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The Flashback Fridays #1 For 11/21/14: Zhane feat Fam - Hey Mr. D.J (1993)

This is probably the kindest DJ request song without cursing out the said DJ. This 1993 classic from Queen Latifah's once lead duo Zhane has served as a smooth party groove song that still is top class to this day.

Although this was the highest point the duo reached, the Naughty by Nature produced track featured an energetic verse from Rottin Razkals rapper Fam that added to this song's greatness. It deserving reached #6 on the Billboard charts and is a fitting choice for today's first flashback Friday video selection.

More to come in The Flashback Fridays in a bit.

Music Wakeup Call For 11/18/14: Sluggah Jells - Clutch (2014)

First main song I'm promoting from me, and it serves as your wakeup call for today.

The Election Day 2014 Thread #1 For 11/4/14: More Ballot Initiative Talk (First Version)

To continue off from yesterday, Colorado was left off the list with North Dakota and Tennessee on placing pro-choice under the microscope. The personhood amendment, labeling unborn human beings under the definition of "person" and "child" in the Colorado criminal code, looks set to be sensibly slapped down as polling shows a majority in opposition against it.

Marijuana decriminalization is on the line in Alaska and Oregon, with Florida having "medical marijuana" on the ballot.

On the vital tax ballot measures, Georgia's right wing group is trying to be slick and see that the maximum state income rate is not increased. Unfortunately, many idiots in the middle class are being willing doped and look set to help the rich men keep most of their money as the polls indicate. Also trying to pull a fast one on their middle class and poor is Michigan, as they try to get rid of the personal property tax and likely give a whole corporate giveaway to Rick Snyder …

The Election Day 2014 Thread #1 For 11/3/14: The Key Ballot Initiatives (Multiple Versions)

Photo from The Olympia Report 
Though the story of the Senate likely falling in the hands of the insane party is getting the top attention, not to be lost in the crucial details of the American nation is Election Day 2014's key ballot measures. With many states once again asking important questions from their citizens, the shape of policies for the next few years across the country will get key answers regarding their future.

The fight for an increase in minimum wage for workers has reached a zenith, with five states placing the future of working class wages on their ballot for a vote. Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota will hopefully see their states make improvements on their workers' wages. Although Arkansas raise is quite pathetic (from $6.25 to $8.50, and only implemented by 2017), all five states look set to pass that common sense measure.

Unfortunately for those on the right and common sensical side of the "women's right to choose" iss…

The Flashback Fridays Halloween Edition #1 For 10/31/14: Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night (1984)

The Halloween classic for us all every year. The "Freaks Come Out At Night" from the legendary Whodini. Now 30 years on, this classic is cherished forever.

Happy Halloween from TWD, and more to come.

The Flashback Fridays For 10/24/14: Missy Elliott feat Ludacris - Gossip Folks (2003)

Right in the middle of the great Missy creative wave to her earned mainstream credentials, "Gossip Folks" proved as another installment to the Virginia rap star's tremendous originality. With Ludacris adding his enormous wit and top form at that time, Missy was guaranteed to provide another outstanding video to compliment her latest electric track.

With Timbaland and her jointed to the hip as always, "Gossip Folks" may have never have gotten as much love as "Get Your Freak On" or "Work It," but it was still nevertheless as brilliant as those two mega hits.

Your flashback music choice for the day, it's Missy Elliott featuring Ludacris with "Gossip Folks."

More to come from TWD, stay tuned.

Music Wakeup Call For 10/23/14: Mary J Blige feat Ja Rule - Rainy Dayz (2002)

No matter if it's a sunny day wherever I'm at, I have no hesitation playing this terrific song at anytime. It's just an underrated, deep effort from both Mary J and Ja Rule that will always resonate with anyone having an inking of a soul. 
But with it raining in New York and the Northeast area of the United States the past two days, it certainly made playing this mandatory. 
You know a song and video are deep when Youtube/Vevo doesn't have the common decency to even have the video be allowed on there by anyone despite not having the video up themselves. So pathetic as always, and why I had to go the Daily Motion route. 
So a rare Music Wakeup Call as of late, it's the classic from 2002, "Rainy Dayz" from Mary J and Ja. 

