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The New Year's Eve 2013 Fun Thread: Happy New Year Charlie Brown

Timeless classic and the best New Year's special ever of anything. I get chills when I watch it every year:

I felt so bad for Charlie Brown:

Near and dear to my heart.

More at TWD on this last day of 2013. Please stay tuned.

TWD Music's Best of 2013 Thread #3: Rich Homie Quan- Type of Way (Viewer & Listener Discretion is Advised)

For the longest I tried to ignore this song, but it just crossovered and even girls not from any hood communities were using it as hashtags and in sayings on Instagram.

Happy for Quan though, but I do hope that he doesn't have a flameout like it appears CashOut will go threw after just one hit. But "Cash In" is a better song.

That dreadful Southern rapper one hit wonder curse.

More to come on the final day of 2013, at The Whole Delivery.

Music Best of 2013 Thread #2 For 12/31/13: Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Though the song was three to four minutes too long (as most of that album was), the video was smart and had a great heart, no matter what any haters says......It was way better than that Suit & Tie trash, that's for sure:

More to come on the final day of 2013 at TWD.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Best of 2013 For 12/31/13: Lorde - Royals (2013)

Although this song has been overrated (and it's beat is a rip off of Wale's "Chillin"), it still is good enough.

Look, the girl is 17 and is Kiwi. She has little to no idea of race problems in the world, especially in America (or Canada and the rest of the Western Hemisphere). It's the type of song Justin Bieber (or his songwriters) or Miley Cyrus would not dare write about.

She isn't racist, but definitely doesn't know the true basis of why "hip-hop culture" is like that, especially when it is NOT always about Maybachs and gold teeth. I mean, she is a fan of J.Cole and Kanye, but clearly didn't think things though or know the history about the game.

It least it wasn't Lily Allen bad from her, who definitely should know better.

More to come at TWD.

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call Best of 2013 For 12/30/13: Janelle Monae ft Erykah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N

Another Monae single totally deserving of the Top 10.

 More to come at TWD.

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #2 For 12/29/13: Jerry Jones Reaction To The Cowboys Latest Heartbreak

So fitting end indeed.

TWD Sunday Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/29/13: 2013-14 Barclays Premier League (Final Version)

The Table

Halfway home.

That Jose Mourinho, never change. 

HT: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool - Eden Hazard's goal 

Great reply back from Chelsea after shoddy defending by Ivanovic on the set piece lead to Skrtel's Ivanovic. Besides the three behind Eto'o having great first halves both Cahill and Terry have done a great job on Suarez, although Sterling and Coutinho have done okay enough. 
Allen and Henderson do look threats forward, but Lucas has not had a good game as he is getting outrun by Oscar. 
FT after Arsenal and Everton's key wins, and this Gaston Ramirez excellent long range goal that was for nought for the Saints: 

Halftime review of Chelsea and Liverpool to come. 
First Version

It will be another grand day.

TWD Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 12/28/13: The 2013-14 Barclays Premier League Holidays #2

Indelible images:

That was just hilarious, as he was outstanding again today in a massive offensive explosion out of nowhere from Hull, six goals in the second half.

TWD Friday's The Flashback Fridays #2 For 12/27/13: Chingy - Right Thurr (2003)

The highlight of Chingy's career, like many, was his first single that came out and it's been downhill ever since. Nevertheless, he hopefully has enough paper to still stay strong out here. Your second Flashback Friday on the last Friday of 2013, it's Chingy with his St. Louis timeless classic, "Right Thurr."

More to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned.

TWD Fridays's The Flashback Fridays For 12/27/13: Fabolous - Can't Let You Go featuring Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo (2003)

Still a shame that even with him dropping another Soul Tape, Fabolous has never met his full potential. But still, one of the smoothest songs of his from a decade ago this time, it's him with Lil Mo and the long forgotten Mike Shorey with "Can't Let You Go" on the final Flashback Friday and Friday of 2013.

More to come from The Whole Delivery later today, stay tuned.

TWD Boxing Day 2013 Thread #1 For 12/26/13: The Barclays Premier League Boxing Day Festival (First Version)

The Table After 17 Rounds: 

What a season. 
Halftime at City/Liverpool 

After United's 3-2 over Hull

Second Version After FT: Hull City 2-3 Manchester United  FT: Hull City 2-3 Manchester United - What a victory on the road for Moyes' men, from 2-0 down to a vital win on Boxing Day's 2013 opener
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) December 26, 2013 More to come on this great boxing day for sure. Here is Rooney's goal:

First Version 

While every other league on the planet is asleep, the Premier League is alive and well for another holiday year end/year beginning close.

All day coverage, starting with a pivotal opener for United as they look to try and keep their momentum of late against a Hull City side who are truly elite at home.

Constant coverage all day, stay locked here at The Whole Delivery.

