The Flashback Fridays #1 For 5/1/15: N'Sync - It's Gonna Be Me (2000)

Just because it's the first day of May for 2015, it's only fitting that this is the Flashback Friday main choice this week, just on the line, "It's Gonna Be May," I mean, "It's Gonna Be Me."

Before Timberlake dropped the group for his own selfish ambitious being the sometimes douche he can be, they still were the most accomplished boy band ever for a reason, and it's quality like this. "It's Gonna Be May", or I mean, "It's Gonna Be Me" from JC Chavez & company from 15 years ago in the year 2000, part of that massive "No Strings Attached" second album..

More to come from The Whole Delivery, in Las Vegas, later. 
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