Mary J. Blige Feat. Ja Rule - Rainy Daysby erwan951

More to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 10/17/14: Master P - "Make'em Say UGH" feat Fiend, Silk The Shocker, Mia X & Mystikal (1997/1998)

The song that officially put Master P and No Limit on the national map for good and truly established Percy Miller as a New Orleans legend.

Something historic was about to happen the minute he rolled up on the basketball court with a "golden platinum tank," and cemented how he would make an indelible impact at the end of the 90s and beginning of the 00's.

But the energy Silk, Mia, and Mystikal brought on this track certified it as a hip-hop classic not only for the South, but also the rest of the industry.

So, serving as your first Flashback Friday track this week, it's the No Limit Soldiers with the timeless "Make'em Say UGH."

More to come from TWD today, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays For 10/10/14: Harlem World - I Really Like It (1999)

The short lived Harlem World, Mase's group, made one notable impression on the game at least with their debut single on their only album, which went gold. "I Really Like It" off "The Movement" was a good start to what could have been a group with multiple albums created.

Instead, Harlem World disbanded the following year in 2000, never to form again. They all went their separate ways in life (which sadly included the car accident death of Huddy in 2010) and just had this one standout track in their short lived tenure.

With the superb production effort of the legendary Just Blaze, Supa Sam, and Mase himself, it's "I Really Like It," your Flashback Friday choice of the week.

More to come at TWD, stay tune.

The Fun Thread For 10/7/14 (First Version): Ain't No Party Like a Viola Davis-Elmo Party

Without these two, any party you have had this year is really just average at best.

More to come on the return to the Fun Thread, later here on TWD.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 9/26/14: Mase- Breathe, Stretch, Shake (2004)

During the Mase comeback trail a decade ago, this second single off "Welcome Back" after the same titled single added to one of the underrated albums of the decade in terms of how positive it was. Still an untempo hit to this date, "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" represented how Mase could have still been relevant in the 2000s had he not made the disastrous decision to join G-Unit.

Anyway, here is the 2004 hit as your first Flashback Friday choice of the day:

More to come at TWD, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 9/19/14: Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder (1999)

In 1999, the only duo who could really challenge Outkast's top spot was certainly the timeless combination that was the Wu Tang star and Def squad standout. Before "Idlewild" was even thought of, Meth and Red had their movie out as well as their Fox's sitcom. No matter what you thought of those productions, they served as a sign of how dominate and legendary their run was during that time period.

So in today's return of The Flashback Friday, it always is a full honor to feature the up tempo classic from 15 years ago. It's the Meth and Red show in full glory, with "Da Rockwilder."

More from TWD to come, stay tuned.

The Ferguson Watch Thread Overnight For 8/19/14: Tense Evening Produces Gun Shots, Multiple Arrests

Tear gas, flash grenades, arrests.

Those three elements have been a constant the last few nights in the Ferguson protests for the death of Michael Brown. But Monday evening added its own dramatic characteristic, as gun shots were fired towards several protestors. The only difference however was the source of were those shots arise, as other members of the public allegedly fired bullets amongst a relatively peaceful crowd.

Two people were wounded as tense times surfaced again in the small town outside of St. Louis, hours after President Obama made a second public statement on Ferguson. It appeared that it would be a relatively calm evening in wake of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifting Sunday's midnight curfew. Most protestors marched through their community from late afternoon into sunset without any major controversy, trying to avoid being arrested at the hands of a police's edict barring marchers from stopping in the middle of the street. But as the hours passed, certain i…

The Ferguson Watch Thread #1 For 8/18/14: The Consistent Ways of The Status Quo Centrist (Final Version)