TWD Christmas Thread #5 For 12/25/13: Sonic X-Mas, Best Episode Ever (The Cosmo Conspiracy)

By far the best episode of the Sonic X 78 episode run. It was just no nonsense, intense and really made Shadow the consistent heartless villain (hero) he could have been if the series had done better to use him after the Sonic Adventure 2 saga.

So enjoy "The Cosmo Conspiracy" or "Shadow The Assassin" if you want to go by the Japanese title.

This has been the Sonic X-Mas at The Whole Delivery Christmas 2013. Hope you have enjoyed this and may you all be seen at Christmas 2014.

Stay blessed and well.

TWD Christmas Thread #4 For 12/25/13: Sonic X-Mas Marathon, Best Episodes (#4 - #2)

4) A Revolutionary Tale, Episode 68

3)  Shadow Knows, Episode 34

2) Teasing Time, Episode 67  

Find out what was the best Sonic X episode of all time in a bit. This is The Whole Delivery. 

TWD Christmas 2013 #3 For 12/25/13: Sonic X-Mas Marathon, Best Episodes (#7-#5)

7) Running Out of Time, Episode 50 

6) Friends to the End, Episode 51

5) A New Start, Episode 52 

More to come from the best Sonic X episodes ever, with #4 to #2 coming up next. 

It's Christmas time at The Whole Delivery. Stay tuned. 

TWD Christmas 2013 Thread #2 For 12/25/13: A Huey Freeman Christmas Special (2005)

Always a tradition here at TWD (And remember, viewer and listener discretion is advised when watching The Boondocks, especially when it comes to the N-Word):

More to come at TWD, including an NBC Christmas 2013 preview (the worst Christmas lineup ever), and more Sonic X-Mas.

Stay tuned.

TWD Christmas 2013 Thread #1 on 12/25/13: The Sonic XMas Marathon (Best Episodes #10 - #8)

10) Episode 60 - Trick Stand  

9) Episode 26- Countdown to Chaos 

8) Episode 38 - Showdown in Space

More to come on this Sonic XMas marathon at TWD today. 

TWD's Christmas Eve Music Wakeup Call For 12/24/13: Few Choices

From Trump to Scrooge of a new Epic Rap battles

BoyZ II Men's Silent Night in 1993.

More to come on this Christmas Eve later on in the day.

The Sports Thread For 12/23/13: Farewell Candlestick Park (1960-2013) (First Version)

Farewell indeed, and though the Falcons will be game, the 49ers will score a vital win in the final game (most likely for sure) at this great dump of a stadium.

TWD Friday's The Flashback Fridays #1 For 12/20/13: Dru Hill - These Are The Times (1998)

One of the more underrated music groups ever, a shame that Sisqo's fast demise after how his second album was terrible lead to them being so overlooked. Your first Flashback Friday choice today, it's Dru Hill with "These Are the Times," one of the most precious and beautiful music videos made.

More to come on this penultimate Friday of the year at The Whole Delivery. Stay tuned.

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/19/13: Kobe Is Injured Again (First Version)

And he is out for six weeks after that injury he suffered against the Grizzles. Although I still thought he came back too soon, this was an injury that had nothing to do with his Achilles, especially as he played his best in his comeback against the Grizzlies.

More to come at TWD, stay tuned.

The Fun Thread #1 For 12/19/13: Still Yours' Truly Favorite Scene From The Wire (Only Version)

Timeless (Viewer Discretion is Advised):

(More to come from The Whole Delivery today, stay tuned).

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call Best of 2013 For 12/19/13: Janelle Monae- Dance Apocalyptic (2013)

Unlike Beyonce, there is no feminist divide when it comes to one Janelle Monae. Although her third album released in September didn't receive the love that would bring her true top star appeal (it only sold 47,000 in the first week), that hasn't stopped her from still believing in herself to be a defining star of her generation.

So, one of two "Best of 2013" selections for her, it's "Dance Apocalyptic," your Music Wakeup Call for December 19:

(More to come at TWD later on. Stay tuned.)

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/18/13: Raja Raja Raja That! Casablanca Upsets Atletico Mineiro To Go The Finals (Multiple Updates)

FT: Raja Casablanca 3-1 Atletico Mineiro 

And look at what happened at the end of the match, as Raja players fight to get Ronaldinho's boots. Ronaldinho was pure class there: 

What a class act he is, Ronaldinho Gaucho, whose remarkable latest great free kick isn't to be forgotten: 

But the penalty response and celebration after from captain Mohsine Moutaouali is a joy for us all to watch: 

And that lead to this accomplishment that speaks to how global the game truly is, making it the best:

Raja are the first Arabic club EVER to reach the final of the CWC. Congratulations, well deserved.
— Abdulla Almuqahwi (@Naskaf) December 18, 2013

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call Best of 2013 For 12/18/13: Lupe Fiasco ft Ed Sheeran- Old School (2013)

The video is even more special than the special song that it already was. The directing legends Coodie and Chike add another Chicago masterpiece of music and music video making.

