The Melancholy For 12/6/13: Blessings to Idris Elba (Update)

And now this:

Blessings to Idris Elba in a 24 hours for him that would be a challenge for anyone. May the Lord definitely be with him for sure.

Updated: Apparently, Sopel's tweet was incorrect, since Idris Elba's father passed away 8 weeks ago from lung cancer, as he mentioned to the Daily Mail:
Winston died of lung cancer aged 76 eight weeks ago, but he was able to watch the film shortly before his death, in what was apparently an 'emotional' experience for the family. 'He must have thought it was one of the last times he was going to see one of my really big performances,' Mr Elba told The Sun. 'It's a sad film and now, when I think about it, it must have been emotional for him. He must have known.' 
I know Sopel didn't do that intentionally, but I do hope he makes that clear for sure.
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