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Music Thread #1 for 1/29/09: The Return of TWD's Music Thread, Including The Return of Jennifer Hudson

(Photo from RCA) The return of Jennifer Hudson is something that most will cherish The music thread is back. After a long hiatus, a needed break from politics is needed (for the moment). Because would this site still be The Whole Delivery is it didn't have its music fix. It sure as hell wouldn't.

And what a way to return indeed, with Violetta Wallace sick and tired of Lil Kim's mouth in regards to her continued verbal assault on the movie "Notorious."Wallace said that before the movie was made, Kim was given a copy of the script and signed off on the use of her likeness in the film.

"She felt the character we chose for her was 'too dark,' " Wallace said. "Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she's a white woman trapped in a black woman's body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil' Kim's words. She should be ashamed of herself."And she wasn't done:"Tell Lil' Kim t…

TWD's 1,2,3 for 1/29/09, Special Edition: The One and Only Mr.Impeachee Himself.

It speaks for itself.

But don't say "We'll miss you Blago" so fast. You know the airwaves will love to have him on again, like they have needlessly done all week.

How Classy: Former Republican House Leader Armery Gives An Embarrassing Moment To All Of Us

On yesterday's Hardball, Former House Majority Dick Armery gave the years' first tasteless, disgusting soundbite outside of the Rush Limbaugh, Fixed Propaganda (Fox News)horror, telling Salon's Joan Welsh something no one needed to here .

In a moment that has spread all over the Rational Online News Network since last night, Armery placed himself clearly in the Hall of Fame of chauvinistic a-holes.

Even worse was the fact that Chris Matthews said nothing about Armery's pigheaded quote, needing the New York Times Bob Herbert in the next segment to finally offer an apology for the trash that was witnessed. But that's Matthews though when it comes to challenging his good buddy buddies after disparaging a female. He'll let it be labeled as "just some good entertainment." I wonder if Walsh will be willingly to go on his show after he brazenly stood up for her by laughing along at Armery's bile.

And some parents truly give their kids the perfect names. A…

1/29/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: They Just Don't Learn

I guess the more they lose, the more idiotic they act or think.

That most be the case with the Republican Party, as yesterday's shameful action of partisanship by their House members for not casting a single veto for approval of the stimulus bill showed the Obama Administration that being nice to these people doesn't mean a damn thing.

They probably knew that however, and just wanted to see how radical these people would still be despite the current disaster the SOP is in at the moment. And because of their unwillingness to act like grownups in a situation that begs for just that, they seem to already have placed themselves in the doghouse of the new cabinet in just the first month (via the great TomP at the Kos):Pushing back against the unanimous House Republican vote against President Obama’s stimulus plan, the White House plans to release state-by-state job figures “so we can put a number on what folks voted for an against,” an administration aide said.

“It’s clear the Repu…

The Rational Online News Network For 1/28/09, Part 1: The More They Lose, They More They Are on Your Tube

The best of TRONN for today:

Think Progress, as always, has a great list of gems each and every day. And that is the case with this post, showing how there have been more Republican lawmakers than their Democratic counterparts discussing the stimulus bill on cable television by a two to one margin:

Sadly, if there is one bright spot in this latest disproportional effort by the corporate media, it is another feather in your cap needed to combat the stupid myth of "liberal bias." That is especially the case with MSNBC here, where their numbers look more from what you expect at Fixed Propaganda (Fox News). Then again, I guess it is their hell bent attitude to make sure everything appears non-liberal outside of the Olbermann-Maddow block.

TP also has a this heartwarming and sad post on how the two star child actors in the hit Slumdog Millionaire are still living in poverty! It's so bad, that their parents are still waiting for payments, and one child's situation is even w…

So Much For Bipartisanship

Via Daily Kos video editor Jed, look what we have here in the final vote for the stimulus package.

You would think that after all this reaching out by President Obama that at least maybe one, maybe just one, Republican would vote for the bill, especially since 11 Democrats voted against the bill (the final count was 244-188, as one Democrat switched at the last minute).