Recap: Those Hoping For Firm Criticism of Ferguson Police Forget The Middle Road Ways of Obama
From from CBS's Mark Knoller 
As is often the case when it comes to Obama's actions or speeches, the latest installment just now on   Ferguson (and Iraq) followed the usual centrist philosophy that maintains status quo elements and prevents the reform those institutions require. 
Unsurprisingly many in the liberal world, especially in the black community, are disappointed by that. There was never going to be a full castigation of the insane Ferguson police's actions, just a nibble at making sure the nation's "First Amendment" rights were protected. And there was always going to be a reprimand of any looters to make certain the authorities had comfort in their general jobs. 
It did a disservice to both Ferguson and Iraq to have both of them share the focus when each required their own special time. To say that Ferguson is not on his radar is obviously foolish, as he wo…

The Thread For 8/14/14: How Ferguson's Racial Disaster Is The Real "Leading From Behind"

Screenshot from MSNBC
In modern day neoconservative and centrist talk, the phrase constantly used for their perspective of President Obama's foreign policy is "leading from behind." Anyone with any barring of facts, common sense and general rationality knows how unhinged the usage of that phrase is. It speaks more to how unstable those people are and how that phrase surely needs a proper example to represent it accurately.

That example has arrived in emphatic and unfortunate fashion with the latest American racial horror show in Ferguson, Missouri, thanks to its mayor exhibiting traits that would make Waldo look visible and a police chief whose behavior gives Clancy Wiggum of The Simpsons a sense of competence.

Mayor James Knowles hopefully isn't harboring any ideas on running for higher positions in the future, as he has acted like he doesn't know where his town is located on the map since the early aftermath of Michael Brown joining a list of murdered black Ame…

Music Midday Energy Boost For 8/12/14: Rich Homie Quan ft. Problem - Walk Thru (2014)

(Viewer and Reader Discretion is Advised, especially if you aren't black)

Another one of those rising upstars whose has the production outshine his words. Nevertheless, Rich Homie Quan has been taking stepping stones to prominence since "Some Type of Way" last summer.

Noted fact about this video is what happened when Quan shot it in early May. He reportedly was taken to the hospital, falling victim to two seizures and cracking his head open. Considering that he was locked up before, that latest alarming incident added on to the many bouts with adversity he has dealt with.

Despite all of that, the production work by Dupri and Shadow, well, overshadows Quan.

Anyway, return of the Music Midday Energy Boost, it's RHQ with the smooth "Walk Thru."

The Thread For 8/6/14: Missouri Votes To Ban Warrantless Seizures of Electrical Devices

Missouri voters resoundingly ensured Tuesday evening that they would not be subjected to warrantless seizures and searches of their electronic devices by their state authorities, based on a primary ballot amendment inspired by the actions of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. 
Seventy-five percent of voters (almost 729,000 people) in the Show Me State chose “Yes” to add Amendment 9 to Missouri’s Constitution, with only 25% casting for the other way. Amendment 9’s passing, which would ensure cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices receive the same Fourth Amendment protections granted to people, their homes, and their other personal belongings, had gain steady bipartisan momentum in the state for months. Although the amendment  does not affect the federal level, it does place a block on Missouri state departments from obtaining digital data without a warrant.  
The amendment was sponsored by State Senator Rob Schaaf (R) and co-sponsored by State Senator Bob Dixon (R)…

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 7/25/14: Terror Squad - Lean Black (2004)

The Flashback Fridays return with the group hit from 10 summers ago. It's the "Fat Man's Dance" and served as the beat that really got Scott Storch that legit appeal before his inevitable cocaine fall off.

People can't rationally deny how quality Joe's skill is and how he did well to keep the Terror Squad movement afloat well after Pun's passing. And this was clearly the climax of their run.

Also, one of the few notable things about this video is the fact that a young Kevin Hart made his appearance at the 2:40 mark.

So without further ado, here's Terror Squad with "Lean Back,"in the return of The Flashback Fridays.

More to come at TWD today, stay tuned.

The FIFA World Cup Final's Halftime and Postgame Thread For 7/13/14: Super Mario Golden Gotze Gives Germany A 4th Title (Postgame Version)

FT (aet) Argentina 0-1 Germany (Gotze 113')

Photo from Getty Images
Though injuries and pressure, Germany have deservedly and rightly won a fourth world championship.

It is already a terrific great scene in Berlin, and Mario Gotze scored a world class winner to break the deadlock. It's fitting that Gotze scored, considering that he has been called the "German Messi" for several years now and featured a touch that the glorious Argentine just did not have today.

