The Sports Thread #1/The Woman-Winston Thread #1 For 12/5/13: No Winners (Winston Will Not Be Charged)

The Break (Breaking News): Jameis Winston it is being reported will not be charged, as news has just broken across the wire even before the announcement. 

Today at around 2 PM ET, the decision to either charge Jameis Winston with the crime of rape or not will come, but regardless of what will be the outcome in the decision made from State Attorney Willie Meggs, there will be no winners in this.

It will either be Winston charged with rape and having to face the consequences of his behavior or more questions about the situation will continue to inform about Winston and the young woman who has accused him of his crime for almost a year.

Questions will still surround what happened that night, especially with how allegedly dreadful and awful the Tallahassee police have been in influencing the young woman (accounting to her lawyer's account) not to pursuit the case or deal with the wrath of the football loving public.

It's a situation that has someone terribly aggrieved here, whether the woman or Winston or even both. And it is something that shouldn't produce a loud, celebratory cheer from any side when Meggs' final decision is officially made.

Florida State football is not a winner in this. College sports isn't a winner in this. Life isn't a winner in this.

Honestly, the only thing that is a winner in this is the truth. And frankly, we may all be in too much of a losing situation to be able to find it.

Note: There will be live coverage of the decision from State Attorney Meggs today at 2. 

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