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Duke on Loot: Becomes The First Black Person To Be Placed On A U.S. Coin By Himself

Very cool story on United States Mint launched a new coin Tuesday featuring jazz legend Duke Ellington, making him the first African-American to appear by himself on a circulating U.S. coin.

Ellington, the composer of classics including "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" appears on the "tails" side of the new D.C. quarter. George Washington is on the "heads" side, as is usual with U.S. quarters.

The coin was issued to celebrate Ellington's birthplace, the District of Columbia.And add this additional interesting tibit:The first African-American to appear on a circulating coin was York, a slave who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their "Corps of Discovery" adventures across America at the dawn of the 19th century. The 2003 Missouri quarter features the three men together in a canoe on the obverse.

2/24/08- TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Political News Runthrough

First post in almost two weeks, but hopefully this WILL BE the restart of the entire site.

To start off, I offer another reason as to understand why some people can't stand journalist these days. In this example that you will see just below, I have an expert from Associated Press D.C. writer Liz Sidoti, who is notorious for being a dishonest journalist. And what is so further egregious about this is, she's a notoriously dishonest journalist who still has a well paying job. . In fact, with her track record of playing it upto Republicans . to call her a journalist is really disrespectful to a myriad of others who actually have earned that job description.

Just look at how she mixes Obama's words here (focus primarily on the bold sections):Now Kovie at Open Left makes this catch: He said he would re-institute a pay-as-you-go rule that calls for spending reductions to match increases and would shun what he said were the past few years' "casual dishonesty of hiding irr…

Music Thread For 2/4/09: The Next Song That You Will Either Love Or Want To "Jump Out Of The Window" Afer Hearing It Constantly

So annoying that it gets so enjoyable. And that is only if you are in party mode I guess.

Last week, Mr. Pop Champagne man Ron Brownz had a video launched for his "Jumpin Out The Window" song. For those who aren't big hip hop heads to begin with, you can ignore this one as fast as possible. And for some that are, as I stated before, unless you are in full jovial mode and don't give a darn about cliche, uninspiring lyrics, than you probably have already looked pass this thread.

2/4/09- TWD's Agenda For The Day: Will The Stimulus Bill Pass In The Senate?

At the moment, nope. Because the SOP (Sad Obnoxious Party) doesn't give a darn about recovery unless it has those precious, under stimulating tax breaks! Heck, even this forgotten man is leading in their assault on helping their country in its dire of times:Over recent weeks, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has emerged as a vocal critic of President Obama’s recovery package, claiming it is too big and filled with “pork.” McCain now says he will not vote for the bill in its current form in part because the legislation, in his view, does not sufficiently reduce business taxes:

McCAIN: We should have cuts for business and business taxes and small business taxes should be cut.He still believes he's campaigning, I swear he does.

Republicans have been all over the airwaves in their mission to kill this bill. And they seem to have made some headway in delivering their dishonesty, half-truths, and disinformation about the bill. And it has led to the usual idiotson televisionon their side d…