It is that phenomenal and inspirational, no matter if you are black or non-black, from Chicago or not.

Also, a major special video mention, this time a poem, from the standout sir that is Musa Okwonga and his sensational poem celebrating 150 years of football for the FA:

This is The Whole Delivery, more to come, stay tuned.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine For 12/17-18/13: Thankfully They're Ok

A harrowing story from today over across the bridge from Harlem that ended a lot better than what it could have been:

To Tevin, night:

This is TWD.

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/17/13: Bayern Break Down Lippi's Great Wall To Reach World Cup Final (Final Version)

Fulltime Final Version: Guangzhou 0-3 Bayern Munich
Honestly, Guangzhou did a lot better than many Bundesliga teams have done against Bayern this year. Yes the Champions League holders could have won bigger, but they just couldn't finish enough. 
The review at FIFA
Halftime Version: Guangzhou 0-2 Bayern Munich

Bayern now may score more goals than Justin Tucker had field goals last night on Guangzhou. Lippi's Great Wall now being demolished.
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) December 17, 2013
They did so well did the AFC champions to defend brilliantly, but it could get real ugly now. 
Photo from Getty Images
The Lineups 

Will be a fun match since Lippi is a class manager forever, but will be tough for them to even be competitive against a Bayern side who are desperate for a good performance after two shaky last matches at home, and how Pep Guardiola values this world title competition like all should.

The Music Thread For 12/17/13: Where The Hell Have You Been?

You see the videos up above.

The first video was from the Saturday sketch show MadTv (which was funner than Saturday Night Live for many years and never had a problem with hiring a black woman in Debra Wilson) and was made by Aries Spears way back in the year of either 2001 or 2002. It was a parody of R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest" called "The World's Greatest Statuary Racist."

The second video down below is from cartoon The Boondocks' second episode, ever called "The Trial of R.Kelly," which was aired in 2005.

Vibe Magazine reported on R.Kelly having more than a secret fling with an adolescent Aaliyah back in the late 90's.

All of this about Robert Kelly has been well known, well documented, and all over the place for more than a decade.

He should have been locked up a long time ago.

Now with all of this information that everyone could have easily asked their black friends (or people in black music circles who don't do pander…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call Best of 2013 For 12/17/13: Eminem ft Rihanna- The Monster (2013)

This video is another phenomenal effort from him, and even with a mediocre album, he made this happen with such a smart concept to go back to some of his old music videos. Terrific, terrific.

Shoutout to producer Frequency with Aalias and Bebe Rexha for writing the hook.

More to come at The Whole Delivery today, stay tuned.

The Fun Thread For 12/16/13: The Rob Ford Reality Show Continues To Amaze (First Version)

He went to a black church in Toronto yesterday, and he reportedly smelled like weed. We are all not worthy:

More to come in today's fun thread.

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/16/13: An Uninspired Choice (First Version)

The Thread's Top Topic 
Despite me having good colleagues at Sports Illustrated, I have to say their choice of Peyton Manning as "Sportsman of the Year" is a poor one.

Moreover, they are suffering the same problem that their "brother-in-law" magazine Time used to have when that periodical named its year-end award "Man of the Year" in the past before thankfully changing it. They have to change the name to "Sportsperson of the Year" to make sure gender bias is out. Especially when the last solo female (Mary Decker) to win the award was 30 years ago in 1983.

(The last non-man to win it was the US Women's Soccer team in 1999, while Pat Summit won it with Mike Krzyzewski two years ago.)

In a year in which Serena Williams and even the likes of Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan or Christine Sinclair (the most deserving of those three) could have won the award, it's going to take a year even better from Serena or Inbee Park to win that award. Seren…

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call Best of 2013 For 12/16/13: Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne - High School (2013)

I hated the thought of this song with these two together with the title of "High School," but one of the best beats of the year from Boi-ida and T-Minus changed my mind on this song. Plus, Wayne and his female version are much better when they just have to do one verse instead of carry a whole song and run out of their (limited) ideas.

Your music wakeup call for one of the 2013's best. And again, listener and viewer discretion is advised, especially haters of this type of rap music.

More from TWD in a bit.

Sunday Soulful Holiday For 12/15/13: Jagged Edge- Promise (2000)

With the Christmas tree in the background, a promise is required to you all and a promise is kept, as Jagged Edge's tearjerking ballad "Promise" serves as one of two holiday Sunday Soulfuls this year in the next two weeks.

This is TWD.