But noooooooo, ideology, and most importantly, selfish, "me and me only" mentalities have engulfed the elephant party, whether they are nutty conservatives hell bent on their ways of insanity or moderates who talk a semi-rational game but in the end are just as uncaring for the American people as their fellow loony cohorts.

The Sad Obnoxious Party strikes again, and they will continue to further make themselves irrelevant with every stupid move they continue to make.

Update: Oops, I put the wrong picture up on this thread. Silly me. But not as silly as the SOP.

TWD's 1,2,3 for 1/28/09: Gore, Obama, and The One and Only Hot Rod

"This is America, what kind of country is it when you could make accusations and not allowed someone to prove he didn't do it."

1/28/09: TWD'S Agenda For The Day: Stimulus Bill , Stimulus Bill, Stimulus Bill

The House has spent all day adjusting, talking, and having a darn good time with the stimulus bill, as they are keen to pass it over to the Senate tonight as amendments are being worked on. There have been some great ideas proposed and added , and some stupid ones offered up by one particular party. And you know which party delivered nonsense that we don't need at this point.

There will be a few more posts today, as The Whole Delivery slowly but surly gets back into full operation.

1/26/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Return (For Now) of TWDtv, With The Top 3 Soundbites Of The Day

It is the return of The Whole Delivery television, and it features the top three soundbites of the day. From the sanity of President Obama and his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, to the egocentric world of the one and only Hot Rod Blagojevich, the 1,2, 3 highlights to you, as in the pass, the key soundbites that will make you think and laugh at the same time.

1/24/09- TWD's Agenda For The Weekend, Saturday Edition: Standing His Ground, Flashing Off His New Power

In the first week of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama has to still drill it into some people heads that he is, well, the President and not them.

First, his weekly Saturday address, the first one since officially taking over the executive office on Tuesday, continuing his discussion to the public about the crucial stimulus plan.

Second, he had to drill into a few Republican Senators heads, who found contention over the direction of the stimulus bill, that he, well, "won."

And to top it all off, he strongly encouraged the minority party to stop listening to this idiot of idiots..............
"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

One White House official confirmed the comment but said he was simply trying to make a larger point about bipartisan efforts.

"There are big things that unify Republicans and Dem…

The Rational Online News Network For 1/21/09

TRONN is back!!!!

At Media Matters, Eric Boehlert shows again why he is someone that the traditional media is very scared of. Just take a look at how he craves up the media's shoddy reporting (and conservative misinformation dishonesty again)

1/21/09- The Whole Delivery Is Back, As President Obama Has His First Day In Office

Photo from Ron Edmonds of the APYes, TW to the D is back ladies and gentleman.

In the midst of a long weekend of performing for shows and adjusting back to school life in my final semester at school, The Whole Delivery was painfully the same damn thing for the last few days, even on inauguration day. But the stagnation had to end soon, and with that, here's the relaunch of the website once again.

Over the next few days, TWD will get it's television network back pumping with the soundbites of the day, as well as its sports, music, and other threads that make this site literally The Whole Delivery .

And as TWD comes back, it couldn't hit the grounding running again at a more auspicious time with the new President, Barack Obama, now in office. Just me writing that in such a cliche' fashion is sufficient enough for me.

It was, as expected, a work laden first day that is still ongoing as we speak. And lobbyists in the nation's capital should have know that the 44th Pres…

1/17/08-TWD's Agenda For The Weekend, Saturday Edition: The Bush Legacy, Summed Up In One Video

"George Walker Bush, 43rd President of the United States, first ever, with a criminal record."

Keith Olbermann serves up a memorable, devastating and sadly true account of the worst Presidency in the history of this country. There are still a majority of folks who don't understand that it goes just beyond Bush being a mental fool. It hits way deeper than that. It magnetizes how corrupt this man is, and how irresponsible and dangerous he and his gutless despicable cronies have been for this nation.

Damning is it. And there sound be no celebration for it being true. Because it has had a horrible effect on all of us.

It's Saturday, so bring in Luda:

The Rational Online News Network For 1/14/09

While I'm limited with posts for the next few days, let the others apart of TRONN fill your void for the whole news instead of just the television media.

At the Daily Kos, DemFromCT talks about the House passing a bill to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This bill, sadly, should have been passed a long time ago. But it was vetoed, by, well, you know who.

