The Sports Thread #1 For 12/11/13: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Matchday 12 (Multiple Versions)

Fulltime Post Game Thread

The Neymar last two goals of his hattrick. 

More to come.

Halftime Thread 

Milan, Marseille, and Basel down to 10 men, as the Serie A and Swiss league clubs need to somehow stay strong and get the result they need down a man. Basel have to win, so it will be a bigger challenge, even against a shaky Schalke team in defense. 

Arsenal have done so well with Koscielny and Mertesacker having another top game, but Napoli still will harbor hope. Insigne has to come on in the second half for Rafa Benitez. They aren't getting enough from Pandev and Mertens, one of them has to go off. 

Porto with terrible luck, just destined to go to the Europa League. And all three men who were sent off in the first half, Payet, Montolivo, and Ivanov, looked to have deserved their punishment. The Bulgarian centerback for Basel is the only one who could have an argument for his ejection. 

Finally, Neymar got his first European goal of the night. 

Back for the post game.     

The final group day, where drama is going to be epic for so many clubs, as Galatasaray was the one to survive against Juventus already in the postponed game from last night:

Halftime and Postgame versions coming for sure. Stay tuned on this captivating last day. 
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