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The Flashback Friday #2 For 7/29/11: Christina Millian- AM To PM (2001


The Flashback Friday #1/The Summer Soul #1 For 7/29/11: Juvenile & Cash Money- Back That Azz Up (1999)

When Lil Wayne made his debut.....Enjoy the classic form 12 summers ago:

The Flashback Friday For 7/22/11: Memphis Bleek feat Jay-Z- Do My (2000)


Sunday Soulful For 7/17/11: Next-Wifey (2000)

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 7/17/11: FIFA Women's World Cup- Japan/United States Live Thread

The Lineups:

Japan- Kaihori; Kinga, Iwashimizu, Kumagai, Sameshina; Ando, Sakaguchi, Miyama, Kawasumi, Sawa; Ohno,

United States- Solo; Lepeilbet, Rampone, Buehler, Krieger ;Boxx, Rapinoe, Lloyd, O'Reilly, Cheney; Wambach

The Tactical Questions:

1: If the long ball doesn't work to Wambach, can the US bring down a Japan side that is now organized, determined, and mentally tough?

2: Can Ohno be clinical if she gets her chances, as well as Kawasumi, Miyama, and of course, the great Sawa?

3: How will the match be called, will light calls be made, as the US will try to be more physical than Japan.

Music Wakeup Call For 7/11/11: Lloyd-Cupid (2011)

This was suppose to be on "Sunday Soulful" last night, but things didn't work out, so......It's the selection for today for the return of the Music Wakeup Call.

Sports Thread #1 For 7/8/11: Yao Ming To Retire From Basketball

From Getty ImagesDo to the lockout, things may complicate this. But it appears we have seen the last of the wonderful giant in the Association:
Yao Ming has informed the NBA he intends to retire, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. It's unclear whether Yao can officially file retirement papers during the NBA lockout. Yao's contract with the Houston Rockets expired on June 30, and he would have been an unrestricted free agent if not for the lockout. One of the nicest guys, and developing into one of the most impact centers the game has ever seen.

Really sad to see him go. Rough day for me truly.

The Flashback Friday #2 For 7/8/11: Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles (2000)

Long before Shawn & Marion put this in "White Chicks", this song was already a top hit before. And the music video perfectly fits it.

Also, Carlton never sold out to the industry, and really gave it a royal middle finger when they tried to make her "sex up" and everything. For that, much respect and praise for her and this classic from a decade ago, your 2nd Flashback Friday choice, "A Thousand Miles."

The Flashback Friday #1 For 7/8/11: DJ Webstar Feat Lil B- Chicken Noodle Soup (2006)

‎"It's The.....D......J......Webstar.​" From a half-decade ago, it's the dance joint that definitely dominated in 2006. Never mind where the girl is at nowadays, but here it is, your First Flashback choice of today, it's "Chicken Noodle Soup."

The Summer Cool For 7/7/11: Cee-Lo Feat Wiz Khalifa- Bright Lights, Bigger City, REMIX (2011)

Big shoutouts to the homie D-Scott for this one.

As usual, no much added from Wiz, but just another excuse for me to give Cee-Lo the praise.......That man has made the masses see his genius.....Enjoy!

TWD's The Summer Cool/Independence Day Special For 7/4/11: Kid Rock- American Bad Ass (2000)

The annual excuse to play Kid Rock, because we all know he doesn't matter anymore........Enjoy the classic, "American BadAss."

Sunday Soulful For 7/3/11: Sisqo- Incomplete (2000)

This week's Sunday Soulful takes us back to "Thong Song" man, but in this classic ballad of his (& last good song). Besides "playing the other" field and his 2nd album being a massive fail, still I wonder to this day how this guy could just fall off like he did?

He had all the talent and, BAM, Usher and him had a verbal beef and that was Sisqo's career. Anyway, "Incomplete", the tearjereker, from 2000......enjoy.

The Wimbledon 2011 Thread/Sports Thread #1: The Calm During The Storm(s)

Photo from Getty Images and
The renowned phrase before ominous weather hits, "The Calm Before The Storm", is certainly also used frequently in sport.

A massive force that can't be stopped when fully ensconced, the feeling of relaxation, prior to the arrival of extreme conditions, can change rapidly when those conditions come. It could cause a player to lose his or her nerve in a sudden instance, never being able to recover from the acerbic nature of such a powerful, pestilent force.

Sometimes though, there are special instances where special people have an ability to show "The Calm During The Storm." Moreover, some people are just "The Calm", no matter when or where.

Petra Kvitova, in the year of 2011, has shown she is not only level headed and relaxed in the most stressful situations. Instead, she IS that level headed person, blessed with the "Calm gene."

It was evidence today, and proved to be the defining difference at…

The Flashback Fridays #2/The Summer Soul #2 For 8/6/10: Spice Girls- Wannabe (1996)


The Flashback Fridays #1/The Summer Soul For 7/1/11: Usher- U Remind Me (2001)

From 10 summers ago at this time:

TWD Friday First Thread/Wimbledon 2011 Thread #1: Men's Semifinals- Tsonga vs Djokovic

The Tactics

1) Use the serve, be the serve.
2) Don't give anything on your return games.
3) This is your best surface.........This is his worst surface
4) The crowd is behind you. The crowd loves you

1) Remember, this is 2011......You are invincible, not 2010
2) Get everything back, mix up the looks on return
3 Swing hard in the beginning, mix it up from then on with the forehand and always look for your backhand down the line
4) Stay level headed, stay sound

Prediction: I say Tsonga wins this in 5 sets.