And TPM's usual 100 Seconds of brilliance, including the ridiculous obsession over seeing Bernie Madoff getting out of his car today.

And as I said before, there is much more news for you to get at the other sites about of TRONN. Just scroll down to the page, and you'll see.


The Whole Delivery Update To You On 1/14/09

Once again, limited posts have plagued the site in the last few days, thanks to spring semester at school starting up again. Because of that, this will probably be the only written post of the day. And I can't really say what the situation will be for tomorrow, or even Friday, since that day is my birthday.

So for the handful of people that have seen this site the last two days (and that is a literally a fact, because it has been only a handful), I apologize for this but that is just the current state of the life that's given to me at the moment.

But that doesn't mean The Whole Delivery will fade away. TWD should be fully back up to speed over the weekend with the NFL Conference Championship previews, the review of Biggie's movie, and the regular news beyond the Inauguration.

Until then, peace and Sha-la!

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 12/12-13/08: Jon Stewart's Goodbye Videos To Bush

Music Thread for 1/12/09: The New ("B.O.B"- I'll Be In The Sky)

New quality, from a new artist named B.O.B. with a directly similar Andre 3000 feel. Nevertheless, it's quality, and it's your music thread for the day.

Sports Thread #2 for 1/12/09: Rice Finally Gets Into Hall of Fame As Henderson Gets In On First Try

Photos from google.comAs Ricky Henderson gets in on his first try into the Hall of Fame ( not a surprise at all), Jim Rice finally was elected into Cooperstown today. It took almost forever for this to happen, when it should have occurred a hell of a long time ago.

Maybe even more curious in the voting today (which is done by the premiere baseball writers in the country for those who don't know) is the fact that 28 voters did not vote for Henderson.

Yes, that's right, 28 voters did not vote for the all time steals leader, runs leader, and lead off home run leader. ESPN's wonderful Jayson Stark put some of these fools in place: Sorry. Can't help myself. I need to trot out one more Rickey Henderson stat for you.

What did this man do better than every other leadoff man of modern times -- outside of steal more bases and forget all the other guys' names?

Score runs, of course.

I already mentioned he scored more than any player who ever played. So maybe that sounds obvious. B…

Finally, It's Over; Burris To Be Seated

Remember the "Top Photo" I had up this entire weekend?
Well, I think my wish (and many others wish) has been granted.

The saga finally ends. Roland Burris will not sound like a pompous ass anymore when he says "Senator Roland Burris" next time. Because he will actually be the Senator.Senate Democratic leaders today cleared the way for Roland Burris to be seated as a senator from Illinois, after his appointment by the state’s now impeached governor had turned into a weeklong spectacle shifting between the nation’s capital and the corruption scandal back in Illinois.

Now, it’s likely that Mr. Burris, 71 and a former state attorney general, may be sworn in to the Senate as early as later this week in a ceremony presided over by Vice President Cheney. His seating will bring the Democratic Senate majority to 58, including two independents. No more ridiculous walks in the rain after being turned away. No more new information regarding the situation of the seat. No more as…

The Rational Online News Network For 1/12/09: "Waterboarding Isn't Torture"

Highlights from TRONN today:

Firedoglake's creator Jane Hamsher analyzes the continued stupidity of MSNBC's Joe Scarborough thinking that waterboarding has reaped serious confessions from Khalik Mohammad and many other suspects.

And the argument Scarborough has with Financial Times managing editor Chrstya Freeland, who usually stays status quo-ish with her punditry, is certainly must see.

Jane also has this must read post examining this weird and rather ridiculous piece written in Newsweek .

At Media Matters, they catch Sean Hannity doing what he does best: Being an idiot, liar, and incompetent fool:Fox News' Sean Hannity falsely claimed that President-elect Barack Obama's economic plan gives money to "people that don't pay any taxes," echoing the oft-repeated myth from the presidential campaign that Obama's proposed tax cuts would go to people who don't pay taxes. In fact, Obama has proposed giving the tax credit to "working families," …

Sports Thread #1 for 1/12/09: FOX's Joe Buck and Tim McCraver Enjoyed Limousine Service Thanks To Your Tax Dollars

Via TPM's Zachary Roth, more abuses of money spending under the Cheney Administration. When knew that Fox announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver would be apart of this, though they may not have known about it (and may still not know about it).

