The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Best of 2013 For 12/31/13: Lorde - Royals (2013)

Although this song has been overrated (and it's beat is a rip off of Wale's "Chillin"), it still is good enough.

Look, the girl is 17 and is Kiwi. She has little to no idea of race problems in the world, especially in America (or Canada and the rest of the Western Hemisphere). It's the type of song Justin Bieber (or his songwriters) or Miley Cyrus would not dare write about.

She isn't racist, but definitely doesn't know the true basis of why "hip-hop culture" is like that, especially when it is NOT always about Maybachs and gold teeth. I mean, she is a fan of J.Cole and Kanye, but clearly didn't think things though or know the history about the game.

It least it wasn't Lily Allen bad from her, who definitely should know better.

More to come at TWD. 
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