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The Flashback Fridays #1 For 5/29/15: Trey Songz ft Twista - Gotta Make It (2005)

It's been 10 years in the game for Virginia's top two R&B duo.

First it was Trey Songz, who came to the game in a different state than the psuedo-R.Kelly state he currently is now. From a decade ago in May 2005, it's his refreshing, earnest and deep to the soul debut single/song that made you think he wouldn't go all the way in on his freak, sex song routes he's fully gone in on now.

And asking the question, "All I got is a dolla and a dream, will you roll with me?" is a powerful one that tests one's real love from day one.

From 2005, it's Trey Songz's first release with Twista right there, it's "Just Gotta Make It."

More to come at The Whole Delivery on TWD Fridays.

Midday Music Energy Boost For 5/28/15: Tamar Braxton -The One (2013)

With superb usage of MTume's "Juicy Fruit" and Biggie's "Juicy," Tamar Braxton's "The One" has been the full consolidation of her rise to solo stardom, branching off from her family and her previously more known sister Toni. Two years later, it still is a treat to listen to.

It's "The One", your Music Energy Boost for today.

More to come at TWD later.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 5/19/15: Natalie La Rose ft Jeremih - Somebody (2015)

With the Whitney Houston "Dance with Somebody" sample down well by producer team of The Futuristics, their effort has allowed Flo Rida article Natalie La Rose are catchy hit with Jeremih. She is the latest performer to not have a good singing voice, but all that matters is that she has a hit for the last 4 months. And for Jeremih, with his label issues, another hit is good enough for him.

It's "Somebody," today's Music Wakeup Call.

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The Flashback Fridays #1, Special Edition For 5/15/15: BB King - The Thrill Is Gone (1970)

The legend Riley B. King went up above last night at 89. And to honor his great life and career on Earth (as it continues in heaven), here is he performing his classic of many classics. It's "The Thrill is Gone," a song made first by the late great Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell.  The first of a few tributes to this legend today in The Flashback Fridays.

More to come at TWD today. Stay tuned.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 5/13/15: Afrojack ft Shermanology - Can't Stop Me (2012)

The Music Wakeup Call is back, with one of the rare EDM songs I can tolerate. And I'm so glad that Shermanology was black. Because honestly, there are not a lot of black women in EDM.

More to come at TWD today, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 5/8/15: Avril Lavigne - Complicated (2002)

It's been a rocky road of late for Avril Lavigne, where public disputes with her love life, ups and downs with her music career, and now battling lyme disease have been the story for the still young Canadian rocker. But the 30-year-old still has so many fans with her "regular girl" style and persona, and it is why she has been an unquestioned major success.

So take it back to where it all started for her. It's 2002 around this time, and it is "Complicated," the breakthrough single for Lavigne to prominence. Enjoy your first Flashback of the day.

More to come at TWD, stay tune.

The Sports Thread #1 For 5/5/15: 2014-15 UEFA Champions League Semifinal #1 - Juventus vs Real Madrid (Second Version)

Half-Time Version 
It looked as if Ancelotti's gamble to not play a forward up front would back fire, as there was no outlet for his midfield to go up top to anyone for most of the first half. Here is a prime example of that, as neither Bale nor Ronaldo was in the box despite Real being well into Juventus' half. 

This was not the only time this occurred.
With the backline rattled as Iker Casillas continues to look shaky, Allegri's side was given a real opportunity to at least be the ones in control of this tie when halftime came. Marcelo had a terrible first half and lacked communication with Isco, which helped lead to those two and Varane not following Tevez, whose shot basically acted as an assist for Morata's goal against his former side.  
But the aforementioned Isco and James Rodriguez, for any deficiencies they may have defending sometimes, really provided the spark for Real to snatch the momentum of the game away from the hosts. James, along with Kroos and Carva…

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 5/1/15: N'Sync - It's Gonna Be Me (2000)

Just because it's the first day of May for 2015, it's only fitting that this is the Flashback Friday main choice this week, just on the line, "It's Gonna Be May," I mean, "It's Gonna Be Me."

Before Timberlake dropped the group for his own selfish ambitious being the sometimes douche he can be, they still were the most accomplished boy band ever for a reason, and it's quality like this. "It's Gonna Be May", or I mean, "It's Gonna Be Me" from JC Chavez & company from 15 years ago in the year 2000, part of that massive "No Strings Attached" second album..

More to come from The Whole Delivery, in Las Vegas, later.