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The Boston University Brownstone Story

Ceiling collapses, dilapidated walls, and obsolete conditions, some of Boston University's brownstones can be summed up in one word: Inadequate.
In this investigative report from Joshua Clark and Andrew Jones, there is no sugar coating here. The story tells itself and makes you truly wonder the prerogatives of both the Office of Housing and Facilities Management when you see this.
Note: This is not a slam piece on Housing or B&G.


"The finish, a creation from Andrew Jones, is a quick summary of the big stories in the world every week in just a two minute beat. The objective of "The Finish" is to help viewers unable to follow the news in the preceeding days get up to speed on the premiere current events happening both domestically and internationally. "All of these stories must not only have a start, but also, a finish."

Here's the first ever episode of the series.

Story on "Bodega" Boston's Secret Shoe Store

This is unlike any "bodega" you have ever been too, for sure. This story is about "Bodega", Boston's secret shoe store. Its a truly interesting story.

The 2008 Final Two Title Game Preview

Just over a week ago, Bill Self was the conscious choice as "Best coach to have never made a Final Four." He proceeded to get off that list after Kansas held off that Steph Curry led, ridiculously underrated Davidson team last Sunday in Detroit.

Now Self has a chance to get off two notorious lists in just eight days. And he will do that on Monday night, when the Jayhawks give him his first national championship and their school's third title aganist a Memphis team that is playing tremendous basketball themselves.

If the first two games between the number one seeds of the tournament didn't live up to the hype (which to me, they did because the better two teams won), then this title matchup will certainly do that. Guaranteed (of couse, without me giving you my money).

The NBA star power is off the charts in this game. Though Derek Rose is the only one who is a number one pick candidate come this June's draft, Kansas has more early round talent on their squad. Brandon …