TWD Sunday Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/29/13: 2013-14 Barclays Premier League (Final Version)

The Table

Halfway home.

That Jose Mourinho, never change. 

HT: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool - Eden Hazard's goal 

Great reply back from Chelsea after shoddy defending by Ivanovic on the set piece lead to Skrtel's Ivanovic. Besides the three behind Eto'o having great first halves both Cahill and Terry have done a great job on Suarez, although Sterling and Coutinho have done okay enough. 

Allen and Henderson do look threats forward, but Lucas has not had a good game as he is getting outrun by Oscar. 

FT after Arsenal and Everton's key wins, and this Gaston Ramirez excellent long range goal that was for nought for the Saints: 

Halftime review of Chelsea and Liverpool to come. 

First Version

It will be another grand day. 
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