The Music Thread #1 For 11/26/13: Hard To Parody The UnParodable

When I first heard wind of James Franco and Seth Rogen doing a parody of "Bound 2," I did have hopes of just a good laugh. I thought they would just play the music in the background and Franco or Rogen wouldn't lip-rap the song.

Unfortunately though, Franco had to lip-rap "nigga" right off the bat, as Kanye's first verse goes, and ruin the rest of an otherwise fun parody.

Otherwise, you have to laugh, though honestly, it's more from the absurdity and unintentional comedian that Kanye can be in his songs when he isn't screaming all over the place like a fool or still trying to sing. The man will always have funny lyrics and why it's the best song on that crap of a "Yeezus" album.

But Franco is too smart of a dude to know that he probably should have thought better to not even sing the first few lines of the song. It's just another moment of lack of common sense racially by someone of non-black prominence that could have been easily avoided.

Sidenote: The best of the videos is this mashup of the two videos side to side

Sidenote 2: Kanye thankfully won't lose his mind and curse them out, Fallon style. Here's the evidence.  
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