All match long, Martin Demichelis was outstanding with Ezequiel Garay. Demichelis, much maligned at Manchester City, had a tournament that showed why he was good enough to not only go to City but also be apart of Bayern Munich. But with fatigue setting in, the "bad Demichelis" reared its head at the worst time for the Albiceleste by not monitoring Gotze on that final ball.

Still for Argentina, Demichelis' moment of negligence on Gotze wasn't the moment that cost them. It was the messed chances,…

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final's Thread #2 For 7/13/14: High on Low

Focus: Whether His Team Wins A 4th World Cup For Germany, Joachim Low Has Proven His Greatness
Photo from Getty Images
Two years ago, Joachim Low faced intense criticism for his German side falling to a less talented Italian side in the Euro 2012 semifinals. That skepticism on whether he was truly the man who could lead this latest golden generation of the German nation, the first as a unified collective, further popped up despite a near flawless World Cup qualifying campaign. Blowing a 4-0 lead at home against Sweden and the long drawn out feud he and Leverkusen forward Stefan Kiessling had added to the immense pressure on the 54-year-old manager.

Low could have easily folded the minute a number of his key talents started to be stricken with injuries. Ilkay Gundogan's long term back issues have ruled him out for a while. Marco Reus suffered a devastating blow knee injury right before the tournament. Mario Gomez couldn't get back to full fitness in time to make the journey. Bot…

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final's Thread #1 For 7/13/14: A Legacy Already Fulfilled

Focus: How Lionel Messi Already Merits Being Right Next To Maradona And Pele, Even Without A World Cup Title 
Photo from Getty Images
He posted a final message on Facebook, enthralled by what is to come forth. He wasn’t born the last time his nation won a World Cup, barely born the last time they were in a World Cup final.

It’s another step taken on the legacy of a 27-year-old from the town of Rosario, a legacy that has featured a tournament where he has answered all of the questions from any of his rational critics looking for that one incompletion on a glorious resume.

Yes, even before the final that could give him the one trophy missing from his glorious cabinet, Lionel Messi has answered any of the final doubts about his claims to be the greatest footballer in history with his monthly display in the rival nation of Brazil.

“Tomorrow we will play the most important match of our lives with this t-shirt,” Messi wrote on his Facebook page. “My dreams and my dreams are being fulfill…

The 2014 World Cup Semifinal #2 Kickaround, Halftime and Runthrough For 7/9/14: Romero Celebrates Argentine Independence Day By Sending Them Into The Final

FT (aet): Argentina 0-0 Netherlands (Argentina win 4-2 on penalties) 
Photo from Getty Images
The reaction from the two sides towards Maxi Rodriguez's clinching penalty. 
It was that close of a match, that type of a tactical encounter that may not ever be in the highlight of reel like yesterday's semifinal, but was enthralling from a pure cagey perspective. 
Alejandro Sabella has just nicked Louis van Gaal in the "outfoxed department," as it came down to a simple overplay on penalties. 
Ron Vlaar, basting in the glow of a career afternoon, was wrongly chosen as the first penalty taker. It prove to be the first blink in a match where both sides were in an intense two hour starring contest. 
This is how a World Cup semifinal is suppose to look, not the debacle that was "The Beatdown in Belo." Chances are suppose to be few and far in between. Outstanding defending is suppose to be a constant, not an aberration. And managing the formation adjustments and the sub…

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime, and Postgame Thread For 7/8/14: The Beatdown in Belo (Final Version)

Well, that question was firmly answered below. 
He didn't, and his teammate didn't. 
Pre-Match Thread 

For the last four years, David Luiz has been mostly an adventure at centerback whenever Thiago Silva was not with him.

Now without the services of his new club teammate at PSG and long time buddy, David Luiz's stability as a central defender will be defined today.

With Dante as his partner, he will need to showcase that he can truly be a force in front of Julio Cesar regardless of who is partnering with him. It said something immensely when Jose Mourinho had to concede that one of his bitter adversaries, Rafa Benitez, was right about the former Chelsea man being elite only as a holding midfielder. The fact that Luiz was played predominantly in front of Gary Cahill and John Terry for the second half of the season speaks to how Mourinho knew that Luiz wasn't stable at the back.

