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The Flashback Fridays #1 For 8/26/16: Remy Ma - Whateva (2006)

With "All The Way Up" summer hit and "Love and Hip-Hop" awfulness bringing her back to relevance, we flashback to a decade ago at this time when Remy Martin was bursting onto the scene.

From 10 summers ago, it's the Swizz Beatz produced high energy dance, thoro lady hit "Whateva." with a large part of the video filmed at Flushing Meadows outside the World's Flair Globe. It's your first Flashback Friday choice of this last Friday, yes, last Friday, of the summer months in 2016.

And this video so classic that Shea Stadium is still well in the background.

This is The Whole Delivery.

The Rio Recap #1 For 8/22/16: The Top 11 Endearing Figures of The 2016 Olympics

Here are from me, the eleven top figures of the hundreds of remarkable athletes that we had the pleasure to see in Rio, helping make a corrupt IOC and slimy process of the games going to Rio be pushed to the side for some.  
11. Four years ago, Michael Phelps said that he would be done. He was already by far the most decorated Olympian ever and didn't need another games to further cement that mantle. But something in him made him want to comeback and exhibit why he is the greatest swimmer ever. And he did just that, with the fierce determination and drive to overcome a new rival in Chad Le Clos pretending that he could psyche him out and provide the latest iconic image of Phelps attitude in an extraordinary career filled with them. Four years later, he is this time, truly done.

10. Along with soccer and golf, the tennis competition at the Olympics isn't the biggest competition in its sport (for Rio 2016, no ranking points were given to ATP or WTA players). But it is still opt…