1/12/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Last Lying Press Conference

Photo from Saul Loeb of Getty Images and AFP
"Utterly pathetic: are the words best use to describe that conference.

1/11/09-TWD's Agenda For The Weekend, Sunday Edition:

Photo from Ny DailyNewsThe Eagles are flowing with confidence thanks to their backfield tandem of Donovin McNabb and Brian Westbrook, while the Giants look to sustain their hopes of defending their shock championship from last year without the services of Plaxico Burress.

The absence of Burress was certainly felt in the second encounter between these squads in the Meadowlands, as Westbrook craved the Giants defense (unaided by Justin Tuck picking up the flu) for 131 yards rushing, 72 yards receiving, and two touchdowns as Andy Reid’s side scored a season saving win on December 7th.

Eagles’ corners Shelton Brown, Asante Samuel, and Lito Sheppard are certainly not crying spilled tears over Burress no longer being able to terrorize them. Nevertheless, with Brandon Jacobs spearheading the Giants running attach, Tom Coughlin’s side has every right to still feel like they are the team to beat, especially with being at home.

Two keys to the game:

Will Tuck and Matthias Kiwanuka get pressure o…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 1/9-10/09: The Usual Goodnight and Good Morning From A Young Telvin Campbell

Better you, and a better me. Hopefully. Take it away Tevin.

Sports Thread #2 for 1/9/09:NFL Divisional Round Preview Tomorrow

Photo from Al Messerschmidt of Getty ImagesTomorrow on The Whole Delivery in the sports threads, we shall preview the two Saturday games in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. Let's just say that while one game is really hard to pick at the moment, the other, not so much.

That's tomorrow at TWD.

Sports Thread #1 for 1/9/09: Murray Scores Another Win Over Federer, Becomes Odds Makers Favorite At Aussie Open

Photo from Hassan AmmarCritics of Andy Murray are finding it very difficult to label concern and questions on him these days.

The world number four continued his assault towards the elite of the tennis game, scoring another win over Roger Federer to advance to the Qatar Final final against the other "Andy" on tour, Andy Roddick.

Murray's 6-7(6), 6-2, 6-2 victory over the 13 time Grand Slam champion is his fourth straight win against Federer (or third if you don't want to include his exhibition win over Federer in Abu Dhabi last week). And the win moved him into the bookmakers favorite to win the Australian Open.

For the casual fan who doesn't know that much about the sport, that would be Murray's first Grand Slam title if he were to win in Melbourne.

(And hopefully in the next few days, The Deft Volleys, a webblog dedicated to just the sports of tennis and soccer, will be released, where you can find more stories like this on that website.)

Music Thread #2 for 1/9/09-The Flashback Fridays: Montell Jordan ("This Is How We Do It")

For Friday night!!!

The Rational Online News Network For 1/9/09

On TRONN today.

At The Kos, the video is up showing how Roland Burris lies like a seasoned politician.

At Media Matters, Jamison Foser looks at the pitiful move by the conservative media to bring down FDR and his new deal plan. On Fox News, for example, Brit Hume insisted this week that "everybody agrees, I think, on both sides of the spectrum now, that the New Deal failed."

Unless by "both sides of the spectrum," Hume means "far-right ideologues who have shows on Fox News and far-right ideologues who do not yet have shows on Fox News," he's overstating the consensus by a fair amount. Maybe pitiful is being so nice.

As always, Think Progress has a plethora of quality reads for your day. From the worst Vice President ever lying again about no one in that shameful Administration foreseeing the economic crisis , to Bush likely to get little for his post-Presidency lectures. And in the middle of all this news, watch this comment from Nancy Pelosi with how sh…

The Cinema for 1/9/09: 2 You Can Certainly Do Without

Photo from the movie Bride Wars via the nydailynewsIn the first Cinema thread for 2009, we are hit again with more poor movies than quality ones.

