The Sports Thread #1 For 12/17/13: Bayern Break Down Lippi's Great Wall To Reach World Cup Final (Final Version)

Fulltime Final Version: Guangzhou 0-3 Bayern Munich

Honestly, Guangzhou did a lot better than many Bundesliga teams have done against Bayern this year. Yes the Champions League holders could have won bigger, but they just couldn't finish enough. 

The review at FIFA

Halftime Version: Guangzhou 0-2 Bayern Munich

They did so well did the AFC champions to defend brilliantly, but it could get real ugly now. 

Photo from Getty Images

The Lineups 

Will be a fun match since Lippi is a class manager forever, but will be tough for them to even be competitive against a Bayern side who are desperate for a good performance after two shaky last matches at home, and how Pep Guardiola values this world title competition like all should. 
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