The Saturday Night Thread For 12/14/13: Heisman Trophy Awarded (Final Version)

Jameis Winston has won the Heisman as expected. 
Even with 155 voters keeping Winston off the list, it did not stop the blowout: 

Anyway, here's B.O.B as usual with the fitting song that represents this thread: "I was shooting for stars, on a Saturday night..."

TWD Sports Saturday #1 For 12/14/13: Barclays Premier League/UEFA Top 5/6/Club World Cup Thread (Multiple Versions)

After - FT: Manchester City 6-3 Arsenal 

Oh Jack Wilshere. And man did Mertesacker go after Ozil for not clapping to the fans.

More to come in a bit. What an awful day for Arsenal all around.

TWD Friday's The Flashback Fridays #2 For 12/13/13: Destiny Child- No, No, No (1998)

Since her whole, new surprised album came out today, here is the first single of Beyonce's career, before she officially became just Beyonce and not "Beyonce and Two/Three Others."

It's "No, No, No" from 15 years ago:

More from The Whole Delivery, coming later.

TWD Friday's The Flashback Fridays #1 For 12/13/13: Andre 3000/Outkast- Hey Ya (2003)

Because "The Love Below" was his album and "Spearboxxx" was Big Boi's, well, I always call this song really just Andre 3000's song.

Will be interesting how they do their comeback performances and all next year, but a decade later, these albums still are top class (Although "Spearboxxx" was the better album though).

Anyway, here's Andre 3000's uptempo single classic from 10 years ago, "Hey Ya."

More to come from TWD in a bit.

The Miscellaneous Thread For 12/12/13: Seasonal Amnesia

Though at least race got some respect today with some of those Golden Globes deserved nominations (outside of Oprah), how mainstream Hollywood has gladly forgotten about Fruitvale Station in terms of the best of 2013 is unsurprisingly tragic.

Not a shock that a movie in the summer  that deals with modern day race issues faded to the background. But it shows just how narrow-minded our powerful movie industry is when it has massive advantages over independent films that show the major racial and class differences that permeate still in our society.

(This TWD, stay tuned.)

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/12/13: Home Safe (First Version)

It is a good thing that MLB is banning home plate collisions. We don't need to see this happen to another catcher:

One Skip Bayless can sometimes make great points, and he made one for sure in indicating that catchers shouldn't be allowed to block home plate anymore and instead remain behind it with the new rule.

Now that will be a little difficult with catchers needing to receive throws from certain angles (whether from the outfield or the cutoff men) allowing them to not remain behind home plate sometimes. But these are good steps and points in the right direction for the game.

2013-14 Europa League Group Stage Matchday 6 Information (First version) 

More to come throughout the next few hours in this thread at TWD, stay tuned.

Music Wakeup Call For 12/12/13: Jasiri X- Listen To What The Drums Say (2013)

Definitely deserving of a wakeup call mention is the good sir Jasiri X, who continues to just focus on making music and not fret about popularity or the regular music industry shenanigans plaguing real independent artists like him.

Enjoy his solid Mandela tribute, "Listen To What The Drums Say," today's wakeup call.

More to come at TWD, please stay tuned.

The 1st Thread For 12/12/13: The Schizophrenic Sign Language Interpreter?

This story just gets more and more incongruous and unbelievably shocking.

I hope for Thamsanqa Jantjle's case that he is not lying about this, and I don't think he would go on TV and have it be broadcasted to the rest of the world that he has a serious condition, only to be idiotically mendacious.

The story will continue to unfold and thank the Holy Trinity that no one was harmed in this case of schizophrenia, if true. And I hope that if Jantjle is a schizophrenic that he does not get a disturbing level of harassment and threats.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 12/11-12/13: They Had to Put Their Own Two Cents In (The Sleep Version)

The Rise Version

More on the story above later at The Whole Delivery. 
The Sleep Version

The Taiwanese animators had to put their own spin on things.

To Tevin, "May tomorrow bring a better you and a better me."

The Sports Thread #1 For 12/11/13: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Matchday 12 (Multiple Versions)

Fulltime Post Game Thread

The Neymar last two goals of his hattrick. 
The 2013-14 @ChampionsLeague Last 16 (Page 1): Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen, Barcelona, AC Milan...
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) December 11, 2013
The 2013-14 @ChampionsLeague Last 16 (Page 2) Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Zenit, Real Madrid, Galatasaray, Chelsea, Schalke
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) December 11, 2013
The 2013-14 @Championsleague Last 16 (Page 3): PSG, Olympiacos
— Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) December 11, 2013 More to come.

Halftime Thread 

Milan, Marseille, and Basel down to 10 men, as the Serie A and Swiss league clubs need to somehow stay strong and get the result they need down a man. Basel have to win, so it will be a bigger challenge, even against a shaky Schalke team in defense. 
Arsenal have done so well with Koscielny and Mertesacker having another top game, but Napoli still will harbor hope. Insigne has to come …