Luiz has been terrific thus far in this tournament, with key tackles and recoveries before hi…

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime And Postgame #2 For 7/5/14: Krul Blow For Los Ticos As Backup Tim Sends Orange To Semis

FT (AET): Netherlands 0-0 Costa Rica (Netherlands advance on penalties 4-3) 
Survival is the only thing that matters, as the Dutch did just that. Keylor Navas got all the (deserved) attention, but Tim Krul was the goalkeeper who got the final say. 
But despite the rough exit for Costa Rica, it was a valiant close to the greatest World Cup in their country's history. 
Navas and Giancarlo Gonzalez made themselves massive commodities in this tournament (and Navas arguably already made himself one with this season at Levante), while Michael UmaƱa did not at all resemble the player who just wasn't good in MLS. Johnny Acosta did a great job coming in for the suspended Oscar Duarte, and Cristian Gamboa could easily see himself be apart of three World Cups. 
It was terrific all around spirit from Los Ticos that was crafted by manager Jorge Luis Pinto. They went as far as it could go, but that time had to run out at some time. 
Van Gaal's pick of Krul made sense with how Cillessen …

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime, and Postgame Thread #1 For 7/5/14: Gonzalo's Golzaooo Sends The Albiceleste Into The Semis

FT: Argentina 1-0 Belgium 
Photo from Getty Images
Four years ago, the Argentina defense was pure shambles at the back under Diego Maradona. But under Alejandro Sabella, their defensive shape has returned to their side and it was exhibited in full detail today. 
It has to be said that Belgian manager Marc Wilmots helped in that aspect, with poor tactics throughout today. Not one time did Jose Basanta get challenged 1-on-1 by Kevin Mirallas, Dries Mertens, Kevin De Bruyne, and whenever Eden Hazard thought about overlapping. Also, starting Divock Origi after Romelu Lukaku got on track against the US also proved to be the wrong move. 
It was a sign of a team who needed that bit more experience to make headway at a major tournament, but questions will be asked if Wilmots now is the man who can make those big choices in a tournament. Hazard should have came off for Mertens, but again it was either the Napoli man or Mirallas being subbed out first instead of the disappointing Chelsea man. 

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime, and Postgame Thread For 7/4/14: Centerbacks Back Brazil's Place Into The Semis

FT: Brazil 2-1 Colombia 

It was a team performance led by the centerbacks on both ends of the field to see the host nation progress. 
David Luiz had his strongest game for his nation, while Thiago Silva displayed why he is the best in the world at his position. Silva unfortunately got the stupidest yellow card of the tournament, as he will not be out of the semifinal against Germany. 
But Silva (and Neymar's possible absences) will be analyzed for days to come. Right now, Luis Scolari's team containing James Rodriguez for most of the evening was very good for the evening. Juan Cuadrado couldn't get things going on, and Teo Gutierrez showed once more how big the gap is when he has to replace Radamel Falcao. 
The front four (along with Victor Ibrabo) for Colombia failed to do enough as they struggled throughout to get clear chances on a Brazilian defense that had its best performance this tournament. Helping in that was the great play from Fernandinho, and even an unselfish …

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround Thread For 7/4/14: A Mondragon's Tale

Photo from Getty Images and
Faryd Mondragon has the unique distinction of being the only player in the entire 2014 World Cup who was a squad member in the 1994 installment in the United States.

At the time, Mondragon was a soon to be 23-year-old keeper who saw first hand how his Colombian nation came into the tournament as destined for greatness, picked by some to even be world champions. Of course, it turned out to be the opposite of that, as a 3-1 loss to Romania, followed by the more infamous 2-1 defeat at the hands of the host Yanks proved to be the start of a long painful demise on the global stage for Los Cafeteros.

The shock exit out of World Cup ’94. The tragic death of Andres Escobar. The quick departure out of the group stage of the following World Cup in France. The three consecutive cycles of failing to qualify for the 2002, 2006, and 2010 World Cup.