With just two atrocious releases on the second Friday in 2009, you maybe better off seeing "Milk" or "Frost Nixon" for the first time (or second, third, or heck, fourth time) instead of either "The Others" (will Meagan Good ever been any movie that is, well, good) and "Bride Wars" (for one quality actress, Anne Hathaway continues to put herself in a lot of junk).

Maybe the only thing even remotely positive about getting "The Others" on bootleg (or by viewing it by other means) is the fact that The Wire's Idris Elba (aka Stringer Bell) is in the film. Obvious, his presence won't make the film better. Nevertheless, he deserves the fill shoutout.


The Read International For 1/9/09: More On The Gaza Conflict

Photo from Al Jazeera(Powerful image indeed)The quick headlines, as more will be covered tomorrow

"Unworkable". That is the word Israel has dubbed the UN truce agreement for a ceasefire, as they continue their assault on Gaza. If you thought international sentiments on Olmert and crew on this situation were bad enough, it will certainly worsen when you read this. Or, when you read this.

There seems to be some daylight between Ukraine and Russia over their bitter gas dispute.

And as the world's prominent navy powers continue to arrive in the waters off of Somali, a Saudi supertanker was released by those modern day notorious pirates. How much they made off that ship after seizing it?

$3 million. I guess they won't factor in on the Obama stimulus plan it seems.

There will be more tomorrow from The Read International. Until then, check out those sites and more, to stay up on your world.

Music Thread #1 for 1/9/09- The Flashback Fridays: Erick Sermon feat Marvin Gaye ("Music")

In celebration of Motown's 50 years of existence coming this Monday (which The Whole Delivery will have more on), one of this week's throwback videos features the 2000 underrated hit "Music", in which Erick Sermon uses Marvin Gaye's famous "Turn on Some Music."

Enjoy it, because it is indeed a worthy flashback video indeed.

Remember When I Said The Unemployment Rate Is 7.2%? Well..................

Photo from google.comIn today's agenda, I linked the report of the unemployment rate reaching 7.2%, a 16 year high. Well, that tales only have of a macabre situation.

The real number is 13.5%. How so you ask? Because that bigger number includes the whole bigger picture, adding the number of discouraged workers and those relegate from full time status to part time work.)

To read the whole report, go here to the Department of Labor website site, and just look at U-6. (With huge thanks to SilverOz at the Kos.)

Nothing But a Nerd

Check out this hilarious diary from the great droogie 6655321 at the Kos.

1/9/09-TWD's Agenda For The Weekend, Friday Edition: Who Has "Tha Monies"?

Photo from you be the next to lose your job, if you have any?)More embarrassing news to give to you about our corrupt and incompetent Treasury department:

They still have no clue what is being done with the bailout money they have so frivolously given out:Late last month, Treasury issued a response that provided almost no new information whatsoever. As we noted, one paragraph appeared twice, in virtually identical form, in response to two different questions posed by Warren.

Now this new report finds that the problem is a long way from being fixedThe Panel still does not know what the banks are doing with taxpayer money.If you want to read the report in its entirety, here it is right here.

Moving on, the debate on how big the stimulus plan proposed by Obama still continues.
Paul Krugman still feels the stimulus package just isn't big enough despite Obama's appropriate tone of how dire the situation is. The bottom line is that the Obama plan is unlikely to close mo…

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 1/8-9/09: (And Sports Thread #2 for 1/8/09) Florida Wins The BS (Yes, the BS) Title

Arash Markazi of Sports Illustrated asks, whose your National Champion?

For me? It's the college presidents and NCAA who for another year, and for the near future, will still get away with their BS.

Sports Thread #1 for 1/8/09: The Preview For Florida-Oklahoma

Once again, the proclaimed National Championship of top flight college football finally arrives after another lengthy, ridiculous layoff.

And sadly, even with the end result possibly being a comprehensive beatdown for one side over the other, there still will be more questions than answers at the end of another season.

This misguided scenario, thanks in all part to college presidents and NCAA big wigs who care more about profits than the absolute good of sport. Or, as Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News labeled these avarice driven fools (and one of the few times where I agree 100% with him), "a cartel."

