The Election Day 2014 Thread #1 For 11/3/14: The Key Ballot Initiatives (Multiple Versions)

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Though the story of the Senate likely falling in the hands of the insane party is getting the top attention, not to be lost in the crucial details of the American nation is Election Day 2014's key ballot measures. With many states once again asking important questions from their citizens, the shape of policies for the next few years across the country will get key answers regarding their future.

The fight for an increase in minimum wage for workers has reached a zenith, with five states placing the future of working class wages on their ballot for a vote. Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota will hopefully see their states make improvements on their workers' wages. Although Arkansas raise is quite pathetic (from $6.25 to $8.50, and only implemented by 2017), all five states look set to pass that common sense measure.

Unfortunately for those on the right and common sensical side of the "women's right to choose" issue (pro-choice for abortion), right wing agendas in North Dakota and Tennessee place it under the microscope once more.

North Dakota will asks its citizens the tired question of whether "life begins at conception," with it seemingly in favor of the anti-choicers. Tennessee is also giving the power to those who want to meddle into a women's personal decision with their measure allowing their legislature the extreme power to strip away from Roe v Wade, including even in cases of rape. The polling is all over the place on Tennessee with the decision firmly in the balance come Tuesday night.

Second Version 

Illinois is the only state where all ballots truly have a defining impact on its state citizens in my mind. Besides minimum wage, a right to vote measure, a crime victim's rights, requiring birth control in all prescription plans, and increasing taxes on millionaires to help fund Illinois' public schools are all important votes that hopefully the states' voters will make the right choices in all of them.

(More to come in this thread about the key ballot initiatives on Election Day 2014, unofficially sponsored by the good folks at Ballotpedia.)

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