The Music Thread #1 For 12/2/13: Now That is Music....Now That is An Award Show, Four Weeks After

Just wow:

Now this is a terrific music awards show, not the crap at the five big award shows, which are the Grammys, VMA's (America), AMA's, Billboards, and BET Awards.

Actually, the show didn't get all time great until the last 10 minutes (outside of Dionne Warwick, Jon B, and Keith Sweat tributes or performances). And at first I did questioned Doug E. Fresh doing the Dougie, only for the likes of Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane to shut it down in the end and make it classic.

Unfortunately, as always the case, the Soul Train Awards was not LIVE, but taped from the live show a few weeks back. In the year 2013, on cable television now, the Soul Train Awards, which is the best awards show on television, is still taped from an early date in the month. This keeps on having every year, with it now not being on syndication anymore, yet BET of course doesn't give the best effort.

If that isn't another paragraph and situation highlighting how stupid our music times are, then all you have to do is go to this link from down below to get another today. 
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