and the insane nutcases in the American news and infotainment political/policy/law world.

The Rational 

The great Tony Danza stands in solidarity with the Chicago teachers and their strike. Moreover, he calls out the dangerous privatization of American education.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Danza's right position is in contrast to teacher union critic Nick Kristof, whose position on this is inexcusablefor a person of his stature.

Kristof, however, can fall into that elitist trap from time to time, as do many rational big media sources. And they fail to accumulate the facts along with the moral reality of the education problems in America to make a coherent argument for the underdog in all of this, the teachers and their unions.

John Kerry really made isolationist junior, little Rand, look like the clown he is on anything in regards to the world outside of America today.

It rea…

The Fun Thread for 9/13/12 (Final Version): It's Like They Never Left In The First Place

Still the G.O.A.Ts, the FreeCreditREPORT.COM original band:

Basketball is everything to Derrick Rose, and so too is humility. He really is terrific:   This show has potential on Fuse, but shame that it is on a Friday.

The Fun Thread For 9/12/11 (1st Thread): Nicki Minaj Has Nothing On This Chick

Though this is from Monday night, and I didn't get a chance to talk about it yesterday, then it requires attention here today. Serena was marvelous and most importantly, real here.  More in the fun thread upcoming.

The 1st Thread For 9/12/11: And the Campaign is Really Over, First Edition

Photo from Associated Press
The Bain Capital corporate raider smirks at the political advantage he thinks he may receive from the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya.

Everyone, even the neocons, have been angered by his move.

The Centrist journalists/reporters/stenographers, from Chuck Todd here to many others, have painted him as desperate and dire for political gain.

This campaign should have long been over with anybody from the Republican Party. It's outdated and really irrelevant.

The Fun Thread For 9/11/12 (2nd Version): They Let You On TV.........Again?

I was on Huff Post Live for a good while today with great guys in Professor David Leonard and Roger Stewart, along with legendary 1964 Olympic medalist and activist John Carlos (not on screen, he had to talk on his phone) as we talked about if today's sports athletes can talk about politics or not (which of course they can in my view).

Since there is no embed, the link is here.  
Plus more in updated version of The Fun Thread in a bit.  
Update: Oh, there is an embed!

The One Paragraph Thread For 9/11/12: "Never Forget" This Post

Currently, the slogan is "Never Forget."  In 2026, the slogan will be "Never ever ever, EVER, EVER forget." In 2061, it shall be, "You dare NEVER FORGET or else." Like anyone would actually "forget" what happened? Don't be ridiculous, people aren't that stupid. It's reminded to them everyday in some way. Forcing it down their throats is embarrassing.

The 1st Thread For 9/11/12: No Longer Anyone's Joke.......Again

My phone died out two points away from the greatest non-Olympic day in British tennis history, so that is why I went silent last night on Twitter.

Murray really almost blew this match that he should have won in straights, because he basically blew every other lead imaginable in the encounter.

The Scot blew two break leads in the first set, and couldn't covert on four set points in the 1st set tiebreak before winning the set on the 5th chance of asking. He blew the 4-0 lead inexplicably in set two, and he almost blew his two sets to none lead with a dreary 4th set. Nevertheless, he quickly erased the thoughts of suffering an insufferable choke away quickly by breaking Djokovic so forcefully in the crucial opening game of the final set.

Great to see how stoic Ivan Lendl was to the end, and Murray shall be #1 in the near future. He played exceptionally well in Tokyo and Shanghai last year, will have everyone in London behind him of course at the Tour finals, and will be so confiden…

The 1st Thread/2012 US Open/S-Thread For 9/10/12: The Tactics For the Men's Final (Murray/Djokovic)

The last time they have played in this friendly rivalry (and I emphasize friendly rivalry) between the two gentlemen that has lasted for more than a decade was of course at The Olympics: 
Now the key things in that match that lead to Murray's great victory 5 weeks ago were more pace on his forehand, and just playing the bigger points with the placidity he lacked consistently in big matches versus his more accomplished Big 4 brethren (Big 4 consisting of course Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic with Murray, though many will only include Murray in with the rest of the Big 3 only when he wins a Grand Slam, Olympic results be damned).

The serve and the calm of Andy Murray is everything in this match. If he hits his spots and his serve, and has the calm on his forehand and movement, then he wins this match. He has a little bit more versatility in his game than Djokovic and has found that needed baseline strength required to beat him in the most pivotal of encounters.

The tactic…

The S-Thread #1 For 9/9/12: NFL Week 1, with Early Game Thoughts

NFL Week 1 Early Game Thoughts: 

1) The Jets will start a 11-5 season with a dominant win over a Bills team that won't be prepared for how both Sanchez and Tebow will be used effectively.

2) Robert Griffin III will have an amazing debut
 today and could lead the Redskins to a shock victory over the Saints. He will prove early in the season that he will be among the games best quarterbacks already with his accuracy, calm, and duel threat ability.

3) Already must win game for Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert against each other. Going to be long years for the Viking and the Jaguars.

4) Sam Bradford is going to step up today and have a duel with Matthew Stafford if and only if the Rams O-line blocks for him worth a damn against the Lions.

5) With the Bears' defense a bit of a mess, Andrew Luck could have a big day with Cody Fleener and #3 receiver LaVon Brazill.

6) Tom Brady will have the start of a long season of many sacks today against the Titans. Nate Soldier and Ryan Wendell were…

The Fun Thread For 9/8/12: Mary Carillo Wins The 2012 US Open

One of the realest TV rants by a sports commentator and journalist ever. She is so brave for this:
More awesomeness like that in the fun thread a little later on.....hopefully.

The Deft Volleys #1/The S-Thread # 1 For 9/8/12: Enough Is Enough with Patrick McEnroe's Stupid Judgement

Jarrett Baker/Getty Images
Patrick McEnroe was an underachieving but still Top 30 tennis singles player who sadly could not handle the huge mantle that came with his name thanks to his brother.

Despite that, P-Mac was a more than a respectable doubles player who won a Grand Slam at the French Open and definitely comported himself in a professional and, at times, self-deprecating, manner as a pro. Unfortunately, as a color commentator and especially as a talent coordinator and developer with the USTA, he has done a terrible job.

And that dismal performance has reached its nadir with the explosive story from the intrepid Tom Perrotta revealing the USTA's latest hypocrisy, the obsession over getting world junior #1 Taylor Townsend to lose weight despite being the most successful 16-year-old girl in tennis now.

There are several areas where I am especially irritated with McEnroe on this, and it really was marvelous to see Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport lend their unequivoc…