Whether Tim Tebrow and Florida's overall speed overwhelms the Sooners, or if Sam Bradford's efficiency takes the full chop out of the larger Gator crowd tonight at Dolphins Stadium, there still will be those after the game left with those questions.

You know what those questions are?

Isn't Utah deserving of a real shot of the title if they went 13-0 and defeate…

1/8/09-TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Economic Speech (Plus, Oklahoma-Flordia Preview)

Photo from GoogleToday, President-elect Barack Obama will have his speech today focusing on the economy and his stimulus plan.

The debate since the start of the New Year has been waged on whether the proposed budget for the plan will be enough to help turn around the economy during the Bush Recession.

Also, a little later this morning, with far less attention but just as important indeed, Tom Daschle is announced as Health and Human Services secretary on C-Span (and maybe everywhere else).

Finally, later today on The Whole Delivery, I will get my preview and predictions on the College Presidents Most Important Making Money Game, which is also known as the BCS Championship Game between Florida and Oklahoma.


The agenda's Pending Schedule will be in the comments section. Compared to yesterday, it will be a light schedule.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 1/7-8/08: Tension In Oakland Is Increasing

The ugly situation surrounding the police shooting of 22 year old Oscar Grant on Oakland, California is about to get national in an alarming way. Riots have gotten out of control out there, as police cars and places of business have been damaged, as indicated by a San Francisco Chronicle article (via iliketodrum from the Kos)

Another unfortunate and reckless shooting, causing a soon to be national story raising race tensions in America again quite possibly.

Have a better night (or early morning) that what is scene here in this thread.

Music Thread #2 for 1/7/08: The Stunning Story Today Of Asher Roth Ending The Bomb Threat On A Plane Today

Photo from Chris Llewlyn via URBHe's an upcoming MC getting a lot of attention. But Asher Roth may get even more attention away from his music. And rightfully so:

In a story definitely making it rounds online and throughout, Roth and Chris Llewellyn helped stopa man on their plane traveling to Los Angeles after claiming he had a bomb. Stunningly stuff indeed.

Sports Thread #2 for 1/7/08: Nightmare Day For Boston College Sports Continues With Basketball Team Losing To Harvard

Photo from Getty Images (Though released by the Cowboys, it looks like Adam Jones may release his anger on ESPN instead)January 7th, 2009 on Chestnut Hill today will be one that won't be looked upon too fondly (and I don't bring this up because I am a Boston University student).

After Gene DeFilippo fired football coach Jeff Jagodzinski, the Athletic Director at Boston College had to see his basketball program, fresh off of their big upset victory over North Carolina on Sunday, loss to Harvard of all opponents 82-70. Harvard, who couldn't even beat my school's struggling basketball team this year, beats easiest the best basketball school in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Talk about an utter disaster.

Anyway, the quick runthrough. In just a mere 10 days, the Celtics went form unbeatable and record setters to being in a semi-crisis mode, as they dropped another game tonight, this time to the Tracy McGrady-less Rockets tonight 89-85. Their offense has gone into a tailspin of…

A Pathetic Party Turns To Puerto Rico For Help

Photo from The Puerto Rico HeraldAnd no, this isn't another awkward and weird photo op between John McCain and Daddy Yankee

However, it is let another paradigm of how awful the state of this party is right now.

The Sad Obnxious Party (SOP), needing to go out of the country in order to find some hope, any hope, for their deteriorating party humors the soul and makes you wonder, when will the nadir be the nadir for them.

We all know the SOP is virtually a regional party now, as the South is the last remaining comfort zone at the moment (and Utah and Oklahoma as well, with sadness bestowed to those who live there who know better than their state's majorities). But who knew that they would go way down South, passed the borders, to Puerto Rico, to stimulate their unstimulated movement.

That is what happens when desperation sets in, as the RNC looks to a new nutcase to galvanize their stable of, well, mentally unstables. That latest golden figure is new Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuno…

The Rational Online News Network For 1/7/09 (Updated With Think Progress)

Today on TRONN:

At Media Matters, they probably were throwing up after having to watch and embed to their website the interview Matt Lauer had with the nutjob that is Ann Coulter today:

Also, they had to sadly report how a fool in the Los Angeles Times didn't retract how he painted Harry Reid a racist for not originally supporting Roland Burris into the Senate.

