The Fun Thread For 12/4/13: The 30th Anniversary of "A Christmas Story" (1983)

The timeless classic that we all know and love, released 30 years ago. Two of the many classic scenes down below, although they weren't my favorite:

The F-Dash-Dash-Dash word is my favorite:

And Ralphie beating up Scott Farkus

What is so fascinating about this movie is that it was not instantly popular when it came out, but really started to gain a great cult following in the 90's before TNT showed it 24 hours straight starting on Christmas Eve in 1997 (and now TBS). The main critics hated it in 1983 with the late great Robert Ebert explaining how holiday films were not popular at the time as the reason for its lack of popularity.

That's the return of the fun thread for the day at The Whole Delivery. Take care. 
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