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The Flashback Fridays For 2/27/15: Dr. Dre - Keep Your Heads Ringin' (1995)

In a shoutout to his recent 50th birthday and this 20-year anniversary of his lead track for the "Friday" movie, it was only fitting that Dr. Dre be given a Flashback Friday thread for "Keep Their Heads Ringin."

Personally speaking, this was the first rap song I cherished, when I was at the ripple age of seven. Without me having any thought or knowledge of the West Coast-East Coast beef, the chorus alone got me going with this along with the tremendous video that showed Chris Tucker flying the plane to escape the cops while everyone continued to party aboard. It was a great directed video by the video directing legend F. Gary Gray and Sam Sneed will never be forgotten for helping produce this track with Dre and so many more hits, before his brain tumor and after.

So without further ado, one of the West Coast's best songs and one of hip-hop's most underrated legendary tracks, from two decades ago this time, it's Dr. Dre's "Keep Their Heads Ring…

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 2/20/15: No Doubt - Don't Speak (1995)

The hit that launched Gwen Stefani's band to higher heights, since it was basically her group at the end of the day.

It's "Don't Speak" from two decades ago as one of 1995's most memorable songs, a surprising Flashback Fridays selection and the second one for today.

More to come at TWD, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 2/20/15: Twista feat Faith Evans - Hope (2005)

The first of at least two Flashback Friday choices this week, we take it back a decade ago, in 2005 during this time, to when Twista was at his highest in his career. With Faith Evans doing the chorus, it's the "Coach Carter" soundtrack lead single, "Hope."

More to come from The Whole Delivery, in a bit. Stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays For 2/13/15: Kobe Bryant ft Tyra Banks - K.O.B.E (1998)

In honor of NBA all star weekend, it is the annual Flashback Friday tradition to go back to Kobe Bryant's only live performance of his epically disastrous rap career. With Tyra Banks also providing a memorable guest appearance, it's "K.O.B.E" from the 1998 All-Star Weekend, when the game was last in New York. The performance was as memorably bad as the All-Star festivities were.

More to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 2/6/15: Cam'Ron Feat Kanye West - Down and Out (2005)

10 years ago during this cold winter time, this was one of the songs of that moment. From 2005, at the tail end of Cam'Ron's relevant trail, it's him and Kanye with their still underrated smash "Down and Out", today's Flashback Friday selection.

But wait, there could be another Flashback Friday selection, so stay tuned on that one here at TWD.

The Super Bowl XLIX Thread #2 For 2/1/15: The X's and O's Keys To The Title

The Key Matchups

When Seattle Has The Ball

Luke Wilson vs Jamie Collins - Belichick knows that the emerging tight end is Wilson's number
options and will hope Collins becomes the linebacker he has always sort. One who can also be great in coverage as he is in everything else.

Russell Wilson & Marshawn Lynch vs Collins & Dont'a Hightower - Hightower and Collins are athletic enough to tackle and cover Lynch. Their coverage skills will be more important tonight since Lynch is a fine receiver and be Wilson's #1 safety net.

Russell Okung vs Chandler Jones - Can Jones stay contained against the run option as well as when he rushes up the field? Especially against a sound force in Okung.

James Carpentier vs Vince Wilfork- This is where Seattle's effectiveness on the offensive end could be decided, as Wilfork is the ultimate run stuffer but with also need to make Wilson uncomfortable and crowded if he tries to begin scrambling. That will only be possible if Jones and Rob Ni…

The Super Bowl XLIX Thread #1 For 2/1/15: The Journey Featuring injury Reports

The Patriots are the healthiest they have been all season, with Jerrod Mayo the only player of significance gone. The team has adjusted to his loss, and has long forgotten about both Stevan Ridley and Alfonzo Dennard.

Meanwhile, a plethora of injuries for a Seattle team not as good as it was last year. With an offense not as clinical as its 2014 version, the absences of emerging rookie Paul Richardson and safety net tight end Zach Miller are conspicuous.

Also notable are losses of underrated tackles Brandon Mebane and Jordan Hill. And this does not included how all three members of their Legion of Boom are now with notable injuries to play through.

More to come on TWD's Super Bowl Sunday runthrough.