At 538, Nate Sliver gives a justified defense for Harry Reid and Senate Democrats over the Burris situation. Yes, really, he does.

At Firedoglake, Jane Hamsher just doesn't understand why Harry Reid hopes Ted Stevens doesn't want to go to jail, and she hit the nail on the head when she said this: Does Reid have any respect for the law, or is it all about Senate entitlement? And after having thrown a huge public hissy fit about not being able to seat Roland Burris because Blago is such a crook the taint would be unbearable (words he will at any moment have to eat), this is the moment he chooses to come to the defense o…

Sports Thread #1 for 1/7/09: Well, They Fired Him

Photo from APWell, they certainly kept their promise.

Boston College fired their football coach Jeff Jagodzinski after he went and interviewed with the Jets. Here's what the Athletic director, Gene DeFilippo, said about this:"We're really good friends and this is a very difficult thing to do," DeFilippo said at a news conference. "We will find somebody who really wants to be at Boston College and will be here for the length of their contract."And could you blame him? Not only did Jags (as he is know by in both the college and pro ranks) have three years left on his contract, but he didn't inform DeFilippo about even interviewing with the Jets.

A rational person could understand this firing when you look deep at the details. It is a decision where loyalty plays a massive part in, and DeFilippo needed a coach who was commented to Boston College. Of course, that will be hard to find with the firing, especially with the threat of pink slipping Jagodzinski h…

Music Thread #1 for 1/7/09- The Quick Runthrough

To start off, here' the video for Skillz Rap Up for 2008

Whether you like country music or not, Taylor Swift is atop of the charts again. Even more alarmingly to quality music that really makes a difference in people's lives is the fact that Queen B (Beyonce') has now sold over 1.5 million copies with her 11 track piece of you know what album.

Sorry, just keeping it real.

If you thought that was real, it has nothing on what Q-Tip told Newsweek about the industry right now. Even without an outrageous number of marketing campaigns, Q-Tip's The Renaissance was still able to reach the Number 11 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

"Their model for getting numbers is broken," Q-Tip explained. "They realize it, but they don't have any solutions. They all seem shook. A&R departments need people who really know music. That way, they can make records that last a long time, because eventually it's going to be about the whole catalog selling again. Especi…

The Read International for 1/7/09- Spoke Too Soon: Sarkozy Takes Back Statement As Israel Raid of Gaza Continues

After being buoyed by indications of Israel agreeing to the principles of a ceasefire, French President Nikolas Sarkozy had to turn around and retrace his statement:The French government initially said Israel and the Palestinian Authority had accepted the proposal, but Israel and Hamas have said the proposal is still under discussion.

However the office of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, later retracted the statement, saying the initial comments were merely a reaction to Israel's positive comments about the plan.The onslaught into Gaza continues:Violence has escalated again in Gaza after Israel temporarily halted attacks in Gaza City in the north of the strip for three hours as a "humanitarian respite".

In the latest incident, an Israeli air raid on a car in Beit Lahia, near Gaza's northern border with Israel, killed three children and their father, who was described as a civilian by medical workers in the besieged strip.

The Israeli security cabinet, meanwhile, …

1/7/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Quick Runthrough

Photo from TPM (via image caption from Fox)Here we go.

Today's worthless photo op of the week (see above) happened just an hour or so ago, as Obama, Bush the Shrub, Clinton, Bush the Father, and Jimmy Carter met (and are still meeting secretly).

The stance from both the President-elect and Harry Reid has changed on seating Roland Burris. Expect some fool on CNN to say that Blagoveich outsmarted Obama and that this is a loss for him.

Speaking of CNN, the argument against Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General has intensified. Paul Krugman is apart of that opposite, feeling that another insider who hasn't gotten things wrong in the past is being rewarded. That feeling is based of the famous Michael Moore-Gupta battle over Sicko, where Gupta got his facts wrong in trying to smear Sicko and its director: What bothered me about the incident was that it was what Digby would call Village behavior: Moore is an outsider, he’s uncouth, so he gets smeared as unreliable even though he actually…