Mondragon has seen his country endure its pinnacle and a pitfall, its apex and its vortex, its crowing and its col…

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Halftime and Postgame Thread #1 For 7/4/14: Hummels Humbles France (Postgame Wrap)

FT: France 0-1 Germany 
Photo from Getty Images
One experience class centerback over an talented but young one made the difference in Germany advancing to a record 4th semifinal. Whether their trip in the last four this time will come back with a title is another story. 
Nevertheless, despite France controlling most of the second half, it was still the brilliance of both Mats Hummels and Manuel Neuer who preserved the lead for another big win for their nation. 
There will still be concerns in attack for Low. Miro Klose's movement did not cause the French any trouble, while the still lethargic Mesut Ozil was poor. Thomas Muller couldn't get himself into real dangerous spots because of Klose, but still is a constant threat instead of Ozil. 
Didier Deschamps honestly did the best he could on the day, as he had to allow Benzema to have Grizemann and Valbuena on with him for as long as possible. Giroud just could not join him earlier in that half. 
Another survival for Deutschland, …

The 2014 World Cup Halftime and Postgame Thread #2 For 7/1/14: Belgium-USA (Halftime Version)

Halftime: Belgium 0, USA 0 

Simply put, Bedoya and Zusi have to improve. Zusi has struggled mightily with his touches that has either gave away possession or not produce a firm shot at Courtois. Bedoya just hasn't gotten into the game and provided a firm option for Bradley to pass to.

With Johnson for Yeldin taking him down to one sub, Klinsmann may have to ponder what his final sub will be after Beckerman. Does he bring on Davis in a game like this, or tries to implement either Johannsson or even Altidore and allow Dempsey to play behind one of them?

For Belgium, a frustrating first half where the chances were there but also featured a lot of wasted balls from their wide men. Another lethargic first half for Eden Hazard, and he is lucky he has clout since Mertens looks always the first off for Mirallas instead of him. They will also need a bit more from Axel Witsel as well.

Origi will need to comeback here a bit more and produce better decisions in the final ball.

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime, and Postgame Thread For 7/1/14: Argentina-Switzerland (Halftime Version)

Halftime: Switzerland 0, Argentina 0

It was a good tactical first half from Hitzfeld, who got the two best moments in the first half. Romero denying Xhaka after Shaqiri's great play, while Drmic (created by fine counter play from Schar and Shaqiri) tamely finished a great chance that went right into Romero's hands. 
Honestly, I can't see neither side making changes as they are playing the formations and players they need thus far. However, for Argentina, they will need Zabaleta to step up his offensive quality, as well as for Higuain to drop in between Behrami/Inler and Schar/Djourou to hold up the ball and allow Messi, Lavezzi, and even Di Maria to crash in. They also will need a bit more from Gago in the final third to be that deep lying playmaker to Messi/Di Maria's directness. 
A captivating second half is in store. 
Pre-Game Thread
Photos from Getty Images and
Fascinating match ups in this one, as Argentina maybe are relieved that they don’t have to go up ag…

The FIFA World Cup Kickaround, Halftime, and Postgame Thread #2 For 6/30/14: De Survival

FT (aet): Germany 2-1 Algeria - (Schurrle 92', Ozil 120'; Djabou 120+)
Photos from & Getty Images
The greatest Algerian effort ever, one of the most nervy and listless performances from Germany ever. And yet, it still wasn't enough for the massive upset.
In between Manuel Neuer's amazing half-goalkeeper, half-centerback performance and Andre Schurrle's arrival, it was enough for Joachim Low and his side to breathe a sigh of relief with their countrymen and women. 
Valid Halilhodzic, slammed in 2010 for not getting the most of an Ivory Coast side, was terrific on the day with his tactics after a curious 5 changes made. His moves were just purely sensational, as the inclusion of Lacen, Taider, and Mostefa were excellent against a somewhat lethargic duo of Lahm and Kroos. Ghoulam was having his way with Mustafi on the left, and Feghouli with Howedes and Boateng on the right. And Soudani beat the speed challenged Mertesacker on many occasions. 
It was all t…