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Sunday Soulful For 2/27/11: K-Ci & Jojo- Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly) (1997)

The return of Sunday Soulful brings one of my favorite songs of many from this dynamic duo. It's a perfect video to go with an ideal song about not rushing into love, or face the consequences of those hasty decisions with being affectionate with someone.

From 14 years ago, it's K-Ci and Jojo with "Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly)."

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 2/25/11: Mary J Blige feat Ja Rule- Rainy Dayz (2002)

The return of this enjoyable one on a rainy day in the NYC:

Music Midday Energy Boost For 2/23/11: Miri Ben Ari feat Anthony Hamilton & Scarface- Sunshine to the Rain (2005)

The return of this classic:

Midday Music Energy Boost For 2/22/11: Marsha Ambrosius- Far Away (2010/2011)

It's crazy how much of a transformation this woman has undergone over the last few years after breaking off from her Floetry partner Natalie Stewart. Your Midday Energy Boost is Marsha Ambrosius with the deep and in touch song/video "Far Away" off her anticipated debut album "Late Nights and Early Mornings."

The 2011 NBA All Star Game

The Flashback Fridays For 2/18/11: Lil Jon Feat. Ludacris, Big Kap, Chyna Whyte - Bia Bia (2002)

The hit that put Lil Jon on the match, your Flashback Friday choice this week, from 9 years ago, it's "BIA BIA"......

Sports Thread For 2/16/11: UEFA Champions League, Round of 16: Arsenal-Barcelona, Leg 1

Enjoy the spectacle, and can't believe Messi just missed from a sitter like that.

Music Wakeup Call For 2/16/11: J. Cole feat Drake- "In The Morning" (2010/2011)

To be frankly honest, using HIS Europe tour footage for a video really wasn't a strong look at all for J.Cole. In fact, it was a lazy effort.

Nevertheless, that doesn't take away from how this song bangs, and it would be wise of him to actually use this as his first single for "Cole World" instead of scrambling to get another opening standout promo track.

The return of the Wake Up Call today, it's J. Cole feat Drake with "In The Morning."

Oh, and this video makes me ask two questions about the girl in this video. Did she get it in with both Cole and Drake? And did she just turn down Drake for Cole? Too funny the diss stuff that could come from that record.

Music Midday Energy Boost For 2/14/11: Outkast- Roses (2003/2004)

Out of so many possible selections, this is the one that represents the 14th of February better than anything else.

Hell, anything from Andre 3000's terrific "The Love Below" album from 8 years ago is well worth blasting today if you're in the mood. He made that album clearly for this day, although Big Boi being on this track leads me to actually use the proper attribution of it being a true "Outkast song."

Anyway, here's your music energy boost for this Valentine's Day, it's Outkast with "Roses"

The Flashback Friday For 2/11/11: K'Naan- Wavin' Flag (2009/2010)

This definitely goes down as the most recent selection for "The Flashback Friday" series ever. From just last year, though to be technically accurate 2009, it's K'Naan classic "Waving Flag."

It's clearly for the people of Egypt:

Your proud Flashback Friday for this week.

The Sleep Time Thread For 2/9/11: Same Deal

Tevin as usual:

Midday Music Energy Boost For 2/9/11: Nas feat Damien Marley- Patience (2010/2011)

The Aaron Rodgers & Green Bay Packers Celebration Thread For 2/7/11: Officially Your New Superstar Quaterback

Great times:

The highlights, with the appropriate Pac and Snoop "America's Most Wanted" as the background music:

The Appreciation For 2/4/11: W.E.B Du Bois

One of the many legendary figures who deserve the equivalent of praise as MLK gets throughout American history's myopic perspective on black history is without a doubt William Edward Burghardt Du Bois.

More than becoming the first black person to get a Ph.D and more than him being among an esteemed 8 figures to craft and develop the NAACP, it was the demeanor which Du Bois exhibited throughout his entire life that warrants eternal praise around the world.

Du Bois was no question a "radical". His devoted love to Communism maybe a key reason, along with him not having the initials "MLK" or being known for refusing to go to the back of a bus, why he'll probably never get a Google day dedicated to him. Nevertheless, he was just as vital as any black figure in this country of advancing the race.

And for that, forever celebrated and acknowledged he should be.

Music Midday Energy Boost For 2/3/11: An Array Of Mediocre Tracks And A Wu-Tang Trailer

Or, with today's version, multiple energy boosts.

Leading off, it's new English artist Jessie J with her first notable real notable single "Price Tag", with B.O.B. providing the third verse assistance:

That song was placed in today because of how awful it was to endure Rihanna's latest over the top video for her dreadful "S&M" song. Apparently, this video has been banned in 11 countries. Sadly though, the reason for its expulsion in those places is not due to her song being terrible.

And finally, Raekwon's "Shaolin vs Wu-Tang" trailer, def a must watch:

Music Midday Energy Boost For 2/2/11: Lupe Fiasco-The Show Goes On (2010/2011)

In the aftermath of dropping yet another thought provoking classic yesterday, your Midday Energy Boost for the day centers around Mr. SLR.

Although the video was yet another disappointing visual effort from him, "The Show Goes On" is still a quality lead single that obviously won't get the love it deserves on the singles' chart.

Nevertheless, it will get the shoutout here as today's Midday Music Energy Boost:

In addition, since it was too good to deny, here's a bonus selection. It's The Lonely Island featuring a wack Nicki Minaj (what else is new) with their latest funny classic "Do The Creep."

Music Midday Energy Boost For 2/1/11: David Banner feat Ludacris- Be With You (2010)

One of the more underrated tracks out right now, here's David Banner featuring Ludacris at his usual top quality guest appearance role, with "Be With You." Though Marsha Ambrosius is on this track, she wasn't in this video unfortunately.

Nevertheless, hopefully this post will facilitate album sales for Banner's "Death of a Pop Star". Again, it's the 9th Wonder produced track "Be With You